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Do you want fries with your blog?


Sometimes I take pictures and then I sit on them for a few days because I never know what to say in the blog post. Then I think that perhaps I should just put the pics up, add credits and hit publish. I wonder if you guys prefer it when I ramble on and on for hours or you just come, look at the credits and then leave.

What kind of a blog reader are you? Do you read everything written? Do you skim? Or do you just look at the credits?

Do you want fries with your blog?
(click here for a raw shot)

One thing I am thinking of changing is the way I do the credits. Usually I have tried to put slurls for everything, stores, events, etc… but I’ve realized that once the event is over, or if stores move, it may be hard to locate the item. So I’m going to try and make sure that I always write the creator’s name (which I already do anyways) and I will also link to the creators blog or flickr. I think that way you’ll know, especially if it’s an older item, that it may have been an exclusive item weeks ago and now no longer available. So it’s probably better if I just link you to the creator’s flickr or blog where they have that info instead of putting the slurl to the store.

I don’t know, credits are always a work in progress and even though I try to put down as much information as possible, I always wonder if it’s enough. What links do you guys prefer in the credits?

I’m really inquisitive today.

*Skin: [theSkinnery] Quiana – Bare face(toffee) by Umazuma Metaluna (@ Skin Fair) (flickr)
Hair: Magika [Hair S] Tendency by Sabina Gully
*Glasses: (epoque) Scalloped Frames – Black by Vintage McMillan (flickr)
*Hat: Noodles – Meow Bowler Black by Natalee Oodles (flickr)
*Dress: Tee*fy Galina Dress Classic XS by Azure Electricteeth (flickr)
*Bag: .ANE Messenger Leather Bag BLACK by Anemysk Karu (flickr)
*Jewels: Maxi Gossamer – Bangles & Rings by Maxi Gossamer
*Sandals: Pure Poison – Daisy Sandals – Black by Shaleene Kenin (@ Arcade)
*Mesh Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – Flat by Siddean Munro
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Siddean Munro
*Pose: Sari Sari by AbbyAnne Resident (flickr)
Location: DeRailed


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

36 thoughts on “Do you want fries with your blog?

  • KirstenSmith

    I’m a location girl. being a photographer that’s the first thing I look for, so don’t change that lol
    I do read most of everything you put down if I like what you are blogging about and putting down the creator’s name a flikr is a good idea, it makes it easier to find.
    Whatever you do, will be good. I always enjoyed your work.


  • I’m a big reader, and I prefer stuff that’s interesting and personal or topical. I actually usually skip credits unless I want something that’s in the picture, and if I want it I’m usually pretty good at getting it.

    When I credit, I usually do the store name and the name of the item; I know people who just store name, and I’ve then had problems finding the item. I tried doing links for every credit once and it took for-freaking-ever, so I give you total credit for doing that. I tend to link (and let people know I blogged them) only when I talk about the items in the copy. The most nerve wracking times are when I write a slight critique or point out a flaw or difficulty; that’s when I’m tempted to not send a heads-up, but about half the time the creator is totally the sweetest ever, and most of the rest of the time I’m ignored.

  • Vivena Resident

    I read everything…and most of all i wish for a Market Place link if there is one as that’s usually my first stop to search for things, especially when im offline, i shop a lot when im not in-world, gathering things in my cart for when i do come online, but i understand that wont always be possible… flickr link is a great idea cos for example you get to see the whole set of poses if there is a set. I think the more link choices there are the better even though its more work… i cant count the number of times ive clicked on an inworld link and still not been able to find the item. The creators name is always useful for sure.

  • I love locations too. As a photographer it’s a bit part of reading blogs, looking for new beautiful landscapes to visit.
    I love SLURL links too, to visit inworld locations to purchase. But if the Flikr has the location I don’t mind going there to find out where to buy.
    Your work is amazing πŸ™‚ Just keep doing what it is you do

  • Your pics are what catch my eyes first and it’s most important to me. Still, I read details and credits. I have got some nice things from your lists though not so often.

