InWorldz: The Knitting Circle

InWorldz: The Knitting Circle

It was about a month ago when I first explored InWorldz and blogged about it. You can click over to read my introductory post which has a lot of information about signing up, how to transfer lindens over so you can go shopping and then of course a lot of places to shop.

I also mentioned a new shopping district that is opening up in InWorldz, The Knitting Circle. Dani Helix of Birdy has been diligently working on a mesh build for the district. It will still take a couple of months to complete the full build with all the landscaping and such. For now, the main part of the build is all setup in a temporary sky market while they continue to finish the sim on the ground.

So the temporary Knitting Circle Sky Market will open its doors to the public this Monday, November 25th. The Knitting Circle is up to 4 sims now, with 15 content creators on each sim for a total of 60 new merchants setting up shops. These are the names of all 60 of them, except for 6 which I could not get confirmation for, so as soon as I find them out, I will add them in. Also, I am going to try and link to their flickrs, if I can find them, and also list the name of the store if I know of it.

Sim 1:
1. Tyr Rozenblum (Auxiliary)
2. Dani Helix (Birdy)
3. Alice Demonia (Alice Project)
4. Rayvn Hynes (mudhoney)
5. Sysy Chapman (SySy)
6. LaRoo (LaRoo Shoes)
7. Sienia Trevellion (Lark)
8. Milan Mode (Milan Mode)
9. Betty Doyle (Ingenue)
10. Koneko mai (Mad Echo)
11. Nimil Blackflag (Songbird)
12. Anemysk Karu (ANE)
13 Natalee Oodles (Noodles)
14. Chandra Masala (Bilo)
15. Journey Barzane (Gallery Barzane)

Sim 2
1. Inka Mexicola (Essences)
2. Tillie Ariantho (Tillie)
3. Cyclic Gearz (LVLE)
4. Sparkle Skye (Sparkle Skye Designs)
5. Kehl Razor (Razorblade Jacket)
6. Vanity Mirror (Vanity Poses)
7. Faeydra Aluveaux (PhotoTonic Poses)
8. Distorted Dreams (Distorted Dreams)
9. Darling Monday (
10. Colleen Desmoulins (The Loft)
11. Gidge Uriza (pretense)
12. Sabina Gully (Magika)
13. Chandni Khondji (Hopscotch)
14. Ikon Innovia (IKON)
15. Lokii Violet (MV)

Sim 3
1. Arora Zanzibar (Zanzibar creationZ)
2. Voshie Paine (La Petite Morte)
3. Chiyo Selona (ChiMia)
4. Augurer Resident (Anna Mosity) (The Library)
5. Amilia Zabaleta (AZE Jewelry Designs)
6. Airedine Poe/Sileny Noel (Adore&Abhor)
7. Stephen Venkman
8. Isle Lunasea (Isle Be)
9. Gensa Jameson (R3volt)
10. CodeBastard Redgrave (MechanizedLife)
11. Milk Chan/kattington (Milk)
12. Mina Nakamura (MINA Hair)
13. Iris Maskelyne (DIGS)
14. December Larkham (Tarnished)
15. Fianna Idora (Enchant3D)

Sim 4
1. Aranel Ah (BOOM)
2. Tea Soup (tea.s Accessories and Poses)
3. Andel Rhiadra (A.D.D.Andel!)
4. Nami Naeko (Olive)
5. Surrealia Anatine (ANA)
6. Athena Loring (Miseria)
7. Kelly Bellman (Mango Cheeks)
8. Mochi Milena (Pink Fuel)
9. Isabelli Anatine (Uncertain Smile Poses)
10. not confirmed
11. not confirmed
12. not confirmed
13. not confirmed
14. not confirmed
15. not confirmed

Majority of these designers are still setting up their stores, so they may not be all setup by Monday because of SL commitments, however they should be up and running within a few days.

