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Friday Find: Second Afterlife Cemetery

It’s “Corpse Week” this week at For our Monday Meme we thought about “Landscapes with a Corpse,” and so for our Friday Find it only seemed proper to visit an SL Cemetery. It turns out that many of you have been to Linden Memorial, so today I thought I’d visit Second Afterlife Cemetery.

black-and-white night-photography of Edie Sedgwick sitting on a bench in the rain at Second Afterlife Cemetery
Contemplating mortality at Second Afterlife Cemetery

Second Afterlife Cemetery

As you’ll see in the video, gravesites mark both SL and RL passings. Marking an SL passing in SL only makes sense. And I thought marking RL passings in SL was quite interesting. Statistics are that after the initial events, most RL graves are never visited again, not even once. So to let someone rest in a virtual place where friends anywhere across this earth can remember them is quite beautiful.

Second Afterlife Cemetery from Edie Sedgwick on Vimeo.

Lena Anthony

Second Afterlife Cemetery is maintained by Lena Anthony, whose own tombstone reads,

Lena Anthony
Rezzed 10/30/2007
Unrezzed 4/5/2011
But refuses to cross over.

As I understand it, she’s no longer alive in-world, but her ghost appears as needed to maintain the cemetery and help out new internees.

ESSENTIAL: Set your sun position to midnight. Or you might prefer the spring feeling of noon lighting. But for me the darkness helps me go to… well… a darker place.


As usual, my clumsy video is rendered almost sublime thanks to the beauty of a soundtrack from CCMixter. “Half Grey Latte” is by Syenta, featuring Kevin MacLeod and KungFu.

Second Afterlife Cemetery is so tranquil, unsettling, disturbingly comforting, and bittersweet, I think it must be more than a blog post. I think I have to move in. I’ll let you know when you can come visit me.

Edie Sedgwik

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