Second Life Helpful Tools Meme

Second Life Helpful Tools Meme

A while back Shug Maitland contacted me with a suggestion for a meme. Her suggestion was, “What is your Window On The World” where she requested that everyone show a screenshot of their viewer setup, the way they normally see SL, including the Huds, Floaters, Button layout, etc. I didn’t really know how to do this challenge since I use the official viewer and don’t really change much. The only thing I constantly have on my screen are two huds, the Huddles EZ Animator and my mystitool. Sometimes I even remove those if I go to a laggy sim or event.

Then recently Zee blogged about the Bright Inventory Box (which I still need to try out) but when I saw her talk about it I was like, “WHY DIDN’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS FROM BEFORE?” So I thought it would be a good learning experience for us to share some special tools we use to make our SLives easier. I figured the best way to do this meme was to combine these two ideas.

Meme Instruction: Share a screenshot of your viewer setup and/or a list of tools/HUDS you guys use to make your Second Life experiences better. Don’t forget to leave a comment in this post with a link so we can all come and stalk you. If you share a screenshot, feel free to share them in the Blog Memes flickr group.

I didn’t share a screenshot of the whole screen because I don’t really change anything about the viewer other than adding the two HUDs I mentioned above (#2 & #5 in the pic). So what I did was attached all of the HUDs that I use (at different times) to enhance my SL experience. Each HUD helps me do different things and I’ll share a link to each along with how I use them.

  1. PoseAnywhere by DavidThomas Scorbal – I blogged this HUD back in 2011 with a video tutorial as well. It’s one of my favorite HUDs and I use it so often to pose my clients (or myself) on sims where I don’t have the ability to rez. I don’t keep this HUD attached to me all the time, only when I need to use it.
  2. HUDDLES EZ Animator Deluxe by Keiki Lemieux – I bought this one back in 2008 and it has been attached to me since, I seldom remove it. The reason for that is because my AO is inside this HUD. I purchased different animations (mostly the breathing ones from Vista) and compiled my own AO using this HUD. I put all of my dances and a bunch of poses in it as well. SO I use this HUD to dance myself while having the ability to invite up to 10 others to dance with me. I can also use it to pose myself but I don’t really do that often anymore since most of the poses I put in the HUD were back in 2008 and I haven’t updated them since then. Updating this HUD is a bit more time consuming than it is updating the PoseAnywhere HUD, so I prefer to use and keep that one updated.
  3. AnyPose Expression by Phate Shepherd – This HUD is one I feel everyone should pick up. Not only is it FREE but it really helps with positioning the eyes during photo sessions. It also has facial and hand expressions built in but I don’t use these because I wear mesh hands and because I prefer the facial expressions that come with my Mystitool. I don’t keep this HUD continuously attached, only when I need it.
  4. Animare Pose & Animation System by YT Recreant – I have a really deep love and appreciation for this HUD because it has saved me SO many times since I bought it. It’s one of my all-time favorite HUDS and I noticed that I’ve been using it in almost every photoshoot. It helps me adjust poses, so if there is a hand that’s in my hip or something else that is off, I can easily fix it with a few clicks. The only thing I wish this HUD also did was let me position other people as well. If you know of a HUD like that, please tell me! Of course you can use this HUD for a lot more than just correct positioning like I do, you can use it to create whole poses and animations on your own. I’ve never tried that before though. I’ve also blogged about Animare before back in 2012.
  5. MystiTool by Mystical Cookie – Finally we get to my beloved MystiTool. This was the first HUD I ever bought back in 2007 and I haven’t stopped using it since. It just has so many features from the full sim radar, emotes, movelock, rezzers, av toys and so much more. I don’t think I have even used all of the features it comes with. I know a lot of people say this HUD is old and dated and clunky, but it has never given me any problems and it doesn’t feel dated to me at all. In fact I’ve received many free updates for it throughout the years that the designer was so kind enough to send. Definitely worth every linden!

