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Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: The Pines at Jacob’s Pond

Friday Find: The Pines at Jacob's Pond

Friday Find: The Pines at Jacob’s Pond

This week’s Friday Find I found in my Explore Second Life flickr group. I usually take a look in there when I’m trying to find a location to shoot at. Luckily I have a team of wonderful moderators in the group now that are doing an excellent job of making sure each image has a SLurl and/or blog post link with SLurl. That way if there is a place I want to visit, the location is easily accessible.

One of the Second Life explorers that regularly posts images in the group is the talented Loverdag. It was her pictures that tempted me to visit this Jacob’s Pond today and I surely wasn’t disappointed. I fell in love with the horses as well as their placement of them.

Take the SLurl to The Pines at Jacob’s Pond.

Friday Find: The Pines at Jacob's Pond

Weekly Roundup

  1. New Year Resolution: Everyone keeps asking me what my new year resolution is, so here it is: Listen to my inner voice more often and indulge myself as much as I can. Now let’s see how much trouble and adventure I get myself in this year! 😛
  2. Shopping events this week: Both FaMESHed & Uber have started their January rounds this week. The theme for Uber this month is Opulence.
  3. This week’s featured Photographer: Tomais Ashdene – Every week in Weekly Roundup I am going to try and mention a photographer whose work has caught my eye and/or whom I admire. I wanted to start it off with Tomais’ images. I notice his work pop up often in my favorite twitter hashtag: #SLLooksGoodToday and I am always amazed by it. I especially love his landscape shots of different Second Life locations, such as this one. Make sure to check out his stream!
  4. Maitreya Mesh Body Developers Flickr Group – Quite a few of you guys have been contacting me asking me where you can go to find clothing and appliers for your Maitreya Mesh Bodies that you have purchased. The Maitreya team has now created and is maintaining a flickr group which will display vendor images for all the items being made for this body.
  5. Camera angle tip for Firestorm users: The hilariously adorable and very sweet Ms. Zuleicca has shared an awesome little tip for Firestorm users which I was not aware of. Since I was not aware of it, I assumed others may not be as well, so I’m sharing her image:
    No More Pixorage! :D
  6. The Drax Files: World Makers [Episode 25: Oblee] – There was a new Drax Files video episode this week. I adore these and think they are a wonderful positive promotion for Second Life. This time Drax focused on live music artist, Oblee.
  7. Buzzfeed Quiz of the week: Who Were You Married To In Your Past Life? Well then, let’s see if I do this well in my current life. 😛

I hope you guys all had a wonderful new years eve and that 2015 has been treating you well so far. Here’s to another year and another chance for us to get it right! Happy 2015 and have a great weekend! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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