Weekly Roundup & Friday Find: Dawn of Radiance

Friday Find: Dawn of Radiance
(raw shot) (SLurl) (flickr group)

Friday Find: Dawn of Radiance

I actually first noticed this place in the Explore Second Life flickr group. Someone had taken some beautiful pictures of it so I knew I had to visit. When I landed there, I discovered that it’s actually owned by someone on my flickr and plurk timeline, Silvermoon Fairey. So not only does she take stunning pictures but she can also create an absolutely gorgeous sim. Looking through her flickr, it looks like she changes the sim to match every season, I guess I’ll have to visit often now!

Right now it’s full of snow and although there are certain areas where you will find snow falling, the falling snow you see in this picture, I actually photoshopped that in. I also photoshopped the falling snow in the pictures I took yesterday on this same sim in this post: Fitted Mesh.

Weekly Roundup

I have been sick all week so that’s all I’m sharing today. I hope you guys have a fabulous weekend! <3

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