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Weekly Roundup and Friday Find: Noble New England

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while, finally got the chance. Every Friday I will try to cover an SL location, explore it and talk about it a bit. Along with that, I will do a weekly roundup and share things that interested me over the week, both RL and SL related.

Friday Find: Noble New England


The talented couple, Vondutch Sweetwater & Aaliyahblossom Resident (also known as Noah and Blossom Noble) have opened up their latest project to the grid, New England. I spent quite a bit of time there this morning, exploring and poking my nose around. It’s just as beautiful as their previous project, Storybook Island.

While exploring you may notice a church that is decorated as a vintage club. They are planning to hold some live music events there. Also, there is a secret wizard society situated upstairs in the barn.

They will also be announcing a contest shortly which will start on the 15th of November and will run through till the 30th. They have asked me to be one of the judges, so I’m looking forward to seeing all your wonderful entries. There will be three grand prizes so I hope you all enter! For more information and rules regarding the contest, keep an eye on the Noble flickr and flickr group.

Now my picture doesn’t really do the whole sim justice, so here’s a video that shows more of the beauty of the sim:

Take the SLurl to Noble New England now.

Weekly Roundup: Other things that I found interesting this week


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4 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup and Friday Find: Noble New England

  • lol… mea culpa, mia culpepper.. lololol

    sorry. or not. lol.

    yeah, ok, fine, I’m not very sorry about that.

    But naught doth come from playing it safe, neh?

    Indeed, one must bear a heavy load, and bare ones back to the coming storm, to reap fortune from fickle fates flickering flame and flights of fancy.

    And thus, verily, the sands of time’s swift passage, rolling ever forward into the breach, filling every nook, every cranny, the inexorable throb of its flow engulfs us, penetrating even the tightest of places, wearing them down, slowly with the gentlest of nudges, till every bump is smoothed, each hump is made low, the veins and tributaries that mark its passage giving way before the tickling trickling pickling of the butterknot dream which lays beneath the darkest recesses of each and every one of us, inside your minds.

    But not in a bad way. In a naughty way, to be in certain company with other such like minds, but not for naught… never for naught.

    For love of butterknots.


    Another home run for the fashionista artista mamasita with the dark berry and sweet juice… love the analoggin blogging for our noggins, SS… hip hop and don’t stop!!


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  • Does this region has any to do with the Blake Sea regions of New England? or it is another closed walled sim!

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