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16 thoughts on “Black Friday Sales in Second Life!

  • Talaina

    Did you hear they are going to cannibalize Second Life? Maybe we should wait buying clothes now because Ebbie said that he is going to kill Second Life and make everybody want to go to their new world Sansar. Maybe that is why they offer now clothes for cheap?

    I dunno I am so confused. I want to stay in Second Life I do not want to go to Sansar.

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  • @Berry:

    “If you already own everything on the grid…”

    *eyeballs heaving inventory* Yes, I do!

    “…and are looking for something different to wear…”

    *eyeballs ready-and-waiting wallet* Yes, I am!

    “…check out the new store Goji!”

    Yay! Okay! *opens Marketplace link, looking for menswear*

    *sigh* Oh well. I’ll just keep looking :p


    I don’t know which Lab Chat you watched, but it clearly wasn’t the same Lab Chat that I watched.

    Ebbe Linden: “I would expect to see us to continue to maintain Second Life from a marketing perspective, and development, etc., for a long time after Sansar starts to reveal itself.”

    That does not sound like Ebbe is planning to “kill Second Life” and “make everybody” go to Project Sansar. In actual fact, he has said repeatedly in many interviews, that Second Life will NOT be closing when Sansar is up and running.

    Think about it from a business perspective for a moment: Linden Lab have a hugely successful platform with a very large and dedicated userbase. They will soon be opening a new venture but they have no idea how it will go over with the general public, or with their current dedicated SL userbase. From a business standpoint, it would make no sense whatsoever to shut down the successful platform in favour of the new untried platform, not for many years until (and unless) the new platform takes off so stratospherically that Linden Lab can balance the books and make a profit from that new platform alone.

    As for the cheap clothing: people are offering clothes “for cheap” because it’s Black Friday in reality. They’ve been doing that kind of thing (mirroring real life sales and events) for the entire eight and a half years that I’ve been a Second Life resident. It has nothing to do with some mythical closure of Second Life. Some people have asserted over and over again during all the time I’ve been inworld that SL will close because of this or that. Something new comes along and people start saying that thing will spell the end of SL. It’s all smoke and mirrors. You just keep having fun in SL and don’t worry about the Chicken Littles who seem to enjoy yelling that the sky is falling.

    You want to stay in Second Life and don’t want to go to Sansar? Then stay in Second Life and don’t go to Sansar when it opens. It’s really quite simple 🙂

  • Talaina, there has always been rumors that SL is going to close and Ebbe has not said that he is going to kill Second Life (as shared above from Skell.)

    Usually people are in a virtual world as a hobby, for entertainment purposes or to make money. While they are here they spend money on their avatars as entertainment. If you are too afraid of what is going to happen tomorrow, then don’t spend the money, easy as that.

    Skell, I’m sorry! LOL I have been really bad about covering mens fashion these days, will try and cover something for you guys soon!

  • Right, he DIDN’T say he will kill SL. If you watch the whole interview on Lab Chat and not take the line out of context, you will see that he has every intention of running SL for as long as he can. He just admitted that the cannibalization aspect is possible and real, never said it was imminent. Also, NWN loves to report that SL is closing every few months, nothing new.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to you too. I’ve saw the new store Goji and it’s really amazing, I think it will be my new favorite store. I love when I see something very nice made and full of creativity.

  • Morgan Rosenstar

    The two affirmations are not incompatible nor contradicted each other :
    1. SL will be maintain along Sansar.
    2. If Sansar is successful (and it should or what’s point to launch it?), then there’ll be a migration effect which soon or late will cannibalize SL. Combined with the competition with other VR, they want SL users to migrate on Sansar rather than on other platforms. Makes sense and doesn’t contradict that they’ll keep SL up as long as it’s viable.

    The Black Friday picture really made me laugh. I tend to shop like that. Haha.

  • chericolette


    WOW that was fun, and got distracted taking so many photos, but back here with my meme. Love all the others too.

  • chericolette

    Bugger…its been so long, I forgot where to put the photo title in the url!

  • Eva B.

    ” It’s a great way to discover new creators!” like Gizza, Mandala, Truth! Never heard of them! Now Marketplace best selling is filled with 50 pages of 12 creators. Wow. That collaboration is surely for a good cause which is: a) LL donates the revenue b) Those creators did so much for Second Life, they truly deserved that triple income c) There are so many unknown creators that are featured now on MP pages 1034 and following. Thank you LL

  • Eva, please don’t cherry-pick my words and use them to be patronizing. I had a sentence before that one:
    “I hope they continue to do these kinds of promotions and get even more merchants involved. It’s a great way to discover new creators!”

    When I said it’s a great way to discover new creators, I meant the part where I said ‘get even more merchants involved when they do it again.’ This was their first time doing this sort of thing, at least it’s a step.

    If you want to complain about everything LL does, by all means, go right ahead. Just don’t use my words out of context to support your argument.

    Cheri, thank you for doing the meme!

  • Eva B.

    I did not want to attack your article by picking out sentences. I wanted to state that this whole “experiment” by LL only supports 12 already best-selling creators which go home with 20-50k US$ a month anyway. It is giving them an exclusive e-mail promotion to round about 60 million addresses while other creators dont get that free promotion and getting dragged even more into the depths of Marketplace listings. For me LL is a service provider (they stated this over and over again) and now this. Make up your own mind about it.

  • chericolette

    I enjoy the challenge Berry, gives me a reason to get out the camera other than for self portrait.

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  • As a new creator in SL, I agree with Strawberry. These events encourage small, one person owned stores to try to get out there. When events like this happen, it’s easier to get on board with. After all, no one might hear about my own little sale, but they sure as heck will be expecting this one. Advertising is hard, but word of mouth has been my friend so far. Black Friday has been exhausting setting up for, but hopefully worth it. Might get a few happy customers and I’m happy with that. Looking forward now to doing a spot of shopping for myself.

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