    I think it’s good that you show creators’s names for I an see that there are some deceptive stores on marketplace who sell copybotted things or try to make their store names/items look alike.

  • I am a blog READER. But I personally understand some days it’s not the easiest thing to write something witty, clever, insightful or just plain informative. If you have a time-sensitive item to blog and can’t come up with something to write about, I would say just go with the photo and credits. Otherwise, I love reading what you have to say πŸ™‚

    When I began adding credits to my posts several months ago, I modeled mine on yours. I hope you take that as a compliment and not me being a thieving little bitch πŸ˜‰ I have tinkered a bit and I am trying to remember to add the month/year of any event so later readers don’t end up in a barnyard or the ocean (emphasis on trying – I’m still forgetting more than I remember at this point!) I think you are going above and beyond adding the Flickr and/or blog link and I commend you for that.

    If I want something badly enough, though, having the store name and creator is all I really need if a LM is dead.

  • Vivena Resident

    PS: one thing ive found totally useful and never again wanna be without is a small program called “AllMyNotes Organizer”
    It sists in my sys tray and as soon as i find for example a location i wanna spend time at…first thing is make a Lm and note the url in allmynotes .. as i go along and find other things i automatically jot down what they are and by who etc… this program does hyperlinks which is sooooo brilliant cos with one click you can again get to the link on Mp or blog, also you don’t have to be in-world for example to put the urls under your photos on flickr…its all there in my notes πŸ™‚ you can add images in your notes too.. the possibilities in this program are many, you can make your own folder or notes or categories, or use the ones already available, its so easy to use….but don’t believe me go to the website and read for yourself! πŸ™‚

  • I forgot to say that I prefer LM of inworld stores and marketplace with creators’ names.

  • Anderian sugarplum

    lovely blog as always strawberry, your blog as of late has been one i read more often than others. I just feel like I can trust your honest opinion on items in world that are of high quality and are worth my hard earned lindens. I have learned a lot from your blog and appreciate all that you do. however I do understand sometimes it can be tedious to come up with something to write about. I’m sure that if you just post pictures and credits if anyone has questions they will message you. I do really look forward to your location links so I can explore new places.

  • I have been thinking the same thing lately. I have recently found that stores move a lot and my store locations are no longer valid and its annoying really. I think that posting just the Store name … item name and creator would be a good Idea.

    As for your posts, I have days where I dont want to talk either. But I like reading your blogs, I find them informative. I like the information you give and I like the little stories you add to them. Not every has the creative bug for typing but I think you do. But I would follow your blog with or without words.

    I too tend to use your blog as a model for my own as in trending, not actually stealing your look or anything haha. I just like how your ideas work. Many times they are good and helpful specially to me.


  • As someone clueless to fashion, I seldom look at the credits. I read your blog for your wit, wisdom, insights, and fabulous pictures.

  • Gala Caoroni

    I read most everything you put down. And, personally…. i don’t like SLURLs cause half the time… they don’t work or the store moved….. I like a creators name or a store name. I am perfectly capable of using search. πŸ™‚

  • I love this youghtfull look on you Berry πŸ™‚ I love the way you have put this outfit together and some items I didn’t recognize so I came to check the credits. Most of the time I just watch pictures on Flickr and most of the time I recognize all items..if not i quickly check the blog (if there’s an item that caught my eye – like your hair and skin in this case-) and if there’s something more written then the credits I do read as I’m very curious haha

    On my blog I link to the store or the event if it’s for an event. It takes a lot of time and for me blogging is really more cause I love putting outfits together and doing pictures. I’m absolutely not a fan of writing so I try to do an effort with the Monday memes cause you give us guidelines to what to write it makes it easier and that makes it more fun to me πŸ™‚ If anyone should message me telling me they can’t find the item I will take the time to look it up and help them find it and update my blog).

