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Rowne is a new store co-owned by Fashionboi Landar and Justice Topaz with Couleur Latoe joining as part of the design team. Rowne will feature clothing, accessories, and hair but they’ve opened up the doors today with a capsule collection, which features essential items that are timeless; meant to be updated with seasonal pieces so you can continue to wear them throughout the year.

All of the details and updates can be found on and you can also follow Rowne on Facebook.

Rhapsody, the music themed event by The Hottie Cooterati Experience, also opened its doors today. Check out their flickr group to see all of the musical items available. The fun pose prop I’m using is from Hopscotch currently available at Rhapsody. This prop comes with a multitude of poses, not just for one person but groups as well, and they’re all unisex. Really well done! Grab the Rhapsody SLurl and head down there now!

You can click on this map to locate all the shops that you’d like to visit:
Rhapsody Map UPDATED

By the way, I picked up the SLink mesh body and have been playing around with it and I do like it quite a bit, however I did have some issues with it that’s why I’m not wearing it in this post. For some reason, I couldn’t get the SLink mesh hands to fit with the body, there was a gap in between them. Now I know this must be something I’m doing wrong because I am pretty sure they would fit together so I need to take some time to fiddle with that more and figure out why I’m getting a gap. (UPDATE: A few lovely people poked me to tell me that I need to wear the XS hands with the body and that should fit perfectly, so I did and it worked, no more gap! Check out this link for full details about the SLink Physique.)

I do like the quality and the way it all works but looking forward to see how it improves even more and what kinds of appliers people create for them as I saw the tattoo and clothing applier sections in the HUD. It is similar to the WoWMeh body that I have, but now I hear that one is no longer available due to some DMCA issues. I haven’t tried the mesh project body from the skin shop yet, but I did like the way it looked in Kiddo Oh’s comparison image on flickr:

It’s really interesting to see the market explode with all these mesh parts. I imagine a year from now our avatars will be looking quite different with all the updates and changes. Have you tried any of the mesh attachments as of yet?

*Skin: [theSkinnery] Madge by Umazuma Metaluna (@ Rhapsody) (SLurl)
*Hair: MINA Hair – Jett / Brett S by Mina Nakamura (@ Rhapsody) (SLurl)
*Jacket: Rowne.Minou Leather Jacket – Nude.S by Fashionboi Landar
*Pants: Rowne.Chleo Leather Pants – Onyx.S by Fashionboi Landar
*Shoes: Rowne.Atrix Pumps – Nude.S by Fashionboi Landar
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Siddean Munro
*Pose+Prop: HopScotch Rock your world by Chandni Khondji (@ Rhapsody) (SLurl)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

9 thoughts on “Rowne

  • finally in the moment the Wowmeh is the best shape concept cause come with 2 option body, fat or slim and is all mody, this is really usable. Is easy to make appliers without bureaucracy to make application to be accept or reject, to me this same rude with the designers, to stand in line while other big brands, sometimes as good as than, are selling ¬¬ re welcome to vacations Berry, great post !

  • Venus Petrov

    Just so other readers are aware, it is very helpful to review the SLink documentation while you are trying the demo or have purchased the body. The gap issue you mention between the hands and arms is addressed there. Here is the link:

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  • I bought the Slink yesterday. I went with the product that I saw as being most likely to have a greater ‘take-up’ for it’s appliers, and for mesh clothing in general.

    But have we simply swapped one nightmare for another?? It used to be square breasts and pointy elbows and knees that plagued those of us making pictures – now it’s the need to tone down all the extra shading.
    I spent more time this morning doing that for my latest picture than ever I did for the pointy’ness.
    I think maybe skinners may have to start being a little more circumspect with the shading if skins are to look their best on these new mesh bodies. Greatest respect to all of them though.

  • Venus, thank you for that link! Very helpful. I played around with the body some more and liking it more and more. Now the only difficult thing is to get it to play nice with different mesh clothes, but I’m still experimenting with it!

  • Well…so far, I’ve only gone with the hands and feet options at SLink. I do like them, but I too sometimes have that “gap” issue. Thank you for sharing that link, Venus…I’m going to check it out!
    I am still using the shape that was made for me shortly after arriving in-world. I do “tweak” it now and again, but Mireille is basically the same as she was back then (AFTER the switch to the custom shape). I worry about the mesh bodies a bit – or are they fully customiseable and I just don’t know? (TOTALLY possible!)
    Artistic and interesting post, Berry. Merci !

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