Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge!

Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge! (click here for a raw shot)

The new year has started and I have made the decision to bring back my Monday memes and blog challenges regularly, mainly because I really missed doing them. They actually help me stay organized and focused, not only with blogging, but with my RL school work as well. I guess because it forces me to stay on schedule and on top of things. Hopefully I can keep this going, we shall see! I have a lot of ideas, so looking forward to using them.

Meme instructions: Share an image of your Second Life avatar smiling for a yearbook photo. Don’t forget to share the link to your post in the comments and add your pictures to the new Second Life Yearbook flickr group, you can also share them in the Blog Memes flickr group if you like.

This challenge started off as an idea I had where I would ask you guys to share an image of your avatar smiling. I always have a hard time trying to make my avatar not look so creepy while smiling, so I was testing it out a few days ago and shared my image on plurk and Whiskey Monday came in leaving me comments as if she was signing my yearbook, which I thought was hilarious! So I kind of stole from her idea and changed the challenge to a yearbook challenge.

Here is some information about my yearbook picture:

  • Background: I wanted to get the grainy bluish background that is most often used for yearbook photos, so I actually made some of my own which you can download and upload to Second Life and drag onto a prim if you like, or just use plain white or your own background. When I uploaded the bluish background and posed in front of it, I didn’t like how it looked against my skin tone so I changed the color in the texture tab to brown. If you are not sure how to rez a prim and put the background on it, you can use my free Photostudio and use the plain backgrounds it comes with or drag the texture on it.
  • Smile: To make my avatar smile I used the free AnyPose Expression HUD but I didn’t really like the way my avatar looked while it smiled (see this plurk). I do have a different shape for when I’m smiling. I make my eye opening a bit wider and slant them up a bit, but still didn’t like it that much so I decided to purchase the Loud Mouth Danika Smile mesh mouth, which is quite lovely on its own, but I still feel like I look creepy smiling, lol. I dunno, maybe it’s just my face. I also purchased the Loud Mouth Alli mouth, which is a very cute open mouthed pouty mesh mouth, but I couldn’t get it to look seamless. So I ended up photoshopping both of these loud mouth images. Here is the raw shot to the Danika Smile Mouth and then the raw shot to the Alli Pouty Mouth so you can see how much I processed these images.
  • Ratio: I cropped my image at a 8×10 ratio since that’s the size of usual yearbook portraits, but after adding in my border and text, I think that changed a bit. I just left it though, you can make yours any ratio, size, etc… I used to add in the simple border and text.
  • Flickr Group: I created the Second Life Yearbook flickr group specifically for this challenge because I thought it would be fun to see them all in a group. I hope you guys are able to do them. I do have one small request though. If you are active on flickr and tend to bulk add your images to flickr groups, can you please unjoin the group after you submit your image. I moderate a number of groups on flickr now and it is so difficult moderating because people have a tendency to just add to all groups and a lot of flickr groups have themes and rules that they follow, like my Blog Memes flickr group or my Exploring Second Life flickr group or my Digits group. I have to remove random images from them on a daily basis. It gets very time consuming. So just a small request, if you do have a tendency to add to all groups, just leave the groups that have themes and rules, that way you won’t accidentally spam them. You can rejoin and add anytime in the future. Removing yourself from a group doesn’t remove your images from it unless you choose to do that on your own. Thank you, I would really love it if you can do that for me. <3
  • Pose: I used one of Izzie’s Headshot poses for the yearbook image.

loud mouth (click here for raw shot)

I hope you guys find this challenge interesting and are able to do it. I would love to see some yearbook photos in the group. I might make Manberry do it later this week as well. I wonder if maybe one day someone will take all of our smiling avatar pictures and make an actual Second Life yearbook! That would be kind of awesome.

If you do decide to do this challenge, please share how you get your avatar to smile, what are you tricks and tips? I am always looking for a better way to make my avatar smile. If you decide this challenge is not for you, feel free to just leave a comment in my post as if you were signing my yearbook like whiskey did in my plurk, that would be kinda hilarious! :P

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years. You don’t have to have a blog to do this challenge, you can share your image on any social platform you prefer.

