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Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: The 1920s Berlin Project

The 1920s Berlin Project
(this is a raw shot) (SLurl)

Friday Find: The 1920s Berlin Project

I’ve been meaning to head down to this sim for over a year now but the first time I went, I realized I wasn’t dressed properly so left quickly. Finally, last night I put on a flapper dress and do and went to check the place out.

Probably one of the most infamous roleplay sims in Second Life, it even has a wikipedia page, The 1920s Berlin Project is definitely one of the most realistic sims I’ve been to. They are pretty strict about dress code there as well, staying true to the era of the 20s.

When I first landed there, I picked up a bunch of notecards that state all of the rules and dress codes and any other information you can possibly imagine. I then joined the group (it’s free to join and I don’t believe you need to join it to enter the place) and made my way into the roleplay area. When I got off the train, I took the stairs down and out into the city street. I then hopped on the streetcar that you see in the second image and it took me all around the sim. I tried to take a lot of pictures but I was having a bit of a hard time getting all the textures to rez so you guys get these two.

I left the first image untouched because I wanted to show how beautiful the snow looked at the sim currently and the second image I of course decided to go the black and white route. If you are looking for a very authentic and interactive roleplay community, then this is probably your best bet.

Here are some links for more information:
> The Destination Guide
> The Flickr Group (more beautiful images of the place)
> Facebook Page
> Wikipedia Page
> Website (with more info and list of events)
> Blog
> Jo Yardley’s Blog (owner of the sim)

I spent a good hour there riding the streetcar and checking out all the different buildings. There were 13 other people on the sim at that time, it was interesting to see. If you decide to check it out, please make sure to follow the dress code, they are pretty strict about that.

The 1920s Berlin Project - black and white

Weekly Roundup

  1. The Drax Files Radio Hour [with Jo Yardley] – The first episode was released yesterday and I was really impressed. Drax and Jo have great chemistry together and it was a pleasure listening to them. I like that Drax incorporated interviews with others for more information as well. I learned a great deal more about Fitted Mesh during Tyr Rozenblum’s, Eboni Khan’s and Cathy Foil’s segments. This will be a weekly podcast now, so make sure to check it out every Friday!
  2. Paradise Lost – Second trailer has been released! Paradise Lost is the story of Adam and Eve’s original sin, brought to you by The Basilique, the company that brought you Romeo & Juliet.
  3. Fusion Magazine Picture Contest – Fusion Magazine is running a contest, and the theme for the month of January is ‘New Year, New Me’. The prizes include, not only linden dollars but gift cards as well as your image being featured in the mag. I am one of the judges so I hope you guys take the time to enter. The contest runs till January 18th.
  4. Second Life was in the spotlight for a bit this week within the music industry, and this time for positive reasons! I actually learned about this through the Drax Files Radio Hour and Jo Yardley’s blog. Liza Fox released a music video within Second Life and Lily Allen tweeted about Second Life. I’m embedding both tweets below.

Sorry I was a bit late in posting the Friday find this week, my Friday was a bit insane. Hope you have an awesome weekend! <3


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9 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: The 1920s Berlin Project

  • Yay!
    I’m so glad you’ve been to Berlin!
    We are constantly improving it, at the moment I’m replacing a rental system, removing a few thousand (!) scripts so that should make Berlin a little smoother 🙂
    Tonight at 2pm slt our Eldorado cabaret opens, a show you don’t want to miss, I think they are planning a best legs competition for men…
    Our sim follows the seasons and has lots of nice little corners for say… oh I don’t know, fashion photograpy 🙂

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  • I just stopped by the sim 3 days ago so the impression is still fresh to say. 🙂 There would be no problem on dress code for first time visitors for there are outfits as free gifts. (But I have fancied my own retro outfit that time.) I love the poses displayed/sold there. Very ladylike and sophisticated. Must go back for my own snapshot session.

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  • You’re right, Berry; you don’t have to join the group to be there. They do insist on the dress code, though, except for the occasional free day.

  • Thanks for dropping by and for taking the time to comment you guys. <3

    Jo, thank you for letting me know about the seasonal changes, I'll definitely try and visit every season now. It looks gorgeous in the snow btw!

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  • Pepa Cometa

    If you liked the visit of Berlin 1920s maybe you will enjoy this video that I made as a reportage/little tribute to that beautiful place 🙂

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