Flat Ebbe Linden Meme

Flat Ebbe Linden Meme

After I did my Flat Rodvik meme last year, I knew as soon as I heard that Linden Lab has a new CEO that I was eventually going to do a meme about him. I did make a Flat Ebbe this time as well, but I didn’t take him around the grid on a date. I just took him to one of my favorite sims at the moment and then I thought I’d add a little bit of a twist to the meme from last time.

Meme instructions: Pick up a copy of Flat Ebbe Linden from my marketplace store for free and take him to one of your favorite places on the grid. Also, share at least three things that you’d like to tell Ebbe. Please remember to leave a link to your post in the comments and share your Flat Ebbe picture in the Blog memes flickr group.

I took Ebbe to my friend Denise Rowlands‘ sim called DeRailed. I have blogged DeRailed before. It’s one of my favorite places at the moment and I love that she changes it with each season.

My comments for Ebbe:

  1. Please hire a PR person/team to find a way to repair Second Life’s reputation. Then perhaps we won’t have the Huffington Post calling Second Life a “virtual sex world.”
  2. I love that you are interacting with residents on Twitter so frequently. Thank you for doing that. It makes us feel that you are actually listening and we have a direct way to reach you if we need.
  3. Please fix the Second Life TOS soon. I know you are working on it and it was very reassuring to hear you discuss it on Friday at the conference. I hope whatever changes you have planned are implemented quickly so it brings some relief to those content creators that are concerned about it.

I know there are a lot more issues going on in SL that I can talk about, but I think I’ll leave it at that. The first issue is what affects me and concerns me the most and is probably the main reason more people in my real life don’t know about my second life.

I didn’t get a chance to do my Friday Find last week because I went to the Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference. Ebbe Altberg was one of the speakers and he was in front of a packed sim at 1pm SLT. I of course took many pictures, all of which I’ve uploaded to my drive here, in case you guys would like to see them. I added a few images of when I ran into him at a sim before that as well. I think I’ll just keep dumping all the images I take of him as I stalk see him across the grid. You guys are free to use them if you like.

His speech on Friday was very comforting to hear. He seems to be saying all the right things and seems to have great plans for the future concerning the Second Life TOS amongst a lot of other things. If you’d like to see his full speech, it can be viewed on youtube at this link. Inara Pey has also done a full transcript of it on her blog. It’s very thorough and informative so I suggest you guys definitely take a look.

On Friday I had shared a snapshot of Ebbe’s current avatar on twitter

and when asked if that’s what his current avatar looked like, he responded with this:


which was quite a surprise to me! Not sure if you guys had heard about this before. There was speculation on plurk if this would replace the current avatars but luckily Cara Ametza, a beta tester, came in and stated that these would not be a replacement, but just additional avatars people can choose from.

It’s so refreshing to see a lot of these changes coming around. It makes me wonder what else is in store and what else we can look forward to. How do you guys feel about the changes? I hope you have some things you’d like to share with Ebbe as well. I also hope you can show him around the grid a bit.

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years.

Where you can get Ebbe:
Flat Ebbe Linden: on Marketplace for free

What I’m wearing:
*Skin :-Glam Affair – Aria – Jamaica 02 F by Aida Ewing (@ Collabor88)
Hair: Magika [Hair] Shimmer by Sabina Gully
*Top: …Mutresse… Nadya Tank Top – [S] by Eeky Cioc (@ FaMESHed)
Jeans: {mon tissu} Harlow’s Cuffed Jeans (S) ~ Dark Wash by Anouk Spot
*Sunglasses: Maxi Gossamer – Milano Cats Eye 40’s Classic by Maxi Gossamer
*Jewelry: Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer
*Bag: Trinite Signature Tote Quilted by TrinityRaine
*Shoes: Eudora 3D Akhesa Wedges by Eudora3D (flickr)
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Siddean Munro
*Mesh Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – Mid by Siddean Munro
*Pose: Exposeur – Fierce Flawless by RubyStarlight Writer
Location: DeRailed

75 thoughts on “Flat Ebbe Linden Meme

  1. Okay, okay… I promise not to machinegun an apple off of Ebbe’s head.




  2. Thank you for suggestion 1. Linden Labs is the test case for what happens when you conduct a business without any public relations professionals involved. Going cheap with your business is not always better.

  3. You are so cute. I hope to start doing some of these memes to liven up my blogging. Now to find some places I can rez Ebbe!

  4. Tamarind Silverfall says:

    I took Flat Ebbe to my favorite sim, Happy Mood> I hope he enjoys it! Happy Easter all! Here is my pic.

  5. My pic and comments for the Monday MeMe Strawberry. A good one, was fun. :)

  6. We’ve already had the real 3d Ebbe avatar in 1920s Berlin, but he didn’t look as good as he does now so maybe some of us will take new Ebbe on the town again!