    What I do have on my blog is a landmark page with shops I go to or events I like but if a store changes location it’s possible I won’t know immediately and so it’s a constant work of progress and updating.

    But I do think that giving the creators name might be a good thing cause that is one thing that never changes and so I might consider doing that as well. Thank you for this informative blog post <3

  • Long comment is long, aka: oh look, you made another unintentional meme! :p

    Q: What kind of a blog reader are you? Do you read everything written? Do you skim? Or do you just look at the credits?

    A: It depends on the style of the blog, and also on the style of the writing.

    There are some who pen little story paragraphs about the characters they create in their blog posts, then just give credits after that. There are others who spend hours making their images look incredible in Photoshop and don’t have time at the end of that to give anything other than credits. Then, there are some (like me – heh!) who ramble on about anything and everything; not just fashion.

    Personally, I like to feel engaged with (and yes, entertained by) a blog and its author, so those that take the time to write even just a few words – it doesn’t have to be an essay or a masterpiece – will cause me to come back again and again, whereas the photo-only blogs will just make me think, “Oh, pretty!” and skip right to the credits (so, really, all that Photoshop work was worthy of juat a passing thought of admiration and maybe a Flickr favourite and that’s it).

    I also appreciate honesty, so a blogger who isn’t afraid to give a balanced critique about an item will gain my trust as a reader far more than someone who gushes about everything. I can smell sycophancy like a fart in a car, and it’s kind of obvious when a blogger is sucking up to designers. (I’m glad to note that this blog isn’t one of those. Example: in the last post you mentioned your uncertainty about the mesh heads, but still balanced it with positive comments about the creator.)

    Q: What links do you guys prefer in the credits?

    A: When I started blogging, the biggest question for me was how I would handle the credits, so I approached it from the simplest angle, which was:

    “What bugs the hell out of me in other bloggers’ credits?”

    The answers to that question gave me the clues to what I needed NOT to do.

    a) I can’t stand it when the only clue I have is the inventory listing name. eg: {{FG}} – Black Coat

    b) I can’t stand it when the blogger gives me both a) and a SLurl to an inworld store, I go there and the store has gone and I have no other clue as to how to find the item I want

    c) I can’t stand it when a limited-edition or monthly-event-only item isn’t stated as such in the credits, I go to the store or event, and the item is gone (I know this one’s harder to do, as many people add old stuff from inventory to complete a look, but the majority of items blogged tend to be new)

    d) I can’t stand it when people only blog *some* of the stuff they’re wearing (the new stuff) and don’t mention everything else, because sod’s law dictates that I’ll be interested in something they haven’t mentioned because they’re not ‘blogging that item’

    To that end:

    a) I always give the creator’s name (username, not display name) – it’s a simple right-click-properties on the inventory item (or right-click-edit if it’s mesh) to get that name

    b) I always link to the creator’s inworld profile, because being a creator myself taught me one valuable lesson: all creators should link to everything in their profiles. Current store SLurls, Flickr, Marketplace stores, etc. SLurls move, stores close and move to Marketplace, but a creator’s profile should always be up-to-date. Firestorm gives me a handy, quick way to copy the creator’s profile link, so all my readers have to do is copy that link and paste it into local chat, then click it to bring up the profile

    c) If at all possible, I mention directly after the item whether it’s a limited-edition or from a monthly or special event, in the credits. I also try to mention if it’s an old item and therefore may no longer be available

    d) I mention every.damn.thing I’m wearing, including the poses I’m using (posemakers are, I know, sadly under-blogged; a lot of bloggers forget to mention them). The one thing that’s hardest to remember is things like nail appliers, because they don’t show up as worn in your inventory unless you keep them on!

    Hope that ramble helps!

  • One point to add if giving creator’s names, specifically for mesh items:

    Make sure you check both the mesh item AND something clearly made by the store owner, such as an ad texture, notecard, or landmark. Many mesh items are made from templates these days, so double-check to ensure you’re not linking the the template-creator instead of the store owner!

