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All that’s left is solitude and the desires in my heart.


I won’t be around for most of June because I’m going away to places I’ve never been before. I’ve been a mix bag of emotions so far this year (or perhaps always?) and I wanted a change. So I’m travelling across the ocean to a foreign land all by myself. I want to go tech-free and just leave everything and everyone behind and I guess, cliche but…discover myself?

Since I’ve started planning this and now have all the confirmations and bookings done, I’ve been feeling a mix of excitement, freedom and absolute fright. I admit, I’m scared. Not just because I’ll be on my own and won’t have my family or friends with me to depend on, but also about what I may discover about myself.

Is that weird? I don’t know. All I know is, I want a breath of fresh air and I want to be left alone to explore and be free. I’m hoping it’ll help me mature, become more independent and perhaps change my perspective on life and have a bit more confidence in myself.

This is what I hope anyways. Let’s see what happens.

*Skin: Glam Affair by Aida Ewing
*Eyes: Ikon by Ikon Innovia
*Hair: MINA Hair – Roosje by Mina Nakamura (coming soon)
*Dress: Evie’s Closet by Evangeline Miles
*Poses: :Picture This! Poses: Submerged by KeliahAngelis (@ Pose Fair)
*Mesh Hands & Feet: SLink by Siddean Munro


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

37 thoughts on “Freedom

  • Wishing you nothing but the best Berry, and the safest of travels. I would love to experience the world in solitude like that. I think it’s so important to take time out for ourselves.

  • Remember to bring a GET OUT OF JAIL FREE Monopoly card.
    It doesn’t really work, but it is good for laughs.


  • Having experienced most of what you went through this year and what you are about to embark on, I am very happy for you and hope that what you find is through your solitary twists and turns that you find what has been missing from your life all this time was actually within you all along, you just needed to open your eyes and grasp it. Have safe travels Berry, and don’t forget to just stop and smile.

  • I think the ‘Get Out Of Jail’ card is a genius idea and maybe take some monopoly money with you as well….you never know when it might come in handy.

    As for going tech free, I hear you and totally get the sentiment but I hope you at least take a smart phone and an iPad along. We are in the 21st century and going tech free seems sort of impossible/undesirable. Speaking as someone practically hardwired into the internet that’s what I would be most worried about!

    Have a fabulous, life enhancing trip! Where are you going?

  • I am visiting 5 countries in Europe and will take my phone with me. But it will be off mostly except for emergencies and if I wanna take a pic or something, but not that big on rl photography. Harlow also gave me the idea to take a journal with me, which I will do. And thank you all, I am looking forward to it.

  • dq darwin

    A bold and self challenging step Berry. To be able to find a new side of yourself in life’s journey is both brave and rewarding.I can say rewarding based on what I have seen of you here in SL (one can’t hide the operator from living in the av)and I look forward to your return and reading of your adventure.

    As a traveler do stay safe and enjoy your quest. Good luck and God Speed ♥


  • Giselle Avro

    Best of luck on your endeavor. May your journey be a safe yet exciting experience! I think this will not only be a positive experience for you, but, I am also a little excited at the prospect of some wonderful meme’s from this!


    May God bless you on your way and help you keep peace in heart and soul ♥ Bon voyage Berry 🙂

  • Will miss you, but applaud you for your decision to take the journey for yourself. Be safe and have a wonderful time!

  • Don’t worry. The Internet will still be here when you get back.

  • Good Luck Berry… Have a wonderful journey and I hope that wherever your mind takes you, you will find the peace and happiness you deserve! Be careful if your journey takes you to Amsterdam though in your travels across Europe, you never know what you will find out about yourself if you are smoking the weird stuff LOL!!!
    I am jealous you’re doing this, maybe one day I will find the courage to do it myself!!! Bon Voyage!!

  • Have an amazing travel Berry! We’ll all miss you and your post of course! But have fun and I hope you enjoy your journey. Don’t worry we’ll be right here waiting to hear all about it. Enjoy!

  • safe travels!

    Most of us dream of doing something like that, but you are the brave soul that is actually doing it!

    If you dont take many rl least offer us some food porn! I wanna see what the locals eat, not just what we all see on the travel channel.

    best of luck to you!

  • Well, our paths may inadvertently cross (incognito) in London if you are heading that way. If you do have fun it is a great city.

  • Bon Voyage …I’ll miss you.

  • I stopped by here via Yordie Sands on google+. I liked your blogging questions and tried to answer them for my own direction!! I am a former SL roleplayer who still has mixed feelings bout the virtual world – a disappointed idealist I suppose! I have popped into SL from time to time. At any rate I do like RL photography and writing. All the best in Europe! I love travel too. I was in France last summer and will be back in Ireland and Scotland this summer if all goes well. You will be inspired to take photos I’m sure!!

