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Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: The North Pole

Friday Find: The North Pole

Friday Find: The North Pole Village & Santa’s Workshop

Of course I couldn’t let the last Friday before Christmas go by without featuring The North Pole Village and Santa’s Workshop in Second Life. As you land at the North Pole, you’ll find yourself on top of a mountain. You can stroll down through the crystal ice cave into the village with a big Christmas tree, reindeer, penguins, ice rink, and even elves. You can walk in and out of the buildings: North Pole Post office, Elementary School for the elves, Reindeer Barn and more.

Inside Santa’s workshop you’ll find the toyshop, the bakeshop, the chocolate factory and the snowflake room with the secret door. There’s also a special hunt setup with 12 holiday presents hid all around the village. It will definitely get you into the Christmas Spirit.

The North Pole

Weekly Roundup

  1. Berry’s 2013 Second Life Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway! – I’m having a little giveaway for my blog readers, have you entered yet? You have until Sunday at 7am SLT to enter!
  2. Save an Elephant for Christmas in Second Life – I blogged about Eliza Wierwight’s project last week, well now it has become a whole event on its own sim, starting tomorrow. Details about it on Honour McMillan’s blog post. Hope you get a chance to check it out.
  3. Paradise Lost – Coming soon from the Basilique Performing Arts Company – Basilique is the company that brought you Romeo & Juliet, which I really enjoyed! Paradise Lost is the story of Adam and Eve’s original sin, click over and watch the trailer!
  4. The Xfactor Winner! – I am so incredibly happy that Alex & Sierra won. They have been my favorite from the start and they got my vote every week. I may be a bit biased because I am also from Central Florida like them, however I think they are so talented and I love their chemistry and their love. I totally bawled when he started crying during the song.
  5. So I decided to check Santa’s Naughty or Nice List to see if I’ll be getting my wishes from my Dear Santa letter, and this is what I got.

Pretty sure Santa’s misinformed cuz I’m an angel and do NOT belong on the naughty list! Well, I guess I’ll try for next year. I hope you’re on Santa’s nice list, have a Merry Christmas! <3


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