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SL Go Pricing Update


Before I talk about what I’m wearing in these images, I just wanted to update you guys on the new pricing for SL Go. Since my last post about SL Go, the folks at OnLive have put a lot of thought into the pricing that they initially offered and have decided to add some more flexibility to it.

For full details about all of the pricing and features, make sure to check out the OnLive blog!

SL Go updates (effective immediately):

  • Monthly unlimited usage subscription plan for $9.95US/£6.95UK. No commitment – cancel anytime.
  • Reduced hourly rates – only $1US/£0.70UK per hour (the free 20-minute trial remains in effect).
  • Expanded international support: now 36 countries (listed below).

SL Go is now supported in the following countries:

Andorra France Lithuania San Marino
Austria Greece Luxembourg Slovakia
Belgium Hungary Malta Spain
Canada Iceland Monaco Sweden
Croatia Ireland Netherlands Switzerland
Cyprus Israel Norway Turkey
Denmark Italy Poland United Kingdom
Estonia Latvia Portugal United States
Finland Lichtenstein Russia Vatican City

UPDATE: Draxtor also spoke to Dennis Harper from OnLive about this:

This may be good news for those of you who were looking to use SL Go at a more reasonable price rate. I admit, I haven’t used it much since my initial post about it. I did use it in this post to log Manberry in to pose with him. Usually I use two viewers, but that can get very laggy and make my computer really slow. Using SL Go for that post made things quick and easy. I will probably use it more often if I am on vacation. This pricing is definitely a lot more easier to work with.

For those of you interested in checking it out, you can click over to SL Go on the OnLive site or install it directly from the Google Play Store. If you are wondering when SL Go will be available for iOS, you can sign up on this page to be notified via email when it is. What do you think of the new pricing they are offering?

darkness encompasses my being

The gown I’m wearing I picked up from Peqe. I recently went by the mainstore and picked up a bunch of new gowns. Inex has been really busy creating some beautiful pieces for us. Check out her flickr to see more of her work.

The jewelry I’m wearing is from Maxi Gossamer, currently available at FaMESHed. She also released some gorgeous foot jewels that fit the SLink feet, which I can’t wait to take a picture of. Gossamer Jewellery has also recently gone social and I’ve been helping her out with some social media things. You can click over to her blog and follow her on the networks if you’d like to be updated with all her current releases.

Skin: League Skin Erin Dark Feline Brunette Chest C by Nena Janus (flickr)
Lipstick: [Pink Fuel] Glossy Pout Lipstick – Red by Mochi Milena
*Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Grey by Ikon Innovia
Hair: MINA Hair – Monique (materials) by Mina Nakamura (flickr)
Gown: Peqe – Highgarden (S) by Inex Hax (flickr)
*Necklace: MG – Necklace – Kinbaku Heart – Long – SILVER by Maxi Gossamer (@ FaMESHed)
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Siddean Munro
*Pose: -.label motion.- Jess Pose HUD by Anne Dakun (flickr)
Location: Svarga


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

11 thoughts on “SL Go Pricing Update

  • This pricing model is actually quite reasonable and I can see myself (and other people) opting for it.

  • The monthly pricing option is much more reasonable, and – were I to find myself without a computer for any length of time (unlikely, but still; vacations and suchlike) and need to log in, I would seriously consider it, since I would definitely take my tablet away on vacation with me.

    The hourly pricing, too, is much better, because I’m more likely to only need a couple of hours of access at a time anyway. Since I always carry a slim, phone-sized power bank around with me for my phone and tablet I never need to worry about remembering a charger, so I could effectively fit SL into my pocket. Nifty!

    All-in-all, I’d definitely consider using it with the new pricing system.

    On the subject of fashion, I’ve been thinking about all the add-ons for Slink lately, and one of the things I wish Siddean would consider is a mesh foot for men that’s the same as the ‘heeled’ foot for women, so that designers could make heeled shoes for guys.

    I doubt that it would be truly viable, since there aren’t that many guys who would wear heeled shoe add-ons, but there are enough of us that it might be worth considering. I’m absolutely desperate to get hold of a hot pair of high black patent heels for a photoshoot I’m planning, and so far the only ones I can find are Slink add-ons for female feet; nothing that’s unrigged so that it could be resized for male feet.

    Skell has a small sad at that. Want high heels, dammit 🙁

  • I agree the pricing is a lot better, but I really cannot see myself using this. It seems, to me, that it would be a great distraction knowing that I can login to SL on my phone, tablet etc and have the same experience, if not better, than what my computer provides. Just a thought though. Great post Berry.



    Well, price is much better now, but anyway, I don’t feel comfortable to be time- limited. Maybe after half a year or year it will be free and I’ll try it. SL has more than enough resources to make it free for tablets and pick out VIP or Premium access for a certain price. Though, every man has his own taste, so we will see 🙂

  • LOL So funny it’s available in Vatican City but not where I live, Australia. I can see a huge demand for it (NOT!) in the Vatican.

  • This is good news, much more realistic pricing. I will download the trial this morning!

    Arialle, doing a name search shows there are many Popes, Cardinals and priests (Father) on SL so you may be wrong about the Vatican! Who’d have thought…………………. :)))

  • Hmmm, none too impressed, they won’t give me the free 20 minute test unless I register a Credit Card with them. No Paypal or Google Wallet option, either of which I’d be happy with. Quite frankly I’m very careful who I give my credit card details to, I prefer to keep a level of security in between, so I won’t be trying this until they get up to date!

  • I did contact their support and received the following –

    “Thank you for contacting OnLive Customer Service. We may offer more payment methods in the future but unfortunately we do not have any time frame on when that will happen.”

    I have asked them to let me know when they reach the 21st century at which point I will be happy to try their offering……..!

    Frankly I cannot believe the arrogance, I could (and did) set up payments via Paypal for my own RL company in about 10 minutes.. I shall stick with Lumiya for now!

  • Thanks everyone for your input. They are still working on things and trying to get it into more countries as well as give more options, so it’s great you guys are leaving your experiences/suggestions here since they are reading.

    Skell, you are not the first guy I have heard that has asked for a medium/heel foot for men. Perhaps if you guys ask her enough, she may make it.

  • Hey has there been any update to additional payment methods? I don’t understand credit cards and would prefer not to have to get one just to have a go on SL GO!

  • I have been told by an OnLive representative that yes, there will be more payment methods added in mid-may. Stay tuned, I’ll update you as soon as I know anything else.

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