  • Oh my… I’m in germany – I case you get lost while being there, call meeeee.
    Save travels :)))

  • Berry, It’s an experience you will recall for the rest of your life. If your not one to take RL photos, pick up postcards along the way. They are professional shots of the best places in the all the countries, also in addition to keeping a journal, you could write yourself letters and send them back home, the stamps and post marks will be fun to see when back and make nice keepsakes. Most of all Enjoy it.

  • Starr Ghost

    What an amazing journey it sounds like ~ it is scary to travel alone but that said it pushes you out of that safe zone and your comfort zone to discover the people, the landscape around you ~ you sound very wise in planning and preparing for this journey ~ my wish for you is to have a safe, fun, awesome time of your life ~ may you find all the adventures you seek….. hugzz

  • Your trip sounds wonderful. Have a great time and enjoy being unplugged.

  • excellent! i am sure you will have a great time. my advice – pitch the phone too lest you be tempted to text and chat, take a sketchbook style journal, write every few days and make sketches to remember things and places. even if you suck you will see more trying to draw it than you will remember later from a photo.

  • Cougar Sangria

    How exciting for you! I am excited for you. Wishing you a safe journey full of self discovery ♥

  • Thank you all for the warm wishes. I think some people thought I was leaving in May, but I still have a month to go. The trip is in June. Just felt like sharing my feelings about it today now that it’s all booked. Will let you know a few days before I take off. Thanks again! <3

  • Oh, Berry! I am so happy for you. This trip will offer you adventure and discovery, and you sound so open and ready for it; it will be good, I know, and just for you.
    I encourage the journal idea that Harlow gave you – and leave it to the brilliant Garvie to add the idea of a sketchbook. I love that idea. You can write in it, draw in it, tape postcards in it, press flowers in it, and even tear a page out and take an area tracing of some wonderful bas relief that catches your eye.
    Travel slowly…walk places, look up at the sky no matter where you are, let it rain on you and let the wind blow in your hair. There are so many wonderful cities and little places to visit – and a vast countryside as well. The world is a beautiful place when we look.
    You have time to prepare, and then the moment will come and you’ll be off! Let go and enjoy. Ponder, explore, rest and do just what you want to do!
    I’ll be in England and France in June, so perhaps we’ll run into one another. I do love to wander.
    Best always!

  • Malkavyn Eldritch

    This sounds amazing Berry <3

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  • In my 20’s I travelled around the US by myself for 6 months at a similar turning point in my life, all the way from Australia.
    It was the most amazing experience because it taught me so many things including resourcefulness, independence and learning to trust myself as well as driving on the other side of the road!
    I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip ♥

  • First of all; don’t be afraid! The EU isn’t Africa or South America but mostly very civilized places. In general it’s as save or even safer than the US. Traveling in solitary is the best. Many Europeans can’t understand the American tendency to always be social and co-dependant … or feel homesick. Here’s my top countries to visit and stuffz to do there:

    – island hopping in Greece
    – hiking in Sweden and Norway
    – shopping in London, Paris, Milano
    – beach bumming in southern France, Spanish Baleares
    – getting sloshed in an Irish pub
    – cross from Europe into Asia in Istanbul

    And for fux sake, take a camera with you! And of course some small notebook/netbook for blogging/journaling. Maybe even a tablet will do, although I don’t wanna type on those things. Yeah, get a cheapo old netbook. from Ebay and use that.
    Don’t forget bikini bottoms are a girl’s best friends. Contrary to common belief shedding your top isn’t mandatory tho.
    Economics: EU is more spoiled and expensive than the US. So please bring a lot of money. In many places, particularly restaurants and small shops, paying with credit card is not possible. It’s always recommended to carry a generous amount of cash with you.

  • I will just add “ditto” to the comments everyone else has made. I wish you the best adventure ever.

  • What amazing adventures await you – how exciting. Congratulations for plucking up the courage, and if there is any possible way – be sure to eat *anything* in Bologna or vicinity. Best food in Italy, and Europe, in my opinion! Safe travels, and if you’re in San Sebastian, by all means lose the bikini top – it’s highly liberating! 🙂

  • Sounds like a wonderful adventure Berry! I like doing things all by myself at times, so I understand the mixture of excitement and fearfulness. Just be careful and don’t do what I’d do. hehe. (I picked up a hitch hiker and now realize what a bad idea that was, been though nothing bad happened.) Hugs & love

  • Where will you be? I am spending the Summer on the very southern coast of England. 2 months. 🙂

    I hope you enjoy your Freedom! I know I will.

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