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Maitreya Mesh Body

Before I begin this post, I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for all the prayers and well wishes for when I went away for a little while. Luckily everything turned out well and I have returned. Also, a big thank you for voting for me in the Avi Choice Awards this year. Because of all of your support, I have received four trophies: Favorite Fashion Blogger, Favorite Fashion Blog, Favorite Fashion Photographer and Favorite Fashion Stylist. Thank you all so much for voting and thinking of me. I wanted to show how thankful I am for you, so I am doing another giveaway, like I did last year. Keep reading this post to find out what the giveaway is and how you can enter to win!

Maitreya Mesh Body

Maitreya Mesh Body Details

Maitreya is finally about to release their much awaited mesh body, very soon. I don’t have an exact release date as of yet, but here are some details that I do know:

  • The Alpha HUD is very nicely laid out, easy to use and has quite a bit of options making it easier to fit clothing. The “mask mode” buttons under the tattoo, underwear and clothing layers are there to use in case you have two layers on and they are glitching. Toggling those buttons changes the layer from ‘alpha blending’ to ‘alpha masking’ and may help reduce the glitch.
  • The body will come pre-packaged with 10 skin tones from Glam Affair which you can see under skin presets on the HUD. I am wearing the Glam affair India tone that came with this body.
  • The body will also come with applier lingerie from Zaara (screenshot) and fitted mesh lingerie from Maitreya.
  • The body will come with its own hands and feet that fit perfectly. The hands come in a casual position, like you see in the images, and the feet come in three different positions (flat, mid and high) to fit different shoes. However, the body also fits the XS size of the SLink mesh hands and feet, the way they fit the SLink Physique mesh body.
  • I was asked if Maitreya will have an applier program and if they have the apps open yet. I don’t know the details about that, but I did ask and was told that it’s being worked on. (Link to Developer Kit)
  • If you join the Maitreya VIP inworld group (it’s free to join) you will receive 3 pairs of shoes for FREE that are made to fit this body.
  • The body is now released (December 23rd, 2014) and the price is L$2750.
  • Visit the Maitreya Mesh Body Developers Flickr Group to see the items being created for the Maitreya Mesh Body.

Maitreya HUD for Mesh Body

UPDATE: People keep asking me about the tones for the Glam Affair skin presets that are on the HUD, so I’ve listed them below from left to right:

I have done a comparison image so you guys can see the differences between the Maitreya body and the classic Second Life body along with the two other bodies that I own, like and wear often. The current SLink Physique body on the market right now is v1.4, however, Siddean passed me v1.5 just this morning and said she will be sending the update after Christmas. So the body for slink that you see in the comparison photo is actually not released/updated yet, but will be soon. So if you do own the SLink Physique, make sure to head down to the SLink mainstore some time after christmas and hit the redelivery terminal for the update. I noticed this version is a bit more curvier than the previous. You can compare this updated comparison image with the older comparison image where I used v1.4.

UPDATE April 6, 2017:ย The Maitreya Lara Mesh Body is now bento enabled. Click over to my blog post to learn what that means and see all of the updates to this body now:ย Maitreya Lara Mesh Body โ€“ Bento Update

People keep asking me, “which is THE BEST mesh body Berry?” To be honest, I don’t think there is a ‘best’ I think there is a ‘what’s best for you and works best in your situation.’ I have been wearing both SLink and TMP body off and on at different times for different reasons. And then sometimes when I get really frustrated with all the HUDS and options and such, I take them off and go back to classic for days. I feel there are pros and cons to all of them. The biggest con for all of these bodies is that it has made getting dressed and changing clothing a lot more time consuming. Comparison of Mesh Bodies (all of the images are raw shots, click to view larger size)

If I were to choose a body to wear all the time, I would pick either SLink or Maitreya. SLink because I like the athletic build and there are so many products already available for it. Maitreya because I love the boobs, butt and the sensual curves. I also really like the alpha hud as I was able to wear my new League dress and a few other outfits without any issues using the hud. The Mesh Project body is very nice, but their HUD system is such a headache and still to this day, very confusing for me. So for now, I will be interchanging with both SLink and Maitreya until I finally decide which one works best for me and I’ll stick with that.

So I honestly don’t have a favorite, but I do think each one has its own charm and I think you should definitely DEMO and try it on for a few hours to make sure you are comfy with it before you buy. Also, here is a website that has a list and info on all mesh bodies and body parts that have been released, which you can read and then make an informed decision: Mesh Physique Support –
Exploring the Second Life world of mesh avatar enhancements

Follow Maitreya at the following links to find out when the body is released:
> Maitreya Blog
> Maitreya on Flickr
> Maitreya on Facebook
> Maitreya on Twitter
> Maitreya VIP Inworld Group
> Maitreya Mesh Body Developers Flickr Group


Berry’s 2014 Giveaway!

Now it’s time for a giveaway. Last year I gave away five gift cards which I purchased from five of my favorite stores for a total of L$5000. So this year, I figured since I am blogging about the Maitreya Mesh Body, I would purchase a L$5000 gift card to Maitreya and give that away. This way, one of you guys can get the body and/or a new Maitreya wardrobe for free!
Here’s how you enter the giveaway:
Leave a comment in this post with your full Second Life name and your thoughts about mesh bodies. Have you tried them?Do you own one? Which do you prefer? Will you be trying the Maitreya Mesh Body?

Please note, this giveaway is not affiliated with Maitreya in any way. I have purchased the gift card myself and I’m doing this as a gift for you guys on my own behalf. I will choose the winner randomly using the Randomizerย and announce the winner on Saturday, December 20th at 9am SLT in the comments of this post. (UPDATE: Something has come up in real life so I will be announcing the winner on Sunday, December 21st at 9am SLT now.)

Thank you once again for all the love and support. Happy Holidays everyone! <3

House: [ba] NYC apartment skybox by Barnesworth Anubis
Furniture: Stockholm&Lima by Surrealia Anatine (flickr)
Photo Frame: [PM] Pixel Mode – Summer Breeze Photo Frame – Ocean by Tya Fallingbridge

*Skin: Glam Affair Rose by Aida Ewing
*Hair: Truth by Truth Hawks
*Shoes: Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle (made to fit the Maitreya mesh body, not released yet)

Mesh Bodies:
*Maitreya Mesh Body by Onyx LeShelle (to be released soon)
The Mesh Project Mesh Body by TheShops
SLink Physique by Siddean Munro


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

341 thoughts on “Maitreya Mesh Body

  • I like the mesh bodies but so far I don’t have a favorite.

    I’m really looking forward to trying the Maitreya one because I love how curvy the ass looks in the picture that you did! Also, I have to agree these mesh bodies make things so much more time consuming but in a way it’s nice that you don’t have to edit the photos as much when you use one in a pic.

  • I love mesh bodies, and currently have two full bodies, SLink and Belleza. I’m excited to take a look at the new Maitreya body!

    While I’m not a huge fan of the HUDs and the fiddling, I really like the way they look, the more natural bending especially! No more flat-butt when I kneel.

  • Sash Arabello

    I’ll enter! Sash Arabello.

    As for mesh bodies, I’m going to say my favorite is the Belleza body, I like a lot of things about it, like the boob shape, how the thighs are painted on the regular styles, and how it fits.

    My most pain in the ass thing about the bodies, other the TMP, you really don’t have an option to hide just one side, like one arm, or one leg, and with a lot of asymmetrical items, you’re left to scream. That’s my one and only beef with a lot of mesh bodies. Lack of control over alphas

  • Miyani Ichtama

    I’ve got the TMP body and the Belleza body so far – I love the IDEA of mesh bodies, but haven’t yet found one that suits me perfectly, or has the degree of customization I want. I’m VERY encouraged by the alpha layer versatility in the Maitreya HUD, and the breast shape looks lovely to me – I can’t use the Belleza body for those two reasons, and I only use TMP if I’m naked, generally.

    So yeah, I’ll definitely be at least demo-ing the Maitreya body, I’ll be REALLY surprised if I don’t buy it! Whether she allows appliers will definitely educate my decision too.

  • Add my vote for applier support, especially if she decides to support Omega appliers.

    That will definitely figure heavily in my purchase decision.

  • I only have the Slink Physique because I like its smaller build. I have demoed other bodies but for my type of avatar, the hips and thighs are always too thick. That being said, I really want to try the Maitreya body. So put me in the randomizer! Woo! ๐Ÿ˜€

    But honestly, I’m just in the regular avatar body most of the time because getting dressed is something I like to do quickly without fussing with alpha HUDs. And I’m usually dressed in jeans and sweaters and a mesh body makes no sense when you’re wearing mesh items that already cover 95% of your body. But that’s just my opinion.

  • alianahdarke Resident

    I love the mesh bodies because I am not having to poke and prod weird lines out of images, my eyes tend to cross when working on that.

  • I actually like the idea of mesh bodies, but it’s really difficult to choose between them. I have demos of the Lena bodies, SLink Physique, the free Shops body, and Belleza…and I see pluses and minuses to all of them. There will never be one completely ‘perfect’ body because everyone’s idea of what looks good is different and the designers can’t make one to suit everyone’s tastes. I am anxious to try out the Maitreya body to do a comparison of my shape on it with the others so I can make a decision, as I’ve not purchased any yet and find it hard to part with my SLink hands and feet, so I need to be able to use one that works with them; leaving me to feel torn (so far) between SLink and Belleza, even though I do like the shape of the Shops body. The lack of SLink attachment compatibility pulls me away from it, however. I’m also uncertain about how any of them would work with the clothes I prefer to wear, so I am hoping to find out with HUD will work better for me. My worry is some of the clothing I have with one shoulder strap or other ‘different’ positions to sleeves and pants and skirts won’t work with the mesh bodies and cause me to have to limit my time wearing them. For what they cost (which I can understand higher prices for the work that had to go into them) I’m still hesitant on a final purchase if I won’t be able to use it a lot. That being said, I will still bounce back and forth between the demos until I figure it out. Adding in the Maitreya demo when I can get it will just be a bonus on my path through the insanity of choosing.

  • Thanks so much for the informative post. I have tried The mesh project body and gave up. the interface hud is way too confusing. I have the Belleza Venus body which I like except that she pretty much has to have a very slim shape which I don’t care for. a bit too generic. the hud is very easy to use but there still isn’t enough clothes out with appliers. I also won the Banned Dea on one of my curvier avatars and it looks pretty amazing but of course not all appliers work on it. It works with the omega applier system. But I do wish someone would come out with a mesh body that had breasts like the Cherry Bombs I love. The Dea is close though. Also more layers would be great so you can wear your tattoos and stockings and underwear etc. I will definitely be giving the Maitreya body a try.. Keep writing great stuff. Rho

  • Dixxie Mint

    I currently own the WowMeh & SLink body.. However, my favorite at the moment would have to be the Belleza that I demo’d, but didn’t get the chance to get it yet. I am so, so looking forward to the Maitreya body which is why I held off on buying the Belleza body. Maitreya is one of my all time favorite stores, so I knew her mesh body would be gorgeous and well.. with no surprise it is stunning!

    I just love how mesh bodies are so, so smooth and give you nice curves. Sometimes it can be a pain to fit clothes, but if the alpha HUDs are done right.. it’s quick and easy to pull off. The Maitreya alpha HUD does look like it offers a variety of points to alpha out which is wonderful and looks easy for clothes fitting. I am so, so excited about the fact that Glam Affair skins are pre-sets in this body as it is what I wear.

    Overall I am looking forward on getting this body and finally wearing one!

  • Kira Ragged

    Oh what I think about mesh bodies could fill a bit of space so I’ll keep it simple. I have a wowmeh, a lena, and a physique and right now while the technology is nice there’s still some issued i’d like to see worked out with the layers (although the alpha mask option with the maitreya intrigues me and I will have to check it out to see if that fixes some issues). In all I liked the wowmeh better than any of the others I have tried, it was the most customizable and had the best curves. I was very disappointed to see them run off the market.

  • dodoljh.resident

    My favorite and the mesh body I use the most is Slink’s. Simply because of all the support for it from other designers. I tried TMP body and it was too confusing and felt weird. I’ve been waiting for the Maitreya body, though. I think it’s going to be a hit!

  • Patty Tisane

    Thank you so much for your help of every day.. even if I m french and my english isnt that good… I read, read and read your advices… About the mesh bodies, I ve tried the free one from the mesh project, bought the first Wowmeh.. and stopped. One one my best and older frien, Eve Kazan, in her blogs, always give me the will to buy one.. but I have a friend who own the signature’s one, and really…. Its so strange.. I tried to get advices, can you save outfits (I mean the alpha foe this or this outfit?)
    so many questions, I would love to get an answer, because, really… Mesh is good, mesh is fun, mesh is everywhere lol
    I had many glam skins, even if for now I wear the skinnery’s one, since 2007 (3rd avatar) I had many glam, redgrave, monso or the skinnery, because the look is “different”…..
    Like Dixxie says, I am waiting to wear one, and I m waiting to feel good…

  • I’ve had the TMP body for ages and love the shape of it a lot. I very recently got Slink Physique and seem to be wearing that a lot more than TMP now but as you say, there’s so much available for this body it makes wearing it a lot easier and it’s great if you don’t want an overly rounded shape.

    The Maitreya body looks beautiful, I love the belly shape and it looks wonderfully curvy so I will definitely be trying a demo when it’s available. Thanks for this post, it’s great to see a comparison of them all.

    Rainbow Mubble

  • Kat Feldragonne

    I’ve demo’d the TMP, the SLink, and the WowMeh. My problem with all of them is because I dance and often have to do quick costume changes. Having to use a HUD to change the alphas just doesn’t work. The Maitreya one, however, does seem to have a lot more alpha options than the others I’ve seen, for every day use.
    The TMP HUD did nothing for me but give me a migraine while it occupied 90% of my screen.
    I like that the feet and hands come with it – having to purchase those separately makes an already expensive purchase even more so.

  • I’ll enter too!! PinkChai Resident

    Okie so first…SUPER excited to try the Maitreya body. I’ve demoed all of them and I honestly can’t pick a “favorite”. I personally get too confused with the The Shoppes hud to even figure out if I dislike or like it. The body is amazing and super high quality but for me, the hud deters from the attractiveness of it.

    I’ve demoed them all, including ones not mentioned here and I just haven’t found “one” that I prefer the most/like the most simply because the alpha hud issues. I do love the idea of them and want one but if I’m going to throw down that amount of Ls at something, I want it to be something I can wear more often than not.

    …so I’m super excited to try the Maitreya body.

  • Phoenix Welles

    That looks like a lovely body!

    I haven’t tried any yet, but from the comparison I think I like the build of Maitreya the best.

    I probably will be trying various mesh bodies at some point in the future, though I’m hoping somebody develops a way for alpha layers that come with clothes to be used rather than a HUD.

    ~Phoenix Welles

  • I’m addicted to mesh bodies from when the first were launched. In particular’m number one fan of Maitreya and I hope anxious by that body. All creations of this fabulous desginer is perfect and unique. My favorites so far are wowmeh (for ease in hud), slink (by your so beautifully), KL Lena (because the textures of the appliers are perfect in body and comes with exit option besides being very cheap)

  • I have TMP and Slink Physique. So far I really like the Slink body the best. I was interested in the Belleza body until it was pulled, so I’ll wait and see on that one. But the Maitreya body looks interesting, I like the hud layout and the skin options so far.

  • Hey, congrats!!

    Mesh Bodies, I only own the Slink and Wowmeh and I’m a bit nervous to purchase anymore because of all these DMCA’s. They are basically for me just a fun toy to play with ( ok that sounds kinda wrong, kinda ) But As I rarely go anywhere I would only need them to blog specific clothing to the body. And well most items work on the slink, (ty!!)

    Well deserved on your awards! Keep it up ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ember Adored

  • Aisling Caiben

    I love the shape of the TMP body, but you’re right about the HUD system, it’s a pain. There is an issue that needs to be fixed when it comes to wearing the default head with it anyway. The Slink body is usually what I wear. It’s easy, though on the slender side. So many appliers! But I’m SUPER excited about the Maitreya body, because I can wear my Slink hands and feet! And the curves are just wonderful!

  • Zombiegal Resident

    LindenLab ran a great new years contest this past year challenging users to show how their avatars had changed from 2013 going into 2014. As a part of that challenge, I took the plunge into using a mesh body starting with the WowMeh on January 1st. As updates came out, and alpha options changed, I found myself switching between different versions of the body for whatever suited my clothing needs.

    Holding onto previous versions of a mesh body to keep more alpha options open to me is a habit I took forward with me when Slink released their Physique. At first I found myself switching between the two body types pretty evenly, but then a newer version of Physique came out and I’ve been able to use it for most everything; although sometimes I still find myself going back to my old WowMeh for a better fit.

    With WowMeh gone, it’s been a growing concern that I would only have the one option when it came to a mesh body. I didn’t even know Maitreya was working on one! My immediate hope is for 3rd parties to be able to create for it, as well as my wondering how well it will or won’t match up to my Slink Visage mesh head.

    Looking at those alpha channels, though…. I will find at way to make it work!

  • Freedom Parx

    I love the SLink body, but Maitreya looks amazing too. I will have to grab the demo and see how easy it is to fit existing clothing. That looks like a pain, but it may just make mw want to get back into sl photography.

  • Buffy Soderstrom

    I own the SLink physique and I love it. I could never go back to the classic avatar. I’m liking the way this Maitreya one looks too though.. but making such a big purchase again puts me off.

  • Aradia Enoch

    I do like Belleza the most at the moment as it offers different hand poses and it has a very nice bum.
    I think Maitreya has a good chance of stunning me, I need to look at her butt as well but pretty sure I will purchase a copy already.
    TMP has a lot of incompatibility with my large slink shoes and the system isn’t of my pleasing.
    Slink delivers very well but the hand options on the Belleza HUD and the more wide ass and tight thighs give it a third place.
    Lena body is pretty, I like how shapely it is, but due to its the very low alpha count doesn’t come to be my pick at all.

  • melissa hawks

    I love the mesh bodies so far i love the belleza body the different hands and feet with one buttin is so easy also now there are stores who make mesh for belleza skins now to. If its not to expensive ill buy the maitreya one to u need to be quick now with all the drama going on. So for me its belleza. Wowmeh i liked to but sadly its off the market now. Maybr maitreya will become a favorite i need to see it on me before i can judge. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Rylee Fyanucci

    I have the Wowmeh Body, i normally wear the physique, as far as others, o have tried TMP(only beta, i couldnt afford the real deal) o like the oversized versions, and i have a few mesh bottoms/breasts, i sincerely love mesh bodies because i feel like they just have endless possibilities and so many make it easy to not only make clothing and accessories for their bodies but they also make them work on an easy to understand system normally. some people just starting out in mesh bodies, find this incredibly helpful and honestly how many times have we all had a favorite outfit we just couldn’t bear to part with even if we started wearing a new body/part, pining in hopes someone would make an applier for it?
    i haven’t tried any other bodies as of yet because i just have no clue what else is really a great choice but i’ve seen many and they look very nice from what i’ve seen but i do not know what he best choice for me specifically would be, so i make do with what i have for now. either way, if i win it or not, if the developers kit is available when i get back from my medical leave from SL i will gladly apply and make appliers for it as well! if i can afford it, i would most definately purchase one for myself, or an alt,avatar, i like for them to look just as nice as my main even if they’re just to cruise around the grid and have fun sans responsibility of store ownership! plus i use them for modeling things,thank you for reading this ^^ much appreciated.

    Rylee Fyanucci.

  • Love Flow

    I use the Belleza i love it , looking forward to the Maitreya body it looks amazing and i totally agree about the huds thats what takes your time the messing around with the huds to look perfect

  • I really don’t have a favorite so far either, although I find Belleza was the one I was using the most because I liked the alpha system and features the best. However, I’ve also tried all the bodies you blogged excluding the new Maitreya. When you put them all side by side you can really see how similar they all are within the limitations of creations as well as how different they are down to how different parts of the body sit.

    I’m def going to try the Maitreya Mesh Body once it comes out as I’ve tried and/or bought all the other ones. One thing I really like is that looks like Maitreya has really tried to work on their alpha system, I’ve never really had to many problems wearing most of the clothes I own with the other bodies, but breaking down the parts of the body even more on this hud can only make it even better.

    One thing I do hate though is that I wish all these bodies worked with Slink hands/feet and fit the way they were suppose to and the seams would be worked out prior to release. Great post though Berry!

  • nana negulesco

    I use slink and Belleza… and have some others. I weit and can not wait for Maitreya to release! I hear from desigรฑers that it will be awesome!

    So yeah I would love to see it in meeee so soon <3 thanks for all the news ab out it!

