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I forgot how to Internet!

Rhapsody - Plethora


Hi guys, I’m back from vacation! I haven’t logged into Second Life yet as I am still jet lagging and kind of forgot how to do internet stuff, lol, slowly easing myself back into it. It doesn’t help that I’m sometimes a crotchety old lady that hates change and when social networks such as flickr or plurk change their layouts around, I feel like I need to take a Social Media 101 class or something.

Anyhow, I thought I would share the Rhapsody poster I’m in. I photographed some of the Rhapsody posters before I left for vacation in May and then Anya Ohmai made them all pretty. You can see all of the posters at this link. Rhapsody is a music-themed event and it starts this Saturday, June 28th. Click over to the Hottie Cooterati blog for a list of participants and all the details. Also, thank you to Liq Carter for letting me crash his Plethora poster.

Virtual Worlds

I haven’t really caught up with what’s going on in the virtual worlds that much. I heard about the SLink mesh body release and Linden Lab’s new Virtual World that they are building, but I don’t have a lot of info about these two topics as of yet. From what I have skimmed here and there, it does sound somewhat promising, but I’m not sure. What do you guys think about the news of Linden Lab’s new virtual world?

SL GO Also, SLGO is having a special promotional sale because of Second Life’s llth birthday.

The discount is 75% off the first month of an unlimited access subscription package. The offer ends June 29th so you only have a few days left! Just click on the banner and use the promo code listed.

Have you been to SL11B as of yet? What have you guys been up to so far this summer?

I do want to send a big thank you to Edie for keeping up with my Monday Memes and Friday Finds here while I was gone. I honestly didn’t know she was going to be doing that but so happy that she did! I noticed that most of her posts were about avatar deaths, lol. I am pretty sure it was all a part of her evil plan to kill me off. She is pretty evil to me on Twitter you see. Thank you Edie for taking the time to keep the light on in my absence. <3

If you’ve contacted me over the last couple of weeks, please be patient as I’m still going through all my emails and such. I’ll get back to you soon. I hope you guys have been having a fun summer! <3

*Skin: Glam Affair
*Dress: Baiastice
*Hair: Boon


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

12 thoughts on “I forgot how to Internet!

  • Welcome back Strawberry! So much to catch up on, will be interested to hear your take on the new platform element too!

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  • Welcome back Berry! Thanks so much for the chance to fill, if only a little, your awesome shoes while you were gone. Your readers are so great! It was really fun interacting and seeing what they came up with for the Monday Memes.

    Twitter? OMG! I can’t believe you’re still bitter because *I* got the new Twitter before *you* did!!! 😛

  • Hi, Berry! Welcome home!
    Your trip sounds fantastic, and I’m so glad you enjoyed it and brought home sweet memories and more proof positive of your own inner strength and peace. That is wonderful! (And, of course, I want to know how you enjoyed wonderful Paris!)
    We have been half-away ourselves these past few weeks, and I have not been checking in as I usually do, so I missed Edie’s postings; you know how we adore the darker side from time-to-time, so I will check them out!
    Summer schedules are crazy at our house – and leisurely at the same time. (Sounds as kooky as we are!) Anyway, welcome back – and I love that poster. I can just hear the jazzzzz….

  • Welcome back Berry 🙂 I hope that London was on your list as the last 2 and a half weeks here have been superb for weather! Your trip sounds perfect! We had a salon last Wednesday as usual, and the topic was the new virtual world, and what people might do as a result (speaking for ourselves of course). Here is the intro post: I’ll be posting excerpts from the conversation all week so you’ll get plenty of first hand opinions there 🙂 Great to have you back, and we need to do a photo session soon – I’m jonesing for a new pic!

  • Cat Carfagno

    <3 welcome back Berry and happy you're here again.

  • Welcome back, Berry. Happy you had such a wonderful time. I hope Spain was on your itinerary as I love it and want to go back even though there’s so much of Europe I haven’t seen. There’s been a tsunami of mesh body parts while you were gone, it’s hard to remember a similar time of SL evolution in so many aspects.

    Savor your memories!

  • Omg, you made love? With a stranger? Was he italian or french? A dane maybe?? … Hihihi.
    Welcome back :))

  • Hi Berry… your trip, alone, to Europe was very brave! I’m in awe. 🙂 It sounds like you make it work well. Hugs and welcome home… Yordie

  • Congrats on being invited to contribute to G Living – awesome site. Paloma's birthday dishes look much more enticing than the typical store bought cake with its sugar coated frosting that is terrible for your teeth and upsets your baby's tummy. I'm sure she appreciates it as well. Happy #2 Paloma!

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