  • I read every word, lol… just like biographies, I’m fascinated by other people’s lives and what they’re thinking… and I always love your posts πŸ™‚

  • Raven Serrurier

    I like looking at credits first then reading the blog post. And yours are always interesting..

  • I’m a fashion klutz like Uccie and therefor I do actually read your blog and just enjoy the photos. In case I find some interesting wearable I do look up the credits. Since I despise the MP I’m more fond of inworld store locations.
    You and Harper are my fav fashion bloggeristas since both of you always have something interesting to say. But I love Uccie’s blog as well, eventhough she blogs mostly about boobs. =^.^=

  • Vivena Resident

    PS: one thing ive found totally useful and never again wanna be without is a small program called “AllMyNotes Organizer”
    As soon as i find for example a location i wanna spend time at…first thing i do is make a Lm and note the url in allmynotes .. as i go along and find other things i automatically jot down what they are and by who etc… this program does hyperlinks which is sooooo brilliant cos with one click you can again get to the link on Mp or blog, also you don’t have to be in-world for example to put the urls under your photos on flickr…its all there in my notes πŸ™‚ you can add images in your notes too.. the possibilities in this program are many, you can make your own folder or notes or categories, or use the ones already available, its so easy to use….but don’t believe me go to the website and read for yourself! πŸ™‚

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  • people move too often, so I link to the creators marketplace store or blog

  • What kind of a blog reader are you?
    ~A blog reader. The kind that even reads the credits for the theme template of the blog, including its hosting site. Idk, I just like informations.

    Do you read everything written?
    ~Yeah. It’s a bad habit because it takes time away from watching my shows on Hulu!

    Do you skim?
    ~Mostly I skim the SL ‘fashion/credit’ blog types, and only because I trust the person who is styling and there’s a pretty in the picture that I must have.
    ~Like a lot of us starter-uppers, your blog is sort of our ‘model’ if you will, when it comes to proper ‘crediting’.

    What links do you guys prefer in the credits?
    ~I prefer the creator profiles, even though I’m super lazy to post them myself :/ So yeah that will change. If its an event, the LM would be helpful.
    ~I’m trying this ‘first mentions’ thing, where if its first ‘mentioned’ there should be a link to everything including mp, in store slurl, flickr, blog, etc. I use the search bar/feature in folk’s blogs to find items or terms if I don’t remember which post it was on. No search feature, no visiting again later.

    added one lol
    *You wondered if we prefer a skim through rather than your ramblings?
    Ramble on Berry! Ramble on.. I learn best through rambles.

  • Do credits however is less labor intensive for you. While the location links are always appreciated, I figure as long as I have the creator’s name and/or the store name, I can find it myself.

    As for content, I feel I have to read everything (even finish books I don’t care for), so posts that contain photos and credits would be an easy, quick read. However, your posts aren’t usually very long anyway, so I never have to “wade” through an entire posting.

    Just don’t burn yourself out! I love your blog.

  • To be completely honest? I don’t spend much time reading the narratives on the many fashion blogs I follow. Typically I will quickly skim; and that is only if the narratives are short. More than one paragraph and I’m like, “Ugh, just show me the clothes please!” Too much personal musing and I just ignore it completely and scroll down to the photo/credits. I’m there for the fashion.

    Regarding the credits, I never mind if there are no SLurl links, though I very much appreciate them! But I am very often frustrated because a blogger will mention everything but not the tattoo, or the eyes, or sometimes even the hair if you can believe that! I also appreciate when the location is mentioned as I also love to explore new places.

  • Berry!!! Im a reader.. 90% of the time I read all of what you write. Its well written and informative! Its a blog -IMO! I love that you credit everything possible. I get so disappointed when I go to other peoples pages and nothing is credited I get soo frustrated. I also appreciate the SLURS when those are available or the MP link. <3 Rey

  • Vivena Resident

    Ive posted at least 3 times here but i cant see anything Ive said apart from my first post lol, so if there were any repeats of my posts im sorry… hope i can see this one when i send it

  • Thank you all for your thoughts, advice and suggestions. I will definitely make sure my credits stay as detailed as possible as that is something that I also look for on other blogs.

