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The Geeky Meme

The Geeky Meme

This week’s Monday Meme was inspired by the Geeks’n’Nerds Fair. I thought it would be fun to ask you guys to do an image you consider to be geeky/nerdy/dorky/ for the meme and also ask some questions about it. But before we begin, I thought I would share some definitions of these words. For the definitions I used a combination of the urban dictionary, regular dictionary, a few geeky RL blogs as well as the geek venn diagram:

Geek Venn Diagram

Don’t you love how mad scientist is right beside psychopath?

So here are the definitions:

  • Geek (n.)- Someone who is smart, enjoys video games, comic books, being on the internet, etc… and usually has a passion or hobby that they obsess over.
  • Nerd (n.)- A socially awkward person with a very high IQ. They gain pleasure from amassing large quantities of knowledge about subjects often too detailed or complicated for most other people.
  • Dork (n.)- Someone who is a bit socially awkward, has odd interests and is often clumsy. Dorks are typically more noted for their quirky personality.

Meme Instructions: Create an image depicting what you consider to be geeky/nerdy/dorky and/or answer the following questions! Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments and if you do a picture for this meme, feel free to share it in the blog memes flickr group.

  1. What do you consider yourself to be? Geek? Nerd? Dork? None of the above? All of the above? – I’m definitely not a nerd as I am far from highly intelligent. I would consider myself a cross between a geek and a dork with a bit of clueless and workaholic thrown in. I do believe the definition of dork when it comes to clumsiness is so me though. I fall and trip all the time while breaking and dropping everything. I have never owned a camera that I didn’t drop and break. I broke my first iphone within 6 months of getting it. Anytime there is a cute guy around, I will always fall, no matter what happens. I will never forget the day when I was 16, visiting family in Canada and totally crushing on my cousin’s neighbor. He walked over to talk to me and I fell on the ice so hard, doing a big flip and he of course walked away laughing his butt off. But, that wasn’t the most embarrassing day of my life…ohh nooo. The most embarrassing day of my life was walking up on stage at my sister’s wedding in front of hundreds of people and tripping and falling flat on my face. Yes, I did that. And we have it on video, of course. So yeah, I got the clumsy dork down for sure.
  2. What was the first computer you ever owned? – I used to play on my brother’s commodore 64 believe it or not! However, my first very own computer I received when I started highschool, at the age of 14 in the early 90s. I believe it was a 486 something.
  3. When and how did you first get on the internet? – AOL…’ve got mail! 😛
  4. Which geek fandom do you subscribe to? – I don’t think I really subscribe to any. I’m not crazy into Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, etc… I’m into Second Life though, does that count?
  5. Star Trek or Star Wars? – Neither! Jane Austen! I never understood all the drama between these two. Why do you have to choose one over the other? If I absolutely had to though, I would pick Star Wars as I preferred watching those movies than Star Trek. I am not a Trekkie in any way whatsoever.
  6. How Geeky Are You? – So I took the test and tweeted my result. I got 34%. Apparently, I’m not that geeky. I’m not sure if I should be offended or relieved.

The Geeky Meme
(click here for raw shot)

The Geeks’n’Nerds fair runs from November 24th till December 8th. Here are some links you may find useful:
> Geeks’n’Nerds SLurl
> Geeks’n’Nerds blog
> Geeks’n’Nerds flickr group
> Geeks’n’Nerds on Seraphim

Please remember that you can participate in any of the memes/challenges at any time. You’ll find them all under my Blog Challenges category along with other memes and challenges I’ve done over the years.

I have the week off for Thanksgiving now, but have crazy amounts of relatives visiting and also being dragged to Disney tomorrow. I’ll try and poke my head in SL and blog whenever I get the chance. Have a great week! <3

Skin Body: League Aria Golden -Special Edition -Chest C by Nena Janus
Skin Face: THESKINSHOP (22) (FACE) ‘Pussy’ (bold) by TheShops
*Hair: TRUTH HAIR Kimbra – Browns01 by Truth Hawks
Hair Bow: [Atooly] The Kenzi Bow Headband by Rockstarroo Gossipgirl (@ Geeks’n’Nerds)
Braces: {Lemon Tea} Braceface by Sei Minuet (@ Geeks’n’Nerds)
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed – Small by Siddean Munro
Glasses: bitch. – MESH Smoovies/Clear by Maxwell Graf
*Outfit: ISON – embossed sweatshirt – S (white) by Harry Hyx (@ Geeks’n’Nerds)
*Socks: erratic / striped socks / white-grey by Erratic Rain
*Skates: The Secret Store – Vintage Roller Skates – Classic by Maylee Oh
*Necklace: .Olive. the Scout’s Heart Pendent – Mars & Pink by naminaeko (@ Geeks’n’Nerds)
*Doll: *MishMish* Princess Donut by Aime Takaaki (@ Geeks’n’Nerds)
Book: *~*HopScotch*~* Volunteer by Chandni Khondji (@ Geeks’n’Nerds)
*Pose: Diesel Works – Dizzy Moves by Rogan Diesel (@ Geeks’n’Nerds)
Aliens in the background: Alouette Cardboard Rocketship & Aliens by Scarlet Chandrayaan
Location: Geeks’n’Nerds Fair (A big thank you to all those that messaged me while I was there shooting these pics. It was great fun meeting y’all! <3)


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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