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I’m sure you all know how much of a social media addict enthusiast I am. I decided to check out another social network recently. I actually joined it a while back, some time last year, but didn’t really start using it more often until recently.

Avatar Social Network is like a facebook but for Second Lifers and other virtual world residents. You can share all of your content, pictures, blog posts, statuses on there and they also have games and a rewarding system.

I haven’t really taken advantage of the rewarding system, not sure how that works but I do shamefully admit to playing some of the games on there. LOL I can’t seem to resist little addictive games like that. Right now I’m desperately trying to get better at the tennis game. I am kind of a table tennis addict in the real world so it’s killing me that I can’t seem to do better in the Flash Tennis game. Need more practice!

If you decide to join Avatar Social Network, feel free to add me! I’ve been trying to use it more often.

Here’s a little tutorial that might help you during signup:

And here is a cute little video ad: http://youtu.be/k5IxHadd8Cc

I have also added it to my Social Media page, click over and join me on other networks as well!

UPDATE: Just found out that Avatar Social Network also has an android app which I have started using and it works very well. Click over to the Google Play store and try it out.

*Skin: Lara Hurley Fae by Lara Hurley (Uber)
*Hair: Vanity Hair Crazy In Love by Tabata Jewell (flickr)
*Dress: Thalia Heckroth Miaa Dress by Thalia Heckroth (blog)
*Sunglasses: Gizza Sunglasses by Giz Seorn (flickr)
*Necklace: Cae Bella Notte by Caelan Hancroft (@ FaMESHed)

10 thoughts on “Avatar Social Network

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  2. Sash Arabello says:

    Oh, Berry, what are you doing to me?

  3. You love it, don’t denyyyyy.

  4. It’s far more full-featured than the SL feeds. Its infrastructure will need some work, as it becomes a bit sluggish under heavy load. But anyone who’s familiar with the likes of Facebook will easily find their bearings. And, it also has forums. Nice work!

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