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I’ve been trying to play around with the Slink Physique mesh body some, since more designers have started to release appliers for it. I’m wearing the slink physique body with the Luxuria Summer Crush lingerie set. Roslin was so generous that not only did she make system clothing layers for the bras and panties, but she also provided several appliers including physique and wowmeh.

One thing with the physique alpha HUD that I noticed is that it wouldn’t let me wear the tattoo applier I am wearing in this post along with this lingerie applier. Whenever I tried to show the tattoos using the SLink HUD, they would glitch and not show up partially or completely. So I took the tattoos off and I looked up the website for the SLink Physique customer documentation and there is a section in there that discusses this so I did what it states there. I turned off all the layers, then I started enabling them again one by one, starting with the tattoos and then the clothing and it was fine for about a second but as soon as I zoomed a bit further out, the tattoos would disappear again. For those of you that have the SLink physique, have you been able to use tattoo and clothing appliers together?

The luxurious bed is from the Trompe Loeil Roanna set currently available at FaMESHed. It’s probably one of the most comfortable looking beds I’ve seen in SL. The lingerie you can pick up from My Attic.

*Skin: -Glam Affair – Rose – India 03 F by Aida Ewing
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Betsy by Truth Hawks
*Lingerie: {Luxuria} Summer Crush by Roslin Petion (@ My Attic)
*Cig: [NikotiN] SLIM_ Premium (v.4) by Raph Dirval
*Ring: (Yummy) Butterfly Daisys – Purple by Polyester Patridge
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – by Siddean Munro
*Mesh Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – Flat by Siddean Munro
Mesh Body: Slink Physique Mesh Figure V1 by Siddean Munro
*Pose+Bed: Trompe Loeil – Roanna Bed Velvet PG by Cory Edo (@ FaMESHed)
*Drapes: Rustica – Mesh Drape FULL SET by Maxwell Graf


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

13 thoughts on “Physique

  • Cailin Beorn

    i have been waiting for you to do a blog post on the physique body! i’ve had mine for a bit now and love it, specially now that some of my fave skin creators have appliers for it. the tattoo/clothing conflict i’ve noticed sorta comes and goes. i tend to use the same tattoo but some clothing appliers work and some don’t. not sure what the difference is between them so it’s a sorta hit and miss thing. hopefully it’s something that’ll be nicely straightened out soon.
    thanks for the awesomesauce that is you!

  • I’m incredibly excited for this to take off. I’ve resisted buying the body until now due to lack of skin and clothing appliers, but I’m happy to see that this is now taking off!

  • katie seminario

    I really love the shape of the mesh body and the fact you can use your sliders to give your own unique characteristics. But I too have a lot of problems with tattoo layers coming and going. One minute can be there, move your cam and its gone, or tp somewhere and its gone.. Same with my underwear too.. Need to do serious panty checks after tp’ing Haha!! hoping more designers will make clothe appliers with more “normal” everyday clothes too and not clothes looking like i’ve just stepped out of a red light district O.o …though I am finding fitted & liquid mesh can fit nice… But i’m perservering because i really do like it and hoping we’re just in the early stages of an excellent product!

  • Venus Petrov

    I,too, have had the same experience with tatt layers disappearing. I followed the suggestion in the documentation you cite and, still, they would disappear occasionally. I picked up that lingerie yesterday and can’t wait to slap it on my Physique body. Lovely photo, Berry.

  • Count me as well as someone waiting for you to review this! I’ve heard many mixed opinions on this body. You really didn’t say much positive on the matter…should we take that as it is? As someone who didn’t pick up the Wowmeh before it was pulled, and now hearing a so-so consensus on this body, what’s a gal wanting a full option to do? 😕

  • Kira Ragged

    I have the exact same problem with the wowmeh. I’m not sure what is causing this… maybe clothing layers built too close to the body because I’ve never had this issue with my mesh body parts like lola, linc azz and boinka breasts. Either way I love the shapes and convenience of only wearing one full body rather than parts, but until the issue with the amazing disappearing reappearing clothing gets resolved I can’t wear these mesh bodies anywhere.

