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LeLutka Mesh Heads

Ever (click here for a raw shot)

On Wednesday, April 1st LeLutka will release 3 mesh heads, Aria, Ever and Leda. I am sharing raw, unprocessed photos of all three below.

When the heads are released, there will also be an update of Maitreya’s Lara body so that they will match flawlessly as this has been a work done in cooperation between both brands. One very important thing to note before purchasing the heads, they are primarily made for the Maitreya Lara body. They also work with Slink Physique Body however they will NOT work with the SL default avatar. The heads are rigged mesh, so you won’t be able to move them for a different fit. Please make sure you DEMO and double check that they work with whichever mesh body you usually wear before purchasing them.

When you purchase the heads, this is what is included in your package:
* LeLutka Head (Name of head) and version
* LeLutka HUD (Name of head) and version
* 4 Alpha layers (Head no eyes, Head with eyes, Head&Body no eyes, Head&Body with eyes)
* LeLutka Basic Hairbase-Applier (includes 8 colours in Fine and Thick versions)
* LeLutka Rogue Bun & Bun HUD (Hair attachment for a sleek updo, with 8 matching colours)
* LeLutka Basic Lips-Applier (two lipstick colours)
* LeLutka Eyeshadow-Applier (two liner options, one shadow)
* LeLutka Facelight

The features of these heads include:
* Open/Close Mouth
* Open/Close Eyes
* Hide/Show Ears
* Blinking
* Neck Sizes (0,5,7,11,24) Sizes will correspond with Maitreya Lara Body, Size 5 Recommended Slink Physique Body
* Base Skin layer (Brown Brows)
* Two Make-up layers (eyeshadow, lipstick)
* Hairbase layer (tintable)
* 2 styles of Lashes (tintable)
* Shimmer & Gloss – advanced lighting model must be active for this option to be seen
* Shape changeable via SL appearance shape sliders for Head Stretch & Head Length. Head size can also be accessed via appearance.

Since you can change the shape of the head a bit using appearance sliders, it gives you the opportunity to make your head look slightly different than others. The heads also come with 10 Glam Affair skintones and standard brown brows. The skintones are activated via the LeLutka Head Hud and correspond to the same skintones in the Maitreya Lara Body HUD.

Here is a picture of the LeLutka Head HUD that comes with these heads:

The features of this HUD include:
* Minimise/Maximise Hud buttons
* Information (?) Button (to
* Detach (X) HUD Button
* Open/Close Mouth Buttons
* Open/Close Eyes Buttons
* Hide/Show Ears Buttons
* Blink On/Off Buttons
* Neck Size Buttons
* Base Skin Buttons (10 tones)
* Head Shimmer Slider (full face)
* Head Shimmer Restore/Remove buttons
* Show/Hide Eyeshadow Layer
* Eyeshadow Blend Slider (regulates eyeshadow intensity)
* Eyeshadow Shimmer Slider (regulates shimmer intensity)
* Restore/Remove Eyeshadow
* Show/Hide Lipstick Layer
* Lipstick Blend Slider (regulates lipstick intensity)
* Lipstick Gloss Slider (regulates gloss intensity)
* Restore/Remove Lipstick Default
* Lashes – 2 styles – On/Off functions
* Lashes tint options (retractable colour picker)
* Hairbase Show/Hide
* Hairbase tint options (retractable colour picker)
* Save Presets (five retractable preset buttons)

LeLutka Mesh Heads (these are all unprocessed, raw shots)

All three brands, LeLutka, Maitreya and Glam Affair have done a phenomenal job at providing an opportunity to have a complete high quality mesh avatar from top to bottom. Out of all the mesh heads I have tried, these are definitely some of my favorite ones. However, I’ve never been a huge fan of mesh heads mainly because I never felt like myself in them. So although I do love their looks, I can’t see myself wearing them all the time. I may however wear them for images from time to time though, the quality is just hard to beat.

So on April 1st, make sure to head down to the LeLutka sim and try on a DEMO and don’t forget to keep an eye on the LeLutka blog for the release announcement.

