6 thoughts on “Let’s Chat!

  1. I love the expression on your face! And the lighting is so lovely.

  2. Are the Logo Mesh heads compatible with Omega Appliers? And if so how good are they?

    I bought the relay thinking the demo would have the head with the applier capabilities but alas, nay.

  3. Thanks Lucie! <3

    Kilolo, yes they are compatible and they have worked well for me with all the appliers I have tried with them so far. This post previous post of mine has all of the details: https://strawberrysingh.com/2015/10/28/logo-alex-mesh-head

  4. Did the hip piercings hurt? I do like the chewing on the lip expression.

  5. I missed this lab chat :( My RL time zone won’t let me be on awesome events like this on SL because the day time in SL night time for me in RL. I hope to catch your stream though Strawberry ♥ Thanks for the info and will check out the chat transcript or video.

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