    To address something that Skell said, I don’t really think I am a review blogger and I do share mostly positive things on my blog. I have never intended to give a review or find faults in the creations of others, mainly because I don’t believe I have the expertise to do that. I do however share my own opinion about how I may feel about the items, such as the mesh heads. However, I would never put anything on my blog which I personally didn’t think was good quality anyways, so that’s probably why I don’t really do reviews.

    And now to answer my own questions, I am also a blog reader myself. I read pretty much everything. However, I only read credits if there is something in the picture that interests me and I want to buy. Other than that, I just read what the blogger has to say. I enjoy bloggers that are funny and witty as well.


    Hmm, what kind of blog reader I am? I like read everything, i like look at pic long and see details. Well, honestly the last thing i pay attention at is credits)) Not because I’m not interested, but because if i like something at pic, ill find it no matter in-world stores or at marketplace, cause i like investigate. Maybe that’s why i love detectives lol.
    What about your blog posts, I like them all. And no matter if u post just pic with a few words or post pic with story. Sometimes even just pic can say much more than words. And honestly sometimes it’s much more interesting finish thinking what an artist wanted to say in current pic πŸ˜‰
    You have your own style and, what is important, not repeated. I don’t like to flatter, i say truth πŸ™‚ keep going, Berry. Hugs πŸ™‚

  • Your work is great. Don’t spend time on links unless it’s flickr. SLurls change too often. And as long as the content creator’s name is there, that’s all that is needed to find the store (MP and inworld).

  • Oscar Page

    For me, blog reading is pretty much looking at the pictures and checking the credits to find out where I can buy the things that I like in the pictures.

  • The blogs in my reader, aka the ones I follow I read. Back to front. Often when I am having my first coffee or just before bed, like now. I know to much information.

    Your blog is an epic and acurate source of information already and I wouldn’t know honestly how you could improve it, but I am sure you will surprise us all by improving it anyway.

  • I like reading blogs. Blogs give insight to who the person is behind the blog, so that’s always nice to have. Pictures are pretty, but you had better have a wonderful photo to show if that’s all you are going to put on a “web log”.

    Links to where to get items are great. I don’t mind looking up a store that moved, or going to the store to see if they have an item that used to be at an old event. However, I do mind if a blogger blogs something that is brand new and doesn’t provide where to get it. I always see it as being lazy. I don’t think bloggers should be responsible for information after they press publish, because at the time of publication, the information is accurate. Exceptions would be if something major changes during the duration of an event – since you are blogging about it, it would be nice to provide updates as they took place.

    The merchant’s name…I guess it’s useful if the store name is really hard to look up in search. But for the most part I don’t need the name if it’s easy to search for the store.

    Links to Flickr, FB, etc is just a roundabout way of getting information. That would be cool to have that as a separate page for directory purposes, however.

  • ooooh we so love you rambles Berry dear and please do ramble on but on saying this if you have days when u just want to post your pics with no ramble well then that’s just cool too. Girl we loves you!! soo I think that gives u a massive license to do as you please and what makes you happy

  • I don’t really pay much attention to the credits, but if I saw something I was aching for (unlikely), I’d be all over them like a rash. I am to fashion what Joan Rivers is to subtlety. I think you’ve got your answers, Berry, from the comments I’ve read. Write down everything.

  • I love your blog as is and often look to it for many things. As a blogger myself I always credit and link stores. I try to add as much detail into that as I can.
    One thing I never thought of doing which one of your readers mentioned above, was to link back to the creators flickr so if there are other colours or different pose then I one I took a picture of people can see them. I think that is a great idea and I will be linking to flickr pages more often now.

  • soto ca

    nice post

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