  • When the SLink mesh body was released I was amused to find that it didn’t conform the so-called mesh standard that the creator backed when mesh clothes were new. None of my mesh standard clothes work with any mesh body regardless of the slider settings and regardless of the arbitrary choices each creator makes for the alpha options on their bodies. I can understand that my clothes from even a few years ago will not work with mesh bodies, but the lack of backwards compatibility for existing hi-quality mesh clothing is almost a problem.

    Many of the new clothes I see for mesh bodies are no better than the layered clothing of yesteryear … form-fitting, painted on, 2-Dimensional flatness. Applying them like skin almost defeats the purpose.

    So, what do I think of mesh bodies? Meh. Wait and see.

  • Sierra Ross

    I have actually been trying to decide on which mesh body to invest in. And i have to agree they all have pros and cons. I am excited for the new Maitreya Mesh body because from your pictures it looks amazing and if the randomizer picks me I know what i will be getting!

  • Isabella Brune

    I look forward to the body mesh of Maitreya. What caught my attention in this body are the layers of alpha, with more options and compatibility with the shoes already existing in SL. I own 3 of mesh bodies that are on the market and each has its pros and cons. And my great difficulty are the alphas layers. Judging by the quality of Maitreya’s clothes, I’m sure the body mesh will have excellent quality combined with the refined elegance of the creators.

  • gisele cedrus

    (NOTE: Excuse my grammer!!)IilOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE THE MESH BODY MOVEMENT! i own quite a few between my accounts including the eve mesh body,TMP Body,Slink Phsiyque, and perfect body. personally so far the eve mesh body and the slink physique are both my favorites i always hated the harsh edges shapes of the original sl avatar. one of my avatars is quite curvy more so than the average female so i always wanted more curves to my avatar than the original mesh could provide. i also love the fact that the mesh bodies are so versatile creator be willing ofc. i only wish thatthe creators would more so work together instead of fighting each other to really let second life be a place of all shapes and sizes. when i came from imvu years ago the thing i loved most about sl (Besides flying ofc) was that no matter what shape i was anything could be worn with my avatar, mesh bodies have seamed to limit that bec although we have appliers not every creator will make them for every body (Pun intended lol)so now my sl lifestyle is limited. i will try the Maitreya mesh body bec i see it has many alpha options which i adore since (Again with the limitations) not every mesh is made with the same alpha lines. and lastly keep up the good work berry!!!

  • Aniece Aria

    I have been in sl for a few years, but I do not own a mesh bod as of yet. I am new to the blogging world and am learning alot!! I do own the slink feet and hands, and love them!! From what i have read and seen here on berrys page I think now between the sl and the maitreya would be the choice, or as berry said I tend to go between things alot!! I do think you absolutely deserve the awards berry, this was my first year voting, congrats on them all, and to all the bloggers I am loving reading and trying new styles thanks to all you do!!!

  • Welcome back and thanks again for a very informative post, Berry! I have 4 mesh-bodies allready…Slink, TMP, Belleza and KL Lena…and how its allready said, all of them have its pros and cons. How its looks, how user-friendly the huds are and the alpha-thing works and of course, how they are supported by other designers/skin makers. The fact that the Maitreya body has glam-affair presets its a pro for me and for sure I will demo it. Canยดt wait to see it inworld and get more informations like about the applier programm.

  • Nyara Squeegee

    I’m not yet a fan of the mesh bodies. Huge fan of mesh feet and hands though. My issue with the bodies is finding clothing for them. I’ve been around a long time (since 2005) and have collected quite a few items that I still use. So if I were to get a mesh body, it would have to be for a specific look/avatar build for specific situations. That may change once more designers develop clothing options.

  • Lavea Alter

    I don’t have a mesh body as of yet, but will be getting one in the New Year. My current plan is to get the Slink body as I am a designer and I am already approved to work with Slink items. However, I am very curious to see how this new Maitreya mesh system is going to be set up and it’s compatibility with other systems.

  • Oh all these mesh bodies drive me nuts! Lol But I can’t help myself, I’m a collector of bodies. That would sound totally wrong if said in RL! So I have a few, Wowmeh, Lena, TMP, Belleza. I’m still sitting on Slink and I have been for awhile. I don’t prefer one over the other right now, I only know that as a blogger, they can really make editing easy but as you said, dressing can be a pain in the mesh ass. I’m super excited for Maitreya! I will most definitely be trying it! It’s a name that’s been in my SL for many years and related with quality so we’ll see how it turns out!

  • Lauren Lyn(daftlyn)

    I tried all mesh boby availables but I didnt like any of them, at least not enough to buy. Always had something that was preventing me to buy. Usually is the breast but or not being compatible with slink hands and feets. But so far my favorite is the mesh project. And yes I will try Maitreya as soon it is released.

  • Cyn Cybil

    I like mesh bodies quite a bit myself. I am most definitely planning on trying the Maitreya mesh as the alpha system looks awesome. Currently I am working with the Belleza Mesh. True, sometimes fitting clothing to the mesh isn’t a simple point and click but boy do the look awesome when they work IMO ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I own the Slink Physique body and the Wowmeh and recently snapped up the free version of the Mesh Projects body, but haven’t tried it yet. I have the demo of the Belleza body and actually like the shape of it best so far – it looks very lean on my shape – but didn’t buy it (yet) because I’m lazy. As of now, I mostly run around in my good old SL body, and despite all it’s shortcomings, I really still like it (with Slink hands and feet of course, I’m not a masochist!)
    When I wear a mesh body, it’s the Slink one. I use it mostly for pictures where I’m not wearing a lot, and I love love love that I can finally make poses bending the limbs much more and it still looks great! The downside to all mesh bodies is, most of the time my mesh clothes don’t fit. The alpha’s are either a bit to small or much too large, I need to wear one size bigger than I usually do and it irks me, and I get frustrated very easily, and when that happens, back I go to my default SL body.
    I’ll definitely try the Maitreya body though, especially as I now know Slink hands and feet fit it!

  • Allure Wildrose

    Wow, just discovered your blog through a friend. A definite new favorite! I currently own the Slink Physique and I really enjoy it. I have demo’d all of the other bodies and tbh, the only thing I feel Slink’s body can improve on is the breasts. Although the Belleza body is really nice, I can’t bring myself to spend 4k just for nicer boobs. ๐Ÿ˜ก I loved the pictures of the Maitreya body and I just might be tempted to change if all the stars in the universe align. LOL

    Thanks for doing this post/contest and Happy Holidays. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • HollyLynne

    Put me in!! HollyLynne Resident.

    The mesh bodies, I don’t personally own any full bodies. I would love to but the ones I want seem to be taken away before I get the chance to get them… haha. I am interested j trying out the maitreya body. Sounds like it would definitely be what I am looking for..

  • I’ve barely taken off my Physique since I got it, I love it so much. I tried demo’s for both Belleza and TMP, but didn’t find them all that appealing to be honest. I will try Maitreya when it comes out though, the butt looks promising and the alpha HUD more extensive than on Physique.

  • I have several mesh bodies and I try to make an effort to try them all. I have the TMP, Belleza, WowMeh, and SLink. I Also have mesh hands, feets, ears, mouth, boobs, asses, ect. I love mesh. I was asked several times today while at TMP which body I thought was better. And I’m with Strawberry on this. There is no “best” body. There are bodies that are better for this or that.

    I LOVE Wowmeh and wish she’d come come back and not bow down to the DMCA fraud. It is by far my favorite body for shape. It’s soft and curvy and lovely but I HATE the alpha system on her boy. Like HATE. I also don’t wear the feet or hands for the wowmeh, they’re not very pretty. Extra points because I can use Omega hud.

    I admire the Slink body but it isn’t soft enough for my liking so I rarely wear it. I do how ever wear the slink hands and feet with all my mesh bodies. No omega hud how ever so.. boo.

    Belleza, I love the shape and I love the simplicity of the hud but I don’t like their hands but they’re feet are okay. I HATE that they’ve not figured out to put an alpha controller in their clothing so that it will alpha with the parts of the body you alpha. THat bugs me and sends me running back for my WowMeh often enough. Omega hud! Which is nice.

    Lena, is gorgous and has many options but the boobs look off to me so I don’t tend to wear it. Omega Hud! yay

    Now. TMP. Is a LOVELY body. It’s come a long way since it’s original release. However. I don’t care how lovely it is. It’s not user friendly. At all. Most of my mesh doesn’t fit on it. The hud is laggy and clunky and I have to relog about 5 times before everything I change on it works correctly. I’ve compromised though. I wear the head and not the body. If the body were not a closed system so that I could use the Omega hud to change clothes.. I’d be all over the TMP with praise. But, they’re my least favorite out of all of the mesh bodies until they get their shit together and stop thinking that a closed system is best.

  • Briza Bruun

    Experience with mesh body …I havenยดt (shops or Belleza , for example ). but if I have a avatar mesh (body and head complete, skin no modicable ). and that if me taste really.

  • Congratulations Miss. Berry on all of your wins!! I was so excited to see the Avi Choices and voted for you on many of them! So thrilled for you, I always learn so much when reading your blogs. You’ve inspired me to be a better blogger!

    I also want to say I’m glad things were okay with whatever took you away from us. What a scary time of year for things to be happening!

    I was always very nervous about trying the mesh bodies. About the time I was ready to try one, WOWmeh was pulled. I debated still, then I met someone with the Mesh Body Project and really enjoyed watching her (naked is beautiful). So it inspired me to look into them a little bit more. A good friend of mine has the Belleza but I just couldn’t swallow the price tag on purchasing it. After speaking with my Mistress regarding her TMP body and the trouble she has in finding clothes I decided to go with the Slink Physique. So far I’m uber impressed with it. It does take some time when changing clothes on finding the right alphas to hide different things, but I love the smoothness of it and the hud is fairly easy to use which is bonus for me because I don’t do complicated very well at all.

    As far as the maitreya body depending on the price I am all for trying a demo and seeing how I like it. I know that a lot of work goes into the mesh bodies and it’s a good investment so I’ll have to look into it more once it’s released.

    Thank you for all your wonderful input and advice.


  • Raven Dallagio

    Hello Berry. Yes, I am an owner of a mesh body. I have tried them all. My challenge has always been the breast and the butts, and how easy it has been to get appliers for them.
    However I loved the whole body on the [Banned] Dea, now it did not get as much publicity as the other bodies, so finding vendors that have appliers for it has been a challenge, when I wear full mesh I do wear the system body and my SN Venus with my slink hands, just because the butt on the Dea is a bit large for my taste even at 0 but the legs are amazing. Kudos on the legs and the breasts, they are more like my SN Venus breast and Tangos, so converting to that particular body was not so much a challenge for me.
    I am really hearing positive vibes from bloggers on the Maitreya body and have plans on trying the demo and seeing how it looks on my body as a whole, I like my body a bit thicker and hope it works for that, and if it does, Kudos for me for I will be getting it. On another note, now have to retry the new version of Physique too.

  • Coffeeluve

    I have been quite disappointed in the past with mesh bodies, having shelled out thousands of lindens and been bitterly disappointed (can we talk about the neck on the Belleza body FFS). But I am quite keen to try this one, FINGERS CROSSED

  • I have several mesh bodies TMP is by far the most confusing, I never got the Belleza body as I couldn’t afford it at the time. I like the *KL* Lena Perky Body, although the appliers are limited for it, I do enjoy the shape of it very much. The shape of this body looks as though it will be a nice one as well and well as less confusing.

  • Evgennya Resident

    I love how mesh bodies looks, I have Lena Perky bodie and i love it I wish to have another one and Maitreyas looks curvy and amazing,Thank you for share this info and the posibilitie to win

  • I am a fan of mesh bodies but still like wearing the SL body- at times. I really enjoy how different the mesh bodies are and own Wowmeh, Slink Physique and Belleza Venus. I don’t have a favourite but don’t wear the Wowmeh one often due to it being pulled. I will definitely be buying the Maitreya one, and if they make an applier system I hope designers will get on board with releasing compatible skin and clothing appliers. Though I must admit I do feel sad for the designers in regard to how many variations they are now being asked to make. Time consuming for them, but I appreciate all of the options.

  • Jutana Sneerwell

    I will be the first to admit when mesh fitted bodies first came out I vowed to avoid them like the plague. The alpha huds looked clunky, and with mesh clothes some bits just didn’t work right…
    I started with Wowmeh. For the price, I couldn’t talk myself out of giving it a try. I enjoyed the ease of use, the clean lines, and the constant flow of updates. It was great. I was beyond satisfied with the low, low price I paid. Then wowmeh went away.
    I moved on to SLink. I’ve always been a huge fan of SLink’s work, I have hair, shoes, hands and feet from her out the ying-yang; and the body was gorgeous. The frequent updates make it well worth it. The personal hud is a great touch (I enjoy making my own tattoo layers for various rp sims). Once more, the price was just right.

    Belleza… While I’ve tried the demo, and when I heard the news I fought with myself for two hours whether to get it or not. I however, heard that maitreya was working on her own and decided to just wait. From the pictures I’ve seen thus far? I’m glad I did.

    Super excited to see this bod in action.

  • ahimsa

    I’ll give it a try, ahimsa Balut

    I have 3 mesh bodies. Wowmeh was my first, then Perky body from Lena, and recently the mesh project deluxe .

    My fav so far is Wowmeh, because it’s real easy to wear mesh clothes with it, and there’s a lot of appliers for it. Lena perky body, i didn’t like, as it comes with a transparent seam under the belly, and after i talked to the designer, she decided not to fix this issue, and refunded me the money. Oh well… as for the mesh project, it’s lovely, but there arent much appliers for it, as the designer as i was told, isnt interested in giving away developer kits for other designers be able to make appliers for nails, etc. So, overall, i felt a little let down with this mesh project body, and despite it is beautiful, it’s very confusing and time consuming to wear cloth with it. If i knew this, i wouldn’t have purchase it.

    Finally, i am very interested in Maitreya mesh body, been always her fan, the glam affair skins included made me go crazy here after i read your post, and i definitly want to own it for sure. the hud looks awsome, and im pretty sure it wont let me down in any way.

    Happy Holidays

  • Ivey Deschanel

    I’m so excited about the Maitreya body and have been since I heard they were doing one. I like just about every mesh body I’ve tried for different reasons (I own Slink Physique, Wowmeh, the Mesh Project and Belleza). Until my fave skin creator came out with Belleza Body Skin Appliers, I almost always wore Slink but I’ve gotten really comfy with Belleza over the past few weeks. The Slink knees are a little odd and the mapping on the shoulders is strange and I think the breasts and legs on the Belleza body are just prettier. I’m still committed to my Slink feet and hands though! I’m hopeful for the new Physique release. As you said, there is so much out there for it already. It’s REALLY hard for me to go back to my SL body now and I rarely do except to make system layer clothing LOL. Spoiled! Thanks so much for the contest Berry and glad to hear you’re doing ok! <3

  • Tattookiss Nacht

    I have both the Belleza Venus and the Slink Physique bodies. I prefer the Venus over the Physique, that Venus allows for a more curvy shape and the hands and feet rock. I don’t have any issues fitting mesh clothes and use omega appliers with it. I will try the Maitreya body out of curiosity but will most likely stick with the Venus.

  • I like the mesh bodies a lot. I only have physique right now, but I’ve heard good things about Belleza’s, so I’ll probably give it a try at some point. My biggest issue with Slink’s is the toosh. It just looks droopy.

    This one looks great though, and I’m excited to try it out for myself. I really like the shape of it, and all the alpha options! Hopefully with the added options, I can more easily use it more often than the one I have now. I definitely see myself getting this body.

  • Ohh, I’m game, Jalynne Ohmai

    I find the mesh bodies very interesting but I haven’t liked one overall well enough to buy it yet. Also, being an animator, errors in rigging problematic spots really stand out for me and once I see it I just can’t unsee it again. That joint between the pelvis and thigh is especially tricky and the current round of bodies all collapse oddly there when seated. I’m really looking forward to checking out the Maitreya one. Hope blooms eternal after all.

  • lucrezialust resident

    i have tried the slink and the flexe ones they look very nice but i find this one more anatomical correct and sexy for me will love to use it in my sl experiences cause for me realism is an important piece of a deeper virtual experience
    of course wishes to win the contest
    best regards from italy

  • I love the mesh bodies, think they look so much prettier than the system bodies! I snagged a Wowmeh before they were pulled off the market, and I adore it. I think it looks curvier and “fuller” than the SLink or other mesh bods I’ve seen, but I may have to try the Maitreya body out- it looks really good and the addition of Glam Affair skins and Zaara undies are both definitely good selling points for it.

  • JMB Balogh

    While I like the mesh bodies in theory and own the Mesh Project and the Slink I don’t wear them very much because it’s a total pain to be changing all the time with them. I do wear my slink hands and feet always but even those are a nuisance to change.

    I’m not really happy with the skin applier made for the Slink body by the only one of my skin makers who has made one.

    I only wear two skins and even so when I change to an outfit I find the hands and feet match the skin of the last outfit I was wearing and I’m busy searching around for the applier huds to match them again. As for nail appliers I have given up on them totally and wear a nice soft neutral tone that goes with everything.

    I’ve been sitting on the fence about buying the Belleza body but maybe the Maitreya one will convince me more. While I love Belleza skins on my alts they do not suit me and nor do Glam Affair. It sure was simpler being a woman avatar in the “good old days”.

  • Eeukie Cobalt

    I never take off my Physique body anymore. I have demos for the venus and the tmp bodies but to be honest I didn’t spend a whole lot of time with them yet.

    I am very excited to see that the Maitreya body seems to have a much more in dept control hud, which looks great and maybe I will be able to wear some of my favorite clothes that I just do not work with the Physique body.

  • I love mesh bodies. I find myself wearing the Belleza Venus body the most because i really love its curves and specially the breats. But to be honest since the Winter season has begun i’ve been using it a lot less because it is so much easier to wear all kinds of clothes without strugling with the alphas!! Anyway, i’m looking forward to try the Maitreya body! I’ve been drooling over every picture i’ve seen so far! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Mercy Stark

    Oi… list of bodies I have: TMP, Physique, Lena Perky, have Lola mirage, Banned booty, slink hands/feet. I’ve tried Belleza Venus and decided against it because of high hopes for maitreya and the fact the Venus hands can’t use appliers yet and slink hands do not line up as well as I liked camming from every angle (I did try tons of settings and didn’t want to be stuck covering it with bengals.The Banned body just didn’t wow me enough to justify another mesh body especially with the Maitreya body coming out. Do I plan on trying… hell ya. Can’t wait to try it out. If it’s omega compatible until designers catch up in making specifics that would be the strawberry on the…

  • Name: valorymarie resident

    Haven’t tried any of the Mesh bodies yet. Kinda scared. What if I find a mesh body I love and want and then they’re taken down.
    From a bloggers POV, I should probably have a mesh body, try one out, etc.

  • First congratulations on all your perm Avi Choice Awards, I do not own any of the bodies but have tried the body SLink, Beauty and TMP, I really like them all but because I have none yet
    1- Slink: the body does not comes complete with hands and feet included in one piece (for me as a blogger to constantly change clothes is a bit uncomfortable need to work a little faster to wear as many layers and parts)
    2- Belleza:if you include these I feel fantastic gives you many options and hud fits quite well, but the designers of skins with which usually work even without appliers for your body so still easier for me just use your hands Slink and feet.
    3- TMP for me is a little more complicated when both use to find appliers for.

    that would make me decide one would have to be a complete body that allows me to dress in one piece and was easy options to change hands or feet, that can adapt well to clothes and most of designers are working with, so test the Maitreya body to see how it works thanks for the info and as always for your beautiful and useful post

  • I normally where the Cute Azz by Luck. Inc, however, I do own a few mesh bodies such as The Mesh Project, and Wowmeh. I am considering purchasing the Slink body, and now, possibly the Maitreya body! I think it looks quite nice, and I would love to try it. Currently, I think my favorite mesh body is the Wowmeh for the curves.

    I think mesh parts in general are great! For the longest time, I just couldn’t stand SL’s default avi’s legs *cringe*, but i’m glad I don’t have to deal with them anymore!

  • Danni Okelly

    Hi and welecome home. I don’t really know much about the mesh bodies, I only use the SLink hands and feet and don’t always seem to match those well. I think you have prompted me to give the demo bodies a try, so that will be my next inworld adventure. Love your blog!
    Danni Okelly

  • Leave a comment in this post with your full Second Life name and your thoughts about mesh bodies. Have you tried them?Do you own one? Which do you prefer? Will you be trying the Maitreya Mesh Body?

