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Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: Lago de Prata

Lago de Prata

Friday Find: Lago de Prata

This week’s Friday find was sent to me by AnellyStone. Lago de Prata is a beautiful rainforest sim owned by Impatwin Toxx. It is perfect for couples looking for a place to vacation. They also have a new wonderful jazz lounge that just opened and features live music. You can rent cabins or bungalows which come with many amenities and perks. Click over to their website for more details and here is a picture of the notecard I have with more information.

If you’re looking to take a loved one someplace special for Valentine’s, definitely check out Lago de Prata. Here are some important links:

> SLurl to Lago de Prata airport
> Lago de Prata Website
> Lago de Prata Facebook Page

Lago de Prata

While I was wandering around there, I ran into the owner and she asked me if I would like to go on one of the tours they have there of the island. I jumped at the chance because it sounded like so much fun. They go through Avatair, which is a private corporate virtual airline specialized in travel and leisure services for Avatars in Second Life. They have pilots that can take you on many tours that they offer.

Captain Jose Squeegee was my pilot and I have to say he was extremely polite and professional throughout the whole trip. I loved the way he totally roleplayed, stayed in character and called me Miss Singh. He took me on an airplane ride over the island first and while we were in the air he even offered me a glass of champagne. Then once we landed, he took me on a boat ride back to Prata Island. It was beautiful and enjoyable. I snapped a bunch of images during the tour so thought I would do a collage of them.

I have booked a scuba tour with them for next week. I’ll definitely blog about that and let you guys know how that goes! Here are my tour images and don’t forget to click over to Avatair’s website for more details about their tours and services.

My Avatair tour with Captain Jose Squeegee

Weekly Roundup:

  • This week’s featured Photographer: Hillany Scofield – I am a big fan of Hillany’s work. It’s beautiful, mesmerizing, sensual, sexy, sophisticated and inspirational.
  • Mesh Body Addicts – Shae Sixpence recently told me about a very informative blog run by lildaria resident. Mesh Body Addicts is a Fashion Blog with a focus on Mesh Bodies, and Mesh Body friendly clothing and items. She does a great job of covering all aspects of mesh bodies and even has a Mesh Body Clothing Designers List. I really liked her how to post for the Maitreya Lara Mesh Body.
  • PicMonkey Pin Your Love Contest – I’m not sure if you guys have heard of or used to process images before, but they are holding a contest from January 26th till February 14th with some great prizes: a $300 Amazon gift card, plus a free year of PicMonkey Royale. Click over to see all the rules for the contest and participate. You need to have a Pinterest account to participate!
  • BURIED by MadPea – MadPea has long been known for the range of innovative and immersive games and hunts that capture the imagination of Second Life residents across the grid. BURIED is their new mystery game that will take the player into the world of geocaching to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Lily. The game begins Sunday, February 1st at 12pm SLT. Check out the MadPea Website, Facebook Page and this teaser video for more details.
  • Buzzfeed Quiz of the week:Which Mythical Person Are You? – I think this test was designed more for people that are still in school or something because the quiz spoke about recess and subjects. Oh well, it was still fun to do and I’m kind of happy with my result. 😀

I hope you guys find my Friday Finds and Weekly Roundup posts informative. If you have any suggestions for future Friday Finds for me to explore, feel free to email me the SLurls and I’ll visit when I get the chance. Have a great weekend! <3


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