1st image:
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V1.0 by Onyx LeShelle
Skin: DeeTaleZ Megan (Brows2) brown Eastern by Steffi Villota
Mesh Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Alli by Brias Stardust
Teeth: .Loud Mouth. – Parted Teeth by Brias Stardust
Mouth Applier: DeeTaleZ HUD LOUD MOUTH for Skin Megan Eastern by Steffi Villota
*Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Brown by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Harmony [Ponytail] by Truth Hawks (flickr)
*Dress: GizzA – Emily Dress [Black-Beige] Size XS by Giz Seorn (flickr)
*Earrings: (Yummy) Pearl Stud – Pearl by Polyester Partridge (@ Uber)
Pose: Izzie’s Headshot poses by Izzie Button

2nd image:
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V1.0 by Onyx LeShelle
Skin: DeeTaleZ Megan (Brows2) brown Eastern by Steffi Villota
Mesh Mouth: .Loud Mouth. – Danika Smile by Brias Stardust
Teeth: .Loud Mouth. – Parted Teeth by Brias Stardust
Mouth Applier: DeeTaleZ HUD LOUD MOUTH for Skin Megan Eastern by Steffi Villota
*Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Brown by Ikon Innovia
Eyeliner: –Glam Affair– Couture Eyeliner no.03 by Aida Ewing
Eyelashes: Mon Cheri “Falsies” Mesh Alpha Lashes by Freya Olivieri
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Tiffany Mesh Hair Chocolate by MissAllSunday Lemon (@ FaMESHed)
Pearls: Yummy by Polyester Partridge (@ Uber)

167 thoughts on “Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge!

  1. Oooh I’m going to give this a go later!

    The reason for looking creepy when smiling (and yes, I’m afraid your picture looks a bit creepy to me, too!) is that though the lips are pulled up, the rest of the face is static. No fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes, and the upper cheeks stay “down” instead of pulling up with the lips. That’s why it always will look artificial!

  2. Nice challenge Berry :)

  3. Yay, Monday Meme’s are back! :) Happy New Year Berry.

  4. […] memes again, and I hope to do as many as possible this year! Today she is challenging us to do a yearbook shot of our avatar, smiling. That is not easy to accomplish – the inbuild smile looks pretty goofy […]

  5. Well, we didn’t have yearbooks in the UK when I was a kid, but we did have yearly school photos. Since I’m not currently blogging (Virtual Bloke’s getting an overhaul this week, so I don’t want to link people there) my offering is on Flickr only.

    There was always one sullen, emo little git, right?

  6. […] And she’s back with the darn memes! […]

  7. Not on the level of your SL photography skills, for sure, but here’s my humble effort. *sweatdrops, flails and runs*

  8. Forgot to mention two tips for smiling or any other emotes:

    First one:

    a) Enable the Develop menu > Avatar > Animation Speed, and set ‘Slow Motion Animations’.

    b) Click your emoter HUD once and wait for the smile (or other emote).

    c) Get your snapshot window open and ready, then UNcheck the emote. Wait as it slowly stops, and hit refresh on the snapshot window just at the right moment.

    Using that method you can capture slightly more realistic emotes, as avatars go into them quickly but come out of them slowly (and better).

    The other method is to combine images. For instance, when your avatar is sneering (disdain emote) their eyes are scrunched up rather horribly.

    a) Set your camera up and after that DON’T MOVE IT.

    b) Using the slo-mo tip above, take your first image at the perfect point of the sneer with regard to the avatar’s mouth (lip fully curled-up; eyes will be scrunched shut).

    c) Use the slo-mo tip again and this time take an image at the perfect point for the avatar’s eyes (mouth will probably have mostly closed, but the eyes will be hooded and disdainful).

    d) Layer one image over the other in an image editor and use the erase tool to remove the unwanted section of the top layer.

    You can use this method for capturing the best parts of a single emote, or even of two (or more) emotes.

