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Dreaming of a White Christmas

Winter Moon (click here for a raw shot)

Back in the summertime I had ordered a new computer for myself. I was quite happy with it at that time, but over the last few months, after speaking with Mr. William Weaver and a few other friends, I came to the conclusion that I made some bad decisions on my purchase. I continued to get many crashes and errors and it just wasn’t keeping up with everything I wanted to do with it. So I gave it away and started fresh. A lot of the parts I kept the same since I was happy with them, but certain big things, such as my video card, hard drive, etc… were upgraded. Here is a link to my Computer Specifications page which I have now updated with all the new items.

I have been using this computer since last night and so far, I am extremely happy with it. I guess time will tell if I made the right choices this time. Hopefully I did. I think in my old age I am getting extra finicky lol, so let’s hope it all works out.

Winter Moon (this is a raw shot)

I also picked up a 3D mouse, something I had never used before but I am very much enjoying it. I had a lot of fun flying around with it on different sims. When I first plugged it in, I realized that it actually wasn’t compatible with Second Life. It wasn’t working properly like it should. Luckily I found this post by Nalates that explained how to get it working in Second Life. However, most of the post went WAY over my head lol. I am not a very technical person. Luckily someone had mentioned in the comments of the post that they didn’t install any drivers/software for the mouse but just plugged it in and it worked fine in Second Life. So that’s what I did and it works beautifully now.

dreaming of a white christmas (this is a raw shot)

The first image in this post is the only one I played around a bit in Photoshop with. The last two images are directly from Second Life, I just cropped and resized them. I have a couple of more images that I took and used the direct upload to flickr feature from the snapshot menu. I went to Kingdom of Sand and Winter Moon for both of those raw shots.

I spent Christmas eve with my family last night. We had a big dinner and then just hung out and played games. Our favorite one these days is the murder mystery: Werewolves of Millers Hollow. I have a pretty big family so the game goes on for a while and all the grownups and kids get so into it. It’s a lot of fun.

So although there is no such thing as a white Christmas in Florida and my family really doesn’t celebrate Christmas, it was still a fun and meaningful time for us. I hope you had the same with your family and friends. Merry Christmas everyone! <3

What Manberry is wearing:
*Suit: {Zaara} Menswear : Classic Suit by Zaara Kohime (Blog)

What Berry is wearing:
*Mesh Body: Maitreya Lara Mesh Body by Onyx LeShelle
*Skin: Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
*Hair: EPOQUE HAIR – Re-Tied by Vintage McMillan (flickr)
*Gown: Baiastice Sarah Dress by Sissy Pessoa (flickr)
*Jewels: MG Wild Parisienne Pearl Collar by Maxi Gossamer

Poses: Del May
Location: Winter Moon


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

8 thoughts on “Dreaming of a White Christmas

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  • Xmara Lundquist

    Looks like a great system especially with the pics you are getting out of it. I saw on the computer specs that you have Adobe Photoshop CC for $19.99/mo. When you have a chance, please check out the INDIVIDUAL plan at where you get Photoshop and LightRoom for $9.99/mo . 🙂

  • Great to hear about your new computer – I hope you will be happy with it. I have the SpaceNavigator too, but I have never experienced any problems with it in SL, not even with the driver installed. Maybe it’s because I use Firestorm. I have never tried it with the Linden Viewer that I know you like to use.

    Great pictures :-))

  • Great PC! Envious of the GPU! :). Maybe this year I’ll upgrade to a 4 Gb card…

    Re: Space Navigator – should you need the drivers try downloading and installing the 3.18 drivers from the archive list:

    There’s no mucking about – just make sure the 10.0+ drivers are deinstalled. I’m running them just fine.

    The 10.0+ drivers are the issue, as Logitech introduced a new set of driver handlers that get in the way of things on Windows (and not just with SL!). There is some work being do on the viewer to improve Space Navigator support in general, which will hopefully arrive in 2015, depending on how things go.

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  • Xmara, thank you, I’ll look into it.

    Bine, I actually used Firestorm for these images and have switched to using that now completely since the 64 bit version works so well with my new system so far. Loving it! It’s the latest navigator drivers that don’t play well with SL.

    Inara, thank you! I may install that driver to see if it adds anything to it in SL. I noticed if I am sitting on an object I am unable to rotate up and down around my avatar still, only side to side. Do you have this issue with yours?

  • @Berry

    I tend to used flycam mode for that on the rare occasions I’m using SN in conjunction with my avatar, although admittedly the camera doesn’t stay focused on your avatar when orbiting.

    TBH, I rarely use the Space Navigator for movement; as I have a trackball connected to the PC, I find “mouse walk” (using the trackball & left/right mouse buttons) pretty fast and convenient, so tend to rely on Alt-came for orbits, etc.

  • Rylie

    Nice specs Berry! Have you checked out the Solid State drives? I’ve been using one for the last year (My original HD was somehow damaged in my move) and it’s fantastic in terms of speed and stability. I use the SSD to house my OS and other programs and still use regular HD’s to store my pics/vids etc.

    Samsung SSD Amazon

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