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Would you like a Drink?

Would you like a drink?

The Arcade Gacha Events open their doors this Saturday at midnight. The Arcade shopping guide for March 2014 is up as well. Each page of the shopping guide features the gacha vendor images, product information, and direct landmark to each machine.

Cocktail Bar

I’m wearing the Glam Affair Aria skin, which will be available at the Arcade. This skin comes with many options. It has versions with makeup baked on and then also a bare face with tattoo options for eyebrows, eyeliner, freckles, moles, lipsticks and more. This skin is very versatile and only available in the Asia tone for the Arcade.

The cocktail bar is from Erratic and is very detailed. The bar cabinet is scripted and opens and closes very smoothly. Erratic put a very cool gif on her blog, I’m also going to embed it below.

Erratic Cocktail Bar

The drinks themselves don’t have drinking animations inside them, they are more for display and decor. However, I easily attached one to my hand and positioned it accordingly. It definitely brings a level of class to the pose and picture.

The pose is one of the latest releases from Diesel Works, from the Vixen set. However, I did adjust the hand holding the drink using the Animare HUD.

I don’t really drink alcohol anymore, but when I did, long island iced tea was my favorite. What’s your favorite drink?

*Skin: -Glam Affair – Aria skin – Asia – Clean Base
-Face Tattoos: -Glam Affair – Aria – Lipstick Vinta – 08
-Glam Affair – Aria – Eyebrow 02 – H
-Glam Affair – Aria – Eyeliner 01
-Glam Affair – Aria – Eyes circles by Aida Ewing (@ Arcade March)
Hair: Magika [Hair] Sudden by Sabina Gully
*Jacket: ISON – nova tribe jacket -XS- (black) by Harry Hyx (@ Collabor88)
*Pants: ISON – nova zipper pants -XS- (black) by Harry Hyx (@ Collabor88)
*Necklace: ISON – nova tribe necklace (silver) by Harry Hyx (@ Collabor88)
*Shoes: [L.Warwick] Europa -Slingback Platform Wedges- Noir by Lindsey Warwick
*Mesh Feet: Slink Female Feet (AvEnhance) S – Mid by Siddean Munro
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual – Small by Siddean Munro
*Nail Polish: A:S:S – SLINK avatar enhancement system nails – The Deep by Photos Nikolaidis
*Pose: Diesel Works Vixen by Rogan Diesel
*Bar & Drinks: Erratic Cocktail Bar by Erratic Rain (@ Arcade March)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

10 thoughts on “Would you like a Drink?

  • I was wondering when the shopping guide would go up!

    It’s bummed me out lately that so many food and drink items are decor only and don’t give a drink/cakepop/cupcake when clicked. I know its likely a decision by the creators based on the permissions needed for that feature, but it’s definitely something I miss.

  • I saw these! They look so cool, I’m definitely going to be popping all my cash into this machine! 😀

    I rarely drink cocktails unless I go to TGI Fridays (don’t judge me!) but I’m a sucker for a Strawberry Daiquiri <3

  • Skye McLeod Fairywren

    This is just wonderful!!! The bar is so very well made, and you’ve made it look fantastic!

  • *digs in his pockets with a whimper*

    Oh God, I’ve just made a list of all the gachas that I want everything from. It’s SEVENTEEN items long.


    Never mind a favourite drink; just gimme the whole cabinet O.o

  • I need this set! Avatars drinking are always funny to me…so are dolls drinking…I can’t explain lol. I don’t drink much in RL either, but I either like a nice glass of red wine or and ice cold Corona with lime and salt.

  • I admire strong line, sharp pattern and neat texture of Ison’s jacket and pants in this post. IMO, it’s perfect in black like this.

  • Ooooh…I have a list now too…hurry up, Saturday!
    This is a fun post, Berry. We could make a “Cocktails” in SL with that bar – or is there one already? (I’ll look!)
    I raise my glass to you. We’re finishing a nice Shiraz after dinner. I was raised with wine, so it’s a natural for me at meals. Mixed drinks can be fun sometimes, but I usually sip on one all night at parties – usually a Cosmopolitan or Kir Royale – and there is ALWAYS a designated driver.
    Good night, everyone!

  • My favorite drink is called a screaming orgasm, and can be made a number of ways, but my favorite recipe follows:

    Equal parts Kahlua, Triple Sec, and Amaretto
    Milk or cream
    Add vodka if you want a stronger drink, but it doesn’t need it

    Mix the Kahlua, Triple Sec, and Amaretto in the bottom of the glass, using half a shot each for a small drink or a shot each for a large one

    Carefully fill the remainder of the glass with milk or cream

    Milk can be heated for a nightcap

    I actually pre-mix the three alcohols and keep them in a cleaned Amaretto bottle in my fridge, so I can just add it to anything. They mix cleanly.

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