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Dream a little Dream

Before I start today’s post, I wanted to quickly say thank you to some people who sent me gifts using my Second Life wishlist. Almost two weeks ago I blogged: Second Life Wish Lists by E2 Designs. I had thrown a few things on my list at that time since there were not that many stores added. Some of you were kind enough to have sent me a few things from there. The problem is, I received the gifts saying it’s from so and so store, but it never told me who was sending the item. I spoke to David and he said there was a bug in the vendor system which he just fixed and updated today. So hopefully, for future gifts, we’ll know who the generous gifters are.

So thank you, if you were one of the people that sent me something from my wish list! <3


Mayfly has just released their Luminous Mesh Eyes. These new eyes have an updated scripted HUD from the previous mayfly eyes. When you click on one of the eyes, the HUD will pop up and you can see all of the options you have to play with. From preset sizes, 3 different pupil sizes, reflections and shadows and much more.

The eyes I’m wearing in this post are actually free! They are the London Fog color, which serves as the perfect DEMO, except it’s actually a full functioning color. You can pick this color up, along with the free alpha which has additional alphas that are very useful. I am wearing the eyes/lashes/ears combo alpha that can be found in this pack. That saved me from wearing three different alphas for each.

There is also a free and easy to use pose HUD that I really think everyone should pick up because it makes adjusting your eyes easier. I have never put on a pair of mesh eyes that I didn’t need to adjust to fit my eye shape and this HUD really makes it quick and easy to get yourself in the perfect position to do that.

So take the SLurl to Mayfly now and definitely pick up those three free items. Then play around with the London Fog eyes and see how you like them and how easy it is to adjust them. Then you can head back and pick up some of your favorite colors. Each color is only L$99!

dream a little dream

The light sweater I’m wearing is perfect for this autumn season and currently available at FaMESHed for November. It was released with these gorgeous shorts which I’m not wearing but you can take a look at them on the Mutresse flickr and see all the options they come with. The sweater came with a lot of cute little sayings in text on it, I turned the text part off but there was one saying that said “New Second Life TOS sucks” (or something like that) which gave me a giggle.

The jeans are the latest release from Casa Del Shai. They are a slim fit and have a cute little bottom which you can see on the Casa Del Shai blog. The texturing is really nice on them, Shai always does a great job on that so definitely head down there and pick up a demo!

>> CLICK HERE TO SEE MY ASS IN MOTION << (Make your own Gyazo gifs).

The shoes I actually found on marketplace for only L$95! They come with a HUD with an option for 5 colors. There’s also a light version for the same price.


I posted the last image on flickr earlier today and immediately had a few friends message me and ask, “WHAT’S WRONG? WHY ARE YOU SAD?” LOL I laughed because I was just visiting this beautiful sim, Serena Long Cay and sat for a bit on the chair trying out the poses. Then I started playing around with black and white windlights and the next thing you know I was in photoshop playing around some more with the colors. After I finished, I looked at the pic and felt it had a deep sadness to it so I added a favorite quote of mine when I posted it on flickr and I guess people assumed I was feeling a bit down.

I admit sometimes I do use sl imagery as a form of therapy and pour my feelings into them. But sometimes a picture is just a picture.

It was about a year ago that I was in an accident that affected me in many ways. It made me realize how dark my life had become and how much I was struggling. Luckily, now a year later, I have almost fully recovered from it, just a few scars left, but that’s ok because they remind me of how stupid I was back then and never to go down that road again.

These days I’m feeling a lot better. I’m in a good place and surrounded by a lot of love and encouragement from family and friends. I dream and hope the same for all of you. <3

*Skin: –Glam Affair – Elvi – Europa – 05 B by Aida Ewing
*Eyes: Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eye (London Fog, w4) by Arkesh Baral
*Mesh Ears: [MANDALA]SIMPLE_EARS_HUTUU by kikunosuke Eel
Mesh Eyelids: Slink Mesh eyelids by Siddean Munro
*Hair: Vanity Hair:Candice-Cinnamon by Tabata Jewell
*Jeans: *Shai* Slim Jeans Mesh – S by Shai Delacroix
*Sweater: …Mutresse… Piki Sweater – [S] by Eeky Cioc (@ FaMESHed November)
Shoes: 20.FIVE Mesh: Converse Dark by beanster Potato (Only L$95!)
*Mesh Hands: Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Relaxed by Siddean Munro
Location: Serena Long Cay


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

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