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Linden Lab’s Photo Booth Contest

Linden Lab's Photo Booth Contest

Linden Lab announced a new contest yesterday that they will be running throughout the month of February. The Photo Booth Fun Contest encourages residents to share silly photo booth style images for a chance to win some linden dollar prizes totaling L$19,000! Unlike previous Lab contests, this time the winners will be chosen by a panel of judges which consists of both Linden Lab representatives as well as some Second Life residents. I am one of the residents that is on the panel of judges, therefore I won’t be entering this contest, but I am looking forward to seeing all of your entries!

The contest began on February 4, 2015 and ends on March 4, 2015 at 10am SLT. Please make sure to click over and read the Official Contest Rules and Conditions thoroughly to find details about: duration of contest, how to enter, technical and content guidelines, eligibility, how the winners will be selected, prizes and other general conditions.

UPDATE: Just thought I would add this in since several people have asked me, you upload and post your entry here: Photo Booth Fun Contest Entries
Instructions for posting are listed in the “Entry” section of the rules and conditions page.

I hope you are able to participate. I look forward to seeing you guys go crazy and have fun with this. I know the theme of the contest is photo booth, but you don’t actually have to take the image inside a photo booth itself, you can just have it in that style. Xiola Linden has done a great job of collecting some Photo Booth style fun images on the Second Life Pinterest Page to help you guys get your ideas flowing.

If you are looking for a place to shoot this, the Photobooth I used for this image with me and Xiola is from Apple Fall, but I used separate poses with it. If you want to shoot with a bunch of friends and you all won’t fit into a small photobooth like this, you can pick up my free photostudio from the marketplace and slap any background texture you want on it and take a shot there!

Other than the contest, the Lab is also inviting all the residents to come have a snowball fight with them on Friday, February 6th between 10am SLT and noon SLT at the Winter Wonderland sim. I am definitely planning to be there, as long as real life doesn’t get in the way. They have a free snow pistol as a gift on the sim as well and check out Xiola’s cool snow launcher! Should be fun, hope you guys can come too!

Hopefully I’ll see y’all tomorrow and good luck with the contest!

What Xiola Linden is wearing: (girl on right)
Hair: little bones. Palmistry
Hairbase: Just Magentized – Natural Hairbase
Dress: -Pixicat- – Unicorn.Dress

What I’m wearing: (girl on left)
*Skin: -Glam Affair – Ellie America – 01 F by Aida Ewing (flickr)
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Ivana by Truth Hawks
*Top: ISON – celestial bell sleeve top -S- (taupe) by Harry Hyx (@ Uber)
*Necklace: (Kunglers Extra) Elwen necklace – pink crystal by Avagardner Kungler (to be released soon)
*Photobooth: {scarlet apple} Photo Booth Rare by warehousefifteendesigns (flickr)
*Props: [Commoner] Photobooth Prop / Naughty/Nice/Lips by Emery Milneaux
*Poses: Di’s Opera and Del May sitting poses


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

12 thoughts on “Linden Lab’s Photo Booth Contest

  • Hm, the only photo I have of me with a Linden is one I took onboard Michael’s airplane roundabout 10 seconds before he krashered headon into the EOW and we both suffered a painful death. 🙁 Dunno if the jury accepts entries from outside of a photobooth.

  • I’ve been a ‘refused-to-grow-up’ Second Lifer but thinking of making a comeback. But I would like to know if there are any real life benefits especially on the commercial side. For instance, are Lindens worth anything in real life (unlike other virtual currencies e.g. Empire Avenue ‘eaves’)?

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  • Hey Orca, yeah you don’t have to be inside a photobooth, just need to take a photo booth style picture. Xiola has some great inspiration pics on Pinterest to give you some ideas, hope it helps out:

    Hey Victor, Lindens are definitely worth something and can be cashed out for real world dollars. More information about Lindens here:

  • Thanks for the reply, Strawberry. I think I will rejoin the SL community after a 4 year absence. Cheers.

  • The Photo Booth contest should produce some fun shots! In light of the fact that many people who create and upload photos of SL routinely use Photoshop to enhance them, it is probably a good idea to stress the Contest Rules specify:

    “With the exception of re-sizing, the snapshot may not be edited. Heavily edited snapshots will not be considered.”

    This paragraph itself is somewhat ambiguous and should be clarified as the phrase “heavily edited” in the second sentence seems to negate the complete prohibition on editing in the first sentence.

    I myself love to take and post un-post-edited snapshots using only the ‘Photo Tools’ available in the viewer and look forward to being able to compete on a level playing field! I hope the judges strictly enforce the ‘not be edited’ rule!

  • Hey Rogue, yes you’re right, the judges will be looking for un-edited snapshots.

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  • Vick Forcella

    LL has announced today, 150618, the start of another picture contest. This even though the winners of this contest have never been publicly announced. Where the pot of prices went, with a total value of 19,000 L$ is completely unknown.

  • Vick Forcella

    I know that the Grand price winner was announced, not on the blog, not on the feeds. The other price winners have never been announced by Linden Lab. This contest is not closed, yet LL has started a new contest. I find that disturbing. Perhaps I’m wining, dunno.

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