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Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: Tillicum Islands

Before I start today’s post, I just wanted to announce that I’ve been very busy with school and work in real life these days and having some trouble juggling everything so I’ll be putting my Monday Memes on hold for a few months. Hopefully in July I should have more time and be able to start doing them again. I will of course continue to blog whenever I can right now, just the Monday memes will be on hold. Thank you all so much for participating in them, I really appreciate it!

Friday Find: Tillicum Islands

Friday Find: Tillicum Islands

All of the images in today’s post are raw shots from Second Life.

> Tillicum Islands SLurl
> Tillicum Islands Flickr Group

The beautiful Ziki Questi actually told me about this sim a couple of months back, I just didn’t get a chance to visit until recently. It’s very peaceful and perfect for photography. The owner of the sim is Scott1 Yedmore and it was designed by the talented Tinker Drew (Leyna Resident).

I found this sim quite striking and enjoyed playing around with windlight when photographing it. I didn’t feel the need to photoshop the images either. The landscaping is amazing and I liked the mood and lighting that occurred in the images because of it. For more details about the sim itself, make sure to check out Ziki’s post.

Friday Find: Tillicum Islands

Friday Find: Tillicum Islands

Weekly Roundup

  1. Photographer of the week: Skippy Beresford – Skippy is a delight to connect with on flickr. Not only does he make the most incredibly creative images, but the comments he leaves for other flickr users on their images are always so thoughtful and sweet. Should definitely give him a follow!
  2. Avatar Social Network May Day Party – Are you on Avatar Social Network? It’s like a facebook but for Second Lifers and other virtual world residents. They are having a 24 hour party on Friday, May 1st. I am going to try and go for a little bit, you should come too!
  3. Glam Affair Sale – Glam Affair and Tableau Vivant are having a sale that ends at 9am SLT on Monday, April 27th. Almost everything is on sale for 50% off. Read the Glam Affair blog for all the details.
  4. Xiola Linden at The Trace Photo Field Trip – Linden Lab held another inworld meetup last Wednesday, April 22nd. I attended and took this pic of the gorgeous Xiola Linden. Definitely the best looking Linden on the grid! Keep an eye on the Second Life Facebook Page and Events Page for more upcoming field trips.
    Xiola Linden at The Trace Photo Field Trip
  5. SL12B – Second Life’s 12th birthday will be this June and the preparations for the celebrations have begun. If you’d like to participate, check the SL12B website and apply very soon! They are looking for performers, presenters, exhibitors and volunteers.
  6. Smile Shapes For Second Life! – Alicia Chenaux of Ch’Know fame and Ch’Know Style has done an excellent video tutorial that will show you how to adjust your shape a bit so you can smile in Second Life without looking totally creepy! Thanks Alicia for de-creeping all of us! <3
  7. Buzzfeed Quiz of the Week: Are You Secretly An Introvert? – I’d say that’s pretty accurate.

Have a great weekend!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

6 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: Tillicum Islands

  • Happy week-end and good luck in work and at school, Berry. Don’t worry about monday memes, hungry people make them more interesting xD
    Thanks for post, specially about making smile, must try. Take care and hugs 🙂

  • Giselle Avro

    I am so glad that you mentioned Skippy! He has always been so kind to me, and I smile everytime I see one of his pics! He is adorable and sweet. I love his enthusiasm for boats too.

  • Cybele Moon

    delightful images!

  • I will miss the Monday Memes but I know how busy RL can be. I also look forward to the tips-and-tricks on your blog, along with the marvelous photos. So, you must look after yourself and your priorities first. Hugs

  • Thank you guys for understanding about the Monday Memes! I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.

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