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It may look like I have a naked Mr. Mikel Monk behind my lens today, but alas, I did not. He was fully clothed from the hips down, I just cropped the image this way to make it more scandalous. Did it work? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Anyhow I digress, Mr. Monk was showing me the Signature mesh avatar currently available at The Mens Dept this month. It’s only L$300 and I was just amazed by the realism that I asked if I could take a picture. I’m thinking I may pick it for Manberry, sometimes it’s fun to play around with different looks. There is also a female mesh avatar there as well. Again, for that price, I think it’s a steal for a full avatar. He was raving about how well the HUD works too, so I asked him to share a pic of that. The HUD will make it easier to wear mesh clothing with it.

You can follow Signature on facebook and then head down to The Mens Dept to pick it up. Unfortunately there is no DEMO of the avatar so here is a link to my raw shot. I used one of the phototools windlights for this image.

Thank you Mikel for letting me take a snapshot of your sexy pixels. <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

16 thoughts on “Signature Mesh Avatar

  • sivyaleah

    Picked both up. Really happy with both, easy to use and look great.

  • Only problem I have with it is theres no option for using the SL head with it. Unless I’m mistaken?

  • Cranston, no, unfortunately can’t use sl head. It’s a mesh avatar, not a body. Hopefully in next round they may offer just a body.

  • While I’m glad that male avatars are finally getting some mesh body attention, if I’d taken a L$300 chance on this (because of the lack of a demo) only to find out there was no option to use the SL head with it, then I would have been pretty damned annoyed. (I’m aware that there may have been an info notecard, but as Cranston didn’t seem sure about the possibility of using the SL head with this body, if it *is* stated in a notecard then it’s not *clearly* stated.)

    The first ‘Signature’ mesh avatar that was out at TMD a few months ago *did* have a demo, because I remember trying it out. I wonder why this one doesn’t?

    Two reasons why I won’t be getting it:

    1. I’ve been burned too many times by ‘no demo’ mesh. If I can’t actually try it out and see how it works for me, then no purchase.

    2. Skell’s face is the only unchanged thing about his shape since I bought it back in 2007. There’s no way I will switch his individuality (complete with too-long ‘ski slope’ nose and too-wide mouth) for a generic head that will make him look like every other guy who has the same avatar.

    Those said, if a version comes out that allows us to use the SL head, and a demo is available, then I’ll give it serious consideration.

  • Yeah, pretty much what Skell said exactly. The body’s nice, but the face – while I’m sure it’d work for some – is just not my bag, and it’s unfortunate that they don’t offer a demo; I can imagine a lot of guys will buy it expecting otherwise. Another reason a bunch of us are waiting on Siddean to come out with a Slink body for men, I suppose – the notion of being forced into one face and one skin just has zero appeal (at least for most bloggers, I’d imagine).

  • Yeah I agree with you guys, I would much prefer a mesh body over a whole avatar because I am also attached to Manberry’s face. I have picked it up though, but i can’t really see myself wearing it that often, just once in a while maybe.

    I cannot wait until SLink releases her mesh body for boys. I heard that she was working on one, but not sure with all the details.

  • Landaree Levee

    I fully agree with Skell’s points. I even tried looking for a Signature mainstore and also visited Tonktastic (owing to their apparent collaboration with Signature, and indeed they sell their previous release, “Anthony”) thinking, perhaps naïvely, that the lack of a demo at TMD was just an oversight and one would in fact be available at either of those locations. It isn’t.

    I also hoped that they’d address this question at their Facebook page, especially since it’s been the most asked one; but so far that has proven a less than wholly encouraging venue for customer support, to put it mildly.

  • I got one of these and my partner the other. For me there are issues that make it unwearable. There is only one skin tone, you can’t see your own head when using their alpha hud to remove theirs, and it’s not compatible with any of my shoes. I’d have known all this if there was a demo, but sadly it was wasted lindens.

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  • I personally use the athletic male body from 1st Act … … It’s not without it’s limitations, and I think I use it primarily the way Strawberry uses the mesh body from TheShops. It makes a great naked figure and I was able (with a little fiddling) to use my own head, which I have no intention of altering unless something unique comes along.

    NOTE: There are MANY limitations using clothing with this avatar, it’s shoulders while well defined muscularly, do not match ANY clothing being offered, other than the limited clothing that 1st Act makes. it IS mod, however, so there are ways (time-consuming ways) to make parts of the body transparent, but even then, especially around the shoulders, it is impossible to match it up to most designers of male mesh apparel.

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  • I have lots of questions about mesh bodies, etc. Since I LOVE my skin and shape, should I even consider this?

  • My apologies to those that bought this avatar thinking they could wear their default heads with it, guess I should have explained it better in my post that it is an avatar, not just a body.

