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Friday Find: Paradiso

Friday Find - Paradiso

Friday Find: Paradiso

Ziki Questi sent me a landmark to Paradiso a few weeks ago. Today when I dropped by, I got a notification that Paradiso might close in 18 days. It’s a beautiful water sim which has a serene feel to it. I’m not sure why it may be closing in 18 days, but there was a donation box at the entrance so I dropped some lindens in there. Hopefully things will turn around for them and it’ll stay open for longer.
Here are some links for info:
> raw shot
> SLurl
> Blog
> Paradiso Flickr Group

Weekly Roundup

  1. The Drax Files Radio Hour – Over the last few weeks Drax has shared more interviews with different Linden Lab employees whom he met on his trip there.
  2. SL11B – is accepting applications, check them out if you wish to participate.
  3. SLinventory – A new website that makes shopping easier for shopaholics. They also have a Facebook page.
  4. New Mesh Avatars – The Lab has released new mesh avatars that have caused a lot of debate throughout the blogosphere. There is a big discussion about them in one of my plurks.
  5. Materials Settings Info by Mina Nakamura – Mina creates hair that is materials enhanced and in this post she shares some info and her windlight settings that makes her hair look more realistic.
  6. Appearances in Second Life – Canary Beck has a series of very interesting posts regarding appearances of our Second Life avatar. She held a discussion panel with a few residents and she’s been sharing snippets of their conversations in the post. It’s defintitely an interesting read.
  7. Fantasy Faire Contest – Fantasy Faire is running a very interesting contest where the winning images will be placed in a real life calendar that can be purchased in the real world. Make sure to read the rules of the contest for all the details.
  8. New Guest Blogger on – There is only a few weeks left of school so I’ll be pretty busy for the next little while and then I’m leaving for vacation in June for a month, because of that I thought it would be interesting to add another guest blogger to the mix. Edie is a relatively new friend but I’ve know her alter-ego for many years now. She is pretty crazy but also interesting. She’s not a fashion blogger, but she does have interesting ideas and thinks of wacky projects which she shares on her own blog. I’m not sure if and when she’ll blog over here, but I thought I’d give y’all a heads up if she does.

I’m planning to blog a tutorial tomorrow, so make sure to drop by and have a great weekend! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

8 thoughts on “Friday Find: Paradiso

  • Crazy? OMG! Rude? I’m so sane your mind can’t keep up!

    Don’t worry, I’ll be here while you cruise around the world. Your readers and I are going to “Deconstruct @StrawberrySingh”!

    Maybe something like this:


    Thanks for great post, Berry:) One thing also that catched my eye is new mesh avas ( woohoo :D) I tried all of them lol and I have a question to LL, why male avas looks better than female? O_o even beasts or vampires. Oh and beasts avas has their AOs. Well, except that zombie female ava that looks more real 😀
    Anyway, those avies is a good start for new residents 🙂

  • Thanks for the mention and sharing the link, Berry. I was indeed a revealing and broad discussion! We now have them every week on different topics – so far we’ve covered what brought us here and what keeps us here, whether SL is lonely or not, and now appearance. I’ve got loads of other topics in the tray. I know it’s not a great time for you (Wednesday 1pm SLT) – perhaps I’ll host a weekend one someday so we can branch out a bit further 🙂 If we don’t chat before you go, I hope you enjoy your holiday – England at least is having great weather at the moment, and Europe will no doubt be nicer 🙂

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  • Giselle Avro

    Wow. I didn’t know Paradiso is closing. I haven’t heard anything and I love going there to take pics. I recieved a notice similar stating that Imaginaria is closing in 18 days. Either way, both will be a loss.

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  • Those new mesh avatars are a mess, although I got a big kick out of the zombies which are at least supposed to be ugly! I found that the clothes didn’t necessarily fit if you swapped them to another starter av, even wearing the same shape, because the mesh bodies were different. I had hopes, but I can’t see how they will help new users with their learning curve.

  • That is indeed a lovely place. It’s sad to see beautiful sims in SL go away, but I do understand how and why it happens.

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