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“By drowning in your thoughts, even loneliness seems nice.”


Do you ever feel like there is so much going on around you that you can’t get a firm grasp on anything? With work, last few weeks of school and family dramas, I really feel like I’m drowning. Second Life is like my escape. I can sneak in here, work on a picture and get a bit of a break. After seven years, it’s still a place that gives me a lot of solace and comfort.

I wasn’t planning to blog this pic, but then I thought, WHY NOT? I am still playing around with the Flood water plugin I blogged a few days ago. Have you had a chance to play with it?

*Skin: Glam Affair
*Hair: Truth
Mesh Eyelids: SLink

Water: Flaming Pear Flood Plugin
Tears & Water drops: Water Drops in Photoshop! | IceflowStudios


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

17 thoughts on “Drowning

  • beautiful image. the tight crop at the top really gives a sense of oppression and claustrophobia.. you poor thing! you’ll be traveling soon

  • Yes, I totally know the feeling of being completely overwhelmed. For my job I have to do daily notes about everything I do, and I’m perpetually in arrears (luckily my supervisor is super understanding, but I’m super not toward myself) and it’s this sort of unending avalanche of crap, because if you miss a few days than you’re behind and have to catch up somehow, and gods forbid you have a challenging week.

    I finally seem to have found something that works (knock on wood) and am four days from being completely on target for this month, which is a little terrifying.

  • Seicher Rae

    Yes,I do. Under water right now.

  • Lovely post and image Berry. I hope things look up for you soon and I know just what you mean. I feel very much the same and have similar stressers and find that despite all of that I make time to style and blog just for the creative release. *hugs you*

  • Drowning, suffocating, yep been there and will probably be there again at sometime. Whatever we find as a relief for this feeling we can count ourselves lucky, many never find that.

    This last week has been tough for me also (as it has with quite a few I know. With time and the right distractions the laughter will return.

    Chin up Berry, tomorrow is a better day (read that somewhere).

    ♥ Dee

  • A beautiful picture. Keep your head up, your vacation is coming soon and you will get that much needed break. We all will miss you but it’s time to take care of you after a long school year. ♥

  • I DID try it! And it makes me ever so happy! I already posted my results with it, and I couldn’t be happier. I have been wanting to do a pic like that for the longest time, but SL water suuuuuuucks. Thanks for the tip!

  • Thank you, Berry, for the beautiful photo and for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Sometimes, RL (or even SL) can be a challenge, and we just need to find a fresh way of expressing ourselves – or just to step away for a little while.
    Being very honest about emotions and inspirations can take us to new places inside ourselves where we can learn so much. Travel or just time on our own can be such a gift of grace, as well. You’re soon off on a new adventure. May it bring you rest and joy!

  • EJ (EleanorJean)

    So very timely a posting for me. This is just where I am. It’s amazing when you post how many others you find out there who are in the same place. Helps you to feel as if you are not the exception. Lovely photo. How could you not share it :-).

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  • Yes, I totally understand drowning in your own thoughts. When it happens to me I know it’s time for a change of pace. I imagine there are a lot of different approaches to getting back in balance, but for a quick fix nothing beats a walk along Cocoa Beach. Last time I needed a complete mind purge I binge watched Star Trek Voyager. Regardless of how you deal with it, the fact that you recognize that you are struggling is a very good thing.

  • That is an amazing photo Berry! I’ve been playing with the flood water plug in a little bit, it’s fun, since I haven’t really explored the powers of adding filters into my Photoshop. this one is my first. Thanks to you!
    As for the loneliness, I hope you meant solitude, or even better yet how about serene.
    And yes, for me SL provides me a space to be creative, and to even fly, for me it’s good to fly, it’s so dream like. I’m glad to have a space like Secondlife, it’s my play place to dream and create a better a world for others to enjoy too. As for DailyLife,yes for me too, it’s crazy and unrelenting as well as demanding, It’s why I marvel at all you do, to me your like Secondlife’s socialite. You keep me informed of places to visit, so it saves me my time to search for the good spots. You are so deserving of your upcoming vacation use it to recharge! Take photos too, and use your new plug in on your travel photos. Enjoy all that life has to throw at you. ~ Fresh Air ~ 🙂

  • Thank you so much everyone for the comments. I am slowly digging myself out of all the work. Just another week and a half left and then I’m freeeee. Looking forward to it!

  • Perlla Beck

    This is amazing work,i like it so much!
    by the way, it’s a nice tip , thanks for share it for us.
    I also love Anna’s works, she is very talented as you are.

  • Rain Saxondale

    I admire the fact that you choose to be transparent even though you are a bit of a private person. It helps us out here not to feel so alone. Life can get tough at times and I too am thankful to have SL as a bit of a place to have some creative solace 🙂 Picture is really beautiful too.

  • Too many compmilents too little space, thanks!

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