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1st pic:
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Head-EVER v1.0 by Jadenart (coming April 1st)
Hair: Magika [Hair] Friday by Sabina Gully

2nd pic:
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V2.1 by Onyx LeShelle
*Mesh Head: .LeLutka.Mesh Heads by Jadenart (coming April 1st)
*Hair: (comes with Mesh Head)
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Silverleaf by Ikon Innovia
Earrings: Paper Couture Reclining Feline Earrings by Cora Lu
*Lingerie: elymode: Averil Bodysuit – black / silver Maitreya Applier by Elysium Eilde


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

42 thoughts on “LeLutka Mesh Heads

  • Caitlyn Lewinter

    As a red head, I hope I will be able to wear my red brows….or they come out with other color options.

  • Caiti Mirabella

    I am very very interested in at least demo-ing these heads…I feel the same way about the mesh heads that you do though, I never feel like myself wearing one, and since we can’t customize them to look like our regular faces yet, I’m just not completely sold. But I will probably buy one for photography purposes 😀

  • I’ve never been much of a mesh head person either, but I cannot wait to see these in person, they look stunning <3

  • Julia Hailey

    OK as nice as they look, and they are very lovely, maybe I don’t understand the mesh head thing entirely. But it seems they lack lot of individual customization…? At some point, with the limited availability or variety, everyone would sort of end up looking the same. Or am I missing something about them? I have tried all the mesh parts so far and really love them, but the face/head is really what defines our “looks” with the most individuality. I would really hate to lose that.

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  • I was curious to know if also work with The body shops. Although I use more the shape Maitreya, when I want to use a shape with more volume use The shops.

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  • My question is will there be skin appliers from other makers coming soon or will Glam Affair be the only one?

  • Nice heads indeed. I wonder how much they will cost?

  • i agree, Berry with your post. The mesh heads are lovely. However, I am still not ready to convert over to them 100%. It is great that there are a lot of up-and-coming skin/shape developers now. it is always good to have an array of choices. Hope you are enjoying your spring break!

  • As much as the maitreya body is popular and the clones are all over by now, this will only make it worse. Thankyou im not interested in blending in a clone world 🙂 The heads look pretty tho but yes, nothing im interested in before theres actual customization and shape options for them.

  • Cynnarah Moonrunner

    Will you have to wear unrigged hair? I didn’t see any alpha options for wearing rigged mesh hair.

  • I’m not a mesh head person either, but it’s nice to see more options and I’m glad to see some coordination, to an extent, to make coherent products. I’ll pass on the head, but it’s a good looking product. I just wish there was more variety in the looks, especially for more ethnicities.

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  • For me, with only being able to change size and no texturing of your own skin, the possibilities of not looking like everyone else are severely diminished. Thus while I will try the demos, I doubt very much I will use this, or other mesh heads.

  • I was a former mesh head hater turned recent convert. I used to feel the same way many of you feel about mesh heads. I thought they looked plastic. I was afraid I would lose that sense of “me” and would look like everyone else. Then one day I saw a particular skin and mesh head combo that blew me away and I decided to try it out and I wished I had done it sooner. Everyone says mesh heads make you look like a clone, but I think it is kind of silly. Not only are more and more mesh head options coming out, there are also more and more skin options. It’s amazing how much the actual skin can change the look of the mesh head! Just like putting a new skin on an existing non-mesh face shape can completely change things. To be honest, I think there is not as much customization available in non-mesh heads as people claim. It is all about the skin. I see non-mesh avatars now and they all have the exact same profile to me. The nose shape is just so unnatural and similar no matter what you do. As mesh products continue to grow in popularity I am sure we will see even more variety. Don’t discount this trend. I finally jumped on board and I am so very happy!

