First & Recent Challenge

Don’t make fun of my newbie pic! :P

First & Recent Challenge

Meme instructions: Share a side by side comparison of your first blog picture beside a recent picture of your avatar. Don’t forget to share the link to your image in the comments and add your pictures to the Blog Memes flickr group.

I believe this meme idea was given to me by Ms. Trixie Cliassi last year. The idea was to share a comparison of your first blog post to your most recent or new one. I’ve just taken a new snapshot similar to the old one of what my avatar looks like today. She also asked us to share our thoughts on how we feel we’ve improved as photographers or bloggers.

So here is a link to my first blog post ever, where I grabbed the older picture from. As you can see right away, I’ve learned how to edit my lashes properly. I think my photography style is still similar, I like bright, clear images that show the items well. But what has changed drastically is the quality of the items I’m wearing. Of course that doesn’t have a lot to do with me, but instead the improvements of Second Life itself with the introduction of shadows and mesh and also the talent of the content creators that make us all these items to wear. Apart from the images themselves, I think my writing has also improved, at least I hope so.

If you don’t have your first blog picture available or prefer to use a different newbie picture, feel free to do so. The point of this post is to talk about how much we’ve changed and grown since the newbie days. I haven’t processed the 2015 picture since the 2007 one was not processed in photoshop, I figured I’d let them both be raw shots.

I’m still feeling quite under the weather, but I am on antibiotics so by the end of this week I should be feeling a lot better. I’m hoping to catch up on all your responses from the previous two memes as well as some blogging of my own this week. Wish me luck and I hope you can participate! <3

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years. You don’t have to have a blog to do this challenge, you can share images/words on any social platform.

Yesterday was International Women’s Day and in celebration of that, last week, YouTube started a global #DearMe initiative to inspire and empower young girls everywhere. They asked popular female youtubers if they could go back in time, what wisdom would they share with their teenage self? That resulted in this wonderful #DearMe challenge that has exploded all over the networks with thousands of inspiring and encouraging videos and words being shared all over.

I thought it would be a neat idea to bring this into Second Life and thought about doing the #DearMe challenge for this week’s meme but since I try to keep the focus of my memes and challenges on this blog around Second Life, I realized it wouldn’t work so well. I still wanted to share the initiative in today’s post though because I think it has a very important message.

What would I say to my teenage self?: “#DearMe you may not feel like the brightest or most confident amongst your family and friends right now, but you will grow to become a smart and confident woman that will teach and share her knowledge with many others. So don’t think you will amount to nothing compared to your siblings or friends. You have a lot to offer and people will find the things you do inspirational. Trust yourself and follow your instincts.”

I guess this week is two challenges in one. If you do have a real life blog or don’t mind sharing RL challenges on your SL blog, I hope you do the #DearMe challenge as well.

Credits to 2007 image: Flickr
Credits to 2015 image:
*Skin: -Glam Affair – Katra skin [ India ] 06 F by Aida Ewing (coming to Skin Fair)
*Mesh Eyeliner: –Glam Affair– Couture Eyeliner no.03 by Aida Ewing
Mesh Eyelashes: Mon Cheri “Falsies” Eyelash by Freya Olivieri
*Eyes: IKON Charm Eyes – Storm by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Bexley by Truth Hawks
*Mesh Ears: [MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season5 by kikunosuke Eel
*Necklace: [MANDALA]Pearl-Rain-Season3(BLACK) by kikunosuke Eel (@ ShinyShabby)

61 thoughts on “First & Recent Challenge

  1. Wow great blog challenge! I am looking forward to participating in it!

  2. oooooh Berry, I am so going to do this challenge. This looks like fun. Thanks for creating it. :D I hope you feel better soon.

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  4. In which Skell dives into his virtual closet archives and is rescued after screaming himself hoarse from beneath piles of black leather and sequins. Bloody drama queen… *grumbles*

  5. i posted a really early photo alongside a new one in Beyy’s 20 Questions meme from last spring here, but I’m going to have to try to do this with my first blog photo and a new photo with my mesh body this week also.

  6. Zoinks! I had to dig far back to find this photo!

    Great challenge!

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  8. I did it! I did both of my “starts”, one in 2006 and the other in 2008.

