Berry’s Video Response.

Yeah okay so you got me.  I have already blogged a semi normal response to Berry’s current Monday Meme, the “Dance in Second Life Challenge”  over on my own blog. And its extremely rare I do any of her memes, let alone twice.

However,  I also remembered that she has a bit of a ladyboner for Redfoo. So I made her this video as a present for when she wakes up, something pretty for her to watch with her morning chai.


I’d recommend watching it on full screen at the best HD your computer can handle.

Can you guys also believe that I already owned that thong?


Winter Jefferson

YES I have my own blog at but sometimes I like to be outclassed over here too. It's fun dragging the median quality of Berry's blog down! You may know me as the blogger/model/producer/publicist pale vampire with the white hair, but you more likely know me as "UGH not that guy, I hate that guy."

9 thoughts on “Berry’s Video Response.

  • Giselle Avro

    Oh dear…I lost my coffee, and I’m in stitches for laughing so hard. Thank you Winter, I needed the smile!

  • LMAO i am sure she is gonna enjoy this as much as i did <3


  • Ohhhh, mon DIEU!
    Something told me you had that in you, Mr. Jefferson…and now, there’s actual evidence!
    It’s a scream. I love it.

  • “Can you guys also believe that I already owned that thong?”

    Oh, totally. In fact, I’d have been disappointed if you hadn’t :p

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahahahahhahahhahhahha is very very sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy ahahhahahahhah

  • ahahahaha… omg this is too funny

  • Hysterical. I would have liked to see some black socks and shoes 🙂

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