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  8. Ok, I didn’t go nearly as goofy as I did for the last CEO, but you inspired me to seriousness. Damn you Berry. *shakes fist*


  9. […] things that you’d like to tell Ebbe. Please remember to leave a link to your post in the comments (of this post) and share your Flat Ebbe picture in the Blog memes flickr […]

  10. Despite WordPress deciding to do maintenance in the middle of doing my post, I got it done!


    Now to read the others :)

  11. I will post something this morning, as I feel this is an important opportunity to share my thoughts with our new CEO (Mireille Jenvieve-Woodford waves!) and with everyone – as well as a chance to hear from all of you.
    The conference was outstanding, with many excellent speakers including keynoted by Philip Rosedale and CEO Ebbe Linden. Loved it!
    Thank you, Berry. I love these exchanges and airing of ideas…

  12. Ghosty Kips says:

    I still have “Flat Berry.” Maybe they’ll show up together somewhere.

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  16. Great photo Berry!

    Moco seems to have really take to Flat Ebbe, lovingly taking him around her sim and gazing at him like a love sick 14yr old….She’s never had a ‘boyfriend’ she can fold up and keep in her handbag before….


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  18. I gotta say it. He doesn’t half look like Mark Wahlberg…

    And here’s my effort: http://www.virtualbloke.com/2014/04/15/ebbe-are-you-ok-are-you-ok-ebbe/

  19. Great meme, Berry. Was reading others posts, wanna say I’m still rolling on a floor lol. Anyway, here is my post http://www.koinup.com/LADYBLANCE/work/528877/ . I didn’t use flat Ebbe, just used one of his pics from tour drive that was more close to my pic composition ;)

  20. Shaylin and I had another go. This reminded me of my nephew’s Flat Stanley exercise from his school.


  21. How brown is your tongue by now??

  22. Azzlicker, it’s pretty damn brown, but I am originally brown to begin with as well, so that helps.

  23. I’m sure it’s black by now and doesn’t smell of roses.

  24. Wish I could say I’m having fun being busy iRL, but I’m not. While waiting for a TTY connection to the federal healthcare thing I was able to work on my response … http://poultryreport.blogspot.com/2014/04/flat-ebbe-linden-meme.html

  25. WOW Berry, this is a good meme you even got an Azz to comment. Well done.

  26. I’m arm in arm with Ebbe! I hope he likes all our advice! http://aylaanddolly.blogspot.com/2014/04/flat-ebbe-and-me.html

  27. Tamarind Silverfall says:

    I just had to do another Meme picture with Ebbe ;D See it here.


  28. Finally, I’ve gotten back over here. What a hectic week this is turning out to be! Fortunately, most of it is fun…and the taxes are done!

    Here’s my Meme: http://cesoirarts.com/2014/04/14/this-is-an-important-monday-meme-challenge/

    This was fun! Thank you, Berry. Now, I get to go enjoy the others! Yaya!

  29. Trying to talk my wife into finishing the Flat Ebbe meme, but she did a cool 2-meme pic. https://www.flickr.com/photos/27247107@N04/13886408815/

  30. Hugs Berry,

    I am sorry I am late this week, have not been doing well. But either way, here is my contribution:



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  33. that photo is so hot!

    and disturbing.

    and hot!

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  35. Imagine my surprise when I logged in Berry, and there he was! ;P

  36. Hahaha. I love it!

  37. I like your flat CEO memes. As with Rod, I have now also blogged a small Ebbe meme. Mainly in German but below are some words in English. .)

    Strawberry’s Flat Ebbe Linden Meme

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  39. I love this meme and its my first one I’ve done. I’m a little late to get it posted but here it is! I love seeing everyone’s suggestions. http://www.aubreytopaz.com/?p=150

  40. http://karasecondlife.blogspot.com/ I loved this meme and took my Flat Ebbe to The Station, but then I attached him to my side and went out and about in a few other places as well for a while. I felt quite special. Keep up the good meme work here. Very fun.

  41. Great fun, Thank you Berry for the flat Ebbe – I like him a lot. Here’s my effort at the Meme: http://bine.se/flat-ebbe-linden-meme/

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  43. I dragged Flat Ebbe on a quick guided tour through 18th Century France and the Age of Enlightenment for some, well, enlightenment ;)

    Many thanks to Berry for this great Meme & to all those that have played along. I loved seeing your pics & reading your ideas!

  44. chericolette says:

    In The Hot Seat With Flat Ebbe Linden

    You are in for a big treat tonight folks…..I have with me Flat Ebbe Linden, Second Life newly appointed CEO. I know all you twitter follows have already been tweeting with him but for some of us, this is his first public interview.


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  46. I grabbed Ebbe too, and did a meme, my first one too! Thanks Berry! Fun one.

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  48. I had such fun with this one, Berry, and of course had to expand the meme to include both the LL flat CEOs. Since Flickr is actually my blog, here is the link to the Flickr album I put together for the occasion! 。◕‿◕。


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  50. I had a party last night with ♭Ebbe Linden. It was great! See more here:

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  52. Thank you everyone for participating this week. I’m not sure if Ebbe Linden saw our posts, but I hope he did because you guys offered up some great advice for him. I hope you can join in on the fun this week as well: https://strawberrysingh.com/category/berrys-blogger-challenge

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  54. Sorry to come so late to participate in this meme. I also support the memetic and less sexual vision of Second Life, Ebbe!

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