18 thoughts on “Logo Alex Mesh Head

  1. I love LOGO’s heads.Expressions are really good to make your ava look more live. Actually Chloe head from LOGO updated too with omega, expressions and skin textures. If you had Chloe before all you need to click re-delivery terminal to get updated version. Some omega compatible skins looks so great on those heads and gives unique look :)
    Thanks for review, Berry. Glad to see your posts again

  2. I love this mesh head this one is by far my favorite! I plan on doing a blog for it also was actually gonna do a review on it and Well you beat me to it haha! and Now Im really excited for the update I wonder if this will also allow for the omega hud to let make-up appliers work I read on a designers marketplace that for some reason right now that omega’s makeup appliers were not compatible with the logo head..I’ll have to look into that! Thanks for blogging this!

  3. Are we talking about the complete Alex Avatar here or just a head, because i can only find the complete avatar

  4. Thank you for the review and information. I’ve been torn for awhile between Catwa and Logo. Hopefully soon I’ll make a choice without having to buy a completely new skin.

  5. Wasteoflindens says:

    Those heads are frankly ugly and the eyes make you look evil…… good for Halloween I guess. But hey, designers are racking it in which is the main thing ROFL

  6. Grace, it is just called avatar, but it’s only a mesh head. There is no body that comes with it.

    Waste, the beauty of SL is that we can be whatever we want to be. You may not like the heads, but many others do. As long as you are happy with your avatar, and others are happy with theirs, that’s all that matters.

  7. Kantbe Thursday says:

    Thanks for this article, Strawberry. I grabbed a bunch of demo heads today and the Logo Alex is one of the two I’m favoring. I find the demo a little confusing in that it seems to show the freckled face as either one of the settings or an extra cost option. I can’t quite tell which it is yet.

    My SL partner went with a LeLutka head ( the Karin is one of my other favorites) and she has gestures that let her change the facial expressions. I can’t tell from the demo if this is something supported in the Logo heads. Have you seen that in the Logo or in other heads? That seems like a handy feature.

  8. it is wonderful that so many talented designers are jumping on the mesh head bandwagon…i had logo mesh heads back when they first came out years ago, and i guess all i have to get the updated version is click the redelivery terminal, but by far….i cannot lie…i am a GLAM GIRL….i have spent so much money on all the heads and appliers that glam affair has put up, that i am reluctant to put another 3k on a catwa head…

    i appriciate all of you bloggers who take the time to update us all on the new items out there. your one of my favorite, and thank you.

  9. […] and to the fact that it only has one layer (no extra ones for make-up and such) until I read Strawberry Sigh’s post about it where in her update she mentions that the creator Maximillion Grant ¨is planning to do […]

  10. Hello Strawberry,
    I was today in Logo store to try a demo of the newest Alex.
    I have Chloe and do not use it too much because I do no like so much the eyes and their expression, i am a IKON eyes lover.
    I see you can use Ikon eyes in logo mesh head, could you tell me please how do you do? If I wear them, (with logo) remains the grey ball inside…i do not know what to do.

  11. […] did plurk the other day how out of all of the mesh heads I have played around with, the Logo Alex head is the one I feel the most ‘me’ in. I think it’s just incredibly pretty and has […]

  12. […] to 1st picture: *Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Head: Logo Alex *Skin Applier: Glam Affair Sia Applier for Logo (in satellite store now) *Eyes: Ikon Triumph […]

  13. I love your blog Strawberry as well as I use the your light in my preference lightsettings in SL :)

    I have bought this LOGO head as well as the YS&YS skin and i love the face, with freckles.
    THe body on the contrary is not very good looking to me, when i am close to an other avi, itt looks as if it has no shadings or glow and a bit ‘flat somehow :(((

    I know you wrote other suggestions, but do you have a second favorite to YS&YS <3

  14. Hi Sofie, my favorite body is actually from Glam Affair. I love all of the shading and texturing on her body. She has also released skins for the Logo head!

  15. Actually if you take the time to set them up right and use the right skins there not ugly at all but rather stunning, like any mesh head it takes time and a bit of experimentation, if your no good with one mesh head however chances are you will need a pretty simple one or none at all.

  16. Wrong. Some heads are plain ugly no matter how much time or money you spend on them.

  17. […] of my most favorite mesh heads (non-bento) was Logo Alex. I think I wore that head the most before bento hit the grid. That’s why when I heard that […]

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