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InWorldz - The Knitting Circle

It had been a while since I blogged about InWorldz so I thought I would do an update. If you’re not familiar with InWorldz, you may want to read my first post about it – InWorldz: A Fresh Start – where I shared informative links and also a way for you to link your SL Avatar to your InWorldz Avatar through Inbiz and transfer your lindens over so you can go on a shopping spree like I did.

The Knitting Circle had its grand reopening this past weekend. When I blogged about it last year, they had just setup their temporary sky mall and they were working on the main build on the ground of the sim. Now they are finished the build and some of the stores have setup.

The Knitting Circle: Location
The Knitting Circle – Discount Room
Currently in the discount room:
> Ingenue Halter Top by Betty Doyle (freebie)
> Mina Hair by Mina Nakamura (freebie)
> Zanzibar creationZ Sweater by Arora Zanzibar (freebie)
> Souzou Eien Bindi Pack by Draconias Timeless (OS$25)
> Songbird Eyeliner by Nimil Blackflag (OS$1)
The Knitting Circle Stores:
.: Zanzibar creationZ :. by Arora Zanzibar
-=FORSAKEN=- by Vincent Vile
Mango Cheeks by Kilo Bishop
la petite morte by Voshie Paine
Songbird by Nimil Blackflag
Ingenue by Betty Doyle
Mina Hair by Mina Nakamura
Enchant3D! by Fianna Idora
EarthStones by Abraxxa Anatine
tomboi by Bryce Tully
Magika by Sabina Gully
MudHoney by Rayvn Hynes
Uncertain Smile Poses by Isabelli Anatine
HopScotch by Chandni Khondji
DIGS by Iris Maskelyne
Tillie by Tillie Ariantho
ANE by Anemysk Karu
Souzou Eien by Draconias Timeless
A.D.D.Andel by Andel Rhiadra
SySy’s by SySy Chapman
Bilo by Mayaa Masala

Mimi’s Choice is another mall with a variety of stores. It’s owned and run by Mimi Juneau and here is the location.
List of some stores at Mimi’s Choice:
Vista Animations by Vista Barnes – AOs, animations, dances.
2Xtreme by tunes Meness – home decor
Redgrave by Emilia Redgrave – skins, clothing
Humanoid by Marcus Adkins – Dances
Alafolie by Pixivor Allen – womens clothing
SF Design by swaffette Firefly – clothing for men and women
Giovanni by Giovanni Quinzet mens clothing
DE Designs by DoC Eldritch – clothing for men and women
iNedit by Dans Belgar – mesh boots, shoes, clothing,
Orage Creations by Elettra Gausman – female skins, clothing,
Noon by Noon Twine – Shapes, eyes,
LollipopZ by Zeev Dinzeo – Hair
Vanity Hair Saloon by Tabata Jewell
EMO-tions by Mirja Mills – Hair
Pure Poison by Shaleene Kenin – clothing and accessories
Countdown by Antonia Xp – womens clothing & swimwear
MySin by Myra Foil – female fashion
MEB by MariaElena Barbosa – clothing and shoes
SAS by Sascha Frangilli – womens clothing
tomboi by Bryce Tully – hair, clothing, shoes,
Mina Hair by Mina Nakamura – mesh hair

Glam Fashion District is another mall that I splurged at. It’s owned by Lany Jun and this is the location. I didn’t get a list of all the stores, but I did take a picture of their teleport board so you can get an idea of the stores there.

I figured since I am not really a regular resident of InWorldz and I don’t do a great job of keeping up with blogging it, I would link to some InWorldz bloggers and social media that may interest you in case you are looking for more news about InWorldz.
> InWorldz Official Twitter
> InWorldz hashtag on Twitter
> Daniel Voyager’s InWorldz Category
> Chic Aeon’s InWorldz Blog
> InWorldz Community Rag!
> Constanza – My Inworldz life
> Inworldz Shortcuts Blog
> Living In Worldz
> Atomic Cherry

These are just some of the blogs I’ve found. If you know of any more that are good at staying up to date with all things InWorldz, please share in the comments.

UPDATE: I forgot to add, this time I have switched over to Firestorm viewer, I am trying my best to get used to it and the 64 bit version is really working well for Second Life. So I used that same viewer to login to InWorldz as well, it worked really well! So in case you are wondering which viewer to use, you can download the official InWorldz viewer or use Firestorm.

Happy exploring!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

12 thoughts on “InWorldz: Shopping Spree!

  • Hi 🙂 I just wanted to share the blog that Leanna Caerndow and I run – – we do regular features on people, sims and other tidbits for InWorldz. Her and I both have IW as our only metaverse home bases and so spend a lot of time there.

    Thanks for the great post!
    Birch Wind

  • Thank you Stawberry for mentioning my sim and store. I love Inworldz, it’s smaller , but it has very friendly residents.
    This month Mimi’s Choice is celebrating it’s 3th Anniversary here.
    You can follow me on my blog :
    Btw I love your blog, reading every blog post 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing Cherry! I’ve added your blog to the list as well.

  • Aeon and I have avatars in IW – and have had for awhile now. We do go over now and again, but have started some new projects in SL, so we’re focusing on those at the moment. As summer wraps up, our RL work has gotten energised, as it does this time of year. (Mireille looks out the window at all those green leaves covering the hills and imagines them turning…very soon…)
    A relative has set up house in IW and seems very happy there. I’ll make sure she sees this posting, Berry; thank you for the update and the blogs. Maybe I’ll get in to visit with her soon and we’ll go shopping!

  • Agree that the FS viewer works just fine in various worlds. I am using it in three now :D. In the past there were warnings about “issues” with shared files, but I talked to support before I installed the 64 bit OS – SL version some months ago and they said it was fine.

    I hop around ALL the time and haven’t had any issues in months. So it is indeed safe IMHO no matter what the doomsdayers might tell you *wink*.

    Was fun seeing you inworld!

  • Update on the Inbiz Exchange as of the 20th. According the the forums and a notecard from the owner of the Exchange:

    “inBiz Exchange now closed. You can help inBiz.|Lindens Labs has notified me that my account that owns the terminals and processes transactions in SL (Dr Debruyere) is to be terminated.”

    Full thread on the IW forums

  • Merci for mentioning my blog, Strawberry. I’ve been on this grid for just over 6 months, but the sheer number of events and things to see and do is ever-increasing, that I’d need 2 blogs to do it all justice! We could do with some more blogging over here! ;D

    I also use FS for all my grids now and am sooo happy with it.

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