Flat Draxtor Meme

Flat Draxtor Meme

I’m sure you have all heard of Mr. Draxtor Despres before. He’s the award winning machinima maker that does such a wonderful job of introducing Second Life’s talented content creators to the world. If you’ve never seen or heard his machinima and podcasts before, make sure to click over to his YouTube channel as well as his Podcast website to take a look. He is so encouraging and supportive of the Second Life community, it’s time for us to thank him, even if it’s in a somewhat mean way! :P

You can totally blame today’s Monday Meme on Loki Eliot and Torley Linden. Loki because he started the hilarious #ImmersiveDrax meme on Twitter earlier today and Torley for giving me the idea to bring it inworld.

Today you have a few choices for the meme, you can either do the #FlatDrax meme or the #ImmersiveDrax meme or do both!

Meme Instructions: Pick up a Flat Draxtor from my marketplace store for free. Wear or rez him as you travel the grid or just strike a pose with him! If you are on Twitter, remember to put the #FlatDrax or #ImmersiveDrax hashtags in your tweets and if you’re on flickr please share them in my Blog Memes Flickr Group

There are two different Flat Draxtor’s in the folder when you purchase it free from marketplace. You can pick and choose which one you want to use, or use both! To do the #FlatDrax Meme, pick it up on marketplace at this link.
To do the #ImmersiveDrax meme, pick up a PNG with transparent background from Loki’s tweet at this link and then photoshop him into any image you like!

UPDATE: Here is a link to the PNGs to both Flat Draxtors in case you guys want them: Flat People

I have been laughing at the #ImmersiveDrax hashtag all day, especially since Linden Lab also played along. I’ve done three images for the meme myself. I’ll share my tweets below as well as some from Linden Lab and others.

There are so many more hilarious ones, I can’t link them all, but definitely check out the #ImmersiveDrax hashtag on twitter and please do participate if you can.

As I stated in my previous Flat Rodvik and Flat Ebbe memes, there is a huge responsibility in looking after Flat Drax and there are certain rules which must be followed. Please be nice to him, don’t take him any place dangerous, don’t abuse him, keep him away from bright light, don’t get any water on him and never, ever feed him after midnight. But more than anything, let’s keep it PG. :P

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years.

What Drax is wearing: Only HE knows!

What I’m wearing:
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3 by Onyx LeShelle
*Skin: –Glam Affair – Summer V3 – India by Aida Ewing
*Hair: MINA Hair – Elvire – Natural (materials) by Mina Nakamura (@ Kustom9)
*Top: coldLogic shirt – linke – pink (S) by coldLogic
*Jeans: Maitreya Zipper-Skinny Jeans * S Dirty by Onyx LeShelle
*Shoes: JD – Fina Maitreya Leather by Davidefre (@ FaMESHed)
*Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer Summer LookBook by Maxi Gossamer (For Mix)
Pose: RIDIC. – Triple Play Pose by Londinia Leistone

21 thoughts on “Flat Draxtor Meme

  1. […] you Strawberry Singh for encouraging the Twitter fun to continue with your Flat Draxtor Meme! The images I have seen on Twitter are hilarious and I look forward to seeing what the bloggerverse […]

  2. I take Drax to meet my friends and we ended up having a really fun time!

  3. […] bloggers and everyone to make a pic with Drax, flat or immersed. Check out Becky’s post, Strawberry’s post with links for picking up a free flat Drax and ofcourse do not forget to use the special hashtags […]

  4. I made the mistake of inviting him to a stand-up comedy show in-world.

    Super fun meme! Thank you!

  5. […] started a Twitter meme you can find at #ImmersiveDrax by copypastaing his body into other photos. Strawberry’s blog has examples and you can click that hashtag to see all of them, including Loki’s first, but […]

  6. […] in the #immersivedrax tag on Twitter has  been fabulous! When Strawberry Singh has gave us a FlatDraxtor meme challenge I had to take part.  Here’s the problem though: where do you take a […]

  7. […] post is another challenge from Berry called the Flat Draxter Theme, where you insert one or both of his avatars in pictures.  Draxtor is an amazing machinima maker […]

  8. Oh what a virtual world we live! Thank you for the fun:)

  9. […] For this week's Monday Meme, I'm asking you guys to participate in both the #FlatDrax and #ImmersiveDrax memes.  […]

  10. […] – strawberry singh then came up with #flatdrax […]

  11. A big thank you to everyone that participated in this, had me laughing throughout! I will be going away on vacation soon so probably no more memes for the rest of the summer. Hope you guys have a good one! <3

  12. Do you normally have a Monday challenge every week?? Or has that stopped?

  13. Aurora, I used to do challenges every Monday, but haven’t had the time to do any for a while. You can look back at my blog challenges category to see previous challenges though, if you are interested:

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