  • I do like the SLink Physique, as in, I think it’s really well made and I like how a lot of people have already started releasing appliers for it. However, I’m not a big fan of the mesh body itself. I don’t see a huge difference from the SL avatar except for a bit smoother elbows, knees, butt and certain areas. It’s also very tricky to wear mesh clothing with it. So this is why I do not wear it all the time.

    I also have the mesh body from Wowmeh and The Shops. Wowmeh I feel the same about it as the SLink however I feel there are more appliers for the slink out already so I pretty much don’t wear the wowmeh as well.

    As for The Shops, The Mesh Project body, I really love it. It’s very well done with all the curves and I even love the textures. However, it’s basically useless unless you are just planning to be naked with it and only wear The Shops skin with it right now. There is no alpha hud so you can’t alpha parts of your body out to help with fitting. One good thing about it is that it’s free right now so you can all go pick it up and try it out. Here I am in this plurk trying out the shops mesh body, lots of nudity in this plurk:

    I know there are other mesh bodies that are also about to hit the grid so I will definitely DEMO those as well. But for now, I am sticking with trying to use SLink since it is a well known brand, works well with my SLink hands and feet which I adore and have many shoes for, and has a pretty good alpha hud system . I also heard she is about to do a big update to the alphas so hopefully more of these issues will be resolved.

    Time will tell but luckily there are quite a few choices right now for us to play around with, but for me, I recommend sticking with SLink right now or waiting it out to see what else hits the grid. I don’t always wear a mesh body.

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  • Venus Petrov

    That’s fantastic news about an update to the alpha for SLink Physique. When I spoke with her customer service a few weeks ago, I was told it would take awhile but maybe ‘awhile’ is soon! I, too, do not wear the mesh body all of the time for the same reasons you mention. Plus it is a bit deflating to realize that the clothing appliers will make your avie look like you are back to the old fashioned way of dressing — pre mesh. Two steps forward, one back? *smiles*

  • As always Miss Berry are your reviews of new products so very helpful. Thank you once more for doing them. Your reviews are usually the starting point for me to embark on an adventure and I will be brave and try to ‘conquer’ the Slink mesh body. It looks awesome and since I do a lot of nude or semi-nudes I think it will be great. Thank you!

  • Well, I took the plunge (more on that in the latest post – about the after-sex-on-the-beach…) – and bought the SLink Physique Mesh Body. I THINK I’ve sorted the appliers and all that, and I do look good (if I do say so, myself – teehee!)… Not sure I will wear it all the time, but it’s fun to try new things. Will take some photos and see what I think after that.
    As always, thank you for the encouragement, Berry. I truly appreciate that, as I want to be more adventurous OUT LOUD. You see, I am one who does a lot of adventure under wraps, so to speak. You know, in the DARK… *giggles*

  • when wowmeh came out i bought it…it was good for awhile. But I am a die hard slink fan…and her feet and hands xs work just right with the mesh body. I was told that it is a second life glitch that is responsible for the tattoo and slink layers to fight with each other, so this is my remedy. i wear one or the other. i wear only arm tattoos with the slink physique clothing layers, or i wear mesh with the full body ones. or just go without. sometimes you must make conceptions. I find that i can wear my cynful skinny jeans with the slink alpha layers, just fine.
    wowmeh…is up in the air. i have deleted the group, as the maker’s account got hacked and she is not offering any support, or selling any more product! she has die hard fans, i feel sorry for her troubles that she has been having of late. no more phat azz either.

    no sex on the beach in the daytime, with kids on beach…i prefere behind a rock in a secluded cranny…so that i can kick my legs up high and scream…like a bansheeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I have both the Slink and the WowMeh but I lost the plot with the Mesh Project, it just seems too complicated to actually get and use the damn thing. I love the Slink despite it’s failings, and the WowMeh, which seems to be making a resurgence as I’ve just got an ugrade to the Silhouette V1, which I suspect is a precursor to it going on sale again, though I reserve judgement. I think Baby G totally screwed up from a PR point of view over all this but I sort of understand it. Personally, I like the mesh stuff and don’t have any problems using mesh and fitmesh clothing with either body, if one doesn’t work because of the alpha config, the other one will! It’s a rare occurrence when I get something that won’t work at all. Maybe I’m just a geek but I am a fan of this technology……………

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