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Skybox Hermit

Skybox Hermit (click here for a raw shot)

Are you a skybox hermit? I can be at times, but I also like exploring the grid. I like scouting locations for shoots or just exploring the creativity of Second Life content creators. However, I can also be quite anti-social and just want to keep to myself, dress up my doll and take pictures of her in amusing ways, like today. That’s when the skybox comes in very handy and I can escape for some peace and quiet. My real life is pretty noisy and insane most of the time, so escaping to the peacefulness of my skybox is a refreshing change.

But what if you don’t want to go to jail for being a skybox hermit? Here are some places you can check out for locations to explore in Second Life:

  1. Explore Second Life Flickr Group – Where thousands of residents share images of different Second Life locations, with SLurls to the locations in the descriptions.
  2. Honour McMillan’s Blog and Ziki Questi’s Blog – Two of my most favorite Second Life Travel Bloggers.
  3. SeraphimSL – Maybe you want to update your avatar and go shopping? There is ALWAYS some sort of fashion shopping event going on and Seraphim has all the scoop!
  4. The Second Life Destination Guide – “The chosen ones” by Linden Lab. A list of places (neatly categorized ) that the Lindens think you should visit!

That should keep you out of SL jail for a while. The mugshot prop I’m using in this image is from Intrigue Co. currently available at The Arcade Gacha events. You only have a few more days to shop at the Arcade. It closes on July 1st and since it has been open a month now, this would be a great time to go and shop lag free.

The jacket I’m wearing is from Cold Ash currently available at Uber. Please keep in mind that this is a MENS jacket, I just liked the way it looked on my female avatar. It looks big and it has no boobs, but I do like the way it falls on me. If you are looking to get it for your female avatar as well, please make sure to try the DEMO first.

Happy exploring!

*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.3 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: Rowne Mode.Jem Mesh head – SPF25 by Fashionboi Landar (my post)
Body Skin Applier: .: fiore :. Maitreya Mesh Lara Body Appliers by Sanya Bilavio
Body Freckles Applier: Izzie’s – Body Freckles Applier Huds by Izzie Button
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Hazel by Ikon Innovia
Hair: Dura-Boys&Girls 47(Dark Brown) by chiaki Xue
*Mesh Ears: [MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season5 by kikunosuke Eel
*Jacket: ColdAsh FitMESH v1 Size – IRONWASH Jacket by ColdAsh (@ Uber)
*Nosering: Zaara [Goa party] : Baga nosering by Zaara Kohime (@ Arcade)
*Joint: Zaara [Goa party] : Weed Joint by Zaara Kohime (@ Arcade)
Rings: Izzie’s – *resize* Celestial Midi Rings R silver (Maitreya) by Izzie Button
*Pose+Prop: Intrigue Co. – Most Wanted: Skybox Hermit by Katharine McGinnis (@ Arcade)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

16 thoughts on “Skybox Hermit

  • I’m with you Berry, I spend most of my time wearing parts of different outfits that I’m trying to coordinate for blogs, it can be scary at times! I should really get out more – maybe we need a bloggers and creators day out haha.

    I totally need to get that gatcha sign now though, maybe that could be your new weekly challenge – wear your crime! <3

  • Love this! However, I find myself more on a work platform than in a skybox. So maybe I am a platform hermit rather than a skybox hermit…then again, they are one in the same. lol a hermit is a hermit, right?

  • Nigel Riel

    The rings are flawless- totally individually editable so with a little patience, work fine for men too (At least on my slink relaxed) 🙂

  • Gorgeous pic, Berry! ♥ I understand the explore/hide dilemna so much. On one hand I want to be out and about experiencing ALL OF THE THINGS, but it’s so easy to just chill in a skybox and inventory-sort my time away. If only the days would kindly stretch themselves to double length, we might be able to get both pleasant pasttimes done in equal measure! 😀

  • I do that a lot, actually: stay home and amuse myself, the only contact with the outside (SL) world being the occasional IM with friends. There is a lot to do in world; not everything will involve going out though. I’m not much of a party girl, either, so there’s that. I’m interested in individual pursuits: photography, building, machinima, prim torture. It’s great that you can have an active social life and some quality solitary time too in-world.

  • I am so incredibly guilty of being a hermit in my dome. I go out to shop, but I really don’t go out and socialize. I need to do that a bit more though, so I’ll be sure to check out the above links! 🙂

  • thisisnotlokimortmagus

    buried… at some point you’re going to have to tell people who you really are. and then find out that it doesn’t make one iota of difference. it won’t change anything. they won’t start coming back in large numbers. because SL has made itself irrelevant. and you KNOW what I mean by that.

  • There are moments when I def understand that feeling. Great picture! I love that coat!

  • Adeon Writer

    I’m a Premium Sandbox hermit, does that count? Probably the only way you’ll find me.

  • This is the first time you’ve looked cute in a photo in decades. Bravo.

  • Thanks everyone! Glad I’m not the only hermit in SL.

    Catero, SO FIRED! 😛 Miss you <3

  • I keep forgetting about the explorers’ group on Flickr; I should use that as a location-scouting group for future photoshoots. Thanks, Berry!

  • What is this skybox thing you speak of? 😉

    I use my Linden home as my photo-taking studio hideaway. I’m actually more social than I have been in the past, spending more time away from the Linden home studio, so I’m taking less photos than I used to. Blogging less too, sad to say. But I do spend a lot of time near my various homes.

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