  9. […] decided to do Strawberry Singh’s “Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge” this week since it had to do with school photos and classes start up again on the 12th for […]

  10. Very cool challenge! You look so cute :)
    here is mine

  11. […] can find more information about this challenge on Berry’s blog – it’s all because of her wonderful idea. Thank you Berry for this Monday Meme – […]

  12. […] Singh has a Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge. You can read all about this fun challenge on her blog. The idea is to smile in a portrait picture, as if it were for your yearbook. Then share it the […]

  13. I had to do this one! Although mine is rather conventional some folks got very creative!

  14. […] can see the other Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge pictures by going to Flickr or stop by Strawberry Singhs Blog and see where it all […]

  15. I did it! Glad to have you doing the Monday meme again! :D

  16. […] avatar smiling for a yearbook photo. Don’t forget to share the link to your post in the comments (of this post) and add your pictures to the new Second Life Yearbook flickr group, you can also share them in the […]

  17. How fitting that my 500th blog post is for the return of the Monday Meme! Thanks, Berry…I’ve missed them <3

  18. Natsuki Morigi says:

    Great idea. Taken up in the sky to get the infamous blue background

  19. […] To be honest, I hate the smiles in Second Life. All of them. With a passion. But, today I had to smile……and it was actually fun! Strawberry Singh has started the year with a new Monday Meme, and this weeks topic is: Second Life Yearbook Smile. […]

  20. Thanks Skell…great tips :)…I used the over lay method, only because I couldnt find those option to slow the animation. I think it turned out pretty good. Maybe I could have gone in closer but I had to stop fiddling and go to bed. It was fun challenge and now I have new skill.

  21. […] very exciting. I always try and participate in a few a month when I can, and this Monday she’s issuing a challenge to take a Second Life yearbook photo.  It’s fun looking through all the different yearbook photos in the flickr group she […]

  22. […] Another Strawberry Singh challenge to tackle into and this time, its related to her Monday memes. Once again I decided to participate because its unique. * *HolliPocket*  Brenty Lace-White from Main store * Blueberry – Belted Denim Shorts – S – Ice from Main store * Pink Acid Donut Glazed Lip Gloss V2 – Cherry On Top * Magika [Hair+] Gone from Store market place * Blah. (My Sweet Skull Platforms) Black […]

  23. […] pixeligen Grimassen und zeig mal meine Zäääähne. Somit war es eine nette Verwunderung, dass Strawberry Singh zur “Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge!” aufruft. Hehe, endlich mal ein offizieller […]

  24. […] i had to drag my girls into the meme-o-sphere for this latest one, which was a challenge to take a smiley yearbook photo. and, […]

  25. this was such a fun challenge, berry!
    my girls and i enjoyed it ♥

  26. […] also did this picture for Strawberry Singh’s newest Meme that you can read all about here: I sorta mad it into a quick little Yearbook photo. I was having a very bad face day that […]

  27. […] so, I was bored and saw this meme about yearbook photos on […]

  28. I can’t stand ^^
    Happy you give the challenges a new go in this year here is my little blogentry ^,^

  29. So happy to be doing a Monday Meme again. And it’s a perfect one!!

  30. So great to see that Monday memes are back, I missed them. As I said before, they are very useful in giving ideas for pics :)
    I’ve tried Loud mouth demos, but honestly it’s a big headache to fit and match colors, though at pics it looks great. That’s why I prefer mesh heads, they have pretty emotion hud ;)
    My yearbook pic has retro touch with girl from a Royal school on it. She has enigmatic hint of a smile. Hmm, seems I have a good idea for a story :D

    Not too bad, but then I had more control over this one than I did freshman year.

  32. […] can read the nitty gritty here, at And here’s the […]

  33. […] Meme instructions: Share an image of your Second Life avatar smiling for a yearbook photo. Don’t forget to share the link to your post in the comments and add your pictures to the new Second Life Yearbook flickr group, you can also share them in the Blog Memes flickr group if you like. […]

  34. Bear Silvershade says:

    Okay, I’m in! Check out this old yearbook photo of me from my early years at SL College!

  35. […] Facial expression courtesy of Anypose Expression Hud Background courtesy of Strawberry Singh […]

  36. […] Singh has revived the Meme Monday challenges on her blog and the first one of the year, Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge, is too good to pass […]

  37. naofan Teardrop says:

    skin shape by me .
    hair Argrace
    Ear (human) 菊之介王子
    Ear (neko) Rei Gili (zero style)
    Lipstick うさぎ (snow rabbit)
    Collar я e d
    Make up eyes by me

  38. This meme actually puts a spotlight on the poor job most skin designers do with teeth. I was evaluating Glam Affair yesterday and noticed how hideous the teeth they designed. Toothy smiles abound with many skins out there. Why can’t skin designers get that right?

