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In my Skin

In my skin....

I’ve started to really like the skins from Skinnery recently. I hadn’t tried them out before until a month ago and I’m pretty happy with the way they suit my face. They give me a bit more of an older and exotic look. It’s not a barbie-dollish skin and I actually like that about them. You can check out the Skinnery flickr for a closer look at some of their skins. They have a really cute one at Candy Fair, which opens on October 4th.

I’m wearing the one at Designers United which actually ends on October 4th so make sure to drop by while you still have the chance.


The location I am at I saw in the Explore Second Life flickr group so I felt compelled to tp over and check it out. I’ve been trying to keep an eye on the group as well as the blog memes flickr group, but I have to say, it’s pretty difficult to manage flickr groups. I feel that a lot of people just join whichever groups they find and then forget all about the rules for them, then start bulk adding their pics to all of the groups. I can understand accidentally putting pics in the wrong flickr group once in a while, I know that has happened to me before. It’s hard to remember or keep track of all the groups you join, but I think it would really help out group moderators if we tried to be more aware when submitting.

I was speaking with the moderator of the Second Life Materials flickr group and she told me that she had over 900 pictures in the group queue to go through and by the end of it, only 46 of them actually had anything to do with the group.

So this is just kind of a reminder if you’re reading this and you’re a flickrite that adds pics to groups often, please make a note of the group you are submitting your pics to. I am sure the moderators that like to keep their groups clean and relevant will appreciate it. Thank you! <3

*Skin: [theSkinnery]Zyra-Magnetic(toffee) BB CL1 by Umazuma Metaluna (@ Designers United)
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Desert Dawn, w4) by Arkesh Baral
*Hair: [monso] My Hair – Jay/ Brown by Morphine Janick (@ Mens Dept – Oct 5th)
*Top: [LWL] Draped Knit (lips) by Faint Paulse (AVENUE Fashion Week)
*Jeans: [Decoy] Jenna 913 Denim – Black (1: Petite) by Annette Voight (@ Collabor88)
Belly Piercings: Cute Poison – Hip Accent Piercings by Sae Luan (@ Candy Fair – Oct 4th)
Face Piercings: Cute Poison – Stellar Piercing Candy Metals by Sae Luan (@ Candy Fair – Oct 4th)
*Poses: .::Kirin Poses::. Fuyu no Uta Pose Pack by Carolina Sautereau (@ Acid Lily Gallery)

Location: Notechis Bosque


Strawberry has been a Second Life Resident since 2007 and a Linden Lab employee since 2019.

14 thoughts on “In my Skin

  • While I don’t moderate any Flickr groups, I found myself frustrated yesterday in the Explore Second Life group looking for a location, only to find “Somewhere in SL” (and no SLURL or blog post) as the location. I can only imagine the work maintaining these groups can be, so thank you for doing it 🙂

    I sometimes find myself agonising over which groups to add my photos to – I don’t want to be the PITA you have just described!

  • This is so gorgeoussss!

  • Hi, your face looks gorgeous with this skin! 🙂
    Is this pic a raw shot? I guess you photoshpped it…. May it be possible to see the raw shot to see how it looks inworld? On earlier posts you often had a link to the raw shot of your posted pictures…
    Yours, Jaqui 🙂

  • Hi. May I put the another point of view re: Flickr groups? I was recently banned from a group that I added a photograph to quite by accident. It was a group where if you add a photograph, they ask you to provide an ‘award’ to at least two others (or something similar to that).
    Rather than contacting me about my error, I received a very nasty mail message and notification that I’d been banned without further notice.
    While I understand the frustration at moderating Flickr groups, I would ask for at least a little courtesy. Maybe I’m just getting old and grumpy!
    Best, Ari ♥

  • A was recently helping a friend get into a new skin and after wandering from one big skin shop to another (the usual suspects), we just couldn’t find much that looked authentically real any real kind of personality. This was very much her requirement, so after rejecting so many others, we finally ended up at the Skinnery (based on a post you did with one of their skins a few weeks ago) and found one there that really suited her.