I know some of the functions these HUDs provide me with may be available in different viewers already, but since I stick with using the official viewer, to me these tools are essential.

So these are my favorite tools that I use the most often. What tools do you use? If you don’t have any favorite tools, then feel free to just share a screenshot of your viewer and talk about how you like it setup or if there are any tricks and tips you have for a more smoother SL experience.

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years.

Monday is Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US so I have it off. I’ll be out causing trouble in RL so I’m posting the meme early. Hope you guys have a fabulous week! <3 What I'm wearing: *Skin: -Glam Affair - Mokatana - Jamaica 01 E by Aida Ewing (@ Collabor88)
*Eyes: IKON Promise Eyes – Hazel by Ikon Innovia (@ FaMESHed)
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Esperanza by Truth Hawks
*Dress: Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown – Bridal by Onyx LeShelle (@ Collabor88)
*Necklace: Zaara : Nizam Pearl choker *white* by Zaara Kohime

76 thoughts on “Second Life Helpful Tools Meme

  1. great meme, berry! most of the ones i use are listed here by you already, but i have to say that i use AnyPose Basic (by the same creator of AnyPose Expression) instead of Animare because of the reason you mentioned… i can “fix” poses on other people using the AnyPose HUD as well as on myself (there is a “puppet” feature in Anypose Basic that allows you to move other avatar hands out of hips, etc) and it is extremely handy!

  2. OMG are you serious about the AnyPose Basic letting you fix the poses on other people? So getting that right now! Thank you. <3

  3. yep! there is a more expensive version that will allow you to make poses inworld and save them, but there is a less pricy option that i’ve used for ages now that simply allows you to move you or others around with the HUD, with or without the included pose stand. :)

  4. Is it on marketplace? Would you be able to link to it as there are a few and I’m not sure which one to get. Should I go to the mainstore instead?

  5. this is the one i have:

    and there is a demo on the marketplace, too:
    though when i purchased mine a few years ago, i visited the inworld store to demo/buy. if the mp listings are up to date, then the inworld store is here:

    i hope that helps! *crosses fingers*

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  7. It’s easy to copy a screen shot with Windows snipping tools. Amazingly WordPress allowed me to upload it as is, I did not have to scale it down.

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  9. 4 must haves and 2 of them were from reading your blog ages ago :)
    1. AnyPose Expression v1.0
    2. PoseAnywhere 2.5
    3. *ES* Posefi-X I use this to temporarily fix poses or totally make it different
    4. a pose stand where I would drop in all of the poses

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  11. Heyaa, great post and soo personal!, thanks for sharing. Here is mine:)

  12. I really like the (CTS) Wardrobe
    Gives me options to make screenshots from my wardrobe but also pose my avatar anywhere I like with the option to give a different lightning. I don’t use the RLV option I prefer to do it by hand.

    * Multi Language Translator v1.2 This translator is based on Bing. Not Google! I’ts not perfect but atleast this one is working.

    I also use the Mystitool but I must say it had to many scripts so I killed almost every plugin.
    I stopped using Huddles because the time between update was like forever and with the buildin viewer ao and the Wardrobe hud it became unnecessary.

  13. Hi Strawberry,
    thank you for mentioning Animare. Currently i was busy with my other product line (Mama Allpa) to be equipped with new features – I expect to be able to launch an update Animare version this spring with the features that you mentioned, as “Moving someone else” is indeed on my list since months to do already.
    You will get the new HUD version once it arrives via the HUD updater that is integrated. HUD updates are at no costs.


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  15. I’m finally back on the Meme wagon and I can’t wait to see all the cool toys people have!

  16. Sometimes I can’t resist joing in one of Berry’s yummy memes, so there’s my contribution. And it’s not all all about arts, avatars and fashion.