    I love mesh bodies. They are way prettier than the default avi bodies. They are a pain in the ass sometimes but I think it’s worth it because you get an avatar with a very beautiful body. I’ve owned the Wowmeh mesh body and the Shops mesh body. I’ve tried Slink’s and Belleza but the Shops still remains my favorite. The only thing I dislike about the Shops mesh body is that it’s not Slink hand/feet compatible. I honestly didn’t plan on trying the Maitreya Mesh body because I’m so happy with the Shops mesh body but after seeing this review and how its sort of a collaboration with multiple designers in SL, I think its worth trying out. Plus the shape seems a lot similar to the Shops which I like.

  • Chelle Moore

    I’ve only tried the SLink mesh body, but I’ve already gone back to my system body because I found that many of my mesh clothes wouldn’t work well with the alphas on the hud. I really don’t like system clothes and I feel that appliers are really just system clothes. I love my SLink hands & feet, and wouldn’t give them up for the world, but the only thing I really think is a difference is that my system butt looks like someone shoved a two by four in the crack and it got stuck that way. The mesh bodies have a nice curvy butt ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks like the Maitreya hud might have some better options for the alphas, so I would like to try it and see. I just can’t see buying a whole new wardrobe when I really love my mesh clothes that I have.

  • Also, welcome back and I’m glad everything worked out okay for you!

  • Cayleen Linette

    I use the Slink body as often as I can but still find some outfits that just will not work with the limited alpha options. I tried the Belleza demo and found it sorely lacking. I’m anxious to see the Slink update and will demo the Maitreya if there is a chance that there will be appliers for WOW Skins. I do find that the back shoulder blades are a problem with thin straps and collar bones make fitting necklaces a nightmare. If anyone has solved the necklace problem I’d love to hear about it!

  • claudiajane resident

    I own the slink body but I haven’t tried the others. I think when this new body gets released I would try it out cause it looks like it offers more options on the hud.

  • I will demo the Maitreya Mesh body. I would really like to get a mesh body but I can’t decide which one I want. I have slink feet and hands, love them, and I have a good collection of mesh boobies. I find the mesh boobies to be a pain to wear some of my favorite outfits, or in particular, the longer style of dresses I prefer. I’m afraid the mesh body will be the same headache and will just end up sitting in inv. I know one day soon I will finally buy something, just really unsure which. I do find the body shop to be utterly confusing also.

  • Clara Hemmit

    I own the Slink and have tried other demos. I absolutely LOVE mesh bodies. I actually find dressing easier for me. I can save an applier outfit and wear mesh for an easy swap if I am doing something and need to quickly change. I also love the fitted mesh made for the body as it fits so amazing. I will be trying the demo for Maitreya. Just looking at your pictures, I very well might purchase it as well! It looks amazing and the butt (the only part im ehhh on with my slink) looks fabulous!

    GemB Resident

  • Hi Berry, you do a very complete post always , I love the mesh bodies, the roundness of the body I love it! I think everyone has special things, and TMP do not like much, but is the one with more options on the market in instaler as a way I like Belleza, those legs are beautiful! hand and foot and great, and yes, of course I will try the Maitreya too! kisses!

  • anandaheart resident

    I don’t own a mesh body, and I would love to own one. I do have Slink hands and feet (one pair of each) so preferable one that I can match these with. If the upcoming Maitreya body has an easy hud I try that one for sure, that would be a first for me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Seraph Destiny

    Currently I have a Physique, but I have tried on most of the others, including the Lena body. I absolutely adore the idea of mesh bodies, but as you touched on in your review – they make finding clothing and changing outfits so incredibly time consuming. Personally, I’ve found that no matter how many increments there are on the masks, the vast majority of mesh just does not fit quite right (even standard sizing and fitmesh). Additionally, I’m a big fan of the ability to layer multiple system items, along with mesh (ex. oversized mesh top, leggings, socks on system), and I find that (at least with the slink body), layers that take up the same area on the avatar overwrite each other. So, no more system leggings or stockings on the underwear layer, with a funky sock over the top.
    If there’s a way to do that I’ve missed, then please enlighten me.

    … all of that tangent out of my system, I love the look of the Maitreya body. The curves are soft, the line of the thigh/hip area is utterly sublime. It’s a gorgeous balance of soft and fit. Looking very forward to trying it out.

  • Kouralee Resident

    My favorite is the Slink Physique, I have not taken it off since I first bought it. I love the update to it and cannot wait to have it. As a long time fan of Maitreya I will definitely be DEMOing the body!

  • Avalon Chrome,

    I’ve only demo’d mesh bodies and haven’t found one that I liked enough to buy. I found the HUDs largely confusing and the bodies and faces didn’t inspire me to step over to the dark side of mesh bodies. But mostly my biggest concern about mesh bodies is rezzing. I wondered if it were wise to wear mesh anywhere that could be problematic for rezzing, such as busy sims or on the runway or in pageants.For those reasons, I’ve stayed away from mesh bodies in anticipation of the technology overcoming its initial growing pains. But I will keep an open mind and try the Maitreya demo when it becomes available. Thanks for the heads up Strawberry!

  • These days, I pretty much never take off my Slink Physique. It is just so much easier to edit photos that show a lot of skin if I don’t have to spend the time on fixing all the areas where the classic avatar breaks. I still really, really miss some of my older skins, though.

    I’ve tried several of the other mesh bodies, but the reason I’ve stuck with Physique is that it is closest to the default avatar and that is really what I was after in a mesh body: a better version of classic avatar.

    I will probably try Maitreya, though from the comparison I don’t think it will motivate me to switch even if the alpha hud looks very nice.

  • prinzezz88 dragoone

    I got the Slink, and TMP, and a few others, I still haven’t found one that suits me perfect, but there has been really close ones. I must say that Slink is my favorite as for now. But by the look of the curves of the new Maitreya body and the alpha I really hope I get a chance to win the gift card so I get a chance to get it and fall in love with it. hugs from prinzezz88 dragoone

  • HI Iam Owl Dragonash
    I own the Wowmeh, Slink and the free TMP Mesh bodies.
    I have tried the Eve , Belleza and Lena Demo’s.

    So far my Preference is the Wowmeh my avatar is curves and I like them also iam not small.. i don’t want to be small. I have always had issues with clothes and my shape even before mesh but ouch mesh is tough … who came up with standard sizing jeeze.

    I switch between my Wowmeh and my sl body though I wear the Wowmeh most I love the silky lines, smoothness, the way it accepts your chosen shape. I am still disappointed its gone.

    Iam looking forward to try Maitreya’s Mesh body .. your Photos look promising Berry and I hope .. fingers crossed i like it : )

    Thank you for your Blog I get so much cool, good and fun info here!

  • AubreySophia Resident

    I have both TMP and Slink. Waiting for Belleza to come back and super excited for Maitreya!

    TMP is definitely my favorite out of what I own. I love the body shape, and how you can get a more curvy loom from it whereas slink is more slim. Only downfall is I do not like the hands and feet with TMP.

    Belleza and Maitreya I’m excited for because it drives me crazy not being able to wear my Slink hands and feet with.

  • Hai Strawberry,

    well, 1st of all I am really glad that u write this article and I am also glad that u make compare with others. Personally, I like mesh body (only the body) but I am not a big fan of it. I found it very nice, but as u write also, sometimes u just found ur self back to old classic avi.. What i dont like with mesh body is wearing the clothes with specific alpha, which means give up and wear classy avatar for a next few days ๐Ÿ˜€ I have TMB and Belleza. at the begining I didnt even want them, now… i accept them as a must have thing in inventory! Which one is the best – depends of a taste.. and honestly I would like to see more difference on mesh avi’s, like curves, longer, shorter etc… since we arent the same and if we all have the same avatars, I wont look at the names above, to see with whom am I talking.. i think that is not an idea,but it, but its ok adnd nice to have it ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Have you tried them?Do you own one? Which do you prefer? Will you be trying the Maitreya Mesh Body?

  • missb whitfield

    I own both TMP & belleza I wear belleza more because of the slink options but both have pro n cons on the alpha HUD

  • I’m so glad everything worked out for the best Berry!!

    I’m a mesh body addict, hence why I write a mesh body specific blog (, and as a result of said addiction, I own Lena (Perky, Lush, Maternity), EVE Mesh Body, Slink Physique and Belleza Mesh Body!

    I can’t *wait* for the Maitreya Mesh Body – I hope they consider sending me a review copy for addition to my blog!

    My preference run down is:

    Belleza – Love the curves, butt and breasts (definitely the breasts). I love that it works with Omega, which for me is a huge selling point.

    Physique – I love the athletic feel of the physique, and as far as backward compatibility goes (shoes etc) obviously it’s the best/easiest choice IMHO.

    Eve – Eve is a gorgeous body, however the HUD doesn’t do it justice I don’t think. It needs to become a little more user friendly, but the body itself is stunning.

    Lena – I love that the Lush body is so naturally full figured (it doesn’t suffer from tiny waist/huge breasts and butt syndrome). The perky would be my personal choice here for modelling’s sake, and it’s a great, well priced body for beginners with a familiar applier system for Azz users.

    All in all, it’s about shape, preference and style. The ability to move the hands in the Belleza body make it all worthwhile for me, but for some that wouldn’t be enough to tolerate the ‘many skins now having appliers that cover the hands/feet’ issue that’s circulating at the moment.

    Sooooo excited to see how Maitreya compares!

    Daria <3

  • Mrs. Luminos (nllong)

    I am intrigued by MESH bodies but both the price and the amount of time they look to take has kept me at bay. The more I see pictures and blogs about them the more I want to try one. No liking change is most likely the only thing keeping me from taking the leap at this point.

  • I have tried demo’s on all the mesh bodies and still can’t decide. My time is so rushed these days I can’t afford the extra time to dress, but..I will be making a decision soon. The longer I wait, the better they get so procrastination pays off for once!! HA.
    Thanks for the information on the mesh bodies, and the comparison photo. Congratulations on the awards – if you ever need to sell them back for money I hope they bring more than the $1 the Oscar’s traditionally pay for theirs.

  • This is Camilla Mirabeau. I love the mesh bodies but scared of the high prices. I did get one from WOW and The Body Shops. Haven’t worn them much cause they do take forever to find clothes to fit them. The bodies do look awesome tho. I really don’t know why Second Life cant make a mesh body as its default? I did get the Belleza demo. It was nice. Have to wait and see how the market and prices go on these bodies. Bit spensive for this old avie ๐Ÿ™‚ Congrats again for being awesome!! Not sucking just that you really deserve it. Those trophies don’t lie!

  • ESSY Luv

    I have demo’d all of the mesh bodies on market so far, but have yet to purchase one. I like an athletic physique (which I agree comes closest currently in the Slink). I like the fact that Maitreya’s mesh body does not appear overly curvy or thick in the hips/thigh/butt areas. Also, I like the natural separation of the breasts. What a fabulous gift to give your readers, Strawberry!

  • Reese firanelli

    I haven’t tried any of the mesh bodies yet except for the demos. I am so reluctant to put down so much linden on something that I might hate. I love taking pictures in sl but I hate the quirky elbow and knee problems with the classic body.

  • Damatjo Magic

    First of all thanks for explaining all this about mesh body’s. It is a hot item nowadays and it makes me more and more curious. I still don’t have the guts to buy one. I hear positive and negative stories about them, I also see a lot of people with a totally different color in the neck. I have a lot of saved outfits and the idea of changing all because of the mesh body don’t make me really happy haha. But I think my curiosity will win it from my lazyness and one day I will buy one. It’s great you made that pic with 4 different mesh body’s next to eachother, so that it is easy to see the differences. I think this week I will start with taking some demo’s and lock myself at home and go try them :).

  • Galadriel Silverspar

    Always love you posts, thank you for doing it Berry.
    I only have TNP body. Love how it looks, but hardly use it because of the ugly neckline and because it’s hard to change outfits. So, I use it on special gowns and naked sometimes.

  • Danae88 Resident

    I have not tried any of the mesh bodies because they do not suit my personal style but I will definitely demo the Maitreya Body. Saving my linden to treat myself for a perfect body that sadly I do not have in real life ๐Ÿ˜›

    Merry Christmas

  • I really like the mesh bodies, personally, but I can see where they are frustrating to some people (the lack of options, the having to fiddle with shapes if the alpha zones don’t cut it, and so forth). I’ve tried on all of them so far, but I actually own the SLink body because I feel it’s the most realistic (at least to me). But I would absolutely be willing to try the Maitreya one, just in case. Why not, right? It looks -really- nice, at least in the photos you’ve shown, so I’m quite excited to see it in person!

  • chericolette

    YES, please enter me in your gift card raffle!

    I have been thinking about going to slink body on and off for a while and as I was reading your blog I thought. YES Cheri,
    go get the trail demo and just see what you really think. It can be your Christmas present to your self.

    To answer the questions~
    1) NO, I have not tried one. I have only ever seen one in second life (that I know of) and pictures on Flickr

    2) NO, I dont own one. Recently I got slink feet and I love how easy it is to wear heels. But I cant get the skin tones to match to my legs

    3) So NO, I dont know which I prefer

    4) YES will be trying the Maitreya demo, now, after reading your blog.

  • Joys Cuttita

    Hello, thank you for the informative post really very exhaustive. I agree with you as regards the bodies mesh, I also prefer the body to slink, especially because I have full inventory of accessories compatili with it and with his hands and feet.And because it is still easy to use. I took the free The shop, but honestly, how beautiful it is, I do not want to buy new things that are compatible only that, like shoes, for example. Shoes for slink are not compatible with their feet and I should buy them. The body Matreya is very attractive. Very reminiscent of my body in rl, so soft. I like very much.

  • BlaxksCherrie Constantine

    I own several of the mesh bodies, I wear the belleza and the shops one the most but am looking forward to trying out this new one.

  • The first and only body that I have right now is the Wowmeh, which I like because there are a lot of clothes and tattoos for it however the alpha could have been done a little better. The neck line on the skin is just awful and the tattoo layer for that I’m not a fan of.

    I have been planning to buy the Shops mesh body because of the HD and I am akin to their hud so it’s not biggy for me. I will also get the Belleza body for the same reason. I really love the way skins look on it and the curves are simply amazing.

    Being an avid Maitreya shopper I will definitely end up getting their mesh body when it comes out. I think that the skin looks great on it and the curves are really nice.

  • Aissia Demina

    Wow! such a detailed blog, that’s one thing I love bout reading your inputs. As for mesh bodies I have only tried the Slink mesh body, just can’t get use to it not that comfortable wearing it, although I have all the feet and the casual and elegant hands. Love em! I have been a big fan of Maitreya for over 7 years and am looking forward to demo on the mesh body, looking at the comparisons I think I’d prefer that one if I go all mesh. At this time I have no preferences cept for the slink adons. and thanks for doing a give away, fingers crossed and good luck to all.!

  • Loredana DeLuca

    Welcome back!

    I own the SLink mesh body and I do like it, but I don’t wear it most of the time just because it’s sometimes more of a hassle than it’s worth to get things to fit right and look good. I’m also not a huge fan of clothing appliers, I prefer mesh clothes. I wear the hands and feet religiously though! The Maitreya body looks beautiful, I like the soft(er) / more natural curves, especially the boob shape. I don’t own the TMP body, but looking at it now what I really like about it is the shoulder shape. They look so smooth and natural, vs. how bulky they can look on the regular avatar mesh.

  • Tbh, i don’t know if i would use a mesh body on a daily basis.
    I mean, they’re all great to see – and sometimes a life saver for a photographer like me. But there are still problem with all of them (and it’s obvs not their fault), like the difficulty to dress them properly with mesh clothing. I surely like to use mine (TheMeshProject beta one) for photography but i still prefer to use my normal avie.
    Btw, this Maitreya one seems really nice and well done, so i’ll look forward to see what they will do ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Leave a comment in this post with your full Second Life name and your thoughts about mesh bodies. Have you tried them?Do you own one? Which do you prefer? Will you be trying the Maitreya Mesh Body?

    I love mesh bodies. As a blogger it has been the best thing since sliced bread because it saves hours of post processing work fixing knees and elbows and things. I rarely have to even tweek them anymore. I own Slink Physique and I have been a huge proponent from the very beginning. I have literally not taken it off since I bought it. I LOVE it! I love clothing that is being made fitted to Physique the most and have blogged each store that I find that are doing this. I also love applier clothing, especially lingerie. I prefer the Slink Physique hands down to other bodies. I have demoed the shops, belleza, and Lena lush. I will be trying Maitreya for sure. I have demoed all the bodies that I know about as they come out. So far none of them have held a candle to Physique in my opinion, but I will definitly demo Maits body when it comes out.

  • Donna Arun
    Hi, I love mesh bodies, I have 3 of them – Slink, WOwmeh (which is not sold anymore) and a free version of The Shops body. I stick with the Slink body all the time, also their hands and feet and I have tones of nice clothes that I can use with the mesh body. I’ll be glad to try out Maitreya’s mesh body and see if I like it too. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I wrote my comment and then I went and read all the others. I just don’t understand the overall hard to dress the mesh body thing at all. I do occasionally and I mean very occasiionally change my shape, but I have not had to do it often. I purchased the Physique the first week it was released and I have yet to take it off. I have gotten everything to fit and to fit nicely. I do usually wear medium standard size instead of my small that my shape was made for on my Physique. Every blog post since I bought physique in June 2014, has been with my Physique on and I blog pretty much daily. I love not having to wear alphas. I think the few times the mesh does not fit perfectly is exactly the same as the incidence I used to face when I wore the classic avatar and used alpha layers. I MUCH prefer clicking parts on my HUD than wearing alpha layers. I actually think its much easier to wear my mesh body all the time AND dress my avatar than it was before my mesh body.

  • IvyWillow Oleander

    I have worn theโ€Luck Inc Cute azzโ€ and Lolaโ€™s since they hit second life and love them! I wanted to try a mesh body as most of my friends were wearing them and liked them. I bought the Belleza Mesh Body and when I first put it on I didnโ€™t care for it, it was difficult to get clothes to fit and look right (I donโ€™t like that โ€œ lookโ€ that all avatars look a lot alike tall and slim)maybe I was used to having a fuller figure.
    But now I see on the Maitreya mesh body more areas for the alpha, perhaps this would make a difference? I sure would like to try it. Maitreya was always my go to store for boots and clothes before my โ€œazz and lolaโ€™sโ€ Would love to shop there again!

  • Brielle Briand

    I have purchased several of the mesh bodies and like to wear them at times. I do not have a favorite. I have found pros and cons with each. To be honest, it takes so long to dress with the bodies that normally I just wear slink hands and feet and that is all.

    I am excited for the new body though because the alpha system looks extensive. All of the bits and pieces that you can control seem a lot easier and user friendly. A big plus for me personally is the Glam Affair skins as I wear them a lot. Maybe this body will finally be the one for me! Great post!

  • i love the concept of mesh bodies very much…i have tried a few of the demos…but so far i have not found one that is “me” enough…im very looking forward to trying the demo by Maitreya as i have many of there clothing and love the fits and shapes and curves they have in there designs…i also love that this has hands and feet that do not have to be matched up like the slinks…i can never get them perfect enough,so this will be a big plus in decision making…thank you for the awesome post and sneak peek…i will be watching for more about this mesh body

  • Caitlyn Lewinter

    Congratulations on the wins!! Thank you for this in depth review of the Maitreya Mesh Body. I have been looking forward to this one since they first announced it. So far I own the Slink Physique and TMP Mesh Bodies and have tried the demo of the Belleza Mesh Body. It looks like Maitreya has solved the Alpha Hud problems that the other mesh bodies were plagued with; though I will reserved judgement until I try a V-neck shirt/dress with it.

    I don’t often wear the mesh body as I get frustrated trying to adjust the alpha layers. Mostly I just wear my Slink hands and feet with the SL body. However, if the Alpha Hud is as good as it appears and Maitreya Mesh Body includes the same skin matching system that they have with some of their newer shoes, this could well change my mind!

  • Renee Serendipity

    I have the free TMP, the SLINK, and the Belleza body. I love TMP BUT the hud is horrible as well as the ankles so I gave up on it. The SLINK is nice but it’s not as sensual and curvy as the Belleza body so I gravitate to it. That being said the alpha hud isn’t friendly for alot of mesh clothes and you have to go back to appliers. I saw the alpha hud for the Maitreya and I instantly smiled especially around the breasts it looks like it’s going to give alot more options for clothes and the body looking amazing from the pictures. I can’t wait!

  • Morighan Densmith

    I am so excited to try the Maitreya body! It seems to have the natural curves I enjoy in the Mesh Project body with a great alpha hud!