Here are a few steps and links you can do and look at before Monday in order to shop here:

  1. – Visit the website and sign up, most people are using their SL names there as well.
  2. Download the latest Mesh Beta Viewer for InWorldz – In order to see mesh, you need to download, install and use that mesh viewer.
  3. Link your SL Avatar to your InWorldz Avatar through Inbiz and transfer your lindens over – Full instructions on how to do that are listed on that page. You can also go to the InBiz Headquarters InWorldz and just follow the instructions posted there. I used this method to transfer lindens over there so I can go shopping. In my previous post I stated that I heard this may be against SL TOS, however, the owner of InWorldz SL Connection Center, Amore Crux, sent a notecard explaining that it is not and everything they are doing is completely legit and they are not breaking any TOS or laws of any grids. So it’s up to you guys to decide if you’d like to go that route like I did.
  4. Join the Second Life Residents Group – There is no Knitting Circle InWorldz group for shoppers as of yet, so you can join the Second Life Residents group that I created. Once the Knitting Circle is open, notices will be sent to this group to announce the opening.
  5. Check out InWorldz – The Knitting Circle Flickr Group – This group was just created tonight so it’s still pretty empty, but keep an eye on it. The InWorldz designers will be adding all their vendors to it so you can see what’s being released there.
  6. The Knitting Circle waiting list – A lot of people have expressed interest in joining InWorldz and possibly getting a store at The Knitting Circle. They will continue to build and expand, so feel free to add your name to the waiting list if you are interested.

I think that’s all I wanted to cover. I do have the InWorldz location for The Knitting Circle, however I am not sure if I can share it as of yet. I will for sure send a landmark to the Second Life residents group once it opens and I will also update this post with the location as well.

If you do have any questions about The Knitting Circle, feel free to contact Tyr Rozenblum or Arora Zanzibar.

I will definitely be hanging around on Monday when it opens, so hope to see you there! <3 UPDATE: The Knitting Circle Sky Market is now open, click to teleport!


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

13 thoughts on “InWorldz: The Knitting Circle

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  • I do hope the Knitting Circle members will eventually consider setting up their stores in other grids like the content security conscious Kitely grid. They already offer the same closed world security that Inworldz offers as well as the export perm which content creators control thus deciding if their goods may leave the grid. Kitely has an advanced market web site and the grid developers are expected to enable Hypergrid by year’s end too and that will greatly expand their market share into the Metaverse which is collectively a much bigger market than any one grid alone. Kitely are also working on a proposal to white list trusted grids that the export perms will be regulated by. This would make it possible merchants to decide which grids they trust to allow exports too.

    As a resident of Kitely I would love to be spending money in Knitting Circles stores.

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  • Samantha Atkins

    Do I understand correctly that I can only use mesh if I use a particular special viewer rather than my standbys of Singularity and Firestorm that seem to work fine with mesh on other opensim grids?

  • @Samantha Atkins – I use Singularity pretty much exclusively on InWorldz so yes, others work there

  • Talla, thank you for sharing information about Kitely. I am not familiar with it and at the moment not inclined to join as I have my hands full with SL and InWorldz at the moment. However, if other content creators that I know do decide to venture out there and if I can find some time, I may follow them as well. Time will tell.

    Samantha, I am not familiar with TPVs, so I am not sure which ones will work, that’s why I didn’t mention them. I stuck to the official viewers because those are the ones I use for SL as well. But I think people use Firestorm to login there as well, not 100% sure though. You may want to ask the dev team of your TPV.

    Autumn, thank you for the info!

  • Otenth Paderborn

    You can also buy I’z directly. I thought it would be nice to join InBiz and wasn’t fussed about the TOS, but you have to join his group in SL in order to access the terminals, and I wasn’t able to do that.

  • Hey there. While not my “port in the storm” grid I appreciate you sharing the info and good to know. Happy that the folks over there will have more choices. Didn’t work for me personally when I visited (literally I couldn’t get anywhere on two tries on different days *wink*).

    @ Samanatha — I used Singularity and didn’t seem to have any issues viewing anything. I may not have visited a MESH area though. Hard to say. You need to find the login code for Inworldz grid and add it to the grid list in the viewer to get there. In order to use Firestorm you have to install the Firestorm OPENSIM viewer and it is not compatible with the regular SL version (happily I asked the support group before trying). So go with Singularity unless you want to install a new viewers :D.

  • @otenth that is not true O_o, i was able to use his terminals without joining a group in sl, unless that has changed within the last month?

  • Singularity, Firestorm (OpenSim version) and Cool viewer as well as the IWv2 Beta viewer (which is firestorm based) all work fine on the InWorldz grid and can all view and upload mesh there fine.

    Welcome to all the vendors in The Knitting Circle. Looking forward to exploring the shops and all the designers.

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  • tenly

    I cant find this region at all. and the link doesnt seem to work either. Does anyone have a link to it?

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