  39. SL Yearbook Smile Challenge!
    Strawberry, my slight smile is part shape/part Pink Fuel’s Harley sheer gloss (mouth).
    Thanks for the fun challenge!

  40. […] the Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge! Taking the yearbook pic brought up memories of high school and the great times I had there. If only […]

  41. […] when I saw the Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge, I admit I got rather excited. Except for the odd moment of humour photography I have rarely used […]

  42. YAYYYYY meme’s are back and just in time to refocus us all for the coming year.

  43. […] guys! So I decided to do Berry’s challenge this week – show everyone your yearbook smile. This brought back memories of me practicing in […]

  44. […] Strawberry Singh’s meme this week was kinda sorta inspired by my plurks, so I had to participate. I decided to recreate my actual yearbook photo, this one from my Junior year in highschool. I didn’t actually make it into my Senior yearbook, but that’s a different story for another day. […]

  45. […] sure you’ve noticed the sudden influx of Yearbook like photos of avatars. It’s all Strawberry Singh’s fault. She put forth a challenge to take a smiling yearbook photo of your avatar. Of course I had […]

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  47. Lyndzay Meili says:

    Great challenge :) had fun doing it!

  48. […] new challenge for us is to put together our SL Yearbook Photo. I decided to be a bit funny about mine since ya’ll know we all do this. I went to a very […]

  49. […] It’s a new year and Strawberry Singh has decided to start posting her Monday Memes again! Yea! If you browse Flickr you’ve probably seen a lot of smiling faces and that’s thanks to her first meme of 2015. It’s the Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge! […]

  50. Such a fun challenge and yes, smiling avatars always look a bit creepy to me, LOL.

  51. […] of the comments associated with this meme from bloggers and photographers suggested that we tend not to like the look of smiles on our […]

  52. […] Yearbook photos! Well more specifically, a yearbook smile challenge. (You can see her post here.) Basically, the idea is to take a picture of your av smiling – like you would see in a […]

  53. […] of things blogging-wise, so I don’t have much to say. I decided that my comeback would be Strawberry Singh’s yearbook smile challenge, since it looked so fun and I love what everyone has done with it so far. So, here’s my […]

  54. Here’s my version! This was really fun and it hopefully will get me back into blogging more regularly. :D

  55. […] time for another Strawberry Singh challenge, and this one is to post a yearbook-style photo. Smiling is awkward at best and downright […]

  56. I have no experience of Yearbooks, and my smile is pathetic, but I had fun, thanks Berry for bringing the Monday meme back, i have missed them!

  57. […] Strawberry Singh has a new Monday Meme, and while I’ve always clicked around and looked at other ones in the past, I’ve never participated! So, this one is all about your yearbook photo…capturing that smile. The Yearbook Flickr pool is quite interesting, and if you’d like to do one yourself, here’s the details on Strawberry’s Blog. […]

  58. […] Flickr, anyways if you wanna know everything about this new challenge, check on Berry’s post here. I’ll tell you how I did my yearbook pic later […]

  59. Ani Acid Cain says:

    Oh thanks for this one am gonna give this a shot..I want to learn more ticks of the trade so to speak


  60. I finally had a moment to do mine. I know that not following all the rules, but still… Here it is :-)

  61. […] want to take a picture and contribute to the rogues gallery then read all the instructions here on Berry’s Blog.  Thanks for a corking meme challenge […]

  62. […] I just post pictures, but Strawberry Singh’s Yearbook meme spoke to me, so I had to join […]

  63. yesterday i decided to go to a sim, that i seen on someone’s profile, a Japanese tea house it looked perfect for picture taking, so i tp’d over there and to my gleeful surprise, i seen Ms. Berry and Manberry there. I almost fainted for to be Strawberry Singh is a celebraty in Second Life, and to see her there I almost feel down in a faint. I wanted to say something but she was taking a picture of a couple. Manberry played the piano perfectly of course, I listended…than moved on to explore and take my own pictures….ah I can die now!