    I own three mesh bodies and have tried the demos on many others. Many of the options seem to exagerate curves a bit too much for my taste. I prefer a fit and natural shape. I typically wear the SLink and Mesh Project bodies depending on the outfit and skin I’m wearing, though I did prefer the Wowmeh body when it was an option.

    The SLink body I wear most often due to the number of compatible products available and the simple hud, though the alpha hud options are quite lacking and make getting dressed incredibly difficult. I do tend to remove the body and go with the default SL body often due to the alpha options not working with my outfit.

    For occasions when much, or all, of the body will be shown, I prefer the Mesh Project body. To me, it’s shape is the most natural and the default skin is more detailed and attractive than the others.

    All in all, from what I’ve seen regarding the Maitreya body, it may be likely that they’ve successfully combined my two favorite mesh bodies and I am eagerly awaiting it’s release! YAY!!!

  • Blythe Grayman

    I have both the TMP and Belleza bodies. I’m like you in that I alternate between the two, and then give them up for awhile. Getting clothing to fit is the biggest frustration – and shoes!

  • Lia Mistwalker

    I dont have any mesh body. I couldn’t find the one i would like. Still looking i hope to find the one that can fit me right. I have try all demo. Each mesh body has different style of look and shape of the body. I cant wait to try maitreya body demo.

  • So happy to see that you are back and all is well.

    I own several mesh bodies. Honestly, I’ve not worn my standard SL body in ages. The jagged edges of the standard body glare at me now that I’ve gotten so use to the smooth curves of my mesh bodies. I own the WowMeh, Slink Physique, Belleza, and TMP bodies along with a couple of mesh butts.

    By far my favorite is the Slink body but I have been wearing my TMP body more lately than the others. I do enjoy the softer curvier bottom and thighs of TMP but that isn’t the main reason for my wearing TMP. The overriding factor in picking TMP over Physique lately is the fitmesh clothes made specifically for TMP. I love that I don’t have to conform to a standard size while wearing TMP mesh clothing. The biggest drawback is that I can’t wear my Slink hands and feet with it.

    I am very excited to see that Siddean is releasing a curvier updated body soon. I’m also very excited to see what the Maitreya body looks like. I have been a Maitreya fan for years and years. I know I will buy the Maitreya body and apply for a developer kit to make applier clothing for the body as well.

    In the end, what will tip the scales for me is which body has the best selection of fitmesh clothing options. I don’t want to have to push my beautiful fitmesh body into standard size mesh clothing.

  • To be honest, I was perfectly comfortable with my own original body and shape. That was before I tried out the mesh body demo. When I actually tried out SLINK’s mesh body, I was like YAYYYYY OMG MY TRIANGLE BUTT IS GONE!! After that I’ve been using it alot. I look forward towards the Matreya mesh body because WOW CURVES *-* Ahah. And true. TMP huds confuses me a lot too.

  • Angelic Kisses

    I’ve tried the TMP body and Lena. However, wearing both for a day, and researching the pros and cons,checking out the available appliers and items for each body, I ended up purchasing the Slink Physique. I love the curves and though the hud took some getting used to, but it was far less complicated than TMP’s body. I like being able to apply strips of alpha to only the places I need, thus avoiding those unbecoming gaps that i had to deal with when using the Classic body. I haven’t heard of the Maitreya before now, but I’m anxiously waiting to see if this new body has better features. Of course, I am also curious to see the updates that are on the way for the Slink Physique body.

  • Kaila Vaniva

    I’ve tried some mesh bodies already : TMP and Slink. I like how it looks in world ! But then I was a bit worried about wearing mesh clothes with it. I realised not everything was possible so I was feeling like I still have to wait for some reason… And so now I can’t wait to try this one from maitreya ! (since I didn’t have the time to grab Belleza body :o/) One other thing, I’m afraid there will be skins I won’t wear anymore, like all my skins that doesn’t have slink hands and feet appliers… I’ve kind of put them aside now. I wish I was feeling sure enough about a mesh body to finally buy it lol ^.^

  • Makenzie Lane

    I own all the mesh bodies except the MP one, I feel all of these bodies have alot of good aspects and advantages are slightly different for them all, it truly is a personal preference. I wear the Slink and the Belleza the most. It depends on the type of look that I am trying for. I am excited about the Maitreya mesh body and yes I know I will get one, I am an avid Glam Skin lover and without a doubt will love the preset hud! I also saw the hud and feel that it will allow more possibilities for the mesh lovers to be able to wear more designs. I will always wear the mesh body, without it I now feel totally pixelated and naked. I would highly recommend to anyone to try all the demo’s and take that leap and jump into a mesh body! I know you will love it! Might take a few attempts to learn the huds and find the best designers for you, but lets face it girlies, being beautiful can be time consuming for most but so well worth it with the end results!

  • Eliannah Zenovka

    I’ve not been brave enough to give the mesh bodies a whirl yet. This one may tempt me to get my toes wet!

  • KhloeBryson Resident

    I own a bit of mesh body parts and full bodies. I can’t say I have a favorite because I do like them all and use them for various styles I do. For example I use the Banned Butt for certain looks then I also incorporate the Slink Body with the Banned Butt to get a different look. It is all in the preferences of how one wants to look and just how much time and effort they want to put into their Avatar. You will always have pros and cons of everything so where one is better lets say with the hud and the other is better with the shape and so on and so on it is just to hard to pick out the best.
    As for the Maitreya Mesh Body I will be trying it too because I believe in always trying something first before saying I do not like it. I love the designers that bring us the best stuff in SL and greatly appreciate all of their efforts in making our SL a much better place to be.
    I look back from when I first started SL 9 years ago and am always in amazement on just how far we all have come from layered clothing to sculpty to flexi to mesh and now to appliers. Now we are in the era of have Mesh bodies and/or mesh parts of bodies to enhance our Avatar to be more real like so WHY NOT try it out? You never know, you just might fall in love with it and never want to take it off ( Like Me lol ).
    I will close this post with a huge thank you to ALL creators that bring us a better SL and may you all keep striving for the best. Have a great day and enjoy your SL to the fullest everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  • reeree kayor

    I would like to try this body out there are so many to choose from I would like to try this one out

  • Afrodittaa Resident

    Iโ€™m very excited to see what the Maitreya body looks like, i hope it will be curvy and sexy, cuz some of the mesh bodies on market are too skinny I want to look healty no like iam in my bones Lol … I am a big fan of Maitreya for a lon time and i know the mesh body will be awesome!! btw i dont have a mesh body yet cuz i am waiting for a curvy one and a hud a little more easy .

  • Venom Zanzibar

    I got the Slink Physique body recently and I love the way it looks, I only wish there were more alpha options since a good majority of my clothing won’t work with it. I would LOVE to see something like an applier for the alpha layers at some point, much like the clothing appliers but for alpha instead. I had no idea Maitreya was creating a body as well, I’d try the demo for it for sure. Maitreya does great work as far as I’ve seen. =)

  • Susie88 Resident

    I own the Belleza Mesh body. I love it except the alpha layer for the butt to mid section. It is too large. Pants that ride low too much of the butt area is taken away. Had some issues with slink and the line up with the mesh body. But I work around it.
    Other then that I love the mesh body. I wear it all the time. I can’t take it off.
    Looking forward to the new Maitreya mesh body.

  • Madeleine Munro

    I was a big fan of the Wowmeh Body, til i got the Belleza one. I really love it, even more as it comes with the Omega Script ready already. That makes dressing so much easier. But iยดm still here and there looking at the other bodies of course.
    I love what you did here and what a great way to show us, what and why you prefer the bodies.
    I still struggle with getting the Slink one, but maybe now, i will give both, the Slink and the Maitreya one a try.
    You keep up that great work on your blog. I simply love it.
    And belated congrats on the winnings (y)

  • I am very passionate about the products “Maitreya” and what I realized, the mesh body was perfect. I’m a blogger and I love news and love mesh body and always try to update my followers with news and will be happy to make the body mesh.

  • I would LOVE to have the Maitreya mesh body. I have the SLink Physique but rarely wear it, just because there aren’t enough spots on the hud that hide the body so it fits with all the mesh clothing I wear. I have tried the Maitreya demo and love that it has more options for that but unfortunately it is way out of my price range so I will not be buying it ๐Ÿ™
    I like the mesh bodies but honestly don’t see much difference when I wear my Slink or the classic SL body besides the curvyness of the boobs. If you are in clothing, it isn’t even noticeable when you wear the same skin applier as the classic body. I don’t wear mesh heads because I worked too hard on my look and like my face. I don’t want the same face shape as tons of other people so I will hold off on a mesh head until they make them where you can adjust the sliders to make it look like yourself. The Maitreya body looks amazing though and I will be looking for the Slink update!
    Thank you for the side by side comparison!

  • Dojiba Sabra

    I love the mesh bodies! I started with the WowMeh, then bought Slink and Belleza as soon as they were released. I’ll also be buying the Maitreya body as soon as it’s available (assuming I don’t win it ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  • I’ve honestly been kinda wary about trying any mesh bodies, but with more user friendly options and appliers it seems, I might just have to go and give it a shot ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I actually blogged about a few of the bodies myself a while back, right after I purchased the Venus body from Belleza. I went about the pros and cons of a lot. TheMeshProject, while I have the easiest time fitting things because of the hud, I get irritated with because you cannot use SLink hands/feet and there aren’t the same number of options for hand positions, plus guess what, you get to buy all new nail polish or run around with it being white. It’s a huge money scam. But I tend to like the shape of it and the Belleza best.

    As of right now, of the ones I own, I like Belleza the most, aside from the limited capabilities of the alpha hud, though it doesn’t have much out there since it’s just getting in gear. Then again they have that whole issue going on at the moment so people may not be too interested in making appliers for it till/if they get it worked out.

    From what I see of Maitreya, I think I am going to like it the best. It has the foot options, you can wear it with the SLink hands and what not, and the alpha hud is much more customizable than SLink and Belleza. I could definitely live with it being less than 5K but I suppose it has other things going for it, like being able to use the SLink hands. That is one of my biggest peeves about TheMeshProject.

    So, for now, Belleza is my favorite. I am definitely going to give Maitreya a whirl though because if it is as good as it seems like it’s going to be, it will likely come out on top and be worth the money because as of right now, I’m limited on when I can actually, ya know, /wear/ my bodies.

  • SallieSue

    I’m new to SL and have no ideal about what to wear or not. I did get me some slink shoes and couldnt wear them. I have paid for shapes,skins,hair,eyes and love love love to shop. So saying that I would love to receive a new body to try out.

  • Innocence Wiles

    LOVE love your blog and can’t wait to try the Maitreya Mesh body! I am glad you are back !

  • Etrange Braveheart

    One night I was saying to my friend M that I wanted to buy a mesh body but I couldn’t decide whether to buy it or just spend my money on clothing lol he said to me just go and buy it, from Slink, I have to say I have LOVED it from the get go and I love that the angles of it are so smooth.. makes for much better pictures. The downside is, as I have seen in previous comments, that the mesh clothes don’t always fit. I would love to try the Maitreya mesh body, to be honest I never tried the Belleza one because the skin appliers I feel are quite limited. Just love what Maitreya does and can’t wait to try a demo.

  • Juliette Moriarty (julliettte.resident)

    My first mesh body was the WowMeh, recommended by a friend. It was just too curvy for me, and the options for clothing were very limited. Coupled with the awkward HUD, I didn’t use it for long. Then I tried the SLink Physique. It was really nice, but again, not quite the body shape that I was looking for. Where WowMeh was too curvy, SLink Physique was too athletic.

    Finally, I found The Mesh Project body. It was still the free beta version, without the alpha hud, so my clothing choices were VERY limited. Still, I loved it and so I persevered! Being that LiveHelp was always swamped, I started turning to other TMP users with my questions. Because there were so many of us sharing tips, one of the other girls and I created a group so we could all hang out.

    While I am excited to try the Maitreya body, I really do love my TMP body and don’t see myself giving it up anytime soon. Sure, there may be a learning curve, but the aesthetic of TMP is perfect. Of course I would love a more detailed alpha hud (smaller pieces to choose from) and a better system for the StyleMode (there is talk of an online wardrobe interface), I can be patient.

    I’ll be grabbing a demo of the Maitreya as soon as it comes out. I neglected to do so with the Belleza body and I’m kicking myself for it. I’m in love with mesh bodies!!

    Now where are the male ones???

  • Hello, I had not seen this body still, I use the TMP, love it, however I have difficulties with the clothes, and his menu is complicated, I am Brazilian, my English is not good, but I could understand and realize that this body of Maitreya will be top. In Second Life call me Laininha Lane

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  • Kissaria Resident

    Hi Berry, I have more than one avi and have between my alts tried Slink, Belleza and TMP. I am afraid I dismissed TMP out of hand almost immediately because I found their hud and system very confusing and it was more trouble than it was worth in my opinion, especially if spending 5KL on it for the deluxe with all the bells and whistles.

    I purchased the Slink Physique on more than one avi and after some fiddling and testing with the shape, I found that I could achieve a shape that I was happy with- *although* I still dislike the fact that the wrists and ankles only fit the xs size of hands and feet. This is a big drawback for me as I do not desire to be as slender as the body seems to be made for and one of the things that helps is to increase muscle and fat, however doing that makes the hands and feet not fit. This is a dilemma and continues to be a pet peeve. I still think too it could use more alpha slices particularly in the cleavage, midriff and derriere areas but I have been able to make it work well for me.

    The Belleza body, in my opinion, is much much better in terms of shape, it is much curvier and much more comfortable for me to wear on that basis. I also like the skin matching with Belleza skins, however, I am still not satisfied with the alpha slices there either and really hate that front and back parts of the body are not independent. I also find that the fact the maps for feet and hands for the body are so difficult for designers to work with to be a drawback since the positionable hands is a plus that is not useful in many cases because appliers for hands and feet are just not available unless one wears slink. There is still also the issue of fitting hands and feet, however at this time, Belleza is my choice. I am anxiously awaiting Maitreya’s body since it seems to be the answer to my dilemma with the xception of the extra small feet and hands problem as I mentioned above.

    Thanks for your thoughts. As always I love your blog and wish you a happy holiday season.

  • Nannybunny GossipGirl

    First of all Happy Holidays to all of you and congratulations Berry on your awards! \o/
    About mesh bodies, I own Slink, WowMeh, Belleza and TMP. My favourite is Belleza right now, love the shape and I managed to accommodate it with several clothing, it really helps me a lot when taking pictures. I don’t like the TMP at all, the hud is pretty confusing and I don’t see to much nice clothes for it (besides that physiques you can wear with it, it is pretty disturbing). I like Physique too but I think it stills needs some fixes that I hope I can find with the new update specially with alphas and the neck joint. I’m a huge fan of Glam Affair and the news about getting a Maitreya body with Glam Affair skins made me really happy, since the first picture I saw on Maitreya’s body I knew I wanted it, it seems very nice done and something that excites me too is that Maytreya has really nice clothing and I’m sure there will be nice clothing for this body. I’m glad that it will work with Slink hands and feet as most of the shoes right now are for Slink. As far as I’ve seen I like the way the alphas were made, for me this is a con in every body in the market right now. So, I can’t wait for the body to be released and try it on.

  • I totally love mesh bodies. I own from WowMeh to Belleza, Lena, TMP and now just waiting to puy my slink mesh hands on Maitreya one \o/ And I agree when you say none is the best, but it depends on situation, skin appliers and clothes we want to wear. Mesh bodies came to help a lot with SL pics so we have to do just a mininum retouch on edges and stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I honestly have no clue what mesh body is what. All I know as being a male we are left out as usual when it comes to things like mesh bodies. Hoping that some creator will take on the task of making a male mesh body with all of these options the ladies have for the mesh bodies. It would be nice. Secondly, it seems to have become an big issue about DMCA’s getting filed if something like this comes out on the market. I think whoever is behind the filings needs to grow up. Calling them out here on it. Stop. Sorry that your product just lost sales for a month because a newer updated version has come out. Let things wind down and you’ll get your sales back. You don’t see Lay’s filing lawsuits in courts over Kruncher’s potato chips in Real Life when their sales fall cause a new chip gets released. What they do is research, modify what they have and come out with something newer than the other company. Stay up to date on your product and keep it updated all the time and you will not lose sales to new competitors. Anyways, I guess all that is left to say is when this new mesh body comes out, my flickr feed is going to be full of new pictures of it.

  • Isabelle Farleigh

    So far I have to say that theshops has been my favorite, but the thing is…there are so many different ones a normal person in SL is going to be overwhelmed! lol I know I am.That is why I do want to say thank you for helping us by taking a look at some of them. Also myself I am afraid to purchase anything because of all the stuff that keeps getting shut down.
    I myself honestly haven’t chosen one, it is too hard!
    The harder part is when you find your favorite skin designer isn’t supporting your habits with appliers so you can stick with them.
    Again, Thank you for the post and have a wonderful and healthy holiday!
    -Isabelle โ™ฅ

  • Welcome back Strawberry! And thank you very much about this post!
    I am just interested in Maitreya mesh body.
    I like breast and hip curve on Maitreya’s. It will be my best.
    Thank you for your preview post! :))
    – Ryo

  • Kerri Fegte

    Thanks Berry, it’s good to have you back and I’m glad everything worked out. As a photographer I’m of two minds about the mesh movement. Yes I love the improvements to the standard SL mesh (who wouldn’t) but I do see the problem with clothing. A friend of mine has half a dozen different mesh bodies and loves each of them for one reason or another, but spends most of her time in them naked. Until I find a skin to replace my LAQ skin with appliers, or LAQ jumps on the applier bandwagon I can’t see changing to a mesh body that’s mismatched. But then, people are making new stuff every day, aren’t they?

  • I enjoy mesh bodies very much and have demo just about all that are available or have been released! I currently only own one (wowmeh) because bodies are so expensive :<! But definitely worth it! I like the realistic attributes mesh bodies give to SL characters to help users like myself feel more into this virtual world. So much thanks to the creators and designers that work hard on these bodies to provide us with a smoother body.

  • I currently only own the Wowmeh body, but I do not plan on using it in the future. My next body I wanted to own was the Belleza body or the SLink Physique. I had no clue Maitreya was coming out with a new body. Based on your pictures and review I am very interested in it because of the curviness. I also have had the funds to get them but instead of buying bodies I had no clue about, I spent it on land stuff lol and opened it to the public. I am really interested in this body and will probably demo it and pick by then which body I will buy and wear proudly…hopefully Belleza comes back too! Happy Holidays Strawberry and I am glad you are well! Congrats on your Avi Awards!

  • Leesa Lash (kyliebooy)

    I have never worn a full mesh body to date although I do have slink hands and feet which are fantastically detailed as I’m sure a mesh body would be.
    Have a great Christmas and New Year I hope you get everything you want both in real life and Secondlife. Oh and Well done you with your Awards (Deserved)

  • Toss me in the randomizer too please… Finn Lawksley.

    I currently do not own any mesh bodies. I have tried the demos from Slink, Belleza & TMD – but was leery of actually buying one because of feedback from people that own them about the HUDs/alphas and the lack of appliers/clothes that fit. So far, I have liked the look of the Belleza body the best though I really like the look of this new Maitreya one. I will definitely be trying it out.

    Happy Holidays Berry ๐Ÿ™‚

  • CONGRATS BERRY!I hit my 5th Rez Day in September 2014, and have looked up to you as one of my mentors and one of the best bloggers around. I have only tried the demos for mesh bodies and so far am not impressed with their huds and instructions. I will get the demo for Maitreya to try it too. Right now I am going with the SL Avatar with Slink Hands & Feet only. I tried Lola Tango/Miracle and liked the shape but tried the Phat Azz and wasn’t impressed. I will judge after trying another demo. Great Job Hun! Hugs <3

  • As a creator I love mesh bodies. So many options, but some are more of a headache than others. I agree with you that the TMP HUDs could be more easily navigated, and they’ve been promising to be out of Beta “Soon” for over a month now.

    While I love mesh bodies though, I also sort of hate them. LOL It’s the clothing not working with most of them for whatever reason or another, or some requiring specially made clothing for them. Yeah, mesh bodies bring back the old standard clothing again, but there are a myriad of issues with that too, one of which being the alpha glitching (transparencies, not alpha HUD) Oftentimes I simply don’t wear a mesh body unles I am making an applier for it.

    That said, I can’t wait to get my hands on the Maitreya body and the appliers for it!

  • madamelovely

    I have been looking into getting a mesh body but was afraid I wouldn’t like it or not know how to use it or if it works with my mesh outfits and my slink feet and my phat azz. But reading this blog makes it sound simple to use and it looks good. I would wear this if I knew for sure it could work with my attaire and addons I have bcuz I don’t want to have to purchase news items or not use what I have already. This mesh body seems to be more people friendly for folks like me who are really into learning new buds and hhowbthey work then get fed up bcuz I can’t fix it.

