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My Blogging Journey Challenge

My Blogging Journey Challenge(raw animated gif)

It was April of last year when I did my “Why do I blog meme?” where I asked a series of questions about why you all blog. For this week’s Monday Meme I wanted to do a part 2 of that because I had more questions.

Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers to your post, delete my answers and input your own. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments so others can come by and read your answers as well!

  1. Which electronic devices do you use to blog with? I only use my computer to actually do the whole post but I have used the wordpress app on my phone many times to update published blog posts where I noticed errors or spelling mistakes if I was out and not around my pc at the time. I’ve also done that using my tablet this week as well.
  2. Do you have a mission statement for your blog, if so, what is it? The reason and mission for my blog is for me to share what I find beautiful and inspiring. I also want to engage other bloggers as well as provide some entertainment and information. I come to SL to get away from RL pressures, this is my place of fun and relaxation, and my blog reflects that.
  3. How do you feel about blogs that use their platforms to spread negativity? They don’t interest me so I don’t read, promote or pay any attention to them.
  4. Are you a grammar junkie? Do you thoroughly check your blog for errors before posting and/or do you judge other people’s posts if they contain errors? I am not a grammar junkie and I am a notorious typo-er and misspell-er. I very rarely check my posts for errors before hitting the publish button because I am too impatient. I do go back and reread and correct any glaring mistakes after publishing though, if I see them. I try not to judge others if I catch spelling or grammar mistakes since I am guilty of it myself and also because I understand that not everyone is fluent in English.
  5. If you could switch blogs with another blogger who would it be? Inara Pey. I just wanna know how it feels to be so smart about all the techy stuff.
  6. Has your blog/blogging style evolved over the year(s)? How? I hope so. I hope my writing reflects my growth and maturity over the years. I’ve been doing this for over 6 years now and looking back at some of my very first posts, I cringe a bit, not only at the images but at the writing style. I also try to put more substance in my posts now.
  7. What is the most extraordinary thing that has happened to you because of blogging? Hmmmm, I’m not sure. I guess I could say that it has helped me meet and get to know a lot of talented people that I myself have learned from.
  8. When it comes to Second Life blogs, there are different styles: Fashion bloggers, Lifestyle & Travel bloggers, Informative bloggers, and more. Which style do you prefer and where do you feel your blog fits in? Well, I like all the different styles for various reasons. Some of the fashion bloggers have immaculate style and take gorgeous images. The lifestyle bloggers that write so well and tell such a tale that it is a pleasure to read their posts. And the information bloggers that educate us about all of the technical things we should know about. I follow and read several blogs in each of these styles, but I admit to really enjoying some of the lifestyle and travel blogs the most. A lot of them are so entertaining to read and have absolutely gorgeous pictures of Second Life destinations. I think my blog is more of a lifestyle blog but I do try to make it a mix of all three.
  9. What has blogging taught you? Blogging to me is all about sharing, not just your style or fashion sense but your thoughts, desires and whatever else you end up writing about. At the same time, people love to tell you what you’re doing wrong with your blog and how you can and should fix it. However, what I have learned from all of this is, you can’t please everyone so the best thing to do is please yourself. Blogging has taught me to do what feels right to me and what I enjoy, in all aspects of life.
  10. Share your top 3 tips for new bloggers. Be true to yourself, share the content you want to share regardless of what anyone else says, and don’t do it if you don’t love it.

I also wanted to share my nifty new custom tablet that my friend LiquidH3ll Carter made for me. His new store is called Plethora, where he sells adorable little toys, knickknacks and other items. He recently made these tablets and now provides an option to get them customized for ourselves.

As you can see from the animated gif above, when you attach the tablet and start typing, the typing animation is your avatar actually using the tablet, isn’t it adorable? I never want to detach it now! I got mine customized with my blog and logo on the back of the tablet and two of my images, one on the unlock screen and the other on the interface screen. I also chose the color I wanted as well as the temperature and date listed on there. You can see both sides of my custom tablet with both of the different screens in the image below.

To find out how you can order a custom tablet for yourself, visit the Plethora blog for all of the details.

Plethora Custom Tablet for Strawberry Singh

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years.

Finally, a big thank you to Liq for the wonderful custom tablet he made for me as well as providing me with some of the questions in today’s meme. <3 Credits: *Skin: Glam Affair by Aida Ewing *Hair: Amacci Hair Sol by Carina Larsen & Truth April by Truth Hawks
*Dress: GizzA – Shirley Cardigan Dress [Boho] Size S by Giz Seorn
Jeans: {mon tissu} Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans (S) ~ Dark Wash by Anouk Spot
*Jewels: Maxi Gossamer
*Mesh Hands: Slink by Siddean Munro
*Tablet: Plethora – Tablet – Custom Edition by Plethorasl (details on the blog)
Furniture & Decor: A mix of [what next] The Blogger’s Office and {what next} Blogger’s Office Accessories by Winter Thorn
*Bear: Sway’s Cookie Bear [Candy] Strawberry by Sway Dench


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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