    One thing to note it, no matter what mesh avatar or body you get, dressing it will always be difficult and time consuming because of how different they are from the default sl body. I own 5 different mesh bodies and use two of them on a regular basis and I find it such a chore to just change clothing.

    Jolie, I think if you are very attached to your shape and skin, you should first find out if your skin designer has made an applier for your skin and tone. The you can DEMO the body that they have made the applier for and see how you like it.

    I’m hoping a DEMO option will be available if they sell any more mesh avatars/bodies in the future.

  • itsjust wise

    i bought the full Anthony version and indeed a very nice mesh body. A newer version came out some days ago but it looks to me that creators ahave a very greedy sales politic. How strange it sounds that when they bring a newer version, the only way to obtain it is purchase it again…looks like they never heard about updating for existing customer. I had a chat with the guy behind it and he compared it to an iphone 5 & 6. I think it is a bit different…the old mesh body has become obsolete cuz they don’t make any appliers for it anymore. So you can only rebuy the new one to have a body with new appliers being made. I have no negative comment on the body itself cuz it looks good but the way they threat their existing customers is out of the box.

  • Vicky Clancy

    Quote – Raph Dirval Sorry for the delay, yes we will add a special layer for just show the body. About the colors/tons it will be provide as update. so we wait upon the update for those that purchased the full version of Anthony, how we look forward to no more limitations and using appliers to enable tattoos etc. Then they drop the ball so to speak. Here is what you have all been waiting for, new add ons, appliers, etc. Yes it is for all you Anthony lovers, free updates for life. I would beware on the later quote, because the only way you can have all the updates you have been waiting for is to pay us lots and lots of lindens and buy the Anthony mesh again. Ka-ching! Never heard of anyone in sl, that brings out a product and makes you buy the same thing again if you want the updates, if they do new releases with a new style with a new avi name then yes, but the same dang thing, never heard of it. Poor salesmanship and apart from the fact it is a nice body, the after sales support is practically zero and you talk to the creator eventually, he spends more time laughing at your questions. Anyone would think he was head of some huge corporation with a monopoly. To keep going in any business, you need to look after your existing customers. Sheer ignorance!

  • I have had the displeasure to meet this creator. He wanted to include Omega appliers, and I was the one, with logs to prove, that introduced him to a lady from Omega, thus creating a bridge in between. He had promised that, should he succeeded in the Omega business, I’d get a body to try on, and to blog. He did succeed, and never IMed back. I IMed him and he said thank you for your “services” and blocked me.

    THIS… is what KILLED blogging in SL. Times ago, blogging was an exchange of goods for advertisement. Sure one can buy the goods, AND advertise on their own accord. Sure one can go to an advertisement company, and offer their product and pay cash for the advertisement. Thus, the “exchange” worked well for both parties, no cash involved and both benefiting.

    But then the caca hit the fan. Bloggers started to ‘harvest’ creators, what generated a mass wave of all shades of “not looking for bloggers”. From delicate, to rude. Most bloggers stopped making reviews to replace it with a photo with credits; said photos are quite often lacking in quality, or are of poor taste, or simply do not show the product, but the photographer. Review became obsolete, honesty became rudeness. Where are the pros and cons of a product? Honest reviews were silenced in favor of the so-called “politically correct” wave. I have been banned from a sim when a creator asked me what I thought of her mesh head and I answered, saying “I don’t like these sad eyes on your mesh head”. That was not a crime, nor offensive, nor rude. It was an honest opinion, but granted me a ban.

    Thus, it did shock me immensely when the ‘pay back’ came from the creator. It saddened me, as both him and share the same country of residence. I had never met a compatriot since I joined SL in 2003, but I met him and one other. Only two. So now, not only that, but to read they don’t even offer updates to customers and compare Iphone 5 and 6?

    I am not sure if anyone told him, but your older version of any phone can often be given as at least part of payment towards the new one if the new one is in good conditions. Obviously a no-mod mesh body would be in perfect (not good: PERFECT), conditions.

    It is easy to compare SL with RL when you are on the other side of the screen and buy a non-virtual good that is no-copy. But in a virtual world, where everything lays perpetually on one’s database until it is erased from hard drive at least 3 or 4 times (forensic laboratories are known for bringing data even so), that is the epitome of the greed.

    My old fashioned ways, no-nonsense photos, plain reviews and honest presentations, along my lack of politically-correctness and the so desperately desired false flattery, have made of me the most hated blogger in second life. so you know who I am and can contact me in world, but don’t ask of ME if you are not ready to hear. I WILL say so. The falsity and lie-to-me trend is not part of ANY of my lives.

    The creator of Signature knows that by heart now.

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