  • Hi! I’ve tried the mesh body from SLink and I like it; I found it easy to use (alphas, etc.), and it’s quite attractive (being modifiable to suit my own preferences). I am looking forward to trying others, I’ve just not gotten around to it. This new mesh body from Maitreya will get me going, though. Lovely photos, Berry!
    I am happy to know that things are going well for you and your family. Welcome back – and Happy Holidays!

  • manv crystal

    Hi..I don’t really have a mesh body yet mainly because of its high cost and secondly because am quite happy with the normal sl avatar as I can wear what I want and wen I want without much time being consumed..I have tried the belleza demo but it kinda confuses me..but after reading ur post about maitreya I really wanna try it as it looks just beautiful.. If I win this I will surely get a hand at experiencing how a mesh body works!

    Thank you strawberry singh for this wonderful opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love mesh bodies they are the greatest creations on sl by far! It’s so pretty and requires less editing for photography.. I currently own WowMeh, Belleza, Slink and The Mesh Project (beta). In terms of alpha system I love Slink’s just because they have a really good break down of the body. I do however find myself wearing the Belleza more because the hands and feet are all in one hud.. Less fuss in terms of detaching and adding and applying nail polish and tattoos. I wish their alpha system was more broken down and gave u more options. I definitely can’t wait for the Maitreya’s body judging from your photos I’m really going to love their shape and alpha system! I hope the price is decent.

  • SerenaTsukino

    I don’t have a mesh body because I am no longer working in-world, and to be honest I don’t want to spend rl money in one of those lovelies but expensive luxuries. lol
    I have always loved Maitreya items because of its quality, so I would totally give it a try.

    <3 Tsuki.

  • Catherine Fredericks

    I appreciate the article, I don’t know much about mesh bodies and am still learning about them and this was a very helpful article. I will have to go check them out.

    I now have a bit of direction and understand the Mesh Project a bit more.

    Thank you.

  • Rebekka Orsini

    Thanks a lot for the informative post, full of helpful details.

    I was about to buy another mesh body, but reading your post, i will wait for sure the Matreya realease.

    In the past i got TMP and Slink Physhique. I should admit both looked awesome.

    In my opinion, what is also decisive to choose a mesh body is the compatibility with slink hands and feet, and with omega appliers.

    Having also worked as clothes maker in the past, i can say that right now it’s a jungle about appliers and compatibility.
    If you want to create skin or clothes or tattoo, so you need to app for an hundred of different appliers, and this takes lot of time.
    Being honest is the most annoying thing.

    Same, speaking as customer, when you choose a dress, so you need to check if it comes also with applier for your body. This is really annoying.

    Back to slink hands & feet compatibility, 99% of shoes creator now work on slink feet: it means wearing TMP body, you need to throw away 99 % of shoes you already have in your inventory. Which is a shame, because i really loved TMP body, it’s curved and soft as i love.

    I read in your post that Matreya body (which seems the best alpha hud i have seen till now) comes compatible with slink hands/feet XS: this is AWESOME! I truly wish that Matreya will think also to get OMEGA System compatibility.

    In my opinion, judging from your photos, the Matreya Body looks like the amazing one ! I can not wait to try it.

    Thanks a lot again for your amazing blog, as always. And wish you all happy holidays โ™ฅ

  • Fawkes Allen

    Second Life Name: Fawkes Allen

    As for mesh bodies, I have tried almost all of them via Demos, and none of them have managed to hook me yet. Besides the damning lack of male mesh bodies (Tellaq has nice ones, but a total lack of alphas besides a few token options kills it. As does the lack of appliers, or well anything you’d expect from one.) Only two of the bodies I’ve looked at were Mod. Which just irks me. There’s so much one can do with Mod that as a creator it drives me batty to see them locked down so hard.

    Either way, the Maitreya looks nice, here’s hoping its pros outweighh the cons.

  • VioletCrush Bravin

    I have the Belleza Venus Mesh Body and I loveeee it!!! I wasnt none too happy about spending the amount of Lindens I had to spend to get it about after I got it, it was worth it. I have slink hands and I think them are good however with the Belleza Venus mesh body you get a whole bunch of hand choices from casual, elegant to even a rude hand gesture! I’ve always been somewhat against them really, I guess it was the theory of change that maybe made me not like them because I felt as if they were trying to modify the body in super laggy ways that wouldnt be machine friendly but after seeing one of my friends who has several mesh bodies, she has shown me all of them but once I seen the Belleza one I was sold I HAD to have it lol so I bought Lindens something Ive not done in SL in 6 months or better and then purchased the Belleza Venus Mesh Body and fell in love with it! The Matreya body looks well crafted as well as the Belleza Venus Mesh Body, it would be interesting to see t hem realistically then decide which one would be the best. I must say that the Belleza Venus Mesh Body and the Matreya body HUDs seem similar but it does seem that the Matreya body has more functions which is wonderful, I love options. If I had the Matreya body I’d have to blog it solo then blog the Matreya body and the Belleza Venus Mesh BOdy side by side to see which one seems to look the best and which one offered more options that would give you more control over your new body. I am finding all these new mesh body parts to be interesting and I’m loving the exploring of new territories along my journey with Mesh Bodies and body parts.

  • Kazya Silversten

    I own both TMP and wowmeh on my two accounts. And i both love them, i have differents utilities for them.
    I also tried other mesh bodies, like belleza or Slink, but were not as satisfied.
    I will have for sure have a close look at the Maitreya’s body. the alpha system seems interesting, and i’m wearing glam affair a lot lol.

  • Sarali

    My full SL name is “thesarali resident”. I have tried many mesh bodies! My favourite is actually the Nauha, because of its compatibility with mesh clothing. And yes, I own the Nauha and the 2.0. I’ll certainly be trying the Maitreya! But I’m unlikely to buy it unless I happen to win this wonderful little contest.

  • Amazing post, as always.
    I’ve actually the TMP mesh body at the moment and I’m in love with it. Btw is only the free version so I’m just thinking about buying a deluxe one or not.
    I really love the Maitreya’s one, mostly the HUD system which seem pretty interesting. I will try it for sure.

  • Anyamel Resident

    I’m loving the mesh bodies. They are curvy and sexy. The avatars are in a sexy and seductive look. I think there is still much to evolve but the bodies Mesch are perfect for you to use with a bikini on the beach. I really love it. I’m excited about the new body Maitreya. I’m sure the quality will be as good as the clothes in the same store.

  • Camury

    I’m testing the body mesh the mesh project. It is really lovely, principamente curvy thighs. The avatar is feminine and perfect. A great look. I think many news yet to come. The avatars will be getting better.

  • Joymell

    I love the mesh bodies. The avatars are much better with them. I think there will still be more developments when the HUD. Really, it’s tiring adapt clothes for the body mesh, all the time. I think of testing the new body mesh Maitreya. I have not decided which one is the best.

  • Pryamel

    The mesh body is perfect, when you’re naked. There are still some reservations to use them with clothes. Everything is a matter of time to make it increasingly easy to use it. congratulations to all the shops that make this beautiful work for us.

  • I don’t have a mesh body, just the hands and feet from SLink, and a mesh head from Labyrinth that has no facial expressions…. just a cold steely stare.
    Someday they’ll make mesh bodies for boys. *sighs*

  • Coralmel

    I love trying new things in sl. The mesh bodies are part of these adventures. I have the body the mesh project, the body Slink, and the body Belleza. I love the thighs of the body The Mesh project, the elegance of Slink body and breasts of Belleza body. Everyone has their qualities. The definition of the best: this depends on the moment and what use you want to give them. I think that our contribution as consumers is to buy them and test them, leaving designers informed about our opinion so that everything can be improved evolved. If I’m going to test the body Maitreya? Oh, plus of course I will! I’m anxious for this. Still, I think the price a little salty for most of the SL residents. The lindens are expensive to be converted into the currency of my country. No however, is a price I’m willing to pay for good quality products.xoxoxoxo

  • I am seriously lazy in SL and I really need to buck up and give my AV a makeover. I don’t even have mesh hands or feet, let alone a mesh body. A Maitreya Mesh Body? Yes please!

  • Astralia Resident

    My opinion about mesh body is not really good. I mean they are nice, ofc, but let’s try to understand why they should be better than sl ones.

    Photography: probably very usefull for bloggers because of the pictures not much edited, for the photographers it is not this big improvment: i have to edit the mesh body anyway, so i don’t see a big difference.

    Modeling: bodies don’t load on lag places and runways, so they can’t be used.

    Normal people/activities: have you ever been in the last months in a disco? I did. And was a nightmare. Transparent, gray and not loaded people everywhere, with those meshes floating around cause they can’t rezz in the lag. So..idk, i prefer normal bodies at least after a while i load.

    Price: Last..the money effort. They cost really a lot, made exception for slink.

    Designers: They are really getting crazy. How can you ask to a person to release something with 7 up to 10 appliers? It’s crazy. Being a designer lately is much more difficult.

  • Milena Ribeiro

    The mesh bodies are just perfect! Unfortunately I only had one of the first that have been released and he bugava much. The new bodies are perfect and with a definition of leave the enchanted consumer. I want to win this gift and I want a mesh body of Maitreya =D

  • I have the Belleza body, but I can’t wear it because my favorite Belleza or (PF Harley) skins aren’t compatible with it. Specifically the Belleza Body Pale is NOT the same Pale as the Shyla/Betty is.

    So either I have to find a new skin maker that supports multiple bodies, find a new Belleza skin pack that suits me, or stick with the standard SL body.

  • I have yet to try any of the mesh bodies yet. I don’t know if it is because I am worried my clothes might not fit right, or if it is because of lack of customization… I hear more positive things about the mesh bodies, but I don’t know if break down yet and get one. I know one day I will, but I don’t think it will be anytime soon. I have yet to try a demo, but I think I will try Maitreya body. I am kind of excited it comes with Glam Affair skins already loaded. That is very helpful.

  • Iwillbe Magic

    I have not really tried any of the mesh bodies except that of belleza as a demo but really wanted to wait a bit longer for more updates. The TMP one in my opinion was too much complicated and so i gave up on it.
    Then the Dea Banned mesh body came out and i had to give it a try since it was a very reasonable price! And i totally love it! It fits perfectly with my Slink hand and feet and i could make my own appliers for skins i aleady owned! I could also make my own appliers for clothes i ve had for ages! About the alpha hud i think there s still a lot of work to be done but for the moment i m quiet happy with it!

  • Desire Darkrose

    I own the Belleza Venus and i really love it ,when i see it on other Ladies the other Mesh body’s i must say for me Belleza Venus Mesh its great . I love it and i like the shape of my Breasts and and the other parts.. i’m getting really nice comments about it .
    Only thing what confusme sometimes is to wear the clothes with the Omega hud as i see me dressed but it can be happen other’s see me half naked .
    Sometimes when i get tired too i change simply to my normal body ..It’s need a bit more time to use Mesh bodies without Problems .

  • Desire Darkrose

    What i forgot to say , as Meitreya is one of my Fav Designer i get excited when i read about it as you wrote it …will look forward to see them Mesh body aswell and would like to try it .

  • alexax Tebaldi

    Hi Berry!! Welcome back and congratulations on your awards! You well deserved them. I have been out of SL for almost 2 years, and when I came back a few months ago, everything was advanced with the mesh bodies and bodies part. Only your blog was what helped me throughout all the new changes and helped me to find out about new and trendiest designers, to the point that now I am fully back on SL, and spend all my time shopping!!
    Said that, I am really into mesh bodies, I have demoed the Belleza, the Slink Physique and TMP. In the end I purchased TMP because I really love its shape and curves. But as you and other already said they are not user friendly and both their Hud systems drives me crazy, so that often I go back to the regular avatar. I am looking forward to try Maitreya, hopefully they will have a better Alpha Hud, specially around the breast area, given all the mesh corsets that are so popular now it is a pity not been able to wear them with a mesh body because the breast alpha is not cut in the same way.

  • crypt0rchid Resident (NightShade Shamaya)

    I do have a couple mesh bodies and enjoy them. I have the slink physique, the mesh project, and the perfect body from I like each one for different reasons, but I wear the slink physique most often because it fits the hands and feet. I have tons of slink shoes for the feet, another reason why I wear it most often.
    I would have to agree about the fact that the mesh bodies make getting dressed more time consuming. It is another reason why I don’t wear them all the time, but they do look nicer than the classic SL body. Appliers tend to look a lot better than the system version as well.

  • I’ve demo’d every mesh bit and body that I’ve read about so far, and they all do have definite plusses and minuses. The only one I’ve purchased and I actually do wear it every single day, is wowmeh, but the KL Lena is a great alternative for someone who doesn’t already have the wowmeh (since it’s gone, at least for now!) I’ve always liked my av a little chunkier. I’m not small or meek in personality, and neither is my av, so being able to crank up the thickness and body fat sliders and still maintain a beautiful, natural body is important to me. Wowmeh, Lena and TMP do this the best, but after reading your article, I’m already pretty much sold on the Maitreya body! GA is one of my fav. skin shops and knowing that it comes prestocked to fit the tones I already use and love makes life so much easier! I’ve spent I can’t even figure how much on every single skin store’s appliers! Maitreya has long been one of those stores where back when I had time for a job I would save up a weeks worth of Ls to buy an outfit, and then I would rock it for years. Some of their creations from 2010 are STILL better than the new stuff people crap out! There are so many of us on the grid who aren’t afraid of our naturally curvy feminine forms, but when new technology like “standard” size mesh clothes comes out and we are forced into wide but flat assed shapes to fit them, it can get discouraging. The mesh bodies make it at least slightly easier and considerably more beautiful to rock my badonkadonk with a XS mesh top. AND being able to use my slink hands and feet and gloves and shoes is a HUGE selling point! I’m sure its exhausting for designers to have to constantly make more and more appliers to suit the needs of their devotees. Its just as time consuming and expensive for us, the consumers, to adapt as well… so any product that allows me to keep the value in things I’ve already purchased is going to be first on my list.

    I’m so glad you’re back and that everything worked out better than expected. Happiest of holidays and congratulations, Berry! xoxo

  • DarysLaine

    Hi Berry! Congrats on your awards and so well deserved for your awesome blog.
    I loved reading your info on mesh bodies and I am looking forward to trying out the Maitreya demo (or the real thing if I win!) when it comes out because it looks wonderful in your pictures. The HUD looks great for it and hopefully it will be easy to use. I also liked the sound of it coming with pre-loaded Glam Affair skins because I wear their skins anyway. I own mesh bodies by WowMeh and TMP. I love both the shapes for these and I’ve used them a lot but WowMeh never fit perfectly with my Slink hands. TMP body is beautiful but I found the hud and the store kind of complicated and I don’t have a big screen for my computer, so it pretty hard to navigate with huge HUDs sprawled all over everything. Of the mesh bodies I have tried, TMP is my fave so far. Thanks so much for this contest and prize you’ve organised and Merry Christmas!

  • Paige Muircastle

    A mesh body combined with the SL head is such an amazing idea! You get the lusciousness of mesh AND your face’s personality. No horsey-face for me^^.

    I’ve tried Belleza and Slink (TMP’s store is too confusing, so I gave up). I’ve been leaning towards the Slink even though I like the overall look of the Belleza but the Belleza’s breasts are too “ski-jumpy” if you know what I mean; Slink’s are slightly wider and more natural looking. But I’m looking forward to Maitreya’s. Thanks for all your hard work, Berry ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I can not imagine me without a mesh body. I am wowmeh, slink physique, The shops and Belleza Venus. He loved the wowmeh and believed to be irreplaceable to me because the alpha hud made me happy, my skin has applicator him (only use skin Glam Affair) and a lot of clothes, tattoo, all right, but I do not like the feet and hands even being able to use slink. The shape slink physique I do not really like, caught update but do not really use. My favorite so far is the Belleza Venus, though his Hud Alpha is very limited, I find them very beautiful legs and hands, like being a more slender body and sexy at the same time, quite realistic in the knees, navel, like a lot. The The shops also pleases me, I have also looks to him and Hud alpha so far is the best, do not like feet and and fretted with the bug in the textures when I need to use the stylemode to apply clothes and tattoos. Maitreya I’ll buy since I know that will come out because I like the feet and huds that comes with sandals, flip-flops, it seems to me beautiful, for your post noticed that Hud alpha is second to that of the Shops and Hud of nails and everything else wins the Belelza Venus, apart from the fact come with Glam Affairque applicators is my favorite even skin and not have to expect to have in the store as long as it took to have skin applicators for Belleza.
    Fingers crossed that bid soon. In love with this shape. The Maitreya creations are perfeittas and believe I can expect even more mesh body.

    OBs: Sorry English. I used Google Translator.

  • Blueray Darkes

    Blueray Darkes

    I have two mesh bodies one from TMP and one from Slink, so far I prefer the TMP body mostly for the shape itself and the breasts. Though the Slink body also looks pretty good I happen to wear it less.

    Only issues I have with the TMP body is lack of fantasy skins, and I miss wearing my Slink hands and feet. Also the neck joint from body to neck is pretty dodgy, there’s no fixing that unless you wear a mesh head but I don’t. I rather like my av’s face. I also find wearing mesh clothes again is a bonus, but due to the way the alpha hud is its impossible to wear some of the things. I have to inform my partner alot “I can’t wear that, the alphas won’t allow it.” He goes sad face on me.

    I would love to try out the Maitreya mesh body just for that alpha hud, maybe then I can start wearing low cut mesh tops again and even of those strapless dresses I got just hanging around in my inventory.

    Congratulations on your awards, keep up the excellent work. And welcome back <3

  • MzBadAzzT

    My name is Tawanna, I found out about your site off facebook.
    I never had a mesh body before, but after looking at your mesh body. I find myself intrigue with it. Your Mesh body is so detailed and has all the right curves.The fact that it look so real and beautifully made.I love it and I can’t wait for it to be release.You can tell when someone love what their doing so much that the quality exceeds all other mesh bodies.I like the fact that it is simple and easy to work with.Some of the Mesh bodies I’ve seen on the grid take hours to figure out, sometimes days. I’m still learning about site, But I must say your mesh body is the best I have seen since I been on here. It gets annoying when you have to add so many appliers.I want one mesh body that has everything.I have the slink hands and feet. It really doesn’t matter if I lose or win.I want the Maitreya Mesh Physique. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to see it in rare form.

  • isabella taur

    I like the.mesh.bodys and have try a few of them. But I haven’t been able to choose one yet. I am really looking forward to.the maitreya to.come out from.your picture.I can tell its curvy and love the curvy and boobs and the hud looks to be easy and I cant wait ti try the demo.I dont own one yet.its choose but the slink body I like and now with this update looks so pretty.

  • Akasha Sharpshire

    ^ SL Name ^

    Loved your post and of course, love your blog as well. I’ve been reading it for a few years now. Also, Congrats on winning the awards, you so deserve it!!

    I don’t really own a mesh body yet, well I have the TMP (Wearable) Demo one which was free. I have demoed most of them though and plan on doing the same for Maitreya (because I LOVE their things), I just am putting it off for a bit so I can fully decide which one I want to invest in. To be honest, I plan on buying a few actually, cause why not. lol But right now things are tight in RL and so I must wait a bit. I don’t like having to wait of course, it makes me nervous, because I, like a dummy, waited to get the wowmeh body and now…sadly I can not. Oh well, hopefully this time turns out better.

    Thank you for offering a giveaway, it’s very kind of you and pretty awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sharna Beaumont

    Strawberry thanks for the awesome blogs and how detailed there all are, also congrats on the avi awards.
    Iv got the shops mesh body and i like it but i dont seem to wear it often, my avi is fun sized and as curves..I did demo the bellezza body venus and i really liked that one, but i dont think i would be wearing it on a day to day basis…
    Im deffo goin to give the Maitreya mesh body a demo and see how i feel about this one, its extremely hard to choose which one i like the best..
    So hopefully il be able to decide soon enough and would love to be wearing one on a day to day basis. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mrs. Mimi Wolf aka iilalaii

    I have the SLink physique, feet and hands. I currently only use the feet and hands. The way the SLink is “chopped – up” in the HUD doesn’t work with most of my clothing, so I have gone back to the SL body with the Lolas Tango Breasts. This is a great article. I would love to try out this mesh body. I also love that you list all the elements you use in your photos. Congrats on your wins. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • daquari Stawberry

    I don’t have a mesh body yet, ( I have same body/skin I’ve had for almost 4 years… def time for a change) but have been interested in a nice change I love your blog because it gives me a lot of good insite on what is actually out there and what is top notch Thanks So much Merry Christmas Strawberry!