    I’ve included screenshots of two of my favorite skins I use on my mesh head. I encourage you to open each pic in a new tab, toggle back and forth between them, and note the differences. Same mesh head, same facial expression, same pose, same lighting, same angle, untouched photography… but two very different looks. At least in my opinion 😉

    DeeTalez Amy skin on Slink Visage Becky:

    DeeTalez Laura skin on Slink Visage Becky:

    Also, keep in mind how different these will look on different mesh head bone structures. If you put these skins on the Emma Slink Visage as opposed to the Becky Slink Visage they have totally different vibes. As a matter of fact, Deetalez uses Emma in their product ads so you can check that out for yourself. Here is how Amy looks on Emma:

    Sorry this comment went on forever, but I have to say I am super excited for these new Lelutka heads (especially as a Maitreya Lara user) and I will probably grab them as soon as they are released. I hope my screenshots may have given you something to think about in terms of the future of Second Life 😀

  • Dykoda Desmoulins

    Is it April 1st yet? I’m going nuts waiting for this!!!

  • Seraph Destiny

    These are really lovely, but I can’t do it. Mesh heads (to me) remove the sense of individuality that I so love about Second Life. My avatars are individuals, and mesh heads remove so much of what makes them special. It is inconvenient to have to fix triangles, and lip seams, and odd jagged bits, but I would rather take the few minutes in Photoshop, and not sacrifice their faces.
    That being said, yes. I have tried every mesh head that’s come out. I have recoiled at every single one, they are such an odd mash up of uncanny valley and dead stare, I find them very off-putting. I’m very happy for those people who adore mesh heads. I’m just sick to death of my stream looking like differently styled clones (already).

  • Berry..any idea what time they open? I love mesh heads tho only from VCO, Genesis and MBirdie so far. They are reasonably priced so I hope there heads are not super spensive. I like the ability to customize the heads. SL defaut head is just sooo incredibly jagged. (Ever look at them sideways?) I was pleased with the Maytreya body price. Didn’t know about the body update. I hope they fixed the shoulders cause they have lumps on the top of them.
    Hmm theme is different tho I’m looking via my phone.

  • I am not sure what the price of the heads are as of yet, but I’ve been told they will be released at noon SLT.

  • Im trying to find the update for the Maitreya body. Is it at Lelutka or Maitreya? Thanks..sorry to bug you!

  • Dykoda Desmoulins

    So, I purchased the Ever head (is it just me or does that sound odd?), as well as one of Glam’s shadow appliers, and a lipstick applier. My thoughts: With the ability to make slight changes to the head (size, length, and stretch), as well as being able to lighten/darken the makeup, I think there will be a bit more ‘individuality’ than many realize. Granted, the difference is slight, however something else to consider is that soon, there will be many designers creating appliers for these mesh heads and that also creates individuality. I have so many appliers for that ‘other’ mesh head and believe me, they each have their own look, and I have no doubt that will be the case with Lelutka’s mesh head as well. Another thing I learned when I bought my first mesh head, different hairstyles will also give you a somewhat individual look.

    I also picked up one of Glam’s shadow appliers which made a huge difference as well. I will say this, I felt the shadow appliers were a bit expensive at L$799/ea for only one shadow, but I purchased it anyway. I also picked up a lipstick applier which is yet another way to set a unique look. Naturally there are definitely limits to how ‘different’ you will be able to look, but I expect that very soon the options will expand.

  • Hey Carmilla. There is actually a MAJOR update to the Maitreya body, however it has not been released as of yet. It will be released within the next hour or two, hopefully. As for how to get the update, I am not certain if it will be automatically sent to those that have purchased the body or if you have to go to the store and hit the redelivery terminal for it. Once I get that info, I’ll let you know.

