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Friday Find: Isole Angeliche

Friday Find - Isole Angeliche

Friday Find: Isole Angeliche

I feel like my Friday Finds are becoming Saturday Finds, lol sorry about that. It’s the holidays and my house is kind of insane. Should be back on track in the new year.

Today’s Find is Isole Angeliche. A few months back the builder, Kaishun Oleander, dropped the landmark on me. Of course it got lost in my inventory and I just found it today. There are actually two sims joined together and the owner of both the sims is Wulf Carlucci. They are residential sims with lots of secluded beachfront homes for sale. One part of the sim is a tropical theme and the other is more of a Tuscan town.

I’m in the Tuscan town area where the Art Gallery is. It was built by Kaishun Oleander and she told me that she was inspired by photographs she took in Italy. It’s a beautiful place with lots to explore and see and apparently some secret hideaway places that aren’t so easy to get to, so I hope you all have fun exploring. If you take this SLurl, it takes you to a main area with a tp board so you can easily teleport throughout the sims.

Weekly Roundup

There’s no weekly roundup this week as it’s been a crazy week in real life, so I don’t have much to report about the online world. I hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends as well.

I did want to say one more thank you to all those participated in my little giveaway last week. All your comments really touched my heart and made me smile. Thank you! Have a great weekend. <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

5 thoughts on “Friday Find: Isole Angeliche

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  • Ohh that looks great. Thank you for sharing!

    I have been trying to look for new (or old, but new to me) beautiful placed around SL, now that I’m more active again.

  • I live at Isole Angeliche and I can attest to it’s beauty. Wulf Carlucci and Kaishun Oleander are amazing developers / builders. Thanks for writing about our sims Strawberry!

  • wulf Carlucci

    Thank you for the very nice write up on the sims, Strawberry They were made with romance and seclusion in mind and bult with much love!You captured the essence very does Molly with her flicker pics. My personal thanks to the best build team in dear friends.Kaishun Oleander and Nyla Mirkh and my lovely and talented partner..Molly Bloom. Keep up the great work, Strawberry, and thank you again for considering the sims worthy of attention!

  • No problem Bastet, I hope you had fun exploring!

    Molly and Wulf, thank you for taking time to comment. You both have a beautiful place there!

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