  • Talisha Tiratzo

    I currently own the Slink Physique body. I tried to demo the TMP body, but I’ll confess, even the shopping process to get the body had me so confused I bailed on the idea.
    I use Slink hands and feet religiously, so I won’t use a body that isn’t compatible with them anyway. I don’t use my mesh body often, except for picture taking. Mostly because of the inability to layer tattoos/body marks. Also, I wish the hud were a little more detailed and had the ability to mask only one side.
    The Maitreya body looks gorgeous and the moment you said it has glam affair skin tones preloaded AND it works with the Slink xs hands a feet…well, I MUST try it! I am intrigued by the hud, it like it might have more ability than the current Slink hud. By the way Berry…welcome home and thank you for always giving us such amazing photos and informative posts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • River

    Congrats on your awards! I have tried The Shops mesh body, it is lovely with it’s smooth lines but there is the issue of clothing and cost. Also, I love my avatar, it is my own shape and she is unique – I cannot get that with the mesh body.
    For now, I will stay with the classic avatar.
    Put my name in the hat ๐Ÿ™‚ Riversong12 Resident

  • HI! Glad to see you back and that things seems ok.
    About mesh bodies. I have TMP one, and I do have to agree that the system is not simple. I really like the curves it has. And seeing the comparison that you made, I see the Maitreya’s one has a similar shape in a way. Itยดs different so to be honest iยดll for sure try it out and see how it feels. I do have to agree with some comments on the fact that taking pic, depending on the clothes and position with a mesh body makes things wayy easier. So I can’t wait for Maitreya’s to be out.

    My Sl name is : Simplicity1 Resident

    Happy holidays!


  • Bliss Zufreur

    i’ve demo-ed a couple of mesh bodies, but so far haven’t found one i like…my partner and i go to a lot of live music venues, and the lag tends to make all the mesh disappear, which is kinda disconcerting lol
    anyway, would love the chance to try this one
    congrats on your awards ๐Ÿ™‚

  • nightmarehack resident aka Neiryn Darkbrook

    Ilove mesh bodies, period. They are my new addiction. Yes, they are a bit more time consuming but the results are fantastic. I Personally own TMP, Physique, and Venus by Belleza. TMP was my first, I got the freebie, but when the other pay for bodies came out, I bought the most expensive one. Like you, my biggest complaint was the HUD applier, such a headache and hassle, and all the components cover up most my screen. Also, the heavy ankles were a pain. I did figure out that by increasing foot size one could get rid of the notorious *crankles*. The best features of this mesh body are the sensuous curve of the breasts, and the heart shaped bottom.
    As you said, Physique rocks in the more athletic build, and the clothing options are phenomenal for this mesh body. It is tried and true. I have never had a bad applier for her at all. This body is the most versatile, shoes, nails, clothing, a snap to do, and the lines are crisp and easy.
    Now, I will say, my favorite body of all is the Venus by Belleza. If one owns the Omega applier there are many more options available for this newer body available. Yes, it has been temporarily removed from purchasing, but it will be back. I consider my Belleza my everyday body. It works the best for where i play in second life. Most mesh and prim clothing works well for her, and some of the new shoes coming out for this one are ultra sexy, or dainty, whichever you prefer. I find this body has the most user friends alpha huds of them all.
    And do I plan to purchase the new Maitreya Body? Absolutely. From what I see she is sure to be another favorite. I am liking the looks of the alpha HUD you have posted alot, so I am indeed looking forward to trying this beauty as well.

  • Gillian Waldman

    I own both the Slink and Venus mesh bodies. Both have their benefits (Slink as a standard product that works with the feet and hands with the most products already available and Venus for included feet and hands with less fiddling – plus it’s beautifully done.) Having just returned to SL after many, many years away, I find the advances in mesh avatar enhancements to be remarkable.

    I love the way they make the avatar body smooth…however, the issues with how the neck connects to the SL head make it so I can’t wear them day to day. It’s just too annoying to try to mask the color differences and any of the provided tattoos, tintable links, etc. just don’t work well enough IMO.

    I hope Maitreya’s has a good solution for this and I can’t wait to try it! Plus hearing that it comes with my preferred skin tones already standard from Glam Affair makes this something that I will probably own quite quickly.

    – Gillian Waldman

  • Alaska Metropolitan

    More mesh bodies on the market! How will my L$ balance cope?!

    I own Physique, TMP, Belleza, Eve, and the BANNED booty + Lolas Deliq. Initially I bought things to test for the purposes of making clothes, but then I found I was wearing my bodies more and more… the Classic av is just so polygonal compared to them! I really like seeing my texture-based clothes appear as they’re supposed to… no weird distortion like on the Classic av.

    I tend to wear Venus and Physique the most, especially since Belleza fixed the neck issue. I was pretty surprised by the quality of the Eve slim body – it’s really good and a fraction of the price of the others.

    For getting the Maitreya body, the make or break for me will be Omega system support… ‘cos I ain’t buying or making all new appliers, LOL. Everything Maitreya is high quality so I’m sure it’ll be a great body!

  • Josephine Carissa

    Hi Strawberry,
    So far i have not tried any of the mesh body parts….it took me so long to get the look i wanted over all these years : )i should perhaps experiment with some of the new options this that you have showed us….i will say that so far the mesh product i do like is mesh panel skirts mixed with the system.
    Glad to see you back and to hear things are going better in your world.
    Kindest Regards,

  • Mariah Urriah

    I love, love, love mesh bodies so far. I can’t stand the way the default body is so jagged and I usually am wearing a mesh body everyday. Currently I own Wowmeh, Belleza, and Slink bodies. My fav hands down is Wowmeh but I wear Physique on a daily basis because its the easiest to fit into mesh clothes. I like the look of Belleza but the skins I currently wear does not have appliers yet. I’m more than sure I will pick up the Maitreya body, I’m a curvy shortstack and I look for anything that will keep me that way, plus that hud looks like the alphas are small enough so it can be more diverse in wearing with clothes.

  • Jennifer Boyle

    I don’t have a mesh body. I know that I will want one at some point, but my feeling has been that they were not far enough along for me to make the jump. I don’t know very much about them. I want my appearance to be consistent from day to day and month to month, and I do not want it to change noticeably from year to year—it represents who I am in SL. I have been concerned that, if I changed to a mesh body, I would not look like the same person and that most of my clothing would become useless. Having learned more here today than I ever knew before, I may think about getting one.

  • Shae Sixpence

    I have tried all of the bodies on the market currently. I only purchased the Belleza body though. Unfortunately I am not as good at shaping my avatar as you are Berry so I cannot grab a skin from anywhere and still look like “me” which puts me into a very sticky situation. If I want to wear a mesh body and have the skins match properly I only have the option of the Venus because Belleza does not make appliers for any other body. I do absolutely love the Venus body however, and of those on the market currently (and thankfully) it is the one I feel the most comfortable in. I have full plans to demo the Maitreya body however I will most likely not be able to purchase it as I will never be able to get appliers for it in a skin that feels like “home” to me.

    Thanks for the review and the heads up with all of the information! Can always count on you for the 411!

  • I just wanted to let you guys know that something has come up in real life so I will be announcing the winner on Sunday, December 21st at 9am SLT now. Sorry about the date change but now you get an extra day to participate if you haven’t done so already! Thank you all so much for all the informative and encouraging comments! <3

  • Diana Renoir

    SL Name: Diana Renoir

    I have tried all of the mesh bodies, and found that only Wowmeh seemed to work for someone like me who prefers to be shorter than the SL “average”. I will definitely buy the Maitreya body because Onyx seems to be driven by detail. The fact that it comes with Glam Affair tones built in seals the deal, even if I have to resign to being taller, if need be.

  • Missvampire.nirvana Nirvana

    I tried a few mesh bodies, tmp, slink, belleza, i own the belleza body, as i like it a lot , but i dont have a favorit. I am really exciting about the maitreya body, anders Def gonna try it, as i see the hud it looks great, and better to work with fitting your clothes on. So Def yes gonna try it asap its available.

  • Missvampire Nirvana

    I love the mesh bodies , tried a few slink, belleza tmp, belleza is me fav, Coz the hud is easy to work with . Clothes dan be fitted pretty good, love the shape andcurves.
    Im def gonna try the maitreya body, been waititng for it, as it looks great and the hud looks even better as the belleza one. So i cant wait to try it oud. And i am a maitreya addict.

  • Morbid Neximus

    I seriously think mesh bodies are the best SL creation ever. Every mesh body has a feature that makes each one very unique, whether it is awesome legs, curvy thighs, a phenomenal derriรจre or spectacular looking breasts. The smoothness of the mesh bodies and the diversity of shapes you can achieve with each is what makes mesh bodies so great for me. I have tried them and my favorite body at this point is The Shops mesh body. I just love how curvy it is. However, it doesn’t support Slink mesh hands and feet, this being the major reason why I don’t wear it. I also love the breasts on the Belleza mesh body. These days I wear the Slink Physique. I love how natural it looks and of course, it is specifically made to work with their hands and feet! I don’t have to give up my 1 million Linden shoe collection so that does it for me, haha! I’m really looking forward to trying this new Maitreya body. I love everything about it so far!

  • Smarjia Aldrin

    Secondlife Name: Smarjia Aldrin

    Hello StrawberrySingh,
    I do not own a mesh body, but I have tried a few mesh body demos. I think they are great. Personally I don’t have a particular favorite brand. I have been trying hard to save up for a mesh body, but need a bit L$. I would really like to own a mesh body because I have to constantly edit my shape just to wear mesh clothes, and it is start to drive me nuts. I’m definitely going to try the Maitreya Mesh Body Demo.


    P.S. Always enjoy reading your blogs. Keep up the good work!

  • ZenCho Balhaus

    I have the Belleza mesh body..I triend demos of the others..I liked the Belleza best even tho it was quite expensive i think mesh bodies have their pros and cons..I switch between classic Sl avie and the mesh body..the Maitreya body looks fab would love to own it

  • Eria Ziemia

    I have the Belleza Venus body and I love how it looks. But I have same problem with all the mesh bodies, that I get tired of trying to find clothes that works with the alpha options. I would like to try out the Maitreya body too. Judging from the picture, it looks like there are more options to click away parts, to fit different shoulder and neck cuts.

  • Kantbe Thursday here. I really like the look of mesh bodies and body parts and have looked at several. Most recently, I’ve been looking at the EVE mesh bodies (which are on sale right now). I own the Boinka Boobs, but haven’t purchased any other mesh body parts yet.

    One of my issues is the L$. Most of my L$ are used for paying the tier for my home. I don’t spend any RL$ in SL, so that puts quite a constraint on my available funds. With mesh, if one has a significant inventory of pre-mesh clothing, it can be quite an expenditure to replace clothing with those that are mesh compatible. It’s bad enough when using a partial body mesh, but when you’re talking about an entire body and feet, that’s pretty daunting.

    Still, after wearing a demo mesh body for a while and switching back to my regular one, the finer lines of mesh are sure evident.

    Love all of these comments to Berry’s post!

  • I really love this post. Mesh bodies are so exciting but a whole new game for most of us, and it’s good to see your thoughts on all of it. I find TMP to be really confusing, too! I usually wear SLink for the same reasons as you: I know people will create for it. No sense getting a body that can’t be clothed. But I have been eager to see the Maitreya one because I am a long time fan of their store and think everything I have from there is impeccable. Cannot wait to try it, and her alpha HUD seems really great! Custom alphas are so tough with mesh bodies.

    One thing I wonder: Are all of you that wear a mesh body regularly re-dressing it every time you change? Or do you save a copy of it in your outfits? I’m still trying to get a handle on my inventory with it… because you really do almost need a lady-in-waiting lately to get ready.

  • piper rewell

    I have the slink body but I hardly ever wear it, the alphas just don’t match what I wear most days. Plus I like to be a little curvier, it seems, than most avis, and I don’t like the idea of having the same body as everyone else!

    That being said, I have always loved Maitreya and everything they make, so I’d be willing to give a mesh body another try. Especially if it is in fact more curvy.

  • Katerina Kirax

    I was pleased to see this post as I was unaware Maitreya was coming out with a mesh body. I will definitely demo it! I own the slink physique primarily because league already had my skin as an applier and I have the hands and feet as well as an impressive collection of slink shoes. I demoed the belleza body and TMP but purchased slink for the reasons above. TMP seems to me to be the curviest. But I prefer a slimmer perkier look usually and rarely even wear my lolas. I do not yet own a mesh head. They are expensive and so far there is no way to try on my current league skin with one to see if i will still look like ME but better. Changing outfits with appliers is a pain. Even tho my 175K inventory overfloweth, I am considering saving copies of the body with various appliers and alphas already checked, like I did with the lolas, to enable quick, and modest outfit changes in public. It would be nice if the body huds had save slots for your favorite combinations.

  • Daphne Seidler

    I have all the mesh bodies, and most of the butts and boobs. I think I buy them because I really am looking for something that is “perfect” each one has it’s plus sides and the negatives. Right now I am rocking Belleza, because I like that it works with Slink. I Prefer the TMP body because of the curves. However, I think wowmeh had the best options for alpha huds. I am going to demo this one for sure I love that it’s preloaded with glam affair because I won’t have to buy a new applier

  • Mikaela Carpaccio

    Mikaela Carpaccio

    First of all ty for this article. I’ve been debating as to which body I should get for a while now. Is a big investment so I want to make sure I get the one that really suits me but after reading this article I’ll wait till the Maitreya body comes out to try it. Based on your photos (the boobs and overall curves of Maitreya, seems more natural to me) and what you’ve said about their options, is the one I’m inclined to get. My only concern would be if there will be appliers from other skin brands other than Glam Affair. Guess I’ll have to wait and see. Really looking forward to it ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Why not! RhiannonCadrailCailin.GossipGirl

    I prefer Wowmeh, still to this day. I’m not sure why, maybe because I’m used to it or because i find it to be much curvier and plump compared to the others. I think also because instead of popping out a body & charging 5k, she started at a low promo price & it was easier to obtain. Going to college means I’ve got college to pay for. And when the body is 5k, it’s extremely difficult to justify paying that amount for ONE item. Especially when on top of that you’ve got to purchase a skin with an applier, clothes, etc. I’ve talked myself out of purchasing another body because i can buy a lot of clothes and hair for 5k.
    I will be demoing the Maitreya body, but highly unsure about purchasing due to price.

    If it blows my mind in shape, then I’ll have to figure something out to get it!
    Thanks for the comparison though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • synsera Myanamotu

    I love the mesh bodies!
    I currently use TMP.
    I will be trying the new Maitreya mesh body once it is released.
    I love the look of the mesh body compared to the standard SL body, the only frustrating thing I have found is not all of my mesh clothes fit right with the alphas from the mesh body I use.

  • Kayla Bombastic

    Yes, please! Kayla Bombastic

    What an awesome gift you are giving, very generous. I think TMP may have turned me off of the mesh bodies. As you mentioned, their HUD is so confusing. I remember trying to get their free body to try it when it first came out, talk about confusing, that was nuts. I’m kicking myself for not getting Wowmeh when it was available. I see ladies with it and think they look great. I’ve tried a few other ones, but none that I’m thrilled enough with to use all the time.

    I do look forward to trying the Maitreya body because of your photos and comments. Keep up your wonderful blogging.


  • Branwen Firanelli

    At the moment I only have the TMP mesh body and up until now, it has been the only one I find visually appealing. However, it is a pain in the ass to work with. Now that I’ve read your review I am looking forward to picking up the Maitreya body. I like how it is very similar to the body from TMP but it looks much more user friendly to use. That it comes with skin tones from Glam Affair is a huge bonus for me.

  • Orchid Arado

    I’ve looked at most of the bodies out there. I’m loving the Lena bodies. For the price, they are totally worth it. As soon as the alphas are revised, I’ll get the thinner version. I just bought the Belleza body and like the versatility. I’m able to use the alpha to wear pretty much all my mesh and making appliers is not that hard. Even for lazy people, like myself. I’m looking forward to trying the Maitreya. Looks lovely on pic and the alpha options seem as varied, if not more so than the Belleza. I tried Slink’s Physique and was a bit disappointed. Lastly, TMP is way too complicated for me. I like the user friendliness of the other bodies that are out there and the outrageous expense is not worth the hassle, in my opinion.

  • Telaria Magpie

    I’ve tried at least demos of pretty much all the bodies, and own well, three. Okay, four if you count the freebie TMP one.

    Out of those?

    TMP: I honestly never use it because you don’t get an alpha HUD with the freebie and the store/HUD system annoys me too much to bother getting the full one… I can’t even see what the alpha options are without paying. ๐Ÿ™

    SLink Physique: The first one I bought, and possibly the one I wear most due to that. Since I already had SLink hands and feet, that was convenient, but it’s frustrating that sometimes I have to buy 3 sets of appliers from a skin maker to get this to look good. The alpha options are… better now, but still not great; the ‘straps’ and way the back are set up are particular points of frustration for me. Still, it’s widely supported and you can easily find fitmesh and shoes made for their parts. I feel like it’s the most ‘true’ to the default SL body in terms of shape, just better.

    Belleza Venus: I love that the HUD saves appliers, I dislike that the HUD has no minimize button, or if it does, it’s really not obvious. I really like the fine degree of control for alpha slicing on the arms and legs, and feel that while still not perfect, the back is better than SLink. Boobs are still lacking on fine control though, I’d like an option other than ‘nips’ or ‘all gone’. Very nice curves to the body though, particularly the chest, and fairly easy to find appliers and shoes for the body. I usually use the included all-in-one hands/shoes and quite like having the opportunity to customize them so easily!

    [Banned] Lena body: This is my most recent acquisition. It (unsurprisingly) has a really lovely curve to the bum, and fits wonderfully with SLink hands/feet. If you already have those and appliers, and prefer a curvier figure, I’d call it a valid contender for Physique. The HUD is… not as pretty, but there’s a pretty promisingly fine degree of control and you can control left/right sides independently! My only real alpha issues on this one are a bit with the breasts (although still better than most other bodies) and that with such a curvy rear, I find it very hard to wear mesh pants with the given alphas as they’re either too high or curved so part of the butt pokes through. Still, overall, for the price, I’m really pleased with this one.

    So, yeah, I like the three I use semi-regularly, personally, and I wear a mesh body more often than not. I’ll probably pick up the Maitreya one too in time! The alpha options look promising.

  • Hearts Baroque

    I like the mesh bodies but I haven’t purchased one yet. I have tried several demos but I’ve held off on buying one because I’ve never been thrilled with the boobs and didn’t like the idea of being limited in what I could wear. I love the photos of the Maitreya body and from your comments it sounds like the alpha HUD would allow more clothing options. I am excited to try it!

  • Manda Corpur

    I haven’t personally been able to try the mesh bodies myself but I love the way they look. Once I save up enough lindens I want to buy one and try it.

  • Rachel Fanbridge

    My SL full name: Rachel Fanbridge.

    I own only one mesh body, Slink, I personally really like it, it’s pretty and its curves are amazing, besides I had some troubles with its neck, it fits perfectly with almost every mesh clothes you wear! I’m crazy to buy Belleza mesh body and can compare both of them! I’m also sure, this Maitreya mesh body is going to be gorgeous and I’m crazy to have one! I hope we can use it without any neck troubles and I hope that it can fits nice with any kind of clothes and also mesh heads!
    Cheers from Brazil!

    Awesome blog and amazing giveaway! Congratulations! :*

  • Ana Whybrow

    I have the Belleza Venus mesh body and I love it, love the hud and all the hand options. I can’t wait to try the Maitreya mesh boby looks amazing !!!!!

  • Arialle Dufaux

    I have all the *demo’s* of mesh bodies so far (except the Maitreya!) and haven’t yet purchased a mesh body for two reasons: 1. The skin I wear is by a small ’boutique’ creator and she hasn’t yet done appliers for anything other than Slink hands/feet, and 2. I like elements of one brand of mesh body and not others. For example, I like the boobs of one but not the butt or I like the curves of one but not the boobs etc etc. Call me indecisive but I’m going to stick with my standard SL body until more skin makers create a wider set of appliers.

  • Tsewi Eiren ( Copper )

    the mesh bodies are the best things to hit SL , although I do have to say that the alpha layers have a lot to be desired. I own the TMP mesh body and love it , but its alpha turned me against it some what but I’ll still go back and wear it sometimes , now I use the Belleza body and love it but there again , the alpha for the boobs , it needs more options, I would LOVE to try the Maitreya mesh body when it comes out.