  17. Only Sub ao hud (not showing but on right bottom corner of the screen!)
    thi is how i do see 2nd life every single second im in!
    The conversations chat is normally on the left:)

  18. I’m not a natural blogger but this looks fun to share my simple screenshot. I am working on new picture when I post this.

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  20. I, too, use most of the tools you listed here, but I had no idea you could use a MystiTool! Recently, I received the LumiPro as a gift but I am still learning how to use it. :)

    Great post!

  21. Great meme, Berry. I have a mysti tool too, but most of the features I like are available through Firestorm now so I rarely pull it out. I was glad to see Y.T. is working on an update to the Animare too, that’s a great tool as well.

  22. THANK YOU for this post. Sorry about yelling, but that’s how much I want to thank you. There are some things here I’ve really needed and some I’m now considering of getting. So thank you.

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  24. My fav now is the *ES* Posefi-X HUD

    With that, you can take any static pose and change it. move the head, arm, leg, whatever. Usualy with every model you find the right pose, but a hand is in the body, or the head slightly off, etc.. this lets you change any pose as needed. You can also save the bvh, though I never used that function

    I have found it a ‘must have’ for modeling especially for some the of the larger girls you see out there now

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  28. I have to be awkward and talk about tools outside of the viewer which help me with SL. :)

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  30. OMG! I need AnyPose Basic in my life! Thank you so much Vixxie. I used animare too and wished it could do that with other people like Berry mentioned. Also awesome post as usual Berry <3 I hope I can do this meme, if I have time to blog in the midst of moving in rl.

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  37. Cool topic, Strawberry, but I had to struggle with it as I don’t use too many HUDs.


    I use a customized Firestorm with built in AO, camera tools and photo tools along with AnyPose, Serenade Pose Stand Pro for when I can rez and PoseAnywhere when I can’t. Additional info is in the post.

    Thanks, Strawberry!

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  40. I listed a few of my tools and showed off my dressing platform. I hope people enjoy. 8D

  41. I actually use Favorites Bar and client-side AO more than HUDs and such.


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  44. Not so much HUDs, but tools to keep an eye on things that are happening in-world:

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  46. Great choice for Meme – and fun to see other avatar’s windows. Here is my window:

  47. So many tools…so little time to try them all. Everybody has such great ideas.

  48. Great idea for a meme and had fun doing it XD Gonna have to stalk all the ones who did this meme now to improve my view on the virtual world! Here is mine

    ❥ Rocky

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  50. I’m not sure this counts as answering your meme…but I finally blogged the Bright Inventory Box XD It’s here! –>

    The only two tools I use constantly are the Camera Control HUD and the Bright Teleporter HUD.

    I do use Animare, PoseAnywhere and AnyPose, but since I blog Homestuff more and hardly my own avatar, these are so underused. Haha.

    For homestuff, I use the LOW Optimus Multirezzer. But I don’t think anyone is interested in that so that shall be babbles for another day.

    This was so much fun, Berry! \(^o^)/

  51. What a lot of great ideas for new tools to try in this meme! Here’s mine:

  52. […] Like most of the rest of the bloggers in Second Life, I follow and read the amazing works of Strawberry Singh and I’ve been meaning to take part in one of her Monday Memes since I started blogging.  Coincidentally that was right about the time she started doing them again, kismet?  Anyway, I’ve been a failure at managing to get any of them out but not this week!  Behold!!  I share with you the Helpful Tools Meme!!! […]

  53. @ Jackson

    I looked up the *ES* Posefi-X HUD on the Marketplace mostly because I thought from your description it sounded against the TOS. It got hor-EN-dous reviews?

    Does it actually work for you? It doesn’t seem to work for most folks. I Can’t actually remember seeing such a low review with six people responding.


  54. Here’s my contribution, but thanks everyone who has posted and many hugs to Berry!

  55. Thanks everyone for participating! I learned about some great new tools cuz of you guys. I also got this week’s meme up now, hope you can participate. <3

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