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Second Life Wish Lists

Second Life Wish Lists

The creator of the PoseAnywhere HUD and the E2V Vendor System has created a new addon for those content creators that are using his E2V system. The best thing about this addon is that it will make it a lot easier for all Second Life residents to give gifts to their friends and family, especially during holidays, rezdays, birthdays and other gift giving occasions.

The E2 Designs Second Life Wish Lists is something that I know will come in very handy, especially for someone like me. I often get people telling me that I am really hard to shop for because they assume I already own everything there is to own on the grid. That is SO not true. To setup your own wish list, all you have to do is head down to the E2 designs mainstore, or any store that already has the wish list implemented into their system, pick up the HUD and start setting it up!

It’s completely free to set up and really fast and easy to use. However, I did do a little video to show you guys how to do it in case you get stuck. Here’s the video:

Now that you have created a wish list, anyone can look it up by going to the E2 Designs website and searching for any resident’s name. I haven’t finished setting up my wish list completely yet. I am waiting for more stores to join in on the fun and then I will go around on a window shopping spree!

The only thing I haven’t figured out is if you add an item, but then later you buy it yourself or you change your mind and don’t want it anymore or you add something by accident, (or once someone actually buys it for you) how do you then remove it from your wishlist then? I think I must be missing some option but I’ll double check with David and update this post once he gives me an answer.
UPDATE: David got back to me and this is what he said: “If you click on any Kiosk and pick “My List” you’ll get a special link just for you that lets you edit your list (clear it or remove items). When someone buys something from the list it shows as crossed out, and can be shown/hidden when someone’s viewing your list.”

David just released this system today, so obviously he will be adding more features and more vendors will join. I am looking forward to using these lists the next time I need to buy a wedding or rezday present. I hope all my friends create one!

Happy Shopping! <3

Second Life Wish Lists info:
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Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

12 thoughts on “Second Life Wish Lists

  • Oh God, I looked everywhere for this yesterday, haha. Thank you! Here’s hoping more stores would join in. Mine would probably end up as ‘remember to buy this’ list. lol

    Still not gonna buy you anything from the list though. Humpfh!

  • This wishlist sounds like a great idea. I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing Berry!

  • it s really good fasinating, u will nomore buy the wrong gift for your love.. and u know what she likes exactly what colour.. .and surprise her every day!!

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  • ahh! I made a wish list, went to BOOM, found a banana colored tee I like cuz I like yellow… and its the only item that wont show the wish list button. D:

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  • I am glad everyone is liking the wish lists. I need to go back and update mine now that there are more stores available.

  • So many wishlists. I’ve been using instead of even having the Favorites on the marketplace anymore because it organizes everything into sections so I can dig what I wanted to buy out easier. Granted, it just stores links from the marketplace..and I have no idea what the wishlists from e2 Designs are like, but what I’m reading makes me think it..stores ideas from in-world itself and not the MP?

    Until I actually see what a wishlist from e2 Designs works like (meaning when my lazy arse opens one), I think I’m gonna hide behind SL Wishlist. I have the paranoia.

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  • The E2 Designs company seems to have abandoned Second Life, rendering out Wish List inaccessible. Perhaps another solution can be found?

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