  • amberchaudry corpur

    Oh God ! so many replies, and so many are like books long. **Chuckles** , I do have most of the mesh bodies myself, not because i like to wear them all but because being a designer in SL is a pain in the *** and i need to have it all to keep up with public demands. Honestly i do not find any HUGE differences in all of them, small ones yes, But they are so widely customizable that its all about personal taste now.Yes ! would buy the Maitreya body as well since i have to. and congrats on all your winning trophies. Do post a pic surrounded by all trophies, would be fun to watch. Hugs . <3
    Amberchaudry corpur


    Glad to hear from u and know everything is good now, Berry.
    What about mesh bodies, I’ve tried much of them (some DEMOs, some not) – SLink, Lena body, Wowmeh, Belleza, TMP, G.Inc Perfect body( ) and .^.:MA:.^. Fitted mesh body )
    The main headache in all those mesh bodies is alpha layers, so sometimes I can’t wear clothes I want, cause some parts r visible or not in part I dont want they be ๐Ÿ˜€ All those mesh bodies r beautiful, curvy and close to real body. Even in ur comparison picture I don’t see much differences between those bodies. I won’t write about each of them, just pay attention at those I liked most.
    I don’t like hands and feet in TMP, they look childish for me. Body at all looks good, but that thing I need much appliers for it confuses me. Perfect body has really curvylicious shape and pack comes with nice skin. HUD is easy to use, but yet not perfect.
    SLink Physique is at top for me. From all mesh bodies I’ve tried SLink has the most comfortable alpha HUD, though not perfect yet. What I like in that body, it hasn’t square edges, specially when my avatar posed sitting knees or arms bent and butt not look like flattened ball lol, U understand what I mean :)) One huge minus in all mesh bodies – I need appliers for clothes. Grrr it makes me nervous. Sometimes I want to wear my fav outfit and realize I need appliers for mesh body… sigh, not fair, not fair.
    There r still much work for designers so I will wait and hope to see really perfect mesh body in future.
    Would I like to try Maitreya mesh body? Definitely yes ๐Ÿ™‚

  • While the only mesh avatar I own is the Kemono, by Utilizator, I’ve demoed a great many bodies, and to date, the one I was closest to purchasing was the Slink. The Maitreya may well nudge that out, however, because I like the curves far more, and the ability to fit Slink hand and feet products blows me away. I’m pretty much slowly converting all my clothing to mesh, and while I can continue to wear mesh on my classic av, it responds much better and much more naturally on a mesh body.

    I’m Emilly Orr in world, and I’ll definitely be looking at the Maitreya body either way!

  • Hi Berry! I think your posts are always interesting and very helpful.
    About mesh bodies, my preference is for Slink, I like a skinny body so Slink is perfect with my shape;I especially love the shape of the legs, are well-turned in my opinion and for Slink there is a wide choice of addon.
    I must say though that the Belleza and TMP boobs are very realistic and perfect for photos.
    By the way I look forward to see Maitreya body, because I love the personality and the high quality of their items and I think the highlight is the collaboration with top designers like Glam and Zaara.

  • Yennefer

    So far, my favorite is TMP. I have the Deluxe and I love the different options for the breasts (here the option I usually wear: The necks fits perfectly my SL head, and the blender neck tattoo allows me to wear it in keeping my Glam skin for the head and wear the original TMP body skin that I find very attractive. I don’t find the hud difficult to use and the alpha hud allows you to wear asymmetrical clothes. I have no issue with their purchase hud, very simple to use and with so many options for the skins, you understand its reason to be. I am getting used to the hands and feets. It’s still a beta version, we are waiting for the next update.
    Belleza, sorry, the neck still sucks and the shoulders are too muscular. Too, not curved enough.
    SLink, I don’t like the breasts but I will test the next update, V1.5 which looks better.

    And the Maitreya body, I just can’t wait! Actually it looks very attractive, nice breasts and curves and… 10 skin tones from Glam Affair? My…! My skin is from Glam! The alpha hud looks promising as well. As soon as it’s released, I will ruch to ytru the demo!


  • I can’t wait to try the new updates for the Mesh body ๐Ÿ™‚ It Looks so pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

  • sheleyandreson

    I think mesh bodies are nice addition to sl although they are bit time consuming but its worth it I own belleza venus mesh body and I am looking forward for Maitreya in a hope it would be better than that.




  • Count me in! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’ve tried pretty much all mesh bodies, though I was late to the party and missed the WowMeh. I have the *KL* Lena Lush and the Slink Physique.
    While I love, love, love the shape of the Lena Lush body, the curves it haves, it’s pretty much impossible to wear with mesh clothing, which is a big downside for me. Because of that, I hardly ever wear it.

    The Slink Physique is my ‘daily’ body. I love that it’s rigged close to the original av body. When I put on my body, my shape remains more or less the same, even though it’s smoother, more rounded and more realistic. I’ve seen Pyhsique being referred to as an athletic body, but I think I’ve managed quite well to make it into a lovely, curvy shape.

    I’ve tried the TMP and Belleza Venus demos, and it’s obvious they’re not as closely rigged to the body as Physique is. While I love the butt on TMP and the legs and knees on Venus, both make my breasts look a bit… unnatural. I’m a Slink gal, I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

    Looking at the Maitreya body though… Oh, it makes me anxious to try it! The shape looks absolutely fabulous, and I love the many, many, many options in the alpha HUD.

    Most of all though, no matter which body I’m wearing, I love the fact that I don’t have to spend hours in Photoshop anymore, smoothing out my jagged adges ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • i am a designer. my main activity is jewelry but recently i found a big satisfaction making shoes. especially for slink high feet which i find almost perfect. i bought the 3 pack and i enjoy them greatly. I demoed all the possible mesh bodies and i am hanging on as they all come out…yes i know as a designer i should get them all…but i would bankrupt in a week loool. This said. i must say that TMP body is wonderful when naked. the one i love the most is the belleza tho, demoed it and loved it! theres a small gap on my neck. but i wear usually a belleza skin so i am happy they perfectly match. i am so so curious about this new body. When i want my boobs a bit large i just wear my Lolas, so let’s see if this one when you slide the boob size a bit bigger will have a good response ๐Ÿ™‚
    yay for the gift. thank you for giving. we are many but one will be happier ๐Ÿ™‚
    LJ .. and happy holidays!

  • Isazbeau Resident

    Leave a comment in this post with your full Second Life name and your thoughts about mesh bodies. Have you tried them?Do you own one? Which do you prefer? Will you be trying the Maitreya Mesh Body?

    I have to say I enjoy the mesh bodies way more then the standard sl body. I can being more of what i want to it without it looking like a hot mess and being distorted.So far I have the Eve,Lena,and belleza. I have been wearing the belleza more lately. Hopefully i can get my hands on the Maitreya body if I like more then likely imma get it as well.

  • Mely S. Sarit (camelyx)

    I sincerely find the mesh bodies fascinating. I have never own one once due to me not being able to buy lindens. But I would be gladly to own the maietreya mesh body. I love the way it looks and I think it fits me the most. I am new to sl so the only mesh I have ever own has been mesh hands & feet which I am thankful for because sl original hands are a bit hideous. And I think it would be awesome if I could earn this. ^.^

  • I have the mesh project, belleza & dea the banned mesh body & myself i find pro’s and cons with all of them, i have tried the demos of most of them to and eagerly await the release of Maitreya Mesh Body, I wear belleza the most at the moment although dea body i also favor, the boobs are more like lolas.. TMP i didn’t like that i couldn’t wear my slink shoes and the feet and hands that come with are ugly, also for me i want a body that i can use omega system with.. well done on your awards

  • Mimmiomi Ushimawa

    I really love the mesh bodies, but it can also be a bit tiring since you gotta have different appliers for everything and all the bodies, and also that people focus on making appliers for discountinued/dmcaed bodies. It can also be a bit annoying that some bodies aren’t made to fit slink hands and feet and makes their own set, which is selfish in my opinion, and lets not forget the awful huge prices on some of the bodies. I own the Slink body because it’s the cheapest one with the best options, and an amazing creator, i wish i got the other ones as well but their pricy with not as good options. But i know for sure that i want to try out the maitreya one, it seems to have a better body shape and good enough options and seems to be more worthy to pay for.

  • Tahlia Webb

    I love how the mesh bodies make my avatar look! Every time I log an alt I shudder at how hideous the regular SL avatar is. I own Wowmeh & TMP and have tried Slink and Belleza but prefer the curvier bodies. TMP is the most beautiful mesh body imo but I do find the HUD frustrating and HATE that they won’t make it compatible with my Slink shoes. That’s their biggest failing I think.. And not making it Omega compatible too. I’d be happy wearing just TMP and mesh clothes if they’d just make the feet work with my 100’s of Slink shoes. I’m not attached to the Slink feet at all but since everyone makes rigged (please people make unrigged so it works with TMP too!) shoes for them I’ve got a lot already invested. For that reason I will probably try Maitreya and may end up purchasing it and ditching TMP. Will likely get it for an alt at the very least.

  • I’m really just starting to get into the mesh bodies, or at least be willing to try them. I’ve got SLink and recently just bought Belleza. Mostly, my biggest problem is that I’m finding I have to sort my clothes, skins, etc. into ‘works with SLink, etc.’ and ‘doesn’t work’. And a lot of my steampunk outfits (I spend at least half my time in the Steamlands) are only partially mesh to begin with. So, I’m limited in what I can wear with them until I can afford to expand my wardrobe more.

    Or I’m going to have to teach myself how and start designing for them myself because I do like the look. LOL

  • Laney Auroline

    I have the Wowmeh, slink physique, themeshproject mesh bodies. I too wear them for different things. If i want to take a nude shot of my avatar I tend to wear themeshproject or my wowmeh shape as they are curvier and more pleasing to the eye in photos to me. I wear my slink physique with clothes. I model for a clothing store within SL and the physique body with it’s alpha layers is the easiest to wear with mesh clothes. I am able to wear about 90% of my inventory with it. I am looking forward to the Maitreya body and hoping I can get both effects out of one body so that I don’t have to change all the time. It is time consuming. I will be demoing the new shape as soon as it is released. I am hoping to get the curvy look from the wowmeh and themeshproject bodies and the hud versatility of the slink body. Two other bonus’ to the maitreya body is the glam affair skins that I already wear and have for years are already uploaded into the hud so I won’t have to buy appliers.. yay! and the fact that the xsmall size for the slink feet will work with its a big plus as well. The fact that i can’t wear my slink attachments or shoes with themeshproject body is increasinly annoying. =)

  • Rosalyn Macarthur

    I have started trying some of the mesh bodies a few months ago and really like the SLink so Far but am looking forward to this one for sure because it is compatible with some of the SLink shoes and good things like that. I also love the skins being preloaded! I am definitely waiting to see the reveal date so I can get this already and I blog so cannot wait to show it off!

  • Shayleah Resident

    I very much the the mesh bodies and their ability to eliminate the gaps between mesh and system avatar components. Having a fully smooth, more human-looking body is awesome. I currently use the Slink body as my avatar is petite. My main complaints with it are the alphas are oddly shaped and don’t help with many mesh pieces and the breasts are distorted. Not real looking at all. The HUD is far simpler than TMP’s, but TMP’s breasts are beautiful. I have yet to try the Belleza. I LOVE the look of the Maitreya. The butt is gorgeous! I will definitely try it when it arrives. Happy Holidays. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi, I found SL in ’06, amazing ride it has been. The past few yrs. I haven’t had the time or energy to spend in SL. Because of SL, I now take pics and explore in RL when I can. Just wish I could TP in RL. I am involved in Burn Man in SL and I’m a Ranger, cool experience. Toady from Grendels builds exhibits for me to display art at BM and SLBday’s. I’m an older player, self taught in PC and PS and fake it most of the time. SL woke up my artistic soul, how can you not love SL. I adopted a 5 day old baby in ’82, we then found out she was Mentally retarded, autistic… 6 surgeries, spine and neck and head…. This has been an amazing ride, lol. She is beautiful, loves everyone ! and George Jetson, lol. I recently have been trying to return to SL, it makes me happy. I think I bought a Mesh body, not sure if I can find it. Thanks for your blog, helps me attempt to learn. ๐Ÿ™‚ sign me up!!

  • kimbaka

    I didn’t care much about mesh bodies until I saw someone wearing TMP body when it first came out and they mentioned to me that it was free and provided a LM. I figured why not, grabbed a copy, and instantly fell in love. The only big drawback for me has been the lack of Slink compatibility, which has had me searching for another mesh body to rotate it with that supports Slink.

    Trying demos of just about every other body, Belleza was the only one that appealed to me, but I wanted to hold off until Maitreya released theirs to see how it compares. From the pics provided, the shape seems to have some similarities to TMP, which I find pretty great as I can hopefully switch between them without feeling like I suddenly got a drastic body transplant. Can’t wait for this one to release so I can play with the demo.

  • Averil Resident

    I have the SLink, Belleza and the Mesh project bodies and while they are nice when you are naked, I find them a pain to try to wear any clothing with. I do not know if I am doing something wrong but most people tell me that I am not there when I wear it and use clothing appliers.

    The mesh project body I have a hard time just getting the hud to rez to even try to change clothing. I love the curves and softness of the Belleza body but the SLink body works the best for my slim model shape.

    Just my thoughts, congrats on your AVI Choice wins!!! Merry Christmas to you Berry <3 Averil

  • I own the SLink body and I love it but was unsure of it at first, I bought it, it sat in my inventory for almost 6 weeks. Than I decided to play with it and now I’m happy with it… Except the alphas. The alphas suck! I can’t wear most mesh because the alpha won’t allow for proper placement. I can’t wear any strapless tops, dresses or what have you because it has no alpha for them. I’m just not happy about that at all.
    I’ve tried the TMP body and wasn’t really crazy about it cuz I got the free one to try and I couldn’t do anything w it so its still sitting in my inv.
    I was going to try the Belleza body this week but was told its not available anymore cuz someone DMCA(?) on it :/
    I’m totally excited to try the new Maitreya Mesh Body and the alphas look like they will work with a lot of mesh. So count me in!

  • Jeannie Jannings

    I don’t own any mesh bodies or body parts other than the Slink hands and feet (all 3 feet). I have tried a couple of demos and remain unconvinced and I *hate* how in laggy places, the bodies don’t rez or appear floating in the air to others. That being said, I think mesh bodies are the future and would like to find one that is *me*, that I can’t rationalize my way out of…

    Congratulations on your awards, Berry – very well deserved! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Name : Morgana Hilra

    Bodies owned : TheMeshProject, Slink Physique, Belleza, Wowmeh
    Mesh Body Accessory: CuteAzz


    Honestly, I love the progression that the mesh bodies have.
    It is amazing to see them evolve.
    It is unfortunate that there seems to be a rash of false DMCA’s being filed against hard working individuals which makes it hard to review the bodies and choose favorites but, if I had to choose I would have to say that so far that the Belleza is the closest to a nature look with pretty curves and, a more natural progression from neck to the head you choose to wear.
    Be it a mesh head or, your own Second Life avatar head..
    However, with updates coming out and coming up plus, new releases of newer bodies from other designers, I am looking forward to trying another one and doing other reviews.
    Also, I think that if you are interested in photography then, mesh bodies offer that extra fluid-ness to the skin and body..
    I still remember being apprehensive about buying anything mesh and now, I can not imagine my SL life without something mesh..
    I can not wait to see more options for the alpha’s layers and more choices in mesh clothing.
    I have every confidence in the designers of Second Life to wow us with their creativity.
    And I also have every confidence in the creators to work out their issues with the false DMCA’s.
    I can not wait to see what Maitreya has in store for us.
    If her body of work is any indication of what her mesh body will look like, then I can rest assured that it will no doubt be an awesome addition to the mesh body community.


    PS Keep up the amazing work with your blog, Strawberry.
    Your amazing!
    Happy Holidays


  • Aryanna Draken

    I have tried 3 of the mesh bodies offered to date…demos only. I don’t own any yet. I’m still having a difficult time making a decision because as you said in your blog, each one have their own pros and cons. Of the 3 I have tried (Belleza, TMP & SLink) I think I prefer the curves of the TMP but the ease of use of the SLink. I will be heading over to Maitreya to give their mesh body demo a try and see how I feel about it. I want to purchase one…it is just deciding which I like the best!

  • Evadnae Abernathy

    When mesh bodies and body parts started appearing the first thing I thought was “Ugh, now everyone is going to look the same.” Thankfully I was wrong. I’m constantly trying each one as they come out, so I can find the one I want. I have run into a lot of frustration though, falling in love with one portion of a mesh body build from one designer and wishing the same feature was available on another. I’m really excited that Maitreya is going to come preloaded with one of my favorite skin designers AND have a version that is slink hand/feet compatable. I can hardly wait to try the Maitreya body!!

  • Ladyvelvetrose

    I remember when Mesh came out in clothes…I hated it! I could get very few outfits to fit without having to constantly adjust my shape. But like all of us, I adapted….and now its all I buy. When the Mesh bodies came out again I was sceptical. Ive had the same shape and skin since I joined Sl years ago. Shapes to me meant my face would change, and it I stayed clear of all of them. When Belleze came out with the Venus body I tried the demo…love it!! BUT again my over abundance (and loads of money spent) clothes didn’t fit right. I still have the body, but only wear it if im doing any type of nude shots, otherwise im back to my semi rigid one. This new Mesh body has me curious and I will try it out. To me it looks like the clothes option might the winning lottery ticket. Ill be watching for the release date, try the demo and more then likely give this one a purchase. Thanks Strawberry for showing the compared bodies, and for your fantastic blog. Your blog not only has belped me with WindLight settings, but also in being educated in the mesh world…..

  • I demo’d the SLink Physique and was disappointed because I couldn’t get the curvy feel I need and love in a body. I own the Belleza Venus body and love it a lot and use it when I’m doing lingerie or nude photos. I’ve even found myself wearing it more on a day to day basis now that certain designers have made compatible clothing. I refuse to have anything to do with The Shops and know their shopping experience is a nightmare so that body is out for me. I’ll definitely be demoing the Maitreya to see how the fit is.

  • Okami Aquila- I forgot that I have the free TMP Body but I am still going to get the one that comes with all of the options. Now if Maitreya took it upon themselves to make a head that is better than TMP’s head at a lower cost I will definitely look into getting that as well.

  • JordanLondon Resident

    I have demoed most of the released mesh bodies, and so far I like the Mesh Project one best, but I haven’t taken the plunge yet. I have several mesh boobs and the ‘CuteAzz’ which I use off-and-on.

  • Since mesh bodies have been released, I made sure to try them all. I don’t particularly prefer one but i like them all. I own wowmeh, slink Eve, Belleza, TMP and now i am waiting for the Maitreya one. I like those bodies because the contour of the avatar is more smooth than the SL avatar. Less editing in my blog posts (yes, i am lazy lol). Sometimes, i find something not perfect with the alphas. Either the alpha goes too low or too high. Not easy with a dress opened in the back.

  • Nina (Llieadlen Otsuka)

    Great read! Thanks for the information. I left for a year right when mesh was starting to get popular. Right now I’m waiting to see the mesh bodies reach a certain point of perfection and see where the market for clothing ends up leaning towards. I feel like there is a good amount for slink but am afraid to invest thinking something better might come.

    Right now I currently own the free version of The Mesh Body Projects body. However I’ve noticed some issues.

    I don’t like the limitations of the customizer. The fact that in order to buy things for the HUD you have to purchase it from the store. The things work well together but when it comes to purchasing clothes I have to do a mix and match with old clothing. I kind of wish there was an option where there were more alphas which were for lengths for legs. Some clothing I’ve tried don’t fit so well sometimes and the attachments are very apparent.

    I’m kind of hoping there is some solution where clothing makers could adjust more for these bodies or follow some regular standards. I’m still debating which mesh body I’d like to purchase and it seems like I will be leaning towards SLink’s or Maitreya’s.

  • Vitality Lollipop

    I have not tried any mesh body, I do however have the Slink hands/feet. I have heard good and bad things..bad being the lack of clothing being created to fit perfectly, and others say they will always wear the mesh body and nothing beats it. I will try the Maitreya’s body because of your mention about all the alpha options which could give more options for clothing and how the body looks.Thank you for the info and comparisons very helpful.

  • Jazmyn Draconia

    I currently own themeshproject deluxe shape.I am pretty happy with the look of it.I however am not thrilled with the alpha that comes with it.I can wear a lot of the mesh clothes I do have with it, with just a bit of tweaking.I did try the slink demo, I didn’t really care for it. I also tried the belleze mesh body.My first feet though were from Maitreya.I wore them forever.Then I found the slink hands and feet..wore them for the longest time as well. I really loved the way the Maitreya feet fit me..easy peasy to color match to my skin. I would be most interested in trying the new Maitreya mesh body when it comes out.Here’s hoping to something good happening

  • Alexxxa Mynx

    Currently I own the Belleza Venus mesh body. I totally LOVE the hands and feet pose choices. The Alpha hud is great and i am able to wear alot of my mesh outfits, with some slider adjustments added. I will definitely be getting the Maitreya mesh body, as i can see from the post that the increments on the alpha hud will give me so many choices. Looking forward to it!

