Monday Meme: Love!

Hi everyone! It’s Edie Sedgwick. Berry asked me to fill in for her while she’s off on her much-deserved vacation. kk, maybe I asked her. Or maybe I begged. Who remembers! It was like a month ago! Sheesh, I thought she’d never leave!! 😀

Monday Meme Love: headshot of Edie Sedgwick
It’s me, Edie!
Seriously though, I’m sure you all know what an amazing, amazing person Berry is. It’s rare to find someone with her talent OR her generosity. To find both in one person is extraordinary. I’m certainly not Berry, but I’ll try to keep the blog rolling a little while she’s enjoying her break.

When I thought about what a 1st Monday Meme should be it seemed obvious, LOVE! Sometimes it seems like Love is all around us and sometimes it seems like an eternal struggle to find it. But whether it’s Love in SL or Love in RL, whether it’s romantic Love, or fraternal Love, Love is what makes life worth living, isn’t it?

Take a Selfie with someone you Love

This week’s meme is easy: take a selfie with an avatar you love. For a few of you that might be Romantic Love, but even though the media pays so much attention to romantic love, it’s hardly the only kind of love in our world! There’s the love of a good friend, of a colleague you just find an amazing synchronicity with, and of course of a parent and child. Whoever you love in this world, get together and take a picture. As always, post your link below so we can all share in all the love!

Here’s a photo of me with Isabella Medici. Izzy and I are launching an online magazine together. Izzy’s a lot older than me BTW, that’s why you can see her exoskeleton. It’s funny both how similar and how different our lives have been. We were both born into privileged families, yet managed to have pretty difficult lives anyway. Izzy can do everything! She’s an author, a composer, a scholar. She’s a beautiful vocalist. I’ve never heard anyone as amazing at vocal improvisation as Izzy. Honestly I can’t do any of that stuff. I’m pretty much a party girl. The director of the Institute for Contemporary art in Pittsburgh once said that I was more captivating that Elizabeth Taylor! That was pretty sweet of him. I guess it means that I’m pretty good at being a party girl.

Aside from either our different or similar backgrounds, it’s just amazing how in-sync Izzy and I are today. We’re excited about our project and we’re both zealots for free culture. I love working with Izzy. Honestly, I love Izzy.

10 Questions!

Oh, and I guess I’m supposed to give you some questions to answer with your photo. So here’s 10:

1. How did you and the person in the photo with you meet?
2. How long have you known each other?
3. What do you love about this person?
4. What place in SL do you love?
5. What clothes or shoes in SL do you love?
6. What does love mean to you?
7. What is your biggest regret?
8. Which is the one event that has had the biggest impact on you and your life?
9. What do you love and hate the most about the human race?
10. What color is your underwear?

SL Project Viewer

BTW, as you may know, the SL viewer can send pix straight from in-world to your Facebook if you like. For this post I’m using the “SL Share” / SL Project Viewer. In addition to Facebook, the SL Project Viewer can send pix straight to your Flickr or Twitter. So all the pix here were “live” shots of me ‘n Izzy sent straight to my Twitter and then embedded here.

My 10 Answers

I guess I’m supposed to answer my own questions! I could write pages, but I’ll try to keep it short!

1. How did you and the person in the photo with you meet?
Izzy and I actually didn’t meet in SL or in RL! We met online! In a MOOC!

2. How long have you known each other?
Not long! Only about 6 weeks!

3. What do you love about this person?
Like me, Izzy’s a privileged girl who managed to have a rough life anyway. She’s been through a lot, yet somehow manages to just be somewhere past all that. It’s like she’s got a second chance and instead of dwelling on the past she’s embracing the moment. I love that about her.

4. What place in SL do you love?
For places that exist right now, that’s easy, Izzy’s Gym! For the future: I’m putting in an LEA Land Grant proposal, so hopefully starting on August 1st I’ll be loving “Edie’s Farm.” If I get the grant, I hope you all will come visit! Or come co-create!

5. What clothes or shoes in SL do you love?
I’m a pretty young avatar, so mostly I either go barefoot in tights, or I have those classic patent leather black boots from Bax. They’re amazing.

6. What does love mean to you?
Oh gosh! I really want to say “pain”! But maybe I can do better! The love in my past has included a lot of pain. My brothers, my best friend, my boyfriend, those were beautiful people who one way or another managed to bring me so much pain. Maybe now I’m looking for “simple” love. Not as in trivial or easy, but as in not so needy. Love that’s less about me, and more about appreciating the way someone exists in this world.