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  10. […] some interesting things, and each one gives us blog fodder to keep these voracious pages filled.  This week’s Monday Meme gives us a chance to look back for a time, something we should do every once in a while to remember […]

  11. […] Meme instructions: Share a side by side comparison of your first blog picture beside a recent picture of your avatar. Don’t forget to share the link to your image in the comments and add your pictures to the Blog Memes flickr group. […]

  12. […] This weeks challenge from Strawberry Singh is quite the trip down memory lane and so much fun: first and recent! […]

  13. It certainly seems as if none of us has aged that much. Hope you feel better soon Berry.

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  15. […] Even though the thought of digging up my first pics makes me cringe, I’m intrigued by this newest blog challenge from Strawberry Singh, and the pics I’m seeing on Flickr are totally awesome! Some have taken a twist to the challenge and are showing their oldest avatar pic against their current pic while the challenge is actually for blog pics to see how we’ve grown on our blogging journey. I like both ideas so I’m going to do both here. The official instructions from Berry: […]

  16. NaughtyPrincess Milneaux says:

    This was fun and cringe-worthy all at the same time! Thanks so much for the challenge!

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  18. While I’ve only been blogging for JUST over 2 years (started Feb of ’13), I’d like to think my photography has gotten LOTS better in that span.

  19. […] Singh’s latest challenge, First and Recent, actually gives me the opportunity , to show off Zoul Creation’s Gina for this coming Skin […]

  20. Thank you for this challenge. I was feeling kind of introspective lately, and this was perfect for me to kind of get it all out of my head and into words.

  21. I recreated the look in my 3rd post, me as an Android, in 2015 style.

  22. My blog content from 2006 is all gone now but I did manage to scrounge up some old pictures! This exercise really brought back memories. I added a quick post to my blog, rising from the ashes!

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  25. I’m tweaking this one a little and comparing against my first profile picture, instead. :)

  26. My first profile shot I didn’t even remember. I wonder how many hours I stayed a redhead, it couldn’t have been long.

  27. Here is my submission! It was fun to compare photos. My coloring hasn’t changed much at all, neither has my shape really. But a skin makes all the difference.

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  29. This comparison isn’t exactly fair now, is it Berry?

    The Camera position and angle and lens effects are completely different.

    The nose bridge is concave on the 2015 avatar.

    THIS is what 2007 – pre-Mira – looked like…

  30. I’ll do a blog post with more details, but here is a side by side on my Flickr account:

  31. I’m not sure it counts in this Monday Meme, but for my RezDay March 3rd, I wrote a retro post with pictures from my previous rezdays and the first snapshot I ever took in Secondlife:

  32. Alexa Trefoil says:

    My First and Recent Challenge and #DearMe challenge
    I just started blogging and this was alot of fun. Thanks for the inspiration Strawberry!

  33. I love seeing everyones back then and now shots! Its so cool! :)


    I already replied with a different blog post up there, but this one is done specifically for this week’s meme, comparing my first blog photo with a new one.

  35. chericolette says:

    Cheri Cheri

    Sometimes I think Ive learnt a lot, like taking sl photos but now I look back and Im thinking I havent changed much at all. My avi has same skin she changed to from the beginning. Her clothes and hair change all the time and I spend much more time taking photos but the result is pretty much the same!

  36. This was a fun challenge, because it’s the first time I’ve managed to get a picture taken for it! First and Recent Challenge

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  39. I believe I have finally caught up with all of my meme responses over the last few weeks, I was so far behind! Sorry about that. I enjoy reading your responses so much, I missed it. Thank you again for participating and sharing so much of yourselves with me. <3

    Don't forget to check out the latest memes, hope you can play again!

  40. Old Aair 2011 / New Aair 2015

    This is a fun one! Look how good everyone is becoming.

  41. […] reasons, but I still celebrate May 2, 2004 as my rezday.  To celebrate, I decided to do the “First and Recent” blog challenge that Strawberry Singh posted a couple of months ago.  Now, since my blog is […]

  42. I decided to do this one today to celebrate my 11th rezday, since my blog is still pretty new! I included a photo of my avatar in May 2004 for the (sad) comparison. Post:

  43. I haven’t had time to do memes lately, but I was doing a shoot in Svarga today and I thought I’d recreate some old photos I took in 2007, also in Svarga. With a modern twist, of course.

    Not exactly a side-by-side picture of my “then” and “now” avatars, but ….
    * 321 – Reminiscence 1
    * 322 – Reminiscence 2


  44. Very rapidly this web site will be famous among all blogging people, due to it’s nice posts

  45. […] and picture-taking… that is none other than Strawberry Singh, and you can find her challenge here. It’s so easy to do and only a few steps. Firstly, find the picture from your first blog […]

  46. Oh my gosh I had to try this one! As I mention in my Flickr description, I was sure I was the most dazzling beautiful avi in Second Life. What’s even funnier is that I put off upgrading for a bit at first back then because I thought nobody would recognize me if I changed skins. Oh those wonderful first months in Second Life! LOL…anyways…here I am in all my glory:

  47. Valerie Rainfall says:

    thought i’d try this one out. enjoy!

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