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SLink Physique Alpha Update

I haven’t enhanced any of the images in today’s post. These are are all raw shots, just cropped and resized.

SLink Physique Alpha Update

There is a SLink Physique alpha update. To get the update, go to the SLink mainstore and click on the redelivery terminal if you already own the physique.

SLink Physique Alpha HUD

One thing I noticed right away is that the tattoo, undies and clothes are on different alpha masks now. If you take a look at the middle of the HUD, you’ll notice the three options there:

SLink Physique Undies Alpha Mask EnabledSLink Physique Undies Alpha Mask Disabled

As you can see from the images above, having them on different masks enables the lingerie applier to hover over the body a bit and look like actual clothing rather than something that is painted on. You can see in the first image the lingerie looks much sharper and there is no fuzzyness around it like there is in the second image.

SLink Physique Tattoo Alpha Mask EnabledSLink Physique Tattoo Alpha Mask Disabled

However, the alpha mask for tattoo appliers doesn’t work as well with the current tattoo appliers I have from Letis Tattoo. So for tattoos, I think we need to keep that disabled, for now.

This new alpha update also lets us now alpha out the front and the back of the body, in different areas. Which is a lot better than the previous version. Hopefully now with this update, wearing mesh clothing should be a bit easier.

Another thing that I’ve done is put up a new shape for sale in my marketplace store: (UPDATE – NO LONGER AVAILABLE) Pretty Shape

I know a lot of people are moving to mesh bodies and mesh heads now so these standard second life shapes may soon become obsolete, but I think there are still a large group that are hesitant to move to mesh completely. I also get a lot of requests for my shape daily, or people just asking me if I make shapes. I really don’t make shapes to be honest, in fact my own shape was custom made for me.

However, since so many have requested, I have done a shape but I based the body on the standard sizing shape numbers. I tried to keep it as curvy as I could with those numbers and also tried to make the face look somewhat pretty. Well, I think it’s pretty, I hope you do too. I actually tried to make her look like Preity Zinta, but I don’t think I succeeded, lol. I just named her Pretty anyways since I started to base it off of her. It’s been fun experimenting with shapes and creating this one. I’ll see if I can try and make some more.

The shape is available for L$99 in my marketplace store. I no longer offer DEMOs for any of my shapes. (UPDATE – NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

Finally, I wanted to share this because my friend Tadeu Gartner has brought the Ice Bucket Challenge that benefits the ALS Association into Second Life. He had asked me to join him while he did it, but I wasn’t able to make it because of scheduling conflicts. I will however donate for the cause, as it is a very important one. I hope you guys are able to participate and donate as well. More information about the challenge on Tadeu’s blog.

1st image:
Mesh Body: SLink Physique by Siddean Munro
*Skin: Lara Hurley Fae by Lara Hurley (flickr)
*Hair: Truth Nissa by Truth Hawks
*Lingerie: {Luxuria} Olive You *INDULGENCE pack* by Roslin Petion (@ Olive You) (flickr)
Mesh Feet & Hands: SLink by Siddean Munro
*Watch: [MANDALA]BILLIONAIRE_Fashionista by kikunosuke Eel (Flickr)
Shoes: KoiKoi Little Black Shoe by Eku Zhong (Only today! – for 21shoe)
Pose: Del May Mhmmhm :p by Del May

last image:
Style credits on marketplace


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

14 thoughts on “SLink Physique Alpha Update

  • Sash Arabello

    Oh god no. The als challenge in SL.. welp. This is both bad and hilarious. I’m glad for the charity raising more money and awareness, don’t get me wrong. but.. duuuude.. what are you doing!? Lol

  • Venus Petrov

    I am very happy that SLink has updated the Physique body as the cuts were too large first time out. I agree, this should help making mesh clothing a bit easier to wear. I am, however, not happy that the tatt layers do not come out well. I bought several Lettis tatts to work with the body. Maybe NEXT release will address this.
    Thank you for the update, Berry.

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  • Valkyrie Morgwain...

    I have a body and separate sleeve tattoo from Letis and it works great… no blurring with the new tattoo alpha.. maybe it just that particular one? I do still have a small missing line between my sleeve and hand.. but few bangles hides that!! 🙂

  • Hello 🙂 Regarding alpha masking: This option turns a 32 bit transparent texture into a 1 bit transparent texture. This means that any pixel over a certain transparency level will be turned 100% *on* and any pixel under that transparency level will be turned 100% *off*, resulting in sharp edges, and no glitching with other transparent textures. If you don’t like how it turns out on your tattoo, don’t use it on your tattoo layer. Instead use it on your shirt layer so your shirt doesn’t cause your tattoo to disappear. Just to clarify, this is not something I can “fix” in any version of the body. It’s merely a convenience to allow people to wear clothing, underwear AND tattoo layers and not have them make the each other disappear. For further clarification, please contact me inworld!

  • Siddean, aaahhh that’s why the tattoos and clothing appliers don’t glitch anymore. Brilliant, thank you!

    Thomasch, I believe Siddean has stated that she is working on a male mesh body as well, but not sure when it will be released.

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  • I’m VERY hesitant to go with a mesh body or head. I love my avatar and her look. I don’t want to mess with it, and would feel very lost if I had to change. Also, I have loads of clothing that isn’t mesh that I love. I thing change is good, but I don’t want to lose my avatar’s look.

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  • Renata Hochberg

    I really miss the times before slink, I’m always without cash (even in RL lol) and now to get any decent pair of shoes we are obliged to buy those slink feet since no decent creator sells mesh-only shoes. Not only me but any other new ava or always-poor-old-ava are now fated to go around bare feet
    It’s nice to see but not all of us are freak fashionistas that runs to buy every piece of cloth that appears on the grid
    – just my 2 cents –

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