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Friday Find: Frisland

Friday Find: Frisland

Friday Find: Frisland

This week’s Friday Find is not open to the public as of yet, it opens on Sunday, March 30th. The sim is owned by Charlie Namiboo, Annabell Barzane and Frislanda Ferraris.

A few weeks ago, Frislanda did a search on Google for the origin of his name and found an article about a phantom island called Frisland. Frisland appeared on virtually all of the maps of the North Atlantic from the 1560s through the 1660s. So Frislanda decided to ask his friends to help him create a region in Second Life based on the idea of that phantom island.

I took a quick look around and it did give me a bit of a spooky feeling. I was especially moved by the empty classroom that had a mess of books in the corner of the room. It was as if it was just recently deserted. It’s definitely a great place to visit and reflect. It has a very calming feel to it as well.

Important links about Frisland:
> Frisland SLurl (Opens March 30th)
> Frisland Flickr Group (For more beautiful pics of the sim)

(raw shot)

I am skipping weekly roundup this week because I’ve been busy goofing off this spring break. However, I did want to remind you guys that tonight is Earth Hour and I hope you guys will be participating! Have a great weekend. <3


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