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Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: Pangloss

Friday Find: Pangloss
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Friday Find: Pangloss

Today’s find I actually found in the Destination Guide. I teleported to quite a few different places trying to find a good place to feature today, but just wasn’t feeling it till I hit Pangloss. The owner of the sim, Bowie Zeplin, drew inspiration from photographer Richard Mosse’s photo “Men Of Good Fortune.” It’s a shining example of how you can achieve such beautiful surrealism within this virtual world.

Pangloss has already been featured on many different travel blogs, you can see a full list here on Wurfi’s blog. I especially enjoyed Loverdag’s take on it. The images are just breathtaking.

Bowie is also currently running a contest on the sim, full details of that can be found on her flickr.

I also found a machinima of the sim on youtube by Erythro Asimov, here’s the link:

Weekly Roundup

  1. The Drax Files Radio Hour – I am really looking forward to this new podcast that Drax and Jo are starting up next month. He’s planned to really get the community involved and encourages you guys to reach out to him and voice your opinions. Read the blog post for all the details.
  2. Typhoon Haiyan Fundraising Event – My auction – My photography services will be auctioned off on December 8th at noon SLT with 100% going towards the International Redcross in the Philippines. Take the SLurl now and go shopping for a good cause!
  3. Joi Price Jewelry Collection – Second Life resident Joi Price, who is the owner of and also the New York City sim, has started her own RL jewelry collection. She released a video for the launch with all the details and I really appreciate the way she represented Second Life so positively in the video.
    Here’s the link:
  4. My Mental AgeSash Arabello tweeted this test to me yesterday and asked me what I got. I absolutely love doing these kinds of time-wasting personality tests because I find it so fascinating how much of an insight they can have into our personalities just by asking a few simple questions. That or they’re just full of shit. Prolly the latter tbh, but here’s my result. Apparently I am mentally a 28 year old, which is only 5 years younger than my actual age…so not bad, I guess?

    By the way, if you DO like doing these kinds of tests, then I absolutely recommend the other one: Which Love Actually character are you? Turns out, I’m Sarah. I have a loud ring tone and I’m totally committed to my family. Sounds about accurate.

  5. My 10,000th tweet – Last night I went to bed determined to make my 10,000th tweet totally epic, I even tweeted that I would. However, when I woke up this morning I totally forgot about it and my 10,000th tweet turned out to be this one about pubic lice: #storyofmylife

I hope you guys have a great weekend! <3


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

11 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: Pangloss

  • Anna Pastela

    It says I’m 38 and I’m 23… *cries*
    Thanks for the suggestion of that sim though! 🙂

  • Already put this work on favorite pic list and a-must visit list. And I must let you know that LMs on your blog come in handy anytime, I look for places/events to visit. 🙂

  • lol wow I’m sarah too. que sera sera to sarah. and.. it’s a wrap.

    thou dost rock as always oh sweet juiced and fertile seeded berry.


    ps-> for xmas you ALL get a perfect butterknot. unless they keep me imprisoned in which case no one gets nuttin honey in buttered butterknots cuz i won’t be able to complete the damn skin in time!

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  • OK the Love Actually test (I watch it often this time of year even though it is fairly sappy :)) is NOT accurate.

    You got: Juliet

    You like pie, you can’t take a hint, and you’re a hot commodity in the love department.

    I do not like pie, don’t eat pie; can take a hint often even from body language and SO not a hot commodity in the love department (well maybe when I was 30, that was a good year). HOHO.

  • Khloe Nitely

    Oh boy.. my mental age is 43 and I’m only 27! All things considered though, I figured it would say something more like 65 when my answer to the restaurant question was “make sure you use the bathroom before leaving”. Certainly got a kick out of this

  • Motoko Henusaki

    I got 51 and had to LOL.

  • I did the mental age quiz, so fun and it pegged me at 42 , 3 years older than my actual age. I’ve always been thought of as a lot older than my age..or a lot younger.. bravo quiz for getting it so close lol

  • 43 on the mental age, for me, and I would probably have got the same age if I’d taken it at RL 16! I was always the quiet kid who liked to hang around with groups of older people and get into deep, intense discussions. Otherwise, I was usually to be found with my nose in a book 😉

    As to the ‘Love, Actually’ character, I got Harry (which is fine, because hrrngh! Alan Rickman). Haven’t seen the movie for years (an old boyfriend dragged me out to see it when it was released, and I think I have the DVD around here somewhere). I couldn’t lie on the ‘most attractive’ question (Adam Levine, out of those offered), even though I wondered if choosing a guy for that question might end up giving me a female character as my result.

    BTW, Love love LOVE that jewellery video!

  • Seems like everyone is getting older than their actual age. Now I feel immature! LOL

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