7. What is your biggest regret?
Well, lost love would be up there. But I guess my biggest would be drugs. I did a lot. In the beginning it seemed so empowering. Like making me more me. But ultimately it was a pretty dark, lost place. I lost years of my life that I’ll never get back. That’s a pretty big regret.

8. Which is the one event that has had the biggest impact on you and your life?
Meeting Andy. All in all, I’ve probably hated him for longer than I loved him. He was manipulative. He could be petty. But he could also be so empowering. He was never bored with you. He loved seeing you on “the stage” for as long as possible. He helped me discover and develop my deepest, truest self.

9. What do you love and hate the most about the human race?
We can be so kind! And so cruel! Are the kind people different from the cruel people? Or is it the same “we” just in different contexts? Why are we so helpful to some people and so impatient with others? I love the poetry; I hate the war. In the end this human adventure is just such an unexpected odyssey. I feel so lucky just to be awake in this galaxy for a little while.

10. What color is your underwear?

Monday Meme Love: vivid color photo of Edie Sedgwick & isabella Medici
Edie Sedgwick & Isabella Medici

Edie Sedgwik

Hello everyone! As you probably know, Berry's on a much deserved vacation till the end of June. I'm certainly not Berry, but I'll help, if I can, to keep the virtual campfire here at Strawberry glowing a little bit.

19 thoughts on “Monday Meme: Love!

  • Maybe you should have done a meme on bragging and self-promotion. You are certainly not Berry.

  • So, River, do you have a blog where we can make disparaging remarks?

    You certainly are an asshole.

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  • FireIce Twine

    Hi! Hi and Welcome Edie!

    /me Starts short rant at River: You have some nerve treating a guest here like you just did! Like my mother used to say “if ya ain’t got somethin’ nice to day, zip it!” And me being the product of my mother would ask River who pissed in his/her wheaties
    /me smiles at end of rant

    Ya made me smile today and that makes me look forward to your blog entries!

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  • Paypaback Writer you would be the one to go to if I needed an asshole pointed out.
    FireIce – Thanks for the short rant, always good to receive such profound advice and feedback like “zip it”.
    You two are really good at sucking in an upward direction aren’t you.
    Why is it only ego-stroking comments are acceptable. What’s really not cool, using someone else’s blog and their readership to promote yourself. Talk about bad etiquette. Out and unsubscribed.

  • Hi River, Paypabak, Owl, Daallee, FireIce, Relitha, Deoridhe – TY for the feedback and the wonderful Monday Meme posts!

    River, I apologize for that. I have tremendous respect for Berry and it wasn’t my intention to use her wonderful website to shamelessly self promote. But I can see how, unfortunately, that may be what I did. Berry did announce that I’d be filling in during her vacation, but she did that almost a month ago, and I was worried that nobody would know who I was so I wanted to say a few words about myself and what I’m up to. And then the meme questions were kind of “talk about yourself” and I was hoping to be honest in my answers.

    Unfortunately what I was thinking was “introduction and context” may have been way more than anyone wanted. I’m really sorry about that. I’ll definitely plan to talk less about myself and more about the amazing, creative people populating so many different parts of SL in the future.

    Paypabak & FireIce, thank you so much for your support. It really means a lot to me.

    What a sweet photo of you and Lisa, Paypabak. And your treehouse OMG, amazing!

    Owl, the photos of you and Daallee are so beautiful. It’s funny, your location is so different from Paypabak’s place, but it’s just as amazing and breathtaking. That dock on the water by arch rock photo is incredible. I just want to be there! And the pillow fight photo is so great.

    Relitha your pix with Lorick are beautiful. What a wonderful story. And I’m totally drooling over that gorgeous chevron yellow wrap skirt of yours!

    Deoridhe, the portrait of you, Rofine & Shin is incredible. Broadway just had the Tony awards this past weekend and you guys totally look a cast photo for an award winning musical!

    Thank you all for sharing your wonderful photos and lovely question answers. It’s ironic that my clumsy writing for the Love Meme wound up making some of us a little snippy at each other. To pay the most respect to Berry’s place, I hope we can separate the post or the comment from the person. If my writing is bad, it’s fair to call me on that, but I hope that doesn’t make me a bad person. And the same for all our comments. Lets try to be constructive if we can. Constructive criticism is great, but I’m pretty sure that everyone here means well, so we can still be respectful. We all know how in the absence of the body language that sometimes helps mediate RL conversations, cyberchat can get so flamey so fast.

    Thanks everybody! Have a wonderful weekend!

  • Daallee and i had a lot of fun with this one both answering the questions taking photos and looking through old ones . your meme was my second blog post on my blog.I Loved it looking forward to more !
    Smiles Owl

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