    This sim is called The Cheeky Tiramisu Cafe and Forest. It is beautifully done in a winter theme, with various little nooks and crannies to go and enjoy, photograph or be alone with someone special.

    Ah thank you Berry …..

  64. […] course it was easier to start posting again when I noticed Strawberry Singh has posted a brand new blog meme and will be back with new challenges.  Yay! This week she’s asked us to do our best yearbook […]

  65. […] to try the yearbook thing from Strawberry Singh , I’m still not back home though so the pic is kind of funky but … gotta do something […]

  66. I’ve always wanted to quit lurking (lol yeah right) and attempt at least one Monday Meme, but I didn’t have a blog and was relatively inactive on Flickr, but this year I’ve decided…why not?

    So here’s my first one!

    I look forward to doing more. I’m glad you brought these challenges back. <3

  67. :D Yay welcome back Monday Memes, here’s my shy smile to share :

  68. Coming to it a little late, but do you remember the last time you had a faerie in the graduating class?

    Monday Meme: Yearbook Challenge

  69. I had alot of fun doing this :) Great Idea

  70. […] of Ahn and myself is a sure winner on the “must do” list so when I saw it was “Smile for the Yearbook photo” i got out the camera and got right to it.  Both of the smiles that Ahn and I have are […]

  71. This was to much fun to do. Glad you brought these back.

  72. […] Strawberry Singh‘s back to doing her Monday Memes and I’m so glad I’m able to participate in one again.  I admit this one was pretty easy and straightforward and well, just plain fun!   All I had to do was bare my pearly pixel teef and snap a photo!  But it did take me back a bit to those days… picking out that perfect outfit you were going to wear for your school picture, thinking about how you’d wear your hair and trying to keep it perfect for picture time with an entire can of hairspray, pre-picture angst over that surprise pimple that would be captured for all eternity in your yearbook photo, and whether to smile with or without teeth, or not smile at all because.. well.. you know some teeth should remain hidden. […]

  73. Thank you for a new challenge! I did it over on flickr:
    What intrigued me was that I had figured that I would need to alter my shape a bit to look like an awkward teen, but I managed quite nicely with the shape and skin from my self-portrait two entries back in my photostream! I feel like I learned a bit about how to age someone down in SL. :) Thanks!

  74. Edith Ogleby says:

    Wilmur will threaten doom when he finds out I posted this. Took me ages in the attic looking for his old yearbook photos, but I finally found them!

  75. Harmony Marquis says:

    This was a really fun challenge to participate in! Thank you! :)

  76. Trinetty Skytower says:

    Whoops! I almost forgot to add my link ! Thanks, Berry ! This was fun ! :)

  77. Sketch Landar says:

    I’m sure it has a ton to do with the lips but the teeth always are what creeps me out LOL….the mouth is pulled back like a cheap robot, exposing a white row as though the avatar is incredibly proud of them….but they are spooky. Can it be that hard to make some adjustments? There are nearly perfect sex organs, eyes, lips, nails… I was going to do a blog post all about this but you beat me to it :)

  78. […] Here’s my “yearbook” photo for Strawberry’s Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge! […]

  79. Ok I guess I better do my bit for the challenge:

  80. Laetizia Coronet (@tishcoronet) says:
  81. […] I go, a big thank you to all of you that have participated in my Yearbook Challenge this week. Over 300 people have submitted their images in the Second Life Yearbook Flickr Group. It […]

  82. inkie Loudwater says:

    So much fun doing this one !! So glad you are challenging us again

  83. […] the Strawberry Singh !!! For a long time I did not participate in one of her challenge, this Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge caught my attention for creativity […]

  84. […] wonderful Strawberry Singh added a blog challenge this week, the Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge. So I went and dusted off my old yearbook, which definitely has seen better times! Our school was […]

  85. […] winter break is just about up, and I am not too excited about that. Then along comes Berry with a fun new challenge! I have really been enjoying the images in the Flickr group and was inspired to do my own, […]

