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Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland

Friday Find: Winter Wonderland

Linden Lab announced the opening of Winter Wonderland last week. It’s basically four regions of icy snow and has a bunch of activities available there as well, such as a Ferris Wheel, Winter Snow Track, Ice Skate Arena and of course the Snowball Arena.

When you land there, you’ll get some sort of invite from Patch Linden requesting to control your avatar. I am not 100% sure what it does, but I am assuming it lets you use the play areas. If you don’t accept, it’ll keep asking you so I just accepted. Then I went to the snowball arena and clicked on the glass case with the snow launchers on it. It automatically attached the snow launcher to me and I got a HUD at the top of my screen to choose which one I want, the SnowPistol or the SnowRifle. I preferred the SnowPistol because when you shoot someone with it, you get these massive snowballs and it totally knocks them over and they go flying. Of course if you are a premium member (which I am not) you get a SnowZooka which is even cooler!

Winter Wonderland

Of course I had to drag a friend there to test this out and luckily Mr. Mikel Monk is a perfect target! We were shooting each other so much that I almost fell down the stairs lol. I was laughing so hard.

I bet his life flashed before his eyes! :P

Today, Friday February 6th at 10am SLT Linden Lab has invited all of the residents to come join the fun and have a snowball fight with them. The event will run till noon SLT. I am sure it’s going to be quite laggy but I bet it’ll be hilarious seeing all of the avatars flying around from the snowballs. I am definitely going to try and be there.

While I was writing this post, I was standing there and the lovely Ziki Questi showed up with her fancy premium membership SnowZooka and totally trapped me, I’m so screwed! LOL

But even if you can’t make it to the Linden Lab meetup, it’s still a fun place to go with your friends and have a snowball fight or go ice skating.

Take the SLurl to Winter Wonderland now and join the fun.

Friday Find

  1. Photographer of the Week: Ziki Questi – Although she totally destroyed me with the SnowZooka today (I plan to get my revenge soon :P), it reminded me how much I love her pictures. She is one of my most favorite Second Life travel bloggers and I am just amazed at the way she makes sims look like little villages.
  2. Strawberry Singh: Interview by Autumnmarsh Resident – I was interviewed by the lovely Autumnmarsh Resident who has been interviewing/reviewing different photographers in ‎Second Life. Thank you Autumn! <3
  3. 6th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest – Harper Ganesvoort is holding her annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest once again. It ends February 22nd in case you would like to enter! It’s always great fun.
  4. Second Life Mainstore Releases – Just noticed today there is a new flickr group that has started for those that are tired of all the events going on and would like to find stores that are releasing items at their mainstores. The group looks like it is run by the lovely Ms. Zee. Now content creators can join and add their vendor images for items released at their stores! Thank you Zee. <3
  5. The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 26: Absinthe] – I really loved this episode that Drax released last week. Absi is just so cool and it’s great to show the world all different aspects of Second Life residents. I love that it shows her exercising and volunteering. Absi is just wonderful!
  6. Buzzfeed Quiz of the Week: What Kind Of Chocolate Should You Cram In Your Face On Valentine’s Day? – Well of course I had to do the chocolate quiz but the real question is, is it cannibalism for me to eat chocolate strawberries?

There are people already here throwing snowballs, hope you can make it and have a great weekend! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

7 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: Winter Wonderland

  • Thanks for the heads-up on the Mainstore Releases Flickr group. I’m getting kind of burned-out on all the events that go on these days. I have my regulars that I’ll always attend as a shopper, purely because their themes interest me (mainly We <3 Roleplay) but as a creator it's almost impossible to get vending space at events when you're just small beans. Many people don't even bother with mainstore shopping these days since events cover every cheap/reduced item need they might have, so that leaves us smaller guys drowning in the shallows somewhat, and struggling to get ourselves noticed.

    As to the chocolate quiz, surely the correct answer is 'all of it!' XD

  • I appreciate what the Lindens tried to do with this…but if this is how they’ll go in future id rather they didn’t, as it was the most frustration ive had since the great Truth Hair “everything $75L” sale disaster of 2013.

    Noone could get in unless they camped overnight or could “luck in” if someone crashed or left.

    Winter Wonderland is built on 4 full regions so a potential 70 players and 300 spectators in the surrounding empty sims…however…someone routed the ONLY LANDING POINT IN THE REGION inside the full and inaccessible sim…so thousands of angry people got just a “region full please try again in a few minutes” message for two hours.

    Telling 50,000 people to come but allowing only 70 is just cruel!

  • Plotting your revenge, huh? *Hides her SnowZooka behind her back and smiles innocently.* I did have to practice on someone or other! (And thanks very much for mentioning my blog and photos!) 🙂

  • Skell, I agree with you, that’s a great flickr group that’s why I made sure to mention it here. I do love my themed events and being social when I go to them, but sometimes it’s just nice to go visit the store and pick up something quick and easy.

    Harper, you’re very welcome. <3

    Ziki, yw, I will get you back again though, no worries 😛

    Alex, I can understand it must have been frustrating, but I do appreciate what the Lindens are trying to do. They have had three Second Life inworld meetups since November, you can check their events section on their FB Page here:
    And I know they plan to do one every month if possible. So even if you missed this one, you can always try and catch the next one! I know the lag and lack of sim space for more residents can frustrate those trying to get in, but I do appreciate this initiative that the Lab has started. I missed the second meetup they had, couldn’t get in, so I made sure to arrive early for the snowball fight. Hopefully you’ll be able to get in the next one!

  • I kept having issues at Winter Wonderland. Crashed a couple of times, and I couldn’t even get the gun to shoot. I’m premium and I didn’t get the option for the SnowZooka. I did get to shout “FRIENDLY GREETINGS THIS” at Torley when I tried and failed to shoot him.

    There seemed to be 3 demographics there: Fashionistas, Steamlanders, and FIC.

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