Monday Meme: Resurrection

SL Resurrection: Photo of Edie Sedgwick hovering over her grave site.

SL Resurrection

In the last couple of Monday Memes we’ve loved, we’ve lost… and now finally… Resurrection. Regardless of what your spiritual beliefs may or may not be IRL, in virtual space resurrection is always possible! Perhaps your incorporeal body has left SL and resurrected on OS Grid or InWorldz. Do you float in the virtual ether awaiting High Fidelity or SL2? How do you imagine you will be in those worlds? Or have you come back to an alien landscape like Lord of the Rings Online or Tera?

Perhaps you return to SL. But what is different? Body? Mind?

There are many ways you can photograph your Resurrection Meme. Within SL you might photograph your alt. Or you might choose to use this opportunity to design a new avatar identity. Smaller? Bigger? More androgynous? More gendered? Big eyes? That hairstyle you thought you could never really rock in your mortal life. It’s the 1st week of Summer (or Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) and now is a nice time to reimagine your presence in this world.

As always, leave a link to your blog/flickr/etc in the comments below so we can all chime in and tell you how great you look in your new avatar skin!

SL Resurrection: photo of an avatar with wings
Send Me An Angel by Elease Graves


1. How is your resurrected avatar different?

2. Can you truly know a place if you haven’t left it and returned?

3. The, as yet, vaporworlds of High Fidelity & SL2 are coming on strong! Of course, so did Blue Mars & Cloud Party. Will you try these worlds when they’re available? Would you maintain “dual citizenship” in SL and SL2 or High Fidelity?

4. What would it take from SL2 or High Fidelity for you to say farewell to SL?

5. Does your computer or graphics card need a resurrection? How do you imagine your new computing life?

6. If you resurrect multiple times (have multiple alts in SL, or avatars in other worlds) how do you know what your core identity is? What is your core identity?

7. What musical era should be resurrected? What musical era should never be resurrected?

8. Who was your 1st kiss in your old life? Who should be your 1st kiss in your new life?

9. If you could bring just 3 things from your old life to your new life, what would they be?

10. What color will your resurrected underwear be?

SL REsurrection: photo of a half dozen angels floating in a large cathedral-like interior with heavenly beams shrouding them in light
Congregation of Angels by Peter Jackson

Photo Credits

Thank you to these artists for making their work available on Flickr with a Creative Commons license!
Send Me An Angel by Elease Graves
Congregation of Angels by Peter Jackson

PS: you can now visit me at Second Afterlife Cemetery:

Edie Sedgwik

Hello everyone! As you probably know, Berry's on a much deserved vacation till the end of June. I'm certainly not Berry, but I'll help, if I can, to keep the virtual campfire here at Strawberry glowing a little bit.

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