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Berrywinter’s Monday Meme “Hope.”

Hello Berry’s friends, fellow bloggers and little chickens.  Tis the Lord Winter Jefferson, taking over Berry’s blog again. At time of writing, she is (hopefully) fast asleep and has zero idea I’m doing this. If you’ve read her previous post, then you’ll see our lovely Strawberry Singh is dealing with a terrible heartache. She mentioned in her post that she isn’t up to a Monday Meme this week.



So I’d like to propose one myself, fellow bloggers. It’s going to be intensely personal, and I hope you’ll forgive me for this. Take a few moments on your blogs or chosen social media to tell us about a time you faced your own personal nadir.  When were you at your lowest point? How did you pull through and triumph to become the dazzling specimen of humanity you are today? When you reached out… who was there to help you back up again?

What gave you hope? 

Please, share your stories with Berry and the community – link them in the comments below when you are done.  Words, pictures, even interpretive dance. Let’s see what we’ve all gotten through, and maybe we can celebrate that the person on the feeds next to you is stronger than you ever imagined.



Winter Jefferson

YES I have my own blog at but sometimes I like to be outclassed over here too. It's fun dragging the median quality of Berry's blog down! You may know me as the blogger/model/producer/publicist pale vampire with the white hair, but you more likely know me as "UGH not that guy, I hate that guy."

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