  • I’ll enter! Keliahangelis Resident

    I got the Physique right away and loved it. I bought it basically to be naked for photographs. I loved the details of the genital area and they way the body looks in some poses. Then afterwards, SO MUCH LESS PHOTOSHOPPING. I still love my slink body and if I wear it with clothes, I generally wear that one because it’s more compatible. I have the Shops body as well. It’s beautifully done – I do love the shape a bit more than the slink, but as you said, it’s a headache. Also, nothing is compatible. So I can’t wear slink feet or hands – I have to wear theirs. Appliers for theirs are more costly. I also grabbed Venus before it was DMCA’d. I love Venus. It’s more curvier than the Slink. I like that you can interchange the hands and feet for Slink hands and feet. The breasts have a more curvy look to them – Slink’s breasts tent to look exactly like the SL standard avi. I am looking very forward to the Maitreya one! It’s lovely.

  • I’ve been blogging about mesh avatar enhancements for a year now, having done extensive “testing” of Lolas, then moving on to The Mesh Project, Slink Physique, and recently Belleza Venus. They all have been exciting improvements over the system shape and also enhance? some of the flaws of the system shape since they are fitted to it. I have issues with TMP in terms of their business model requiring people to put money into their shopping HUD. I also find the clothing to show spots of skin underneath, which is a concern when I see the same outfit in Slink work perfectly. (I have posted comparisons of Alessandra ( and Karu Karu ( latex outfits.)

    Slink obviously has the headstart in available outfits and accessories, but at the cost of having components with separate HUDs, whereas TMP and Belleza have more integrated HUD systems. The TMP system can be rather tyrannical but it works. I have found some troubles with Belleza with tattoo layers in particular, the buttons look goofed up. With skins, when I tried to install a skin applier to the HUD they haven’t worked. Using the skin applier separately is my preferred mode until there’s an update.

    Yes, dressing has become a hassle and even with a saved Appearance outfit, you still need to make adjustments. But the difference, the smooth flow of your skin and clothing is worth it.

  • Ginevra Perdide

    I’ve been looking at the mesh bodies for a few months now, and have tried on many of the demos. I know for sure eventually I’ll get one. I would certainly try the Maitreya mesh demo body. I love all her clothes, so that body I’m sure will be exceptional. Oh and Strawberry, congrats on the Avi Award.

  • I love mesh bodies: I have 3 already myself: TMP, Slink, and WowMeh. When Belleza return I will likely purchase that as well, and would love to have this body in my collection as well. I have multiple mesh bodies because not all mesh clothes will fit all mesh bodies. With different bodytypes, it’s easier to fit fitmesh clothing, and still have a mesh body.

  • I own a Wowmeh body, and have the free TMP body. I have demo’d Slink, KL Lena Lush and Perky, Chip Midnight’s, Belleza, and Eve, and I haven’t had the desire to wear any other than Wowmeh, even with its limitations. I was very hopeful about Belleza but was ultimately disappointed at how the breast was shaped, among other things. Same with Slink, but then I haven’t gone back to demo a later version.

    For me, the thing I want most is hands and feet that fit the body natively and look good. Wowmeh’s hands were just about perfect, although the feet left much to be desired. Proportions were more realistic than Slink’s at the wrist, and that was a huge improvement for hands despite the fact that the nails didn’t have any long nail options. I hate that I have to wear XS hands for Slink if I want to have the hands fit the body, when my body is nowhere near being XS.

    I wear my Wowmeh body most of the time, if I can, and Omega compatibility is a very strong factor for me. I also like that the Wowmeh body is mod. I don’t expect anyone else to release a mod body, but having the body be mod would be really nice to help customers get the look they want.

  • Two more things: Yes, I’m looking forward to the Maitreya body, hoping that this will be The One to replace my Wowmeh. And please enter me into the contest!

  • Donna Adderstein

    Okay, I own the Lena lush body and the TMP deluxe body,and from both so far I personally like better the Lena body, because of how easy it is to use overall and because its alpha hud, and of course the versatility that comes with it has when the need of layering shows. As well I love the fact that it has a RLV system controlled via hud so in case you are rp lovers you have another tool to play around with someone else ( that’d be awesome to have in the maitreya body as well though, hope this suggestion gets to Maitreya develovers haha). In other hand I find the TMP body very very smooth, i love the natural curves of it, Im more a curvy lover but they are natural and can work with my shape, I dont mind in order to get a curvy natural shape, but God knows the style hud very complicated to use, sometimes i find myself wearing stuff i unstyled several times ago and i dunno if thats a glitch of sl, or its just me but deff a pain in the ass, not to mention its alpha hud.The fact of buying new shoes for its feet just drove me a bit crazy since i already own a huge collection of slink adored heels.. As well im a fakies tatas lovers and sometimes i like to add some more volume to the curves with fit mesh breasts, so the TMP is deffinitely a NO go with that mood, the lena body goes fine but it leaves a gap nearby the armpits that sometimes can be covered with hair but oh well.. As well, I noticed that the booty on the TMP doesnt really wiggle with physics, boobs do, but not buttocks; unlike Lena’s that does wiggle around, but idk, i kinda dont love love the butt shape on the lush version..

    So I’d deff like to try the Maitreya body because of the alpha masks glitch problem solved that its mentioned above, who hasnt had that “missing layers” glitch when wearing more than one, I love wearing tattoos, i have them in rl and i love the fact that i can change them depending on my style every day in sl, but I still cant tp anywhere without wearing one at least.. so Im so excited to try that glitch fix and be able to wear all my layers without zooming away and close back again to see them appear or disappear.
    SO if I get that card, im deffo gonna wait until that body is out and give it a great use to those layers haha.

    Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.

  • HOPE Leissa
    Firstly, I wanted to say, thanks for your informative review of the Maitreya mesh body. As a result, I have been holding off on purchasing the belleza mesh body, although I did check out the demo. I do own a mesh project one, but it seemed very time consuming making all the adjustments to fit perfectly. I must say, that the Maitreya looks great! So hopefully I will be randomly chosen. lol
    Thanks again, and have a happy holiday.

  • Andrea

    When is this body coming out?

  • It took me almost an hour to copy everyone’s names into the randomizer, lol! Thank you all so much for participating. Your comments were very informative and enlightening. Also thank you to all those that sent me congrats and wishes, appreciate it. <3

    After entering all 263 of you into the randomizer, the winner of the L$5000 Maitreya gift card is Dixxie Mint:

    Dixxie, I will drop the gift card on you later today! <3

    Andrea, I do not have a release date for this body, but I hear it will be very soon. You can keep an eye on Onyx's flickr ( because I believe it will be one of the first places it will be announced, outside of her VIP group.

  • Raven Serrurier

    I have the Slink Physique,WowMeh,TMP and I recently bought the Lena Lush body. So far Wowmeh is my favorite because I love the curves and don’t have to wear my phat azz or boobs with it. I am not really a fan of the TMP body because I have too much trouble finding clothes to wear with it and my slink hands and feet don’t seem to work with it too well. I’m going to be purchasing the Belleza body soon and will definitely try the new Maitreya body because it looks so beautiful!

  • Shiloh Selene-Goldlust (barbie.glas)

    Thanks for this comprehensive review! I own both the SLink mesh body and TMP mesh body and I agree with you re: TMP’s hud system. It really drives me bonkers. I do, however, think that the TMP body looks best naked, or with appliers (I love the way the appliers sit a little ways off the body so it doesn’t look painted on) while I wear my SLink body nearly every day underneath my mesh clothing.

    I will probably try out the Maitryea body as well, especially with all of the alpha options!

  • I own the Slink, Belleza, Wowmeh and The Shops bodies and I know just from seeing the alpha hud that I will be in love with this body. I still resort to the standard body because of the very generic neck lines on most of the bodies, but this one seems to blow the others out of the part. Thank you for the amazing comparison!

  • Mya Snowfield

    I currently an owner of the slink body .. i dont wear it too much cause im trying to get use to it much smaller body size. I feel that if i could get a curvy body i would wear it everyday.

  • I have not tried the bodies yet. I love love the look of the Maitreya mesh body, the curves look as real as anything I have seen in virtual. A bit concerned about the time to dress though. But as a clothing designer, the wave of the future ? We shall see…

  • Mysterics Resident

    I own various full-mesh avatars, and my favourite actually has to be the Utilizator kemono, probably not what you were expecting (It’s not SL-map or fitted mesh), but it makes a great human avatar when paired with a matching human head and has a very sleek, elegant physique, something I preffer to curves-upon-curves that I usually find in fitted mesh bodies (and when I try to slider them out of existence it’s still too curvy or it just looks wrong) . It’s one of the most adaptable mesh avatars in existence and has a very large fanbase that makes clothes specifically for it.

    I most definitely want a good look at the maitreya mesh body, it does look like one of the smaller ones from what I’ve seen, thoguh the example in the screenshot does have a very big butt ๐Ÿ˜›

  • scarlett luv

    congrats on your awards! I cant wait to try this one out, and the price is a bonus, which is why ive stuck with slink so far!
    merry christmas!

  • My thoughts on mesh bodies…well I’d have to say that the bodies have come a long way since I purchased my first Wowmeh over a year ago. I have owned and worn, Wowmeh, Slink Physique, Belleza Venus, Brazillia Doll, and now the Maitreya “Lara”. I have demo’d The Mesh Project, Gamers Perfect Body, The Banned Dea Body, and I eagerly await the uL Ghetto Body (if that’s what Ursula calls it.

    From just an avatars stand point I would say my favorite is a toss up between the Belleza and the Maitreya. They both have wonderful shapes, and the HUD’s are easy enough to use, but the mask mode is by far my favorite thing on the Maitreya Body, but Belleza’s multi hand positions really win me over too.

    From a designers stand point, the Wowmeh applier system will always be my fav though her UV’s not so much. Slink’s applier system is easy after you read all the instructions, but very time consuming. Belleza’s is fairly easy but again laborious, as is the Brazillia Doll system, and since they’ve not released the Maitreya dev kits yet I have no opinion on that one as of yet. If they would all just resign themselves to using Omega that would make my designer side very very happy! LOL

    Anyway I know I’m too late for the give-away, but I wanted to leave my opinion. Merry Christmas to all!

    Toy Wiskke
    Owner of i`piteme

  • Lindsay Velde

    I have the Belleza body, but I am going to try the Maitreya body soon, I’ve heard good things about it. I’d love to get the gift card!

    Thank you so much, Strawberry, for all that you do! <3

    ~ Lindsay

  • Sommerland

    I have demo’d Slink, Belleza and Maitreya. Of all three I would buy Maitreya, seemed easiest to work with and liked the body best but to me Maitreya is always top Quality. I don’t think I would buy any mesh body atm, waiting for some of the bugs to be worked out and hopefully in the future more variety of clothing will be able to worn. I just bought RedMint no. 14 skin and the body looks pretty good so I think I’m set for awhile. Been searching for a good skin for QUITE awhile and RedMint fits the bill for face and body. I’m seriously trying to avoid slink but as more and more shoe creators (almost all it seems lol) are offering shoes for slink only its becoming a problem. Really there has to be a better solution out there than having to purchase an item from one creator with less time and L$$ spent just so I can wear nice shoes lol.

  • I have the SLink and Belleza mesh bodies and like them both, but I too resort to just the classic body more often than not, with mesh hand and feet enhancements, just due to ease of use. I tried The Shops mesh body demo and I just couldn’t quite handle the learning curve–things did not come out as I expected. I will be trying the Maitreya body for sure. I look forward to even better and easier customizations! Happy New Year everybody! ~ Wisti

  • dolarlang

    I bought maitreya lara because someone bought an applier from my shop thinking it was for lara mesh body so i closed my eyes empty my pocket and bought the lara mesh body and right away make an applier for the customer. We were both happy. She got the applier she needs and i got the mesh body i don’t need but i found a friend :)and yes!!! i got a gorgeous body! and hud are easy to work with. yayy! and today another customer comes in and was looking for best mesh body and i refer her to this article and tp her to the maireya shop and she bought…. another yay!!!

  • Angelique Winslet

    I recently changed from SLink Physique to the Maitreya Mesh body – the primary reason, the ability to micro-manage the alphas. I have the original version of SLink, so I’m not sure if this has been changed for the update; however, when I would wear anything backless, I couldn’t use the SLink Physique because front/back aren’t separated. Thus far, with the exception of having to go buy new skin appliers…I really, REALLY love it!

  • Nikii Fouroux

    This is what I’ve been holding out and waiting for! Jaw dropping amazing detail! WoW! The easy use of the hud and the ability to wear other mesh clothing… and MY own shape!! Awesome Onyx! Yayyy!!!! and thank you Strawberry!

  • Claire Soderstrom

    Well at the risk of getting the fan club’s furore, the only thing I can say about this body is ‘no no no’. I happen to not go round the grid naked and I happen to love my well organised inventory. Be prepared to dump your inventory. I have tried a number of outfits and they do not fit. Low cut tops, dresses or skirts. Forget about bikinis all together. After wasting my time selecting alphas like there’s no tomorrow, I give up. Tweaking shape is something I hate doing but even when I do, it doesn’t help one bit. The body is ok but I value my inventory and my time with my friends more. To each their own and all that.

  • I at first bought the slink Physique which is lovely. I then wanted something a little curvier and went and bought the Banned DEA Mesh Body, wow i absolutely love it and havent taken it off. Love the compatibility with slink hands and feet. Personally I have stayed away from TMP as its so expensive and not compatible with slink, and after reading loads of negative reviews i dont think its worth the 5000L.
    love Mesh bods as a whole and wont ever be without one.

  • Jasmyn Vaher

    I have tried on a couple demos, just for the sake of trying. But still I haven’t purchased any mesh body. And don’t plan on doing so any time soon. Sure, they look better than regular bodies, but I have a lot of high quality system clothes. (Quite a few Utopia gowns among them) I love them and I don’t even think about quit wearing them, wich, with mesh bodies is not posible (or perhaps I am very missinformed in that regard?)Also, mesh bodies’ high prices don’t help to change my mind either. And really, I don’t think my av looks ugly or flawled at all. Perhaps some day I’ll change my mind, but for the time being, I am more than happy with just my slink hands & feet in a regular body

  • Hi! I’m 16 and I’ve been googling and researching mesh body’s and heads. But I can’t really afford to get any :(, this gift card would help me alot and I’d be forever thankful if you read this and gave it to me.

  • Sorry Correction my avi name is oaura

  • Lissette Decosta

    I own Belleza mesh body… i like it but like every mesh have some good or mad about it.. i edit my shape a lot to look good on mesh clothes… i will try other to see how it look on me.. I love my avatar short with little curves on it :D…ty for the review of the mesh body:D

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  • AmariBenaza

    My Lara V 3.0 hud has not worked in 3 days which means I have had on my outfit for 3 days… any suggestions?

  • Perhaps something is messed up with the scripts. I suggest going to the mainstore and hitting the redelivery terminal for a fresh start. Or you can contact Onyx.

  • I bought the maitreya a few days ago and after a lot of fiddling and(swearing) I have it sussed and I love it,I have even managed to wear quite a lot of mesh items in my inventory

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  • Hello Miss Strawberry. First I had no clue what an mesh body was in till I found your Youtube and than your website.So I really have to thank you for having this blog and helping me a lot:D But the main reason I’m writing this is to ask you is it really worth buying an mesh body?. You know with the new second life coming out and I’m still thinking they are going to pull an myspace on secondlife people and say they not going to shut down but a few months after secondlife 2 come out they shut it down anyway. So I have to ask it really worth buying an mesh body?? and what’s really the difference before the two since I did try the slink and maitreya one.I loved the maitreya one but it’s high and I wouldn’t want to buy it just for next year to roll around and they shut down secondlife. I do have to apologize for writing so long but I really like to hear what you think since I just been on second for a few months..left and now I’m back again since secondlife is really fun to be on for a disable person like myself.I did read when you commented on sometimes you go back to your classic avatar so that’s also another reason I’m asking. Don’t want to waste the little money I do get after all.

  • Mildred, that’s really entirely up to you. Linden Lab has not set a release date on the new world as of yet, so it could be the end of this year, it could be next year, who knows. I no longer go back to the classic avatar body. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I took off my Maitreya body. I feel weird without it. I think it’s well worth the investment. But again, absolutely up to you.

  • Thank you for your reply and I will think a lot on what you said for my final decision on buying this body.One again thank you for replying back so soon and I hope you stay well health wise and everything else:DDD

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  • Naydee Mcgettigan

    I am just trying them all on for the first time! I also tried the Belleza mesh body. I adore the Belleza shape that I get..but it seems that there are more clothes that are being created for the Maitreya.. and with the Glam skins built in, it makes it super easy for me! So I will probably go with that one ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • mace Dollinger

    Hi Miss
    Love your blog
    I only wear mesh head, feet and hands
    The reson i haven’t buyed a maitreya body yet!!!!!
    I create lots on my cloting and makes tattoos 2
    so i will need to learn how to make mesh cloting and hopes i will lear by reading in your blog
    Loves your tutorials specialy the PS.

    Hopes there will come much more from you

    mace Dollinger

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  • Sofia Wagner

    This blog is no more up to date, Maytreya is no more a new thing and now there is also Belleza, who is the best with Metraya if not the best at all, also the only one who go 3 kind of mesh, vanilla, slim (like all others) and Curvy (but not exagerated proportion like Phat Azz or Sking^^. As a clothing designer at some point we have to choose for whoch bodies we produce, I choose Belleza, and also Metraya but only because many use it as it older than belleza.

  • Adenoid Hitchell^^

    Sorry to say but the review here is a fake one like most review of Maitreya on the web. it made by them or by sold poeples.
    Also Maitreya conduct bad business, they choose who they want to give thier mesh clothing kit, and they do not included a mesh boby tester for clothing unlike Belleza did (and thier demo version cannot show the clothing layers. So if you’re a clothing designer you got forced to buy the full version of the mesh body. All of this because they seen one day from sondage statistic that they had the half of the mesh body market. So if you want wuality and suport respectuous poeples go for Belleza and f**k Maitreya! the contents creator should do the same, they are alive because our content, I encourage all to boycot until they change return to respectfull way of business they they’l get out! We the creators have the last word…

    The only good point of Maitreya is that they use a more similar texture template than the Classic SL Avatar, so it more easy to do stuff for both Classic AV and Maitreya, even if mayne said otherwise, in term of polygons, Maitreya is at midrange between Classic and Belleza. for the genitalia and boobs it near the same but less on the rest of the body, it you have a good eye you will see the polygon angles on the ass, wish you don’t on belleza. so we can consider Belleza as a Luxe Mesh Body over all others (it also cost more)

  • Strawberry, I know this is an old post, but I just can’t figure something. I bought the body based on this and my butt just does not look like yours above. I have tried everything, different shapes, playing the sliders. There is a flat spot at the top of the butt where it should curve nicely. My Belleza curves perfectly. So, how did you get yours to curve so nicely? It’s my only complaint … well, okay, that and the fact that Maitreya requires you to use so many attachment points over just one for Belleza! lol

  • Maitreya uses more attachment points because the hands and feet are separate in order to allow folks that already have slink hands and feet to continue to use them. I like this because I collected a pretty good collection of slink shoes before I obtained my Maitreya body and started buying shoes for Maitreya. So, I can still wear all my old shoes. In addition, a lot of jewelry makers have products that are only slink, so I can still use all those as well. So, think of it as a feature rather than a requirement!

  • So, I wanted to leave an update to my comment above. A friend helped me out. I put the Maitreya body on again, applied my skin to make nice and then took a photo of the back of my butt and the side view and sent it to her so she could see the flatness I saw. She responded right away that she saw the problem: it was my skin! Now, I am heavily invested in HUSH skins though I haven’t been able to apply them to my Belleza body (long story, Belleza say’s it’s HUSH’s applier, HUSH says it’s Belleza’s lack of information) so I was not happy to hear that the skin was the problem. To *ahem* prove her wrong, I switched to one of the many other skins I have collected and, nuts, she was 100% right. My HUSH skin was making my butt look flat and very unflattering. So, though this means my stock of them sits idle, at least I can use the Maitreya body and, yes, have an awesome-looking butt just like I keep seeing on others!

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