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Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: DeRailed at Crash Boat

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Friday Find: DeRailed

Today’s Friday Find is a place called DeRailed which is located on the crash boat sim. The owner of the sim is an old friend of mine, Denise Rowlands. I spent a bit of time with her yesterday as she showed me around. It’s a beautiful place and continuously under construction as she adds more to it on a regular basis.

The sim also changes with the seasons. Currently it is covered in snow, but in the summertime it has one of the most beautiful beaches. She is generous enough to always have it open to the public, even while she is constantly renovating and reworking.

What I loved about it the most are the big chunks of snowflakes that were falling from the sky, which you can see in the first image. She said those are mesh snowflakes, no wonder they looked so fantastic!

There are 7 main areas to the sim, so lots to explore. When you take the SLurl and land at the train station (which is a replica of a RL train station in Contention, Arizona) you will see a tp box which you can use to tp from and to the different areas or you can of course walk or fly. I chose to walk/run around and explore all of it. These main areas are: a beach bar, cabin, skating rink, coffee shop, lighthouse, storm shelter (my fav), and the HISposé store is also located there.

Here’s another picture of the sim, this time closeup on one of the trains, which are the inspiration for the sim. I took 4 more pictures of the sim, you can find them all on my flickr.


Weekly Roundup

  1. Black Friday Sales in Second Life – I covered one Black Friday sale in my post from yesterday, if you’re looking for more sales or to list your own sale, check out The Seraphim Blog.
  2. The Blackened Mirror – I recently found out about this series that is created in Second Life. It’s about a year old and is a mystery show. I’ve been watching all of the older episodes trying to catch up (and I have a bit of a crush on Mr. Quinn). Season 2 of the series starts on Sunday December 1st at 2pm. Check out previous episodes of the serious on the Blackened Mirror Youtube Channel and keep up to date with all the info on their Facebook Page.
  3. The Drax Files Radio Hour with Jo Yardley – I’m kind of excited about this new radio show that Draxtor Depres is starting up in the new year. Here’s some information about it direct from their facebook page:

    Speaking of Draxtor, check out the latest episode of Drax Files, just published today:

  4. Gap’s Ad With Sikh Model Waris Ahluwalia Defaced With Racist Graffiti – It was so comforting to read this story and see Gap’s response to this and how they handled it. I’m definitely going to be shopping there again soon.
  5. UberFacts Tweets – I love following this stream because I find they tweet the most interesting things. I’m not sure how accurate the tweets are but recently one caught my attention: Females that play video games have more sex than females who don’t play video games. I ended up having a discussion about it amongst some other tweeters. What do you think? Do you feel this statement is accurate?
  6. I enjoy tweeting my fortune cookies whenever I get them and I loved the one from this week especially. I also had a great one last month, going to share both.

If you guys have any recommendations for me for future Friday Finds, feel free to email me some info and SLurl! Thanks and have a great weekend! <3


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