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19 thoughts on “My Spirit Calls Yours

  • Charlie Namiboo

    I did and use the makeup layer twice (to get the full hairbase of a creator AND some freckles) – so it works 🙂

  • Great post! I can’t watch the video because my browser is being lame but I’ll watch it later, would like to see how the head looks on vid. And thank you so much for your shout-out, you’re literally the best! <3

  • I was just at Glam Affair at length today looking for appliers for Catwa and/or Logo Mesh Heads. Right now I’d love to use my Logo head and am looking for Glam Affair Appliers for the Logo head. Where on earth are they? What part of the sim am I missing? I do know the Sia appliers were at Shiny Shabby but this last round I couldn’t get there! Are they in the mainstore now somewhere?
    Any help is appreciated 🙂

    Great Post as always Berry 🙂

  • Hi Blush, Aida has a new Logo applier at Shiny Shabby this time. I am not sure where Sia is, it should be in her store now but if you can’t find it there, probably means she hasn’t put it out yet. You can ask her but not sure when it’ll be there. Sorry about that.

  • The heads look beautiful but you can wear them only if you want to look like a girl in her early teens.

    Beautiful styling as always, Strawberry.

  • Lobbie

    I popped down to logo this morning. I looks to me like these are “full” avatars is that the case? Also have the other also been up dated?
    I’m looking to get my 1st mesh head and can not settle on one I like any thoughts…

    OH and one other thing a while back you did a School photo meme? and I recall you talking about the smiles being odd, how about an up date to that with the new mesh heads?

  • Hi Lobbie, they say full avatar, but it is just a mesh head. It does not come with a body. As far as I know, only Alex has been updated so far.

    I haven’t had a chance to do any memes because of my work schedule, but hopefully in the new year I plan to bring them back and I can definitely do some of my old ones again. For now though, you can still continue to do the older memes and add to the flickr group if you like:

  • Spirit Adored

    I loved watching the video on the chat expressions. This mesh head is amazing. Where can I get the Sia applier for the Logo Alex mesh head?

  • Spirit Adored

    Oh nevermind the question about where the Sia applier can be found. I looked all over the shop and did not see it there. I saw that Blush asked. I will look in the store again. Thanks 😀

  • Cristalle Karami

    LOGO’s Chloe has also been Omega updated and the 4.0 update will be out soon.

  • ok so i got the lara mesh body, the Logo mesh head Alex and sia applier is that all?

  • Where in the world did you get the Sia applier??? Ugh, going nuts, I have been there everyday!! (Gonna log on and go have a look about again!!) – Ron if you get this comment, where “EXACTLY” did you find the Sia applier?? LoL

  • Barbarella Darkrose

    Dear Strawberry, omg i feel like a mega noob ! But .. well after strugling with the applier on the head .. now the eyes… i know they are from IKON but .. if i’m right you need also a applier for it ? .. Or what do i need to do. The Alex is amazing .. but far from easy ! thanks

  • Barbarella, the eyes I am wearing are mesh from Ikon. I did not use any kind of applier.

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  • naty

    perfect! Wanted to know where can I find eyelashes for head logo mesh alex

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