    I haven’t been skin shopping for a while and I found that so many (if not the vast majority of) skins are over-made-up, barbie-clones and way too perfect. The Skinnery was a different. Thanks for the initial tip and this one too.

  • I love the skinnery too. The good thing about them is that light skins look just as detailed as darker tones. The one you picked gives you a very natural look 🙂
    As for Flickr groups I try to focus on only a few (try!) as it can get a little tiring at times to go through the list and decide on them. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered. Guess some call it “lazy”.
    As useful side effect it actually helps to stay out of trouble with group admins. Hihihi. I know this is not a very constructive comment either :p

  • Peep, would you mind if I made you a moderator of the group as well so you can just remove the images you find in there that don’t have slurls or links to blog posts with slurls? I know Zee and I have been struggling to try and keep up with it. Let me know if you’d be willing to join us and help out! <3

    Jaquelline, sorry about that. I keep forgetting to upload a raw shot to my profile while shooting. Here's a screenshot of the raw file though:

    Arialle, I have never and would never ban someone from a group unless they were purposely trying to grief it or something. I agree with you and feel that reaction is a bit harsh as well. The only thing I have done is flickr message the person and let them know that I have removed their image because they didn’t add slurl and they are free to add again once the slurl is there if they like, but I’ve only done that a few times. I mostly just quietly remove the picture from the group if it was an accident on their part or if they do it often, then I’ll quietly remove them from the group. Flickr doesn’t notify those people that you remove from a group and they are always free to rejoin if they notice they are no longer in it. I think banning is def a bit harsh. However, I don’t think you lost anything in this situation, lol, because I really dislike those awards things on flickr and usually delete them from my comments if people leave them and/or leave flickr groups that ask you to participate in that kind of activity. I feel if you like a picture, just a simple fav and a nice written comment is enough. All those flashy awards feel like spam in the comments section.

    Dani, Tsuki, Canary and Hills, thank you <3 I really do adore this skin on me and will keep an eye on future skins from them for sure.

  • ok you sold me. I have a terrible!!! time with skins and refuse to blog them because none look natural on me. To be honest, I’ve been wearing the exact same skin since 2008.. YIKES! for a model, right? well not really since it works so well on me, I think anyway. But I have BOUGHT other skins hoping they would work. So ok, a small back track. I wore a glam affair skin 10/2/2013 but that was just to see how the SLink hands and feet work with it (which was divine, I have to pick a color my skin) but if you look at the pics it really, really changes my face from what is Cao. All that said tho, this is gorgeous on you, Miaa’s skin is gorgeous on her, I am going to check it out Berry. Thanks so much for the opinion piece on the skin and I will try to watch my group usage. <3

  • I’ve demoed Skinnery Ming and I like it the best alhough I didn’t buy it because I’m still in love with my Glance Anais skin for everyday wear. The latest one you’re wearing looks really good. It looks natural and not like your avie’s been spending hours putting on thick foundation.
    Can’t wait to demo it and see if it suits my avie:)

  • I’ll be happy to help out moderating the group. Go ahead and add me as a moderator – it’s the least I can do since I use it as a resource so often 🙂

  • Breezy Luik

    Hello, Berry. I just want to thank you for your review. I was in need of a new skin, so I decided to check out The Skinnery. When I tp’d to the event, I didn’t see any Ebony Skins. Determined not to give up, I decided to take the Demo and TP to the main store.

    I am glad that I did. I purchased Jourdan in the Onyx shade. The skin comes with 15 lipsticks(tattoo layer). If you need SLink parts, they have you covered. They also include a french manicure hud for the SLink hands and Feet. You can also purchase a Tango/Mirage applier and it comes with nipple appliers too. Your video on Phat Azz also inspired me to purchase it as well and I was able to get the Phat Azz applier from The Skinnery too. I am enjoying my new skin. Keep up the awesome reviews!!

  • What a gorgeous skin! I wish it came in deeper tones :/

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