  86. […] I was so excited to see Miss Strawberry Singh had restarted her weekly blog challenges and I loved setting up this photo to participate in the Yearbook Smile Challenge! […]

  87. […] My Second Life Yearbook Photo for Strawberry Singh’s “Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge” […]

  88. […] was feeling left out and wanted to do the Yearbook Challenge too so I took him down to The Mens Dept and got him all outfitted for school. Somehow though I think he […]

  89. […] in Second Life, right? We don’t have to do this? ….Check out Strawberry Singh’s Yearbook Photo Challenge Who remembers […]

  90. Had fun with Yearbook Challenge – – Thank you for the Free Photo Studio too its fab <3

  91. Thank you all so much for participating this round and for sharing all your tips and tricks to make your avatars smile. Skell that animation trick really helped me with getting Manberry’s pic right. I appreciate you guys all taking the time to do the challenge, it was so wonderful seeing all of the creative avatars we make in Second Life. I really enjoyed it and hope you did too. I have posted this week’s challenge now but feel free to continue to share more yearbook pictures whenever you like! <3

  92. […] I went there. I decided this was the perfect look for Strawberry Singh’s Yearbook Smile Challenge. I’ll admit that I didn’t do much to make my avatar smile; I’m not fond of the […]

  93. Lovely idea! I am late for this but I just could not resist do take part.
    Here is my yearbook photo:

  94. […] infos about The YearBook Challenge check @ Strawberry Singh blog. You can also visit the new Second Life Yearbook flickr group to see all the photos and why […]

  95. […] Check the complete challenge details here […]

  96. […] Strawberry’s Blog Flickr Pool for the Yearbook challenge  […]

  97. Always late! And.. I am not a fan of my SL smile! LOL :)

  98. […] strawberry’s high school yearbook challenge [and my […]

  99. […] Smile Challenge”. It looked like too much fun to pass up! Check out the Yearbook Challenge Right Here. Take a look at the Second Life Yearbook Group […]

  100. Later than Dolly, therefore making Dolly fashionably late and me late late.

    I used the two tricks mentioned by Skell upthread – slow mo animations and the two image layering. I find the eyes for the “smile” animation better than those for the “toothy smile” one, but the mouth for smile is creepy. So I chop and paste.

  101. […] The challenge includes other not-so-familiar part, a yearbook photo. We do not make yearbooks in Finland – although there is a class photo (group and personal) once a year. […]

  102. […] finally did the Strawberry Singh yearbook challenge, which I think is so nice and creative, and in her flickr group we have now our own SL yearbook:) I […]

  103. I was so hesitant about doing this. Wearing a picky sweater. Me sitting on a tippy rectangular box. Bright lights. Everyone looking at me. At least my eyes didn’t close when the shutter clicked. Go ahead and laugh.

  104. I Loved this one!! Thank you Strawberry! I’m a bit late, but better late than never!

  105. […] a bit daunting to reestablish oneself after being gone for so long.  Anyway, I saw this yearbook meme thing posted online and had some fun with it.  Helped me to get tuned into to navigating, and feeling […]

  106. […] was taken in response to a photo challenge by Strawberry Singh, to make a yearbook-like snapshot. So I went to find backdrops that were probably used in the 80’s and early 90’s since I […]

  107. […] I got very in to Berry’s memes and the  Strawberry Singh’s Yearbook meme spoke to me, so I had to join in – and I STILL use the picture from this post as a profile […]

  108. […] of post or challenge for myself, this year I decided to bring back a challenge I did last year: The Second Life Yearbook Challenge but going to add a bit of a twist to it and throw rezday in there. I was thinking we can share […]

  109. my add for the yearbook challange flickr wont add it to the group

  110. Hi Allania, you have your picture set to moderate on flickr, see example here: if you can change that to safe then you should be able to add it. I have the group set to only accept safe pictures so everyone can participate or it will be unavailable in certain countries if I turn that feature off. Thank you.

  111. […] photo in either the description or tags. Check out my yearbook images from 2017, 2016 and 2015. Looking forward to your yearbook […]

  112. […] back in January 2015, Strawberry Singh created this Second Life Yearbook Smile Challenge and posted the first photo in her group for […]

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