  • Ok Carmilla,V3.0 of the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body has now been released and it will be automatically sent to you as soon as you attach V2.1. Or you can go to the store and hit the redelivery. These are the updates:

    Maitreya Mesh Body Lara 3.0 Update

    – HUD minimized state smaller
    – Materials enabled with adjustable shine level
    – Long nails made longer
    – Shoulders smoothened
    – Nipple colors more muted
    – Extra alpha options
    – Save slots for alpha
    – Save slots for layers
    – All layers off button added
    – Improved normals on neck
    – Alpha Auto Hiding function implemented

  • Le sigh. I’m bummed. After everything I said up there and as excited as I have been to try these… I just don’t like them that much. I’m having the same problem with these as I had with the styles made by TMP. Don’t get me wrong, these are gorgeously made and I love how seamlessly they work with Maitreya Lara. But I can’t bring myself to fall in love with any of the three options. I like certain parts of each one but not a single one as a whole. They just don’t feel right. I’m sticking to Slink Visage as their head sculpts feel like “me” and are much more my style. But this goes to show how not all mesh heads are for everyone. If you haven’t found yours yet you will someday! I’m confident there will be so many options in the near future that we can all find beautiful mesh heads that feel perfect.

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  • I’m ultimately going to buy this head, but I need to know…are there any eyebrow options in the full version? I’m using the demo, but I don’t see any brow colour options in the HUD. I can’t have red brows with black or blonde hair, that’s silly.

    Any answers would be greatly appreciated =)

  • Hey Lolita, I’m not 100% sure as I’ve not tried changing the eyebrow color myself, however if you read the flickr comments at this link: you’ll see Minnu Palen saying that blond, red, brown, black and no brows option come with appliers. I am not sure where you to get the appliers, but you can try contacting Mavi Beck, she is the LeLutke CSR. Hope that helps.

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  • lilmizzcurious Resident

    So basically I have sent two notecards in second life to the founder of the group, basically asking If she can do a update for the lelutka head and make it so the head is SLUV, Omega compatiable etc etc, Still no reply, I am wanting it to be omega compatiable so there for I can use omega skin appliers for the head from Hush, I have also asked Hush Darkrose if she will make lelutka skin appliers, she keeps avoiding the question and asked me if the head is omega compatiable I answered no, so basically running around in circles and not getting close to what i want, this frustrates me so much! If any of you know the designer/ creator of lelutka can you please tell them to see this post, I would really like it to be SLUV, Omega compatiable make it so much easier for me!

  • how can i get this mesh head???

  • lilmizzcurious Resident

    This is in Reply to SOKO, you can get the lelutka mainstore inworld you just search in websearch or in places, you will come across it its a really huge store or you could look up my profile lilmizzcurious and go to my picks and you will see it there it sends you directly to the heads unit. I am just wondering when they are gonna do a update, in the months I have had this head now on two avatars I have not had a update, would be nice if they actually replied my notecards I have sent lelutka 🙁 would love to have it SLUV/Omega compatiable, what would be perfect is if they made it so its capable of a Omega installer however will see

  • lilmizzcurious Resident

    Already supported Head Meshes Of the omega system
    Egoisme Heads
    EVE Mesh Heads
    Kitties Lair Head – Materials/Tinting Ready
    LOGO Mesh Heads – Materials/Tinting Ready
    LV Bimbo – Materials/Tinting Ready
    Slink Vistage – Materials/Tinting Ready New!
    Void Mesh Heads – Materials/Tinting Ready

    The only other head that is not compatiable in second life is the TMP THE MESH PROJECT Head, and their body is also the only Mesh Body in second life that is not compatiable with the OMEGA System,I hope all the read this and agree that lelutka is a beautiful head and it should be SLUV/Omega compatiable please send through them Notecards it really needs to be addressed 🙂

    Please please please lelutka!!! think about the people that love your heads and just want it compatiable with the omega system and SLUV 🙂

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  • Dreisdale

    In summary: As of this writing, all LeLutka heads look the same — the faces are flat, and give the appearance of being pushed in, similar to the face of a bulldog.

    The LeLutka peeps seem to be out of touch with the general public as far as features are concerned; for example, with the extremely limited amount of changes one can make with their avatar heads, why on earth did they make one of the options various color EYELASHES?!?! I mean, come ON, already…

  • Hey Dreisdale. It’s a good thing purchasing the Lelutka heads is not mandatory. Luckily there are loads of mesh heads on the market now to choose from. Also